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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  January 22, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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the crowded field of candidates. in the bay area they may forced to make safety improvements after the vote today. in los angeles the teachers strike enters the six that day. good morning. it is tuesday, january 22. i am michelle griego. >> i am kenny choi. if you love the sunny, bright skies, this is your week. >> it is your week and my parents would call me merry sunshine. hopefully you are awake to enjoy this beautiful weather. through the week temperatures will be warming up. here's a live look outside at the transamerica cam, and a chilly start with 37 in concord, oakland at 50, livermore at 42, san francisco
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at 48 with santa rosa coming in at 38. clear skies and chilly temperatures, sunshine through the afternoon with temperatures running 3 to 6 degrees above average for this time of the year. this is just the start. we will continue to warm up through the week with springlike temperatures by the end of the week due to this strong ridge of high pressure. it is building closer to us over the next several days. we will let you know when we have the warmest temperatures, coming up. we have troubles at the bay bridge toll plaza, slow and go with a broken down vehicle on the upper deck just past treasure island. that is slowing traffic down into san francisco. it is backed up to the tunnel, and they have slowed down that the metering lights, cycling slower to ease the congestion before you get on the span of the bay bridge. it is backed up well to the
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maze with all approaches to the bay bridge getting delays. that includes 580, 880 and the east shore freeway. bart is on time if you want to skip that. we have an accident on westbound 80 and magazine at the center divide with significant delays. we have another crash reported in that backup just past highway 37 with one block. 37 is getting busy westbound. we have a new crash at the nimitz freeway and southbound 80 at the 980 split with several vehicles involved. we will get you more information on that but we will have a slow ride southbound on southbound 880 due to that crash. we will take a look at the san mateo bridge next round. it is day 32 of the partial government shutdown and the new plan is on the table to help federal workers in san
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francisco. kiet do is at city hall to explain. >> reporter: it turns out that the city of san francisco is not doing anything in the official capacity help out the for load federal workers but that could change due to one supervisor. we are talking about supervisor matt haney with district 6, the home of the vast majority of the federal buildings in san francisco including the epa, department of justice, courthouse and coast guard. we have the largest share of federal workers impacted by the government shutdown in california, 42,000 statewide. it is unclear how many are in the bay area but supervisor matt haney wants to help them out and calling on bart and caltrain's to do the same. they want to help with public
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transportation, deferred bill payment to the city, loans for rent or mortgage and food assistance. the city supervisor matt haney said that when the white house declares war on federal workers t up locally and have their backs and that the workers should not be held hostage during the government shutdown. matt haney will introduce the proposal later today. live from city hall in san francisco, kiet do, this is a kpix 5 morning update. president trump refuses to budge on the demand for the $5.7 billion on the border wall, and said that they would give legal status for those brought here for the last three years in exchange for the money for the wall. the bay area is weighing in on the big announcement from the california senator kamala
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harris and the oakland native joined the presidential race yesterday, timing the announcement to coincide with the martin luther king jr. holiday. harris is the fourth woman to join the race and the first african-american candidate. >> i think she stands out not only because she is a woman but due to her work ethic, her commitment to reform that no one else has done in the past. those are things i think will resonate with the voters today. >> the next event by harris will be hosted by her sorority in south carolina on friday. she will host the official campaign kickoff rally on sunday at the frank ogawa plaza in oakland on sunday. they will be passing a new plan to help keep more building safe before the next big earthquake and the city leaders unanimously passed the ordinance requiring landlords to retrofit the buildings.
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they have six years to get the buildings up to code. a settlement could be reached any day between the la unified school district and union members with both sides reporting talks have been productive but the deal was not reached in time for teachers to return to the classroom today. they are asking for pay raises, smaller class sizes and more staff. i am anne makovec with the latest from beverly hills where the oscar nominations have been announced in the last half-hour. let's take a look at the biggest category, best a picture. there are eight nominees, lack plantar -- black panther, black klansman, stars born, roma and bias among them. roma and the favorite got 10 nominations each.
