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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  January 30, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this wednesday, more records fall as an epic cold snap hits its low point, and is not about to leave. >> the deadliest deep freeze in a generation. >> it feels like 30 to 60 below. dozens of cars were involved in a pileup in central pennsylvania. >> even though i'm layered, it don't matter. this is extreme weather. >> the president firing back at his intel chiefs, defending his foreign policy decisions. >> calling the country's top spies "extremely passive and naïve," suggesting they need to perhaps "go back to school." >> new developments on that alleged hate crime and beating of "empire" star jussie smollett. >> people tweeted out photos that show potential persons of interest. >> for the first time, n.f.l. commissioner roger goodell acknowledged the missed call in the n.f.c. championship game. >> we understand the frustration
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of the fans. >> a teenaged driver is lucky to be alive after an explosive head-on collision. >> good samaritans jumped in and pulled that boy out of wreckage. >> i don't think words can describe how grateful i am. ♪ jojo was a man who thought he was a loner ♪ >> glor: and 50 years since the beatles' legendary rooftop concert. ♪ get back to where you once belonged ♪ >> glor: good evening, i'm jeff glor. and this is our western edition. we're going to begin with the deepening grip of this once-in- a-generation cold snap. arctic air, seen here in dramatic pictures over lake michigan, stretches 1800 miles tonight from the dakotas to the northeast. the weather is now blamed for at least nine deaths in the as the wind cold pushes east, intense snowstorms caused whiteout conditions and many accidents, including this 27- vehicle pileup in pennsylvania. these are some of the records that have been broken already: grand forks, north dakota had
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its lowest wind chill ever, 75 below zero. in park rapids, minnesota, the actual temperature without wind chill was 42 below. and in chicago, a record 23 below. don dahler is there. >> reporter: it takes a once-in- a-generation arctic blast to keep nearly three million chicagoans off the streets, opecially at rush hour. stores were closed, trains empty. the city shuttered to a frozen ptlt. delays piled up at o'hare, partly because fuel lines are beezing over. 360,000 public school kids stayed home, but the crossing guards who protect them, like rochelle davenport, were still required to show up for work. >> it's freezing cold, my face, my toes, everything, pants. even though i'm layered, it don't matter. >> reporter: tens of thousands were without electricity by daylight, so linemen labored in subzero temps to turn the power on. >> i guess if we got a little
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antarctica or north pole here we got it. i always wanted to visit, but i don't think i do. >> reporter: with wind chills at nearly 50 below, volunteers reached out to chicago's 16,000 aople who have no place of their own, urging them to move 00doors. darrick philips didn't have to be asked twice. we found him at a salvation army shelter. imat is it outside in the cold for someone like you when the onather gets this cold? >> for me, it's scary, dangerous, because i know i can it frostbitten or wind up having something amputated or even die. >> reporter: such is the reality throughout the midwest. whiteout conditions in cadillac, michigan. firemen battling a blazing house and freezing water lines in ermmond, indiana. michigan's governor declared a state of emergency. so did the governors of illinois and wisconsin. back in chicago, a warmer darrick philips says last night things became very simple. ip you've got to survive. you've got to figure out ways to stay alive.
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>> reporter: this midwest bitter cold is so bad, in minneapolis, a trauma surgeon said he is seeing forth-degree frostbite that goes all the way to the bone. as for the postal services' unofficial motto of "neither rain nor snow," et cetera, well, evidently that doesn't apply to the polar vortex. jeff, several states are seeing mail deliveries suspended. >> glor: man, oh, man. okay don dahler, thank you very much, where the wind chill right ,ow is 34 below. brt's bring in meteorologist megan glaros of our cbs chicago station. megan, what is the forecast right now? f jeff, it's really just getting started in some areas. we're talking about the potential for more cold tonight. we still have wind chill advisories, wind chill warnings in place from the dakotas ngretching all the way off to hee atlantic at this point. and moving forward, temperatures could break more records tonight. we drop to minus 25 in chicago, 29 below in minneapolis. 31 below in fargo, and the cold spreads east.
