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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  January 21, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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whatever, what caused this deck to come down. they really rsthe y area what happened back in 2015, the summer that six people were killed, seven injured in the city of berkeley after a deck collapsed there. that resulted in legislation that forced a lot of cities to check and inspect all the decks on all residences and apartment buildings. again this happened in the outer sunset. we're awaiting more information. we have reporters on the scene. that's the latest from the live news desk. i'm ken bastida. back to you. our other top story at 5:30, super bowl liii is going to be a battle of bay area quarterbacks. tom brady of the new england patriots played high school ball in san mateo. jared goff who leads the l.a. rams played in marin county and in berkeley. people in novato and beyond know all about goff's emergence as a standout athlete. >> now they plan to enjoy his moment on football's biggest stage. >> kpix5's wilson walker on the people rooting for their
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hometown quarterback. wilson? >> reporter: i'm going out on a limb and assume you know a little something about tom brady, a man who has been in the news a little bit, jared goff not so much. what's his story? it all started here in novato. >> this is a very small community. i mean it's quiet. it's unassuming. yes, it's quite the talk of the neighborhood. >> reporter: from the quiet neighborhood his parents still call home to the quaint streets of downtown, novato is a place just small enough for people to remember a young jared goff. >> he went on to marin catholic and did well, cal-berkeley and did well there. we're ecstatic to see him play in the nfl. now he's headed for the super bowl. >> reporter: as you might expect, the town is beaming over their super bowl bound son. >> you see him interviewed after the game yesterday and he's just so polite and poised and just seems like -- i mean he's just a nice guy. >> reporter: and it's not just the neighbors. the viking, yeah, that's a rams bar now. >> 100%. maybe we'll be on the map now.
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it's about time novato gets recognized for all the professional players we've always had here. >> reporter: but quarterback in the super bowl, kind of its own threshold of sports achievement and that brings us to the competition. >> yeah. he's taking on the goat with the actual goat's number on his chest. there you go. >> reporter: while it may be a collision of bay area quarterbacks, novato is not afraid to take sides in this game. >> i like tom brady, but tom's had his success, you know, and we're going to be rooting for jared. >> reporter: yeah. i think a lot of people share that sentiment. i am not going to get involved in the greatest of all time goat debate on television in northern california. i am smart enough not to do that, but think about it. he played in his first super bowl, tom brady was 24 years young. jared goff, 24 years young as well. who would have thought tom brady would play in eight more
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super bowls? so regardless of the outcome here, fair to say that this is an early yet incredibly exciting chapter in the jared goff story and like who knows, you know, how many years or potentially super bowls come after this? but i think that 24 number is kind of incredible. >> yeah. it's going to be fun to watch. >> absolutely. maybe a changing of the guard. >> wilson walker, thanks. marin catholic high school tweeted support for jared goff saying congrats, jared, on heading to the super bowl. get it done. #beatserra. i think the coach had something to do with that and the serra high school athletics department wrote congrats tom brady 95 on his ninth super bowl appearance. championbry d goff was, but, of course, he's found plenty of success anyway, hasn't he? we caught up with his parents here in the bay area.
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they say no matter how many super bowls they go to it is always exciting. >> we can't wait to get to atlanta and take on the rams and being as awesome as they are, to be able to take on the rams and aim for a sixth super bowl championship will be another fun odyssey for our whole family to come in from all over the country to get together and to celebrate this season. >> and then we say i'm going to disneyland. >> sorry, tom, i'm rooting for jared. you can see our full interview with tom brady's parents on look under too good to miss on the front page. tickets to the big game won't come cheap even for people who find a way to purchase them at face value. arenough to go for every season ticket holder. here's the price. 1,200 bucks. tickets are also selling online for between 3 to 6,000.
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on the nfl's official ticket exchange there is a wide range, all the way up to $30,000. get this. some dedicated fans say hey, it's all worth it. >> it's hard to explain when you ask what it is. i don't know. like tyler i think said it best. i couldn't even imagine. like there are other teams i like and other players i like, but none take the place of the rams. >> there are also package deals that include a game ticket and three nights in a hotel but no air fare and they are selling for about $6,000. pix 5. the in atlanta is set for 3:30 o you can watch the bay area quarterbacks face off in super bowl liii on sunday, february 3rd, right here on kpix5. the kickoff in atlanta is set for 3:30 our time. no signs of slowing down for teachers on strike in southern california as that strike heads into week two of negotiations. the l.a. teachers union says educators will return to the picket lines even if a tentative deal is reached before tomorrow's school day begins.
