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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  January 23, 2019 12:00pm-12:29pm PST

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we've creat a no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. coming up at 5, san jose could take another step . the plan to protect renters from getting evicted. we will have that store coming up at 5:00. check this out! an olympic gold medalist just became the first person to snowboard down the 72 steps. live from the cbs the area that is the 26-year-old, canadian snowboarder, riding the railing of the se tries and some rough landings to finally want answers in a deadly taser
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conversation between a make it. peninsula man and the sheriff's deputies. good afternoon, i am michelle >> please, no one try this. griego. >> outside of the da's office to [incoming text sound effect] express their dissatisfaction about how the case is being handled. >> reporter: it has been more than three months since the suspect died and today, these activists in front of the da's office are demanding action. this shows to nato kobe on october 3 who died after a run- in with 5 sheriff's deputies . the deputies claimed he was acting erratically, running in and out of traffic before attacking a female officer. these protesters are demanding the release of all of the video the district attorney has from dashboard and surveillance cameras nearby.rt iteth invest
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is finished. >> once that is done, i will sit down with my team and make the decisions as to what we are going to do here and we will be ready to release everything to the public for review. >> there is no expert out there who does not have that background. >> you can't have someone on active duty while there is an ongoing investigation. >> reporter: the officers are assigned to other duties, for now. questions that might soon have clearer answers. >> if we were to come out with that right now, it her tyst eporter:at fu pectedout in ws.
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[keyboard tapping in rhythm] in hayward, fire [seat belt alarm chiming, buckle clicking in rhythm] investigators are working to determine what caused this townhome to go up in flames. [car doors slamming, keys jangling in rhythm] the fire started about 7:30 this morning on clubhouse drive. chopper 5 is overhead as crews [engine turns over] battled the flames. no one was hurt. a popular park in san jose is trashed and fenced off for repairs after the college football national championship came to the area just a few weeks ago. >> reporter: discovery meadow in downtown san jose is looking more like discovery mudhole. it was once 6 acres of green grass in the heart of downtown san jose. it now has giant puddles of water and lots and lots of mud. even the grounds crew was in all. >> i have seen it and it is >> steffy: do you think there's a problem? quite muddy. we have had a lot of rain. >> taylor: no, they'll call back. >> steffy: am i getting unusual for us but we have had ahead of myself? a lot of rain. do i want this too much? adoption was just an idea of mine, and now you're telling me
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you've found this perfect little newborn, and... i'm already mentally putting her >>reporter: two eks ago, the and kelly in matching outfits. concerts t thenheav >> taylor: oh! it isn't wrong to get excited. rains the ellati >> steffy: well, it isn't wrong to be careful, either. like, is it too premature of me to ask amelia to come over to ofla bincercrewntthe e,e watch kelly? >> taylor: they'll call back. i know they will. knew the field was going to suffer. >> once it started raining,woul >> steffy: if i see her... i'll know, right? >> taylor: just trust your to the park. instincts. >> steffy: yeah. i'll think... "this is a cute baby," or >> reporter: crews need the field to dry out before they can begin any work. the 49ers released a statement saying the park will be repaired as soon as conditions allow. the 49ers are paying for the work none of which will be paid by taxpayers. the 49ers were quick to announce they are doing the job for free. the 49ers will apparently be using their own turf team at discovery meadows.
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>> we are confident in their ability to repair the park it in better condition. >> reporter: the city says the field repair should be done in time for spring season and that no events will be affected. kpix 5 news. president trump says he will deliver his state of the union address as delivered as scheduled next tuesday. in a letter addressed to pelosi this morning, the president wrote it would be very sad for our country to delay and over the past couple of minutes, representative pelosi writing this letter saying, the house of representatives will not consider a concurrent resolution authorizing the president's state of the union address until the government has opened. a rally is underway right now in washington dc. federal employees and unions are protesting the partial government shutdown on capitol hill. the national federation of federal employees says the goal
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is to build the entire building with people and demand that senate republicans stop the shutdown. it is into its second month and shows no signs of ending anytime soon. as nicole killian reports, both sides are pushing ahead. >> reporter: the senate is prepared to vote tomorrow on two separate bills to reopen the government. >> the opportunities are staring us right in the face and that is why we will vote this week. >> reporter: president trump's proposal for $5.7 billion for a border wall in exchange for temporary projections for immigrants brought to the us has children. the other two by the government through february 8 without money for the wall. >> it will allow us to in the debate without hostage taking, without temper tantrums how we can best do border security.