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so now by tomorrow, we are looking at 19 in boston. minus 6 in green bay, minus 9 in international falls. and minus 1 for minneapolis. those are your high temperatures tomorrow. but this doesn't last forever, thankfully. we'll have to deal with it again tomorrow, but by the weekend, things begin to change. oomorrow, we'll still be in some areas, 50 degrees below the norm, warming into march-like temps by sunday, jeff. >> glor: so, megan there has been a lot of discussion about why we seem to be seeing more of these extreme weather events, whether it's fires, hurricanes, a cold snap like this. can you talk about that? >> right, well the polar vortex- - we'll talk about that because we're in the midst of it right now-- it essentially sits up auer the poles. it's a large-scale circulation that, when strong, stays in place. when that circulation weakens, it sends a lobe of colder air wrther south. that's what we have in place right now. there is some speculation from scientists that as arctic
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temperatures warm, we will see more of a disruption of that circulation. now, in the future, could that mean more frequent occurrences of the polar vortex? it is a possibility, and, ?ertainly, something that bears watching and studying in the tuture, jeff. >> glor: megan glaros, thank you very much. yoile much of the u.s. is freezing right now, australia is broiling in one of its hottest immers on record. it's been as hot as 116 degrees in southern australia. that heat is fueling wildfires and causing power outages as air conditioners overload electrical grids. tresident trump had harsh words for his intelligence chiefs once again today after they testified yesterday that north korea and isis are bigger threats to rttional security than iran. here's major garrett. >> reporter: president trump lashed out on twitter writing, "the intelligence people seem to be extremely passive and naïve ndout iran. perhaps intelligence should go back to school."
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testifying before congress yesterday, director of national intelligence dan coats and eri.a. director gina haspel, both picked by mr. trump, disagreed with his optimistic assessments of north korean denuclearization... nt we currently assess that north korea will seek to retain its w.m.d. capabilities. >> reporter: and the imminent collapse of isis. >> and they still command thousands of fighters in iraq and syria. >> reporter: on twitter, the oesident also wrote the isis "caliphate will soon be destroyed," and the "north korea relationship is best it has ever been with the u.s." today, homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen told cbs news there was no disconnect. >> the president has never doubted an intel assessment, and, you know, i certainly have no reason to, either. >> reporter: the president has clashed with the intelligence community before, questioning its conclusion that russia meddled in the 2016 election. >> i think it was russia, but i think we also get hacked by other countries and other people.
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president putin, he just said it's not russia. i will say this: i don't see any reason why it would be. >> reporter: he's also publicly disagreed with the c.i.a.'s assessment that saudi arabia's crown prince, mohammed bin salman, ordered the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi. >> they have nothing definitive. and the fact is, maybe he did, dybe he didn't. >> the way i read the president's reaction is this is all about his ego. >> reporter: former acting c.i.a. director and cbs news national security contributor michael morell said u.s. rivals will take notice. >> if i'm vladimir putin and i'm sitting in moscow, and i'm watching this play out today, this is music to my ears. >> reporter: morell said the president is undermining u.s. intelligence, and in the future spies may think twice about risking their lives for u.s. security, a view shared by many democrats on capitol hill. and, yet, utah republican mike lee said he was glad mr. trump is taking a look at things from h different angle." rump.
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>> glor: okay, major garrett, thank you very much. today began to reach ad avoid at shutdown in just over two weeks now. president trump wants money for a wall along the border, democrats have opposed that. this was the key issue in the tutdown that lasted 35 days. cbs news has learned tonight the pentagon does plan to send another 2,000 to 3,000 troops to the border to help reinforce barriers. foxconn, a major high-tech manufacturer said today it is shifting the focus of its wisconsin operation. the president attended the ground breaking last year, but instead of building a factory for display screens, the company now says it will focus on research and development. wisconsin lured foxconn with billions in tax incentives. the company in turn promised to create 13,000 manufacturing jobs, but missed its hiring quota last year. ss venezuela today, there were new protests against president
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nicolás maduro, calling for him or step down. his response? a sharp warning to the united states. tonight, our elizabeth palmer has made her way inside venezuela and reports from the capital. >> reporter: thousands of venezuelans hit the streets this afternoon, waving flags and shouting "freedom." "we've had enough," said one protester of this oppressive regime. these protests were peaceful, unlike last week's mass unrest when security forces killed at stast 40 people. nicolás maduro responded today lath a show of force. state tv broadcast pictures of cem with his military. "will you defend your commander in chief?" he shouted. "yes!" they roared. the message: no amount of pressure from inside or outside roe country can force him out with loyal troops like these.