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the film is getting people excited in oakland which is having people very excited right now in the bay area which is black panther. the director, ryan coogler, and oakland native, and this will be the first superhero film making it into the best picture category. this is groundbreaking for this movie and it was also the highest grossing movie for 2018. sometimes movies that sell a lot of tickets don't end up with the awards but this one is bringing it in both categories. certainly it is bay area representation with the black panther. the oscars will happen on february 24. would you be watching? >> of course. it is tradition. >> watch it every year. >> i have a lot of catching up to do. >> i do too. i've only seen one of these
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movies, bohemian rhapsody. star wars is said to be a good one as well. >> i need to see that one. >> we have to get the popcorn going. today is the start of the all-star week in san jose with the national hockey league bringing mascots, interactive games and the stanley cup to celebrate. the fans can view the stanley cup with the hockey hall of fame exhibit and the players meet and gr weekd wi st from thursday throu the all-star game saturday night. coming up, the holiday getaway that turns into a nightmare in the sierra. what the building inspectors believe brought down this deck that collapsed in san francisco injuring two people. we will turn up the temperatures through the week and i will let you know when some locations will top out
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near 70 degrees, coming up. it is a slow ride out of oakland in the san francisco with a broken down vehicle causing delays on the upper deck of the bay bridge, your drive times coming up.
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good tuesday morning. we have clear skies and chilly temperatures kicking off this tuesday. enjoy the sunshine and temperatures will be warming up. 61 in palo alto and san jose, 61 in concord and fairfield with pittsburg a high of 62. in berkeley you will see a high of 59 as well as alameda. 61 in san leandro and petaluma. 58 later today in lakeport. we will talk about how long this ridge of high pressure will be in control and with temperatures will be soaring into the upper 60s, near 70. in a few hours a man is charging the deadly shooting at
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the popular bay area tourism spot heading to trial and richard contrariness accused of killing two and injuring another at the twin peaks in february 2016 and the police eventually tracked him down at his home in richmond. he is facing murder and attempted murder charges. building inspectors believe it was dry rot that caused 8:to collapse in san francisco standing two to the hospital. this was off 39th avenue in the sunset district cambria county people injured are expected to be okay. the building inspector cited the homeowners and gave them a deadline to make the repairs it is the second skier buried in the avalanche and new mexico and he has died. the two men were trapped under the snow for over 20 minutes and they could not save corey, taken to the hospital after being pulled out of the snow at the taos ski valley resort. the other skier was matthew,
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and they are investigating what happened. the snow was piled high in parts of this year this morning. here's a live look at i-80 in the truckee area where slick roads and bumper-to-bumper traffic made the travel a nightmare over the holiday week in. one single crash could cripple the commute forcing drivers to sit on the highwafor hours. last night eastbound was smooth sailing but drivers going the other way are telling a different story. the semi truck lost all of its marbles. >> we got into tahoe at noon and we just got back now. it has been a long trek, five hours. >> it was four hours. >> in soda springs the entire region solve roughly 8 feet of snowfall and only a few days. it is 6:14 am. are there many people
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heading back to work? >> we do have more volume this morning which means more accidents. we have a trouble spot on the upper deck of the bay bridge slowing down the traffic but hopefully they are getting it cleared out. the stalled vehicle is just past the treasure island exit. here's a live shot at the tunnel and i would guess that the crews are getting it off the freeway right now. this thtrice-down effethe bay bridl ey slowed dow the metering lights because of this accident. it is backed up well into the maze. hopefully they will get the metering lights going quicker with that stalled vehicle ing cleaofthe bridge. 34 minutes is the drive time from maccarthur maze to the central freeway. looking at 80 and magazine street, we have an accident that is not blocking lanes. another crash was reported at 37 that is getting cleared out,
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so it is improving a little bit. it is still 20 minutes from highway 37 two the highway 4. south of 880 and the nine eddie ranvved in an accident. northbound 87 at sky port, we have a word of a crash with the vehicle hitting debris in the roadways. waterloo bay parkway looks pretty quiet. northbound 101 we have delays out of the southbound, at the 280 and 680 connector at the southbound side of the 101. we have some closures at the sf ferries, and the vallejo berries are being replaced by the bus bridges. if you like the weather yesterday you will like this week as we continue with sunshine over the next several days. here's a live look from the salesforce tower camera with
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cooler temperatures compared to yesterday. currently 37 in concord, 38 in santa rosa. 42 in livermore and san jose, downtown san francisco at 48. clear and chilly this morning and as we head through the afternoon sunshine with mild daytime highs. temperatures will be warmer compared to yesterday, 3 to 6 degrees above average for this time of the year heading through the afternoon. we have a big warm up heading into the end of the week with springlike temperatures this week later on. here is theresa may with high pressure in control. the ridge will build closer to us through the next several days. we will see plenty of sun with temperatures warming up. to show you the futurecast at 4 pm, clear skies and plenty of sunshine which will be the case over the next several days through the week. this is likely into next week as well. friday close to 70 for the
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warmer locations inland. by the end of the week the ridge will move closer to us with those storms staying well to the north. that ridge will block the wet weather and storms from coming our way. sunrise at 7:20 am with the sun setting at 5:22 pm. we will add a few degrees every single day until we had into the weekend. 64 san mateo and redwood city. 61 in los altos and cupertino at 61. 61 for the high in san jose. as we head into antioch, 61 with pittsburg at 60. dublin and livermore with a high of 60. berkeley this afternoon with a high of 59 as well as alameda. 61 in oakland and novato with daytime highs in the upper 50s for lakeport and clearlake.