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union members in the l.a. unified school district were back at city hall in downtown l.a. today trying to cut a deal. teachers are asking for pay raises, smaller class sizes and more staff. meanwhile the district offered up a previous deal that included a 6% pay raise, but the union struck it down. in the east bay teachers in oakland are one step closer to going on strike. the oakland education association has called for a strike authorization vote. the latest step in a showdown between the school district and its workers. union and community members met yesterday to create signs and banners. the union says it wants more student resources, smaller class sizes and what they call a living wage for its workers. teachers could strike as soon as mid-february. a high school student and native american veteran both at the center of a controversial viral video are now speaking out. they appear to be mockin the students the video shows these teenagers wearing make america great again hats. they appear to be mocking
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nathan phillips. the students were at the national mall attending a march for life rally and phillips was there for the indigenous people's rally. chaperones for the students say a third group, african american hebrew israelites, started it all by yelling hateful things at those kids. those chaperones are now sharing video of that confrontation. (sot nat 05 "they could have just >> you support trump? >> phillips says he saw the encounter and inserted himself between the two groups hoping to calm the situation down. face to face with phillips >> they could have just walked away from it, but no. they decided that they wanted to stay there. >> our boys were targeted. they were targeted from the get- go. immediately there were all these people running around filming. >> the teen in the video standing face to face with phillips insists his actions are misinterpreted. he said in a written statement, "i believe that by remaining motionless and calm, i was helping to defuse the
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situation. i said a silent prayer that the situation would not get out of hand." today french regulators slapped google with a $57 million fine, the first major penalty against the mountain view-based tech giant since the eu's new privacy regulations went into effect last year. france's top data privacy agency said that google failed to tell new android users how their personal information is collected and what happens to it. stranded on the tarmac for more than 14 hours, we're hearing the first stories from passengers forced to spend the night on a freezing united plane. >> prince philip called highly insensitive for driving without a seatbelt days after a crash, why the woman involved said she's upset with the royals response. >> coming up at 6:00 a surfer paralyzed in santa cruz returns to the surfing hotspot where it all happened. he shares his story and his long road to recovery.
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kpix 5's mary lee will have your up to the minute forecast tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. weather for tomorrow morning is going to be chilly especially away from the water with clear skies after a not so warm day. here's your breakfast forecast tomorrow. we're looking at temperatures dropping to the mid-30s inland, the mid- to upper 40s near the bay and at the coastline mid- to upper 40s as well. kpix5's mary lee will have your up to the minute forecast tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. a large group of i'm ken bastida at the live news desk, want to get you caught up on a couple of stories that we're looking at
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right now. let's go first to san francisco, some pictures from chopper 5 of the outer sunset district. we got a report about an hour ago of a collapse of a balcony or a deck at a home at 39th and lawton in the outer sunset and we are told that two adults have been injured there. they were on the deck. they are transported to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. the san francisco buildings inspection department is out there taking a look at what made that deck come down, whether it was faulty craftsmanship, dry rot or whatever. another story we are following is out of a place called orland park, illinois, about 25 miles southwest of chicago. you can see emergency vehicles outside of a mall there, the orland square mall, where shots rang out, multiple shots according to witnesses. shots continued for a while. gunfire inside that. again we don't know about casualties at this point.