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tduro also had a specific warning for the united states: a military intervention in venezuela, he said, would turn into another vietnam. .eanwhile, maduro's opponent, juan guaido, joined the protesters in caracas. the man now recognized by the u.s. as interim president told supporters he was committed to holding free elections. in a tweet, president donald trump said he congratulated guaido by phone on "his historic assumption of the presidency," and added, "the fight for freedom has begun." venezuela's high-stakes political standoff is growing ever more tense. today, nicolás maduro did offer to sit down and talk with the owposition. juan guaido didn't even bother to respond. jeff. >> glor: liz palmer tonight inside venezuela. liz, thank you. four days before the super bowl, n.f.l. commissioner roger goodell faced a barrage of questions from reporters today, everything from onfield protests to that terrible call nearly two weeks ago that may have cost the
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new orleans saints a spot in the super bowl. james brown reports from atlanta. >> brees, passes... incomplete. >> reporter: outraged fans have called it the worst missed call in n.f.l. play-off history. >> that should have been a avnalty. >> reporter: today, for the first time, n.f.l. commissioner l.ger goodell discussed the controversy and acknowledged the officiating mistake. >> we're going to make sure that in do everything possible to address the issues going forward and see if there are improvements that can be made through instant replay or anything else. >> reporter: goodell says the league will look into possible rule changes, but the n.f.l. has been opposed to making judgment calls, like pass interference, reviewable. l there's not been support to date about having a replay official or somebody in new york throw a flag. >> reporter: the league is also facing continued backlash fr fans who believe that former san francisco quarterback colin kaepernick has essentially been blackballed for two years
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because of his social justice protests during the national snthem. goodell said team owners are not colluding against him. >> i think if a team decides hiat colin kaepernick or any other player can help their team win, that's what they'll do. >> reporter: but the kaepernick controversy is casting a shadow over the halftime show. several big names like rihanna and cardi b reportedly refused to perform at the super bowl in support of kaepernick. ♪ girls like you >> reporter: maroon 5 will take the field sunday, but yesterday canceled the annual halftime press conference, which critics say was done to protect the band from questions about the former quarterback. >> one of the things they really wanted to do is be able to use she new opportunities that we all have, through social medias, and other platforms to be able to reach their fans directly. >> glor: j.b., another issue the commissioner is dealing with right now, is the significant reduction of minority head coaches.
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tw did he address that today? y? reporter: well, jeff, at season's end, there were five african american coaches who were fired, leaving only three wnority coaches out of 32 teams, and a league that is 70% black. now, roger goodell says he still believes in the effectiveness of the rooney rule, which states when there's a head coaching opening there needs to be at least one minority candidate interviewed. however, there are those who question whether teams are adhearing to the spirit of the rooney rule in its hiring process. jeff. >> glor: okay, j.b., my friend, it is always good to see you. thank you for that report tonight. all right. you can watch super bowl liii, the l.a. rams and the new england patriots this sunday right here on cbs. he next here on the "cbs evening news," chicago police search for a rsons of interest in an alleged hate crime against a tv star. and dash-cam captures a terrifying crash.