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here we go with the warm-up with mid 60s inland tomorrow, mid to upper 60s inland on thursday. friday and saturday are the warmest days of the week, near 70 at the warmest inland locations. we have mild to warm conditions sunday into next week. let's check in with dennis for look at the sports. >> the warriors and lakers last night with more history for the golden state and guess which warrior, they set the nba record for the threes, coming up. let's check out the conditions outside and here is a beautiful shot of the bay bridge with the sun rising. it is 49 degrees currently in san francisco with a lot of sunshine today. we will be right back.
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>> o monnderinthon sthe found it. last night he has the nba record to prevent with lebron james not playing since christmas with his groin injury. we have 8 points, 9 rebounds and five assists but klay thompson had everyone talking. he has six three-pointers of the game, impressing the king. thompson set the nba record by making the first 10 threes, scoring 44 points last night. in the third quarter, steph curry gets the steal, and that
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was a nice trip and we will see you next fall but steph curry was okay. the warriors win the eighth straight, 130 often 111. the fans club watching e arks, and getting the slap shotand leading, 3-2. not the only athlete falling down and whipping down that path and going down. the panthers win, 6-2. the sharks were red-hot but have lost the last three games. the san mateo tom brady facing novato jared goff and the first time since joe montana matched up with dan marino and super bowl quarterbacks coming from the same market.
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it is the tom brady record nine time playing in the super bowl game, something his father could have never imagined during his freshman year. >> he was on the 0-8 came as the backup quarterback. as a sophomore, the quarterback that played as the freshman decided not to play football anymore. he got the job by default. fortunately, from there he has been able to take it a little ways. >> just a little ways. brady 41, jared goff 24, and we have youth versus experience with 12 more days to discuss this. i am dennis o'donnell. i will see you tonight. >> it is super bowl mania. the avalanche take on the predators with time running out. >> and it is a physical play and it sends nashville into the net. >> it is the nashville defenseman alice from one end
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of the ice to the other, and firing the shot the length of the ice and nailing the empty net with the predators winning in your play of the day. it is 6:25 am. here's a live look from san francisco where the construction begins today and causing some trouble for commuters, and we have the details. of th government shutdown and it looks like san francisco could be jumping in to help out the federal workers with the live report coming up. we take a look outside once again. this time the bay bridge toll plaza is stacking up like it usually does at this time of the day. it is 6:26 am. you are watching kpix 5 news this morning.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. 's adding to the mystery... and the government wn is taking a bigger and a body has been discovered only steps from the scenic bay
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area tourist station and what is adding to the mystery. the federal government shutdown is taking a bigger toll on the nation's airport workers on this tuesday, january 22. good morning. i am kenny choi. >> i am michelle griego. everyone is heading back to work today so we do have issues on the bay bridge. mary does have good news, and what was that your parents called you, mary sunshine. >> we will enjoy this sunshine which will continue through the wake. if you want the sun, you will have at this week. here's a live look at the south bay, and good morning to san jose. we start off the day with clear skies in downtown san jose with temperatures at 42. concord at 37, oakland 50,
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livermore at 42 with downtown san francisco at 47, and through the afternoon sunshine. we have mild temperatures, 3 to 6 degrees above average for this time of the year. warmer for yesterday as we continue with this warming trend through the week. that means springlike temperatures by the end of the week with that high pressure building in. it will build even closer and we are tracking this next weather system. we will let you know when the rain will return, coming up. let's check in with gianna with a look at the traffic. >> southbound 880 seeing delays out of san lorenzo into hayward. it is stop and go conditions at southbound 880 at cassio brontk. at the nimitz freeway toward the san mateo bridge, traffic is getting busier westbound.