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>> reporter: neither side is showing any sign of either side of the shutdown. >> remind each senator of the words of jesus of nazareth in luke 10:7, those who work deserve their pay. >> reporter: the cbs news poll shows 65% of americans say president trump should not sign anything that does not include wall funding. nicole killian, cbs news, the white house. the trump administration had ordered more than 36,000 per load irs employees to return to work without pay in part to process this year's
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refund but the washington post reports hundreds of those workers have received permission from their managers to skip work due to financial hardship. union leaders say that number could serve as part of a coordinated protest and say employees are angry about not being paid and many cannot afford the gas to drive to their offices. >> a fremont gas station is helping federal employees affected by the shutdown. giving them gas for free. they must show proof of residency and proof of employment to qualify. the government shutdown is getting close to home. state and alameda county officials may exhaust all federal funding by early to mid february. cal fresh is a program that helps low income households with nutritious foods without funding. additional benefits will become available february. one in six residents use the food bank and now, we are going to have people who have no means of getting their food
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through the program. >> as of last june, more than 100,000 people are receiving cal fresh and snap benefits. nearly half of them are children. bedroom furloughed federal workers. made the remarks at the world economic forum and said in part, we love it when new partners join the platform but this is most definitely not how we want the new driver to join the platform. he also says amber has encountered how many new drivers have joined but it is happening to the most needy in washington dc. it is back-to-school day for students and teachers in los angeles after six rs struck a tentative deal monday including a raise for teachers, fewer students by 2021 and nurses at
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all schools 5 days a week. the teacher strike affected about 1000 schools about half 1 million students as well. this afternoon, a nurse is under arrest and the of a woman who gave birth while in a vegetative state in a nursing home. chris martin is has the latest. >> reporter: nathan sutherland made his first appearance in court wednesday in connection to the right of an incapacitated woman who gave birth at the hacienda healthcare center. >> police say in a linked sutherland to the crime and the newborn. >> shortly after that determination, southern was taken into custody by officers from the phoenix police departmentphnix ceheters for processing. >> reporter: the 29-year-old victim, a member of the san carlos apache tribe was incapacitated when she was three
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and was at the facility for 26 years. she delivered a healthy baby boy on december 2the staff did not know the patient was pregnant until she began moaning shortly before going into labor. court records show the victim had not received a physical since april. the defense asked for no more than $50,000 bond. >> there is no direct evidence that mr. sutherland has committed these acts. >> reporter: but the judge went with the prosecutor's recommendation of $500,000 bond. chris martin is, cbs news, phoenix. >> the ceo of the hacienda healthcare center resigned in the wake of the investigation. the effort from the entertainers along with some prominent figures in sports. ice sculptures made by nature.
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entertainment.. are joining forces.. to bring about change in the criminal justice system. the organizati some big names in sports and entertainment are joining forces to bring about change in the criminal justice system. the organization was created by
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rappers mcmeel and jay-z. along with the new england patriots owner, he became a sing for. a judge sentenced him for 2 to 4 years in prison for minor violations. >> when i was in my situation, a lot of people stood up for me . it made me want to use a lot of my time and life to double back and support the people who actually came out and stood up for me. >> the group has already dedicated $50 million to reforming the justice system. many say they also want to change fundamental laws that disproportionately send people of color to jail. underpaying more than 1200 women and more than 2700 minorities by $400 million over four years. the us labor department says the software giant underpaid some women by as much as 20% or $37,000 compared to their male
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counterparts in 2016. let's take a look at the big board right now and see how e teslas as patrol cars. fremont police are testing the on a used model as adding headlights and a partition. officers will start testing it in the coming weeks. police say a big draw to the kessler is the cars range on a full charge, 265 miles. origin -- the rocket company founded by amazon's jeff bezos. this was the company's 10-th test flight of its&-phydrogen-f. he roomy new in west texas, a successful launch for blue morrison. this was the company's 10th test
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flight of its hydrogen fueled rocket. the room a new shepherd capsule is designed to carry half a dozen researchers and tours into space. the flights to n later this year. me mo o and it was all caught on video. the volcano erupted yesterday evening in central mexico. the explosion caused lava and ashes dispute. this also shows a big smoke plume rising. no damage was reported but researchers with the mexican government will continue to monitor the volcano. this frozen sing along lake erie in ohio, wind, water and the frigid air came together to create these tall ice sculptures. the ice transforms signs and all of those lampposts. it is too bad that people are having to deal with the cold but it is actually kind of
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cool. boy, that is incredible to see that! you have to endure bitter temperatures to see something like that for us, looking at it is amazing. this is also amazing, blue skies and a really nice afternoon all across the bay area. hopefully, you are enjoying it and sucking up that vitamin d. you can see the blue skies out there and temperatures are warming up. oakland, 53. livermore, 57. san francisco, 55 and santa rosa coming in at 58. let's talk about this year's snowpack because of all of our storms, they did pick up a lot of snow in the sierra, 114% so that is great news. satellite and radar view, high pressure in control for us.
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and because of torm track inchces stay to the north, as well. as you go through the afternoon, we will see plenty of sunshine. this is at 4:00 p.m.. we will continue to see the sunshine. the end of the week with high pressure in control and that clockwise can flow, we are looking at that ridge and it will help to he does up as we go to thlocations. sunrise at 5:23. let's check out your daytime highs, 63 in downtown san francisco. 64 for your high in san jose and 63 in fremont. daytime highs above average for this time of the year. 64 in santa rosa and there we go with that warm-up as we are looking at temperatures a little bit warmer for thursday. great weather to and out the week and just in time for the weekend with that sunshine, it will look spectacular for all of those outdoor events.
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still ahead, alec baldwin heads to court. the penalty he walked away with. starting monday, kpix 5 news is starting a new newscast. p&-p&- p&-pactor alec baldwin was in at
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after alec baldwin was in a new york courtroom this morning. he pleaded guilty to second- degree harassment to a dispute over a parking spot last year. baldwin has agreed to take anger management classes and pay a mandatory charge of $120. the more serious charges of attempted assault were dropped. the da's office will baldwin will not serve time or be on probation. she likes million-dollar deals. she will have her first las vegas residency this spring. ♪ ♪
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>> the palms casino resort allowed announced today club is set to open up in april.
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