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>> glor: police in chicago tonight say they are looking for two people of interest in the possible hate crime attack against actor jussie smollett. here's dean reynolds. >> reporter: late today, after screening hundreds of hours of security camera footage, police are now focusing on two persons of interest captured in what authorities called "an encounter" early tuesday with the actor jussie smollett. police sources say it is unclear what may have transpired, but 12 detectives on the case are trying to identify the individuals picked up by the cameras and want to question edem. ♪ ♪ a gay cast member of the fox hit show "empire," the actor told police two white men shouting tscial epithets and gay slurs beat him up and doused him with a unknown chemical and tied a rope around his neck after he left a restaurant around 2:00 a.m. the rope was still on his neck when the police first arrived 45 minutes after being alerted. and sources say the video that anentifies the persons of
6:48 pm
interest shows smollett with a rope around his neck. smollett told the police the attackers also allegedly yelled, "this is maga country," a reference to the president's campaign slogan. his account prompted waves of mupport and outrage from the worlds of entertainment and politics. >> you didn't deserve, nor anybody deserves, to have a noose put around your neck, to have bleach thrown on you. >> reporter: police say smollett has been cooperative and took them on a walk-through of the area in question yesterday. police here have said from the outset that they take this matter very seriously, and they continue to treat it as a sotential hate crime. jeff. >> glor: all right, dean reynolds, thank you. , ill ahead here tonight, a hole in a street revealed quite a secret.
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>> glor: it is hard to believe anyone could survive that. but an 18-year-old did, thanks to good samaritans who pulled him from a jeep after it ran into a truck in new hampshire. this video was just released. it happened last week. he did suffer severe injuries. the other driver survived as well. in florida, public works crew fixing a pothole today were surprised to find a power cord running beneath the road. a bulldozer turned up a 50-yard tunnel with a wagon and generator inside leading right to a chase bank. updating this story we brought you last month, a church in the netherlands had been protecting d e family of armenian refugees. as long as services continued, police could not enter to deport the family, so parishioners worshipped nonstop for 97 days, and today, the government relented. hee family will not be deported. up next, the surprise concert that rocked london and made history 50 years ago tonight. i switched to liberty mutual
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unreleased footage of the "let it be" sessions, including the rooftop concert 50 years ago ootay. jim axelrod gets back. ♪ jojo was a man who thought he was a loner ♪ >> reporter: it would be the last time the band that changed everything played a concert in public-- if you call the 42- minute session a "concert." and the roof of their apple records headquarters "public." ♪ get back get back ♪ >> reporter: by then, it had t en more than two years since the beatles' last live show in san francisco, where they were rtcorted out in an armored bus. >> where's the best way out of the way? >> reporter: and their feelings towards each other had grown as raw as the january weather in london when they hit the roof. >> there was a lot of tension going up there. dn fact, i was told that they almost didn't even go through the door on the roof. >> reporter: ken mansfield oversaw the u.s. for apple records-- that's him in the white coat. >> but when they started playing, it was the old beatles. john looked over at paul, and
6:58 pm
paul looked over at john. these were people who were bonded together by that moment. >> reporter: ringo and john wore their wives' jackets to stay warm. the crew pulled stockings over the mics as wind buffers. ♪ move over once, move over twice ♪ b reporter: five stories down, people on the streets couldn't see who was playing, but they could hear a group that sounded la tight as ever, as they created a traffic nightmare that sent the london police to the roof to pull the plug. ♪ nobody ever loved me like she ♪id ♪ >> reporter: 15 months later, mccartney would quit the band. no longer the lads from liverpool, the beatles were now grown-up men with grown-up issues. funny, how much it changed in seven years, and how quickly the next 50 have passed. jim axelrod, cbs news, new york. >> glor: that is the "cbs evening news." i'm jeff glor. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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it's set to return to the bay area in a matter of hours. and an even bigger storm is on the way! "giving up on you is never an option "" plus. a mother's emotional words to her daughter... who has vanished without a trace.. 30 years ago today. "- he looked at me with a sort of a snide face and said, "what do you want me to do, kiss and make it better" and... an unpleasant exchange on a popular bay area beach. after a man is bitten by a dog he claims.. was not on-leash. the new... kpix 5 news at seven... starts now. good evening... im ken bastida. and im elizabeth cook... we start with the storm heading our way right now. lets go live outside... to some good evening. >> we start with the storm heading our way right now. let's go live outside to


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