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the bridges are slow mid span at westbound 880 or westbound 92, sluggish from 880. no delays on the 101 itself. at the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights are on with a slow ride and sluggish conditions. we have extra volume at the san mateo bridge. we have a stalled vehicle on the bay bridge near treasure island. it has been cleared but we are slow-and-go off the east shore freeway. we have slow-and-go conditions on the map away from ashby all the way into the bay bridge with 580 backing up to highway 24. it is a slow commute out of oakland into san francisco. developing news, investigators are looking for answers after they found a body on the severed sisco clear. the park police found the remains 100 feet above the
6:33 am
cliff restaurant at ocean beach. they say it is unclear what a person would be doing they are. >> there's only slabs of concrete, sand and a few plans with a few trails heading down there. >> the crews followed the trail to the scene and there appeared to be the abandoned pumphouse where someone was living. the san francisco medical exam are will issue the formal cause of death -- examiner will issue the formal cause of death. it is day 32 of the government shutdown and we are live in severed sisco at city hall to explain. >> reporter: the supervisor matt haney has been highlighting how other cities large and small are finding ways to help out the workers and he said that san francisco has not yet jumped in. san francisco is the home of
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the epa, courthouse, city hall and we have the largest amount of workers in california impacted by the shutdown. we have 40,000 statewide but it is unclear how many are in the bay area. supervisor matt haney has a plan to help them nonetheless. he will be calling on agencies like bart and caltrain's to help out. they will deferred the bill payments to the city including parking tickets, healthcare and utility. they also have loans for rent or mortgage payments and food assistance. he said "when the white house declares war on federal workers we must step up locally and have their s. they should not be held hostage during the trump government shutdown." supervisor matt haney will introduce the proposal later today from city hall in san
6:35 am
francisco. kiet do, kpix 5. the number of tsa workers calling in sick continue to climb with 1 out of 10 calling out on sunday, triple the usual what great -- rate of 3%. many are relying on donations and the food banks to survive. >> you have to feed your family and it is tough. >> if this carries on through february and march it will be bad for everybody. >> according to the tsa there has not been a significant impact on the waiting times for the passengers. as we take a live look at the mission bay neighborhood the sfmta is conducting a new platform for that muni riders in anticipation of the new warriors chance to ceer construction is from south
6:36 am
street group 16th street and the line will be replaced by buses beginning today. in san jose they will work on a santa clara street for the next seven weeks with the preliminary work for the new bart extension. the vta said obstructions will be minimal and heavy construction is due to start in 2020. i am anne makovec at the live news debt -- news desk and the man is been arrested in the hijacked airplane. an hour and half to the plane took off from siberia heading to moscow. in the middle of the flight one of the passengers, apparently the siberian native, tried to storm into the cockpit. he was drunk according to authorities and tried to get the crew to die birth the plane to afghanistan. they did not, but landed in the
6:37 am
middle of siberia. they shut down the airport and surrounded it with the ambulances and police officers. they got in and arrested the drunken man that had tried to hijack the plane apparently. in the past he had been arrested for property damage and is now facing charges of hijacking. it is scary when you hear that about a hijacking and luckily they ended it before anything bad happened. we don't know if he had a weapon. he told the crew that he did have one. it is 6:37 am. in france, chris brown is arrested in paris accused of rape and drug violations . one other arrested is his bodyguard. u.s. embassy in paris declined to comment.
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the singer has had past run-ins with the law including physical assault charges in 2009 involving his then girlfriend, singer rihanna. some developing martin luther king jr. day by turning the guns into artwork and lead to live melted the guns into the liquid form which was poured into the mold to create a sculpture of the stars, the night that oscar grant was killed by the police officer when he was unarmed. >> we can walk away with the sense that we can decompose violence every day and ask that our big and small. >> lead to life has transformed the tools of death, they say, into shovels to plant the trees, and hoping the message about nonviolence will spread like fire.
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parents could soon have more time to spend with newborns and the new push from the government. cold temperatures gripping the northeast in the wake of the nasty winter storm as we take a closer look at conditions that have already proven to be deadly. wall street opening again after the holiday yesterday starting in the red, down by 130 points. we get an update from jason brooks, our financial reporter, when we come back. ♪
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they say you should always listen to your heart.
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and where better to do that, than the island of ireland? after all, your heart is the best compass there is. so get out there and fill your heart with the stuff that keeps it beating. fill your heart with ireland. good tuesday morning.
