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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  January 22, 2019 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. breaking news. a scare at an east bay medical center. reports of a man with a gun and police rush to the scene. good afternoon. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. in union city the kaiser medical offices are whipple road were locked down this morning. >> kpix5's anne makovec is live at the police station with what
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happened. anne. >> reporter: yeah, there was a huge police response to this scare and police say better safe than sorry. they have now given the all clear. chopper 5 was overhead, though, earlier this morning as police moved in on the kaiser hospital on whipple road here in union city at about 10:00 this morning. someone had reported seeing a man with a gun sitting in a vehicle. so kaiser went in to lockdown mode closing down parts of the hospital and the parking lot as about 15 officers converged looking for a suspect using an armored vehicle and a drone. >> we always err on the abundance of caution. we try to keep the problem small and from growing, so we commonly lock down facilities including hospitals to keep, you know, the problem from getting larger or moving from one area to another. >> reporter: so police found a man matching the description given by the caller. they cuffed him and then
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determined that he did not indeed have a gun and they let him go. it turns out it was probably a cell phone in his hand that originally alarmed the caller. but they don't regret their response. union city police say when in doubt, call us out. live in union city, anne makovec, kpix5. one firefighter is hurt after this house caught fire in antioch this morning. chopper 5 was overhead the scene on the 1700 block of east 18th street. fire crews were able to knock the flames down in less than an hour but they say half of the home is destroyed. according to a preliminary investigation, multiple cars were involved and the fire may have started in one of them. senate republicans will make a move to try to end the partial government shutdown now in day 32. but as mola lenghi reports, there's not much optimism it will actually work. >> reporter: senate republicans will introduce a bill to end the partial government shutdown that incorporates president trump's offer to break the
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logjam. >> the proposal outlined by president trump that we will consider here in the senate is the only proposal, the only one currently before us that could be signed by the president and immediately reopen the government. >> reporter: the president's plan includes three years protection for some refugees and so-call dreamers. it also includes $5.7 billion for a border wall. >> we heard what the particulars were in it and it was a nonstarter. >> reporter: democrats are demanding the president reopen the government before negotiations on border security can begin. >> first president trump said give me the wall or i'll shut down the government. then president trump said, unless you give me the wall, i'll keep the government shut down. >> reporter: a deal would have to be reached by midnight tonight in order for federal workers to receive their next paycheck on time. there is no sign that will happen. >> no pay, no work. >> reporter: these federal workers in arkansas say another missed check could have dire consequences. >> by this coming week, you
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know, people may be out of their home because landlords may or may not say, okay, we will wait for our money. >> reporter: and resentment over the political stalemate is growing. >> quit using us as your pawns. get down to your work that you're supposed to be doing. >> reporter: polls show a majority of americans disapprove of how the president and both parties in congress are handling the shutdown. mola lenghi, cbs news, the white house. and new at noon, thousands of furloughed and unpaid federal workers are still in limbo in the bay area. so alameda's belina bay yacht club is lending a hand to show their appreciation. hundreds of active duty t emple free lunch today at the club. the club said the coast guard are their friends and neighbors. >> they are in the midst of a hard time and many of them don't know where they are going to get their gas or their food or pay their rent or their mortgage and we thought we would try and do something to just make their day more special. >> they are serving lunch until
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2:00 p.m. and they are also offering other services to help keep them afloat. new plan is in the works to help some federal workers in the bay area affected by the shutdown. san francisco supervisor matt haney says it's time for the fo home to many federal buildings like the courthouse, united nations, e.p.a. and coast guard. the recently inaugurated supervisor is calling for a hearing to look at the shutdown on furloughed federal workers. his proposal includes free public transportation, deferred payments to the city including parking tickets, healthcare and utilities, emergency loan assistance, food assistance and short-term work placement. in a statement superhaney said when the -- supervisor haney says we must step up locally and have their backs. the u.s. supreme court is allowing the trump administration to bar more trander peop from t ll e ban go courwork
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rough . noctrsgdepeopleserv gornmedata indicates that nearly 9000 members identified as transgender in 2016. new at noon, striking educators have reached a tentative deal with the los angeles school district with teachers expected to go back to work tomorrow. right now thousands of teachers celebrating outside city hall. the mayor of los angeles says that the new agreement will include smaller class sizes as well as improve support staff and higher pay for teachers and a 6% salary increase. earlier today hundreds of firefighters also marched in solidarity with the teachers in l.a. on the picket lines. the tentative deal still needs to be approved by the union members. the kentucky school at the center of this video is closed today out of safety concerns. and now president trump is weighing in on the encounter