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we can see that nobody's coming in or going out right now and the place is surrounded by emergency vehicles. again, no confirmation of any casualties right now, but we are keeping on top of this breaking story and we'll get you more as soon as we know it. from the live news desk, i'm ken bastida. back to you. >> ken, thank you. a large group of people marched through the streets of hayward today to honor martin luther king, jr. members from south hayward parish, a community of local congregations that helps the homeless, set up the annual event. people walked through the streets carrying signs and playing music. the theme of this year's event, lack of shelter, homes for everyone. it's in honor of dr. king who was an advocate for fair housing. >> he keeps us inspired in what we do here in hayward in terms of helping the homeless,
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feeding the hungry, fighting for justice. he's an inspiration. >> south hayward parish has been advocating issues of poverty and social justice more than 50 years. well, from marching to cleaning, volunteers gathered in santa rosa to clean up mlk park. they say the holiday is a day on and not a day off to work and come together. some parents say they brought their children to teach them what it means to give back to your community. a live look at the u.s. capitol where a back and forth continues over the state of the union address. house speaker nancy pelosi wants president trump to delay that speech because of the partial government shutdown. kpix5 political reporter melissa caen now on how this is supposed to work. >> remembering that the legislative branch is article 1, the first branch of government coequal he presidency and to the judiciary. >> so the president and congress are coequal branches
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of government, but still throughout american history members of congress have been worried that the president might try to dominate them by repeatedly showing up, giving speeches, lobbying members and basically taking over the floor. so the rules about exactly when the president can address congress are actually pretty strict. >> they were actually longer when they were written. >> donald richie is the former senate historian. he said first the house and senate have to pass a resolution. only then can the president make a state of the union speech and so far that resolution hasn't happened. >> mr. speaker, the president of the united states. >> even when different parties control congress and the white house, passing the resolution is usually a formality and already house speaker nancy pelosi sent the president a all letter january 3rd inviting him to give the state of the union
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speech on january 9th, but about two weeks later she asked him to postpone the speech because of a government shutdown. the president has not responded to the request for a delay but implied he could show up at the capitol on the 29th. he tweeted, "nancy, i am still thinking about the state of the union speech. there are so many options including doing it as per your written offer and my written acceptance. while a contract is a contract, i'll get back to you soon." so the president seems to believe pelosi's letter is all he needs to move forward with the speech next tuesday and while the expert says that's not true, the president could go to the capitol and try to deliver his speech on the 29th. what would happen then? that's anyone's guess. melissa caen, kpix5. britain's prime minister has a plan b for brexit that appears to be a lot like plan a. today theresa may told parliament she wants to insure that lawmakers "have a chance to make their views known," but she did not alter her position on the major elements on the
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withdrawal from the european union. she did say britain will scrap a fee the country was planning to charge eu citizens who apply to settle in the uk after brexit. a woman involved in a crash with prince philip said the prince should be prosecuted. she collided with prince philip's land rover last week outside the royal estate. she suffered a broken wrist and is upset she has not received an apology. she said the prince needs to be held accountable. >> there needs to be a decision as to whether prince philip and i are from the same walk of life here or not and whether or not we both receive the same treatment or we don't. i just feel that his experience probably hasn't been the same as mine. >> in an interview with the daily mirror, fairweather said she was told by authorities not to speak to anyone after the accident. new video of an incredible helicopter rescue in yosemite,
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lastweestwo hikers got trapped in snowy conditions on the side of north dome while trying to descend into yosemite valley. fortunately they had enough cell phone service to call for help, but a search and rescue team was unable to reach them right away. a chp helicopter was able to move in the next morning and pull them up to safety. some united airlines passengers had quite the delay. they were stuck for 14 hours on the tarmac in that plane. flight 179 left newark, new jersey, headed to hong kong saturday. 250 passengers and 15 crew members on board. three hours into that flight that plane was diverted to newfoundland when a passenger had a medical emergency, but before the plane could take off again one of the emergency doors malfunctioned in the freezing temperatures. with no customs officers working overnight those passengers were forced to spend the night on board the plane. it did have some heat but only limited snacks. a second united plane landed in
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canada around noon yesterday, brought the stranded passengers back to newark. standing because it was a difficult set of circumstances. :51 united has apologized... and offered customers a refund, compen >> breaking point was when you thought that, you know, the airplane is coming to get us. they did come 12 hours late. >> it was obviously difficult for the passengers, but everyone was very understanding because it was a very difficult set of circumstances. >> united has apologized and offered customers a refund, compensation and hotel accommodations. coming up the chinese scientist who genetically modified babies could be in serious trouble, the new talk of criminal charges. they say you should always listen to your heart. and where better to do that, than the island of ireland? after all, your heart is the best compass there is. so get out there and fill your heart with the stuff that keeps it beating.
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fill your heart with ireland.