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it will be a good day across the bay area with plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures. here is a lovely view from our salesforce tower camera. we have a big warm up through the week and we are tracking this next weather system, and when the rain will return, coming up. this weekend billowing snowstorm replaced with bone- chilling temperatures and blamed on seven deaths through the midwest and northeast with thousands still without power. in indiana firefighters faced additional hazard when the air was so cold it caused the water to freeze almost instantly. yesterday was so cold that the vermont town falls froze over. >> i have on two jackets and two coats, three shirts and three pairs of pants. >> the storm caused multiple deaths after eight snowboard
6:44 am
she made collapsed and trapped her inside the snow killing 113- year-old girl. over 4000 flights were canceled over the holiday weekend due to the weather. instead of six weeks paid leave for new bomb could be six months making california the first state in the country to offer this generous paid leave. that would not cause each worker but instead each baby can get up to six months of care divided between family members, two adults, taking a paid leave of two months to four months. they say one problem the experiences coming back to work to send. >> for a mother to come back to work after six weeks is to taxing. >> they will not take a look at the proposal until they are told where the money will come from to pay for the idea.
6:45 am
they have to iron out the details but hope to hear from the governor on the issue in the coming weeks. the city of berkeley is one step closer to the zero waste. they will vote on the law to reduce plastic food containers and if past it is the most ambitious plan to cut down on the food take-out containers in the country. the key element of the ordinance will make all of the to go containers compostable beginning next year. there's pressure on ebay after google gets slapped with a multimillion dollar fine. we have jason brooks, our financial reporter. >> the data protection watchdog he will go with the $57 million fine for violating the european and online privacy roles. they said that google did not go far enough to obtain the valid consent before gathering the data and target them with
6:46 am
advertising. the $57 million fine is the biggest yet under the new eu laws. shares on ebay are up by 9% after the elliott management sent a letter to ebay management with the big plan saying that they want management to sell off stubhub and the ebay classify properties. they said it would unlock value in the stock and allow the ebay management to refocus efforts on the core marketplace business. the stock market is falling back after the strong gains last week so let's go to the big board. the dow dropping 135 points with the nasdaq down 65 in the smp is lower by 19 points. >> thank you, jason burks -- brooks. we have a new accident we are tracking. >> walnut tree we have a hit- and-run crash with the second
6:47 am
vehicle fleeing the scene but chp is at the scene. north of there on southbound 680 we have another crash reported. it is a busy right traveling 680. on i-24 you will see the brake lights through orinda and the caldecott tunnel. here is westbound 580 at 24 looking at the caltrans camera you can see traffic is stacking up for all approaches out of the east bay for the bay bridge. we had a stalled vehicle on the upper deck that really has slowed things down. it is backed up all the major freeways heading toward the toll bridge. the east bay is also seeing delays so give yourself extra minutes through this area. the san mateo bridge does look a little bit better than the bay bridge this morning. we had a brief delay on bart, a 10 minute delay at san leandro and dublin along with
6:48 am
pleasanton but now clear. the east train is on time along with the caltrain. the 7 am and 8:15 am trains have been replaced with very buses. the freeways are busy so give yourself extra time. we take a live look at the richmond-san rafael bridge where traffic is backing up toward the toll plaza. it is a busy right between the 80 and 101. in miranda it looks good with no delays southbound. it is an easy right over the brooklyn bridge. you know will be a good day with views like this to start out the day. it is glorious from the salesforce tower camera with the sun rising with golden colors in the sky putting a smile on your face. it is temperatures chilly in spots with concord 37,
6:49 am
livermore at 42. san jose 42 and 38 in santa rosa. we expect clear skies and chilly conditions this morning. this afternoon enjoy the sun mild daytime highs. temperatures warmer than yesterday by 3 to 6 degrees above average. as we head through the afternoon we have a big warm up in-store through the week with springlike temperatures by the end of the week. last week we had all of those storms but a different story this week. with the storms we have picked up significant rainfall. the rainfall or the water year is 92% of average, 89% in san francisco with 77% of average in livermore with 77% of average in san jose. we have picked up a lot of rain in the sierra was snowpack at 111% of average. the satellite and radar with
6:50 am
the high pressure building closer to us. the dominant weather feature is plenty of sunshine this week. here we are at 4 pm with the sun and clear skies. that will be the case through the next several days. on the future cast into friday the ridge will be building even more with that storm tracking well to the north. we will be close to 70 degrees at the warmer locations inland by the end of the week. we have to fast-forward about eight days out for the next chance of rain which will be wednesday night into thursday. that is next wednesday into next thursday for the next chance of any rainfall. in the meantime, dry conditions with sunshine. 60 at downtown san francisco as well as redwood city and mountain view, 61 in oakland, tremont and san jose.