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between students and a native american man in washington. nikole killion has the latest. >> reporter: a small group of native american protesters quietly gathered in covington, kentucky and talked to reporters. they are here because of this encounter between teenagers from covington catholic high school wearing make america great hats and native american elder nathan phillips. >> i felt like it was a little inappropriate, a little disrespectful for the kid to be smug with a little smirk on his face. >> reporter: this is some of the first video of the event, an angle that makes it appear phillips was being treated disrespectfully but more videos followed. this one shows a group known as the black hebrew israelite taunting the student: president trump weighed in on the controversy tuesday tweeting that the students had been treated unfairly and smeared by the media. twitter has suspended the account that posted the initial
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video and retweeted it hundreds of times calling the students a maga loser who was gleefully bothering a native american. cbs news the account had 40,000 followers and claimed to have belonged to a california school teacher that used the photo of a brazilian blogger. the school has since offered an apology for how their students behaved but chaperons with them say they did nothing wrong. nikole killion, cbs news, washington. new legal trouble for singer chris brown. cbs's tina kraus reports he was just arrested in paris on suspicion of rape. >> reporter: singer chrisbrown was taken into custody in paris monday after a woman filed a rape complaint against him. the 29-year-old r&b star -- a 24-year-old woman says she met brown and his friends at this nightclub in paris last week
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and went back to brown's hotel suite where the alleged rape took place. the artist was in town for paris fashion week and posted this instagram photo meeting with fans. french judicial sources tell cbs news in addition to the allegation of aggravated rape, brown faces possible charges for drug-related offenses. brown's publicists have not commented on the claims. the recording artist has a history of violence, most famously for a felony conviction for the 2009 assault on his then girlfriend, rihanna. paris investigators have two days to decide whether to let brown go or to file preliminary charges. tina kraus, cbs news, london. you could pay the price if you don't bring your own cup. still ahead, the bay area proposal, how much it could cost you. plus, a hollywood movie with bay area ties making
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academy award history. the nominations just announced. well, it's turning out to be a beautiful afternoon all across the bay area. here's a live look with our sutro cam looking at the golden gate bridge under plenty of sunshine and another gorgeous view of our salesforce tower camera. temperatures near 70 degrees and we will take you 10 days on future cast if we will see any rain anytime soon.
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teen teen,
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director... just made oscars history. chris martinez has the nomi
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academy vi a bay area direct just made oscars history. chris martinez has the nominations for 's academy awards. >> reporter: marvels black panther becomes the first superhero picture to earn an oscar nomination. it is facing off against "roma," the first netflix film to score a best picture nod. the movie from mexico's alfonzo caron earned 10 nominations. it's time with a period comedy drama the favorite for the most nods, rounding out the category are "a star is born," "green book," "bohemian rhapsody" and advice advice. bradley cooper and sam elliott. ga ga gauze up against i can't elites yalitza aparicio.
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he squares off ainsbr cooper and viggo mortensen. snubbed for best director but spike lee earned his first nomination in the category after 30 years in the business. >> his first, "blackkklansman" also earned a best supporting actor nomination for adam driver. chris martinez, cbs news, hollywood. >> the academy awards will air live on february 24th without a host. this just in, word of a power outage in daly city. nearly 3000 customers are affected. pg&e is investigating what caused it. residents are speaking out over renovation plans for beloved park in san francisco's north beach. the city says the irrigation system at washington square park is guzzling water and making the park muddy. that system will be upgraded. the project will close the park
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for six months beginning in april. the most popular time to visit. some residents claim it will do more harm than good. while others say the project is needed but the city is wasting taxpayer dollars. >> the dust and the dirt and the traffic, it's just -- it's going to destroy our neighborhood. >> sometimes during the week there's even muddy soil here so you can't easily sit here. you're misspending taxpayer money. how can it cost 3.0 million when your own plan says the same thing can be done for $184,000. that's a huge difference in price. >> the work is the last phase of a $6 million renovation, it includes new bathrooms and an upgraded playground. if you order a drink from a restaurant or cafe soon, you may have to pay extra for a disposable cup. kiet do has more on today's vote in berkeley that could change the face of take-out. >> reporter: we are hours away from the vote here at the berkeley city council on the disposable cups and the councilwoman behind the plan is cautiously optimistic. >> i am very excited.