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:14 ((sot/vosot/anthony scaramucci)) "i looked at it. i said, okay this is so outside of my comfort zone and it's so outside anything i would ever do and it's such an improbable ask that, of course, i'm going to accept it." :22 butt to ((sot/vosot/ryan lochte)) hte. being an tonight the second season of big brother premiers here on kpix5. >> i looked at it and said it's so outside of any comfort zone and so outside anything i would ever do and it's such an improbable ask that, of course, i'm going to accept it. >> i'm ryan lochte. being an olympian i feel i have a target on my back because of the challenges. i'm going to stay on the radar and form alliances with everybody. >> yup. they will all be staying at a house with manhattan flare style like the big apple from the 1930s and '40s but with a modern twist. you can get a sneak peek at the big brother house on our website and you can watch celebrity big brother tonight at 8 p.m. right here on kpix5. and now the biggest
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celebrity from the weather world, here's paul deanno. ladies and gentlemen, say hello. >> how are you guys doing? blushing over here. it is a beautiful evening outside. it is an evening that those of you who like clear skies and sunshine have been waiting for for a while because we had storm after storm after storm, not so for the next week. it was chilly in san francisco, 57, half moon bay 57 degrees and after a not so warm day and clear skies brisk overnight tonight, concord 36, redwood city 37. we will stay dry on the radar for the foreseeable future and with numbers like this, we're doing good. 92% of average for the water year since october 1st in santa rosa, 89% of average in san francisco, 85% of average in san jose. so the water supply right now only halfway through the water year, but it's looking pretty decent. those numbers will go down the next couple days because we're expecting zero additional
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rainfall the next week because of a large ridge of high pressure working in our direction. it stayed to the south over the weekend. a lot of us got some rain and wind yesterday. now the ridge is getting closer and will hang out a while and the storm track takes off to the north the next several days. futurecast tomorrow morning clear, morrow evening clear. wednesday, the time is actually moving here, not the same words. i've been showing you clouds and rainfall moving through on futurecast. this time i'm just showing you clear skies. the ridge of high pressure is centered to our north and west by friday. that will give us a light offshore wind. even the ocean influence in the wintertime can warm us up. the opposite of that, the offshore wind, will warm us up to around 70 degrees by the end of this week. headlines, clear and cold overnight tonight. our dry pattern is here, but afternoons will warm up. we're warming up 6 degrees above average tomorrow for concord, 61 the high, los altos 61, hayward 60, danville 62, pittsburg 60 degrees, mill
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valley 60, novato 61 and cloverdale 61 degrees. here is your extended forecast. sunshine across the board. temperatures are changing getting warmer every day. as we head toward friday and saturday, highs around 70 degrees inland, mid-60s near the bay, low to mid-60s at the coast. we keep the sunshine, but temperatures warm through friday. that is your forecast. >> we are loving that! thanks, paul. he just won a fight. then boxer manny pacquiao finds he was the victim of a crime while in the ring.
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that's after chinese investigators found that he violated t a man who said he created the first gene edited babies is about to face criminal charges. >> that's after it was said he violated state regulations. the researcher has already taken criticism from the global scientific community following the announcement of the birth of twins whose genes had been edited. he said he manipulated their genes to make them unable to get hiv. manny pacquiao is having a rough homecoming after celebrating his win in las vegas. >> police say burglars broke in and ransacked the boxer's los angeles home. take a look. police taped off the block last night as nearly a dozen officers showed up to investigate. it happened lesshours
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after 40-year-old manny pacquiao defeated adrian groner. police are investigating and you better hope manny doesn't find you first. kpix5 news at 6:00 begins right now with ken bastida and juliette goodrich. >> now at 6:00 a rising star in washington now diving into a presidential run, the road ahead for kamala harris. >> san jose drivers prepare for delays, a look at efforts to extend b.a.r.t. through the south bay and the impact on commuters. >> and a bay area surfer paralyzed at a popular surfing hotspot shares his story right where it all happened. kpix5 news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm juliette goodrich. we start with a major announcement from senator kamala harris. she has officially entered the 2020 presidential race. >> i love my country. i love my country. and i feel a sense of responsibility to stand up and fight for the best who we are and i'm prepared to fight and i know how to fight.
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>> she first spread the word on twitter, then announced it at her alma mater, howard university, and her bay area ties run deep. >> harris was born in oakland. she grew up in berkeley until she was 12 years old until her family moved to montreal. she then attended howard university for undergrad where she served on the student council. harris returned to the bay area for law school graduating from uc hastings in '89 and she worked as a deputy d.a. for nine years in alameda county and then five in san francisco. >> kpix5 political reporter melissa caen is live in oakland with a look at the challenges harris faces as a national candidate. melissa? >> reporter: we're here in oakland at franco gala plaza and this will be the location of kamala harris' campaign kickoff sunday. she's had an impressive string of political wins in california, attorney general in 2010 and u.s. senator in 2016.
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the question is can she keep


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