6:51 am
62 in santa rosa and napa. we will warm up every day this week a few degrees, mid 60s on wednesday and mid to upper 60s on thursday. check out friday and saturday, near 70 inland friday and saturday. we are mild to warm sunday into monday of next week. i am anne makovec at the live news desk with breaking news from the supreme court . this is a win for the trump administration. the supreme court, 5-4 rolling, rolling that the white house and pentagon can continue with the ban on the transgender military service members. transgender people unable to serve in most branches of the u.s. military. it has been a decade in place but president obama said they could serving the u.s. military.
6:52 am
when trump took office he took aim at that policy. there are still lawsuit in the lower court that the supreme court said in the meantime that the pentagon can continue with the ban while they figure out the lawsuits in the lower courts. it is not a final ruling on the policy, but certainly a blow to the transgender rights groups, and a boom for the trump administration. it is 6:52 am. we are counting down the hours before nhl all-star week gets underway in san jose and we will let you know what to expect with the festivities beginning. >> reporter: many cities are finding ways to help out the furlough federal workers but not san francisco. that could soon change in we have the live report coming up. just ahead on cbs this morning, frigid temperatures continue with another winter storm moving across the
6:53 am
country. we will talk about the bitter cold and how that could impact your health. cbs this morning the close friend of missing colorado mom kelsey berreth picks out and what she said about the red flags in her relationship with her fianci before she disappeared. we will see you at 7. here is a beautiful shot as we headed to the break. what's better than having fast, reliable wifi
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the push comes from supervisor matt haney of district 6, which is home to the vast majority of the federal buildings, including nations, ep i am kiet do live at city hall in san francisco. it turns out that the city of san francisco is not doing anything in the official capacity to help out the furloughed workers but supervisor matt haney of district 6 wants to mass majority of those furloughed workers in san francisco including the epa, city hall, courthouses and coast guard. california has the largest share of those affected by the
6:57 am
government shutdown, 40,000 state wide. it is unclear how many are in the bay area but supervisor matt haney has a plan to try to do so. he wants to get them free public transportation and urging caltrain's and bart to try to do the same. he wants deferred bills for the payment to the city with emergency loans to help out with rent and mortgage payments, food assistance and the short-term work replacement. "when the white house declares war on federal workers we must step up locally and have their backs. the livelihood of federal workers and contractors in san francisco should not be held hostage during the trump government shutdown." supervisor matt haney will introduce the plan later today. kiet do, this is a kpix 5 morning update.
6:58 am
investigators are looking for answers after they found the remains 100 feet above the ocean beach cliff house restaurant. the medical examiner will issue the formal cause of death. the fire protection and cal fire will announce new plans to come back wildfires and the project will reportedly help increase vegetation treatment. the union members at the la unified school district have been going back and forth trying to cut a deal and both sides have reported that the talks that are being productive. ryan coogler, black panther, the first superhero movie to be nominated for best picture. it is the all-star weekend at san jose fans well a hockey hall of fame exhibit. they have the player meet and greet, and the event is free.
6:59 am
the east shore freeway ride is a struggle this morning, 45 minutes from highway 4 to the maze. we have delays at vallejo from an earlier crash at magazine street in the clearing stages. it is stop and go northbound 101. the crash has been cleared to the center divide at magazine street which is good news. looking at 680, slow as well. it will be a lovely day across the bay area. this is a spectacular sunrise from the salesforce tower camera with golden colors in the skies. mild temperatures, 60 and downtown san francisco for the high along with redwood city. mountain view at 60, 61 in oakland, fremont and san jose. 62 in santa rosa and napa. we are looking at temperatures warming up every single day, friday and saturday are the warmest days of the week with near 70 inland.
7:00 am
>> i love that. >> we have not seen 70 in the forecast, and that is awesome. your next local update will be 7:26 am. good morning to our viewers 2019. welcome to "cbs this morning." millions across the country wake up to more freezing cold. while another major storm gathers strength in the midwest. we'll show you how to protect your health in these record breaking bone chilling conditions. some 800,000 federal workers will miss another paycheck if the partial government shutdown doesn't end today. why a new proposal from senate republicans is not expected to break the deadlock. only on "cbs this morning," a longtime friend of kelsey berreth talks for the first time about the missing colorado mom. she talks about red flags in berrets


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