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i think this is going to be a great day. it may seem like a small thing for a smaller city like berkeley to do this, but i think it's going to take off and spark a movement nationwide. >> reporter: council member says on average each of berkeley's 120,000 residents uses about one disposable cup per day, and so the so-called disposable food ware and litter reduction ordinance takes aim at not just the cups but carryout containers and utensils as well. if it passes by january 2020 all to go containers must be compostable, no disposable containers or utensils can be used while dining in and all paper cups will cost 25 cents. the council member says she wants to clarify one thing about that fee. >> it's not a tax. there's no requirement that it increase the cost of a beverage. it simply that a food establishment has to show the charge so you know there is a cost for the container. and if you bring your own container, you have to have
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that arremoved. >> reporter: kelley powers has been carrying around her cup for years and encourages others to do the same. what do you say to all the people out there who say this is too inconvenience? >> i say i around more often? >> definitely, yeah, sure. >> reporter: and the vote takes place at the meeting tonight at 6:00 p.m. here at the berkeley city council. in berkley, kiet do, kpix5. taking a look at wall street right now. stocks taking a dip with investors concerned about signs of the global economy is weakening. international monetary fund trimmed its economic forecast for 2019. the dow is down more than 400 points right now with about 40 minutes to go before the closing bell. food delivery startup munchery is closing up shop. the san francisco based company made the announcement in an e- mail to customers. munchery had raised $125 million in venture capital funding when it was founded
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in2010 but laid off 30% of its workforce last may. better news for starbucks. it is expanding its delivery service to san francisco starting today, it will add new york, boston, washington, chicago and l.a. in the coming weeks. the service works through the uber eats app. there is a $2.49 booking fee. we want to get right to mary to talk about this weather because it's looking beautiful out there. >> goodness, michelle, it is just gorgeous. a live look with our salesforce tower camera under blue skies and our temperatures are slowly warming up here so concord at 59 currently, oakland 54, livermore at 55. downtown san francisco 57. san jose 55. santa rosa at 58. so little bit warmer compared to yesterday at this time. here's the satellite and radar view. high pressure will continue to build and expand and build closer to us and with that we will see temperatures warming up as we go through the week
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with plenty of sunshine. futurecast as we take yougthe a are at 4:00 p.m., just to show you the clear skies out there with that sunshine and that will continue over the next several days. so as we fast forward to friday, that ridge of high pressure builds even more. the storm track well to our north and we are going to stay close to 70 degrees for some of our warmer inland locations by the end of the week. i wanted to fast forward and take you 10 days out and by not -- at least not this friday, but next friday, so next week, we have some storm systems that move closer to us, but we have 10 days out to see any change in that forecast because we are looking at plenty of sunshine and dry conditions until then, if we see some rain by next friday, 10 days out there. sunset at
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plenty of sun, looking at 60 in downtown san francisco, also for redwood city and mountain view. 61 for oakland, fremont, as well as for san jose. and 62 ecout that seven-day forecast. we warm up even more as we go through the week, looking at temperatures a couple degrees warmer every single day this week. we are talking upper 60s to near 70 by friday and saturday for some of our warmer inland locations and still dry sunday and monday. we will be right back.
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temperatures to below freezing in the northeast.... and now--parts of niagara falls a severe winter storm has sent temperatures to below freezing in the northeast. >> and now parts of niagara falls are frozen in place and these stunning pictures taken in ontario, you can see the usually rushing water is at a stand still. the cold snap is expected to last through the week. we will be right back.
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having a three bean salad, i got purple beans, wax beans and green beans, all together. what a beautiful salad. a little bit of red tomato on top, little bit of olive oil, salt and pepper. after you boil the beans and saute them, that's a perfect salad. and so colorful but storage is very important. when you cook with the purple beans, you want to cook them a little bit because sometimes that purple will turn to green. it really washes it away. nice and purple, dark purple like this all the way around. when you bring them home, store them in the refrigerator right away. so try that three bean salad, you will love it. it's a feast for the eyes along
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with the palate and i'm tony, your fresh grocer. coming up tonight at 5:00, activist erin brockovich rallying right now with wildfire victims in sacramento at the state capital. these are live pictures. their fight to protect survivors from the impact of the pg&e bankruptcy. we will have that story and much more tonight at 5:00. and that is going to do it for kpix5 news at noon. >> enjoy the nice weather out o week too. look at that. >> yes. see on page four that...
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[message notification] projections need to be... [message notification] earthquake? next thursday? seriously? thursday? can't do that. uh-uh. this is really inconvenient. i have yoga that day. i have no time for this. so... i can't do thursday, but i can do friday. [arguing over each other] narrator: disasters don't plan ahead. you can. talk to your loved ones about how you're going to be ready in an emergency. don't wait. communicate.
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♪ >> taylor: who is the most beautiful little angel? that's you! that's right. yes. she is such a blessing. >> steffy: i know. i'm lucky to have her. especially with what hope and liam are going through. >> taylor: i know. i feel terrible. for them to have to experience the pain of losing a child... >> steffy: kelly lost her half-sister. >> taylor: there's no replacing beth, but... [ kelly blowing raspberries ] ...kelly does have a chance to have a -- a sister near her age. that's right! you do. and you have the opportunity to adopt that other little girl. that beautiful little girl. -> steffy: yeah. >> tay h


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