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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  March 31, 2019 5:00pm-5:29pm PDT

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not 5, and east bay priest arrested accused of child sexual abuse. he had been working at corpus christi church in fremont but the alleged abuse happened during his previous posting at st. john's catholic church. >> reporter: the isacd at st
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in san lorenzo. that victim, a 14 to 15-year- old boy. according to detectives, the victim told them hector david mendoza-vela started abusing him in 2016. he was recently transferred to the corpus christi catholic church in fremont. alameda county sheriff's detectives say they do not believe the catholic diocese knew about the abuse allegations. parishioners here in san lorenzo say this type of abuse is not shocking anymore.>> very sadly it's like oh, another one. >> every church almost i think that could happen. but it's one person, and it's good that they right away told everybody.
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>> reporter: the people we talked with who attended the 2 pm mass set a member of the church read a statement at the end of the service announcing hector david mendoza-vela had been arrested and asked any other potential victims to contact police. the bishop of oakland released a statement saying: well we don't have all the details, the alleged behavior is in clear violation of the diocese code of conduct and the charter for the protection of children and young people. i ask you to join with me and prayers for all involved in this situation, but most especially, anyone who has been harmed. investigators say so far, only one victim, the one here in san lorenzo has come forward. they worry there could be more victims in fremont, but so far no other victims have come forward yet. vela is currently held in the c baanscheduled man arges in
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columbia for soliciting girls as young as 13 on facebook for sex. executors released video of thomas renno being questioned and taken into custody as he arrived . off investing her say he use three different facebook profiles to offer girls up to $100 for sex. he's also accused of using the social network to share explicit pornographic photos. he has a home in fairfax and has legal residency in columbia. authorities were tipped off to the mother of a girl he was corresponding with. a woman was found dead on a sidewalk in bay point, her body discovered just after midnight. it's not clear at the moment to the woman is or how she died, but a red high-heeled shoe was left at the scene and a homeless man who stays nearby says he was the one who found body was kind of distort fr
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, she was on and from the hips dy in the gutter and partially on the street. >> authorities say they are investigating the incident as a homicide. authorities are looking at two suspects in another shooting that happened just before midnight last night on highway four between franklin road. the driver of a newer model white toyota corolla or something similar to that began tailgating them and then pulled onto the shoulder of the road with them and somebody fired shots into their windshield from the passenger side. the victims, a man and woman ducked down. they were not hit in the suspects vehicle took off. the passenger was described as a white male 35 to 40 years old, bald with tattoos on his face and right arm. deputies are askingiso more. ope village was dismantled
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now the residents wonder what volunteers here at hope village hope this is not goodbye but instead, see you later. for a while it seemed like san jose's heart had gotten just a little bit bigger, but the political winds had shifted and that maybe, just maybe, public opinion had finally tipped the scales in favor of a government sanctioned campsite, but the lease on hope village has run out. >> we are back to square one looking for a site. >> reporter: the faa has informed the city that the area with plans roaring overhead every 10 minutes is unfit for residential use. at its peak and hope village was home to 19 people for six months with elevated tents, a pantry, toilets, and solar phone charging stations, but now that is all gone and the
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residents have been given motel vouchers for four weeks. >> a lot of them are looking forward to going just about 100 feet from here back into the creek. >> reporter: after searching for months for more permanent site, the best anyone could come up with was this plot of land owned by the water district in willow glen. it was voted down in a community uproar. the founder of hope ridge says the city could have found another site. the volunteers are now salvaging what they can for the possible reboot of hope village 2.0. >> somebody's got to care and try to make a difference. there is hope for something to happen in the future, exactly how that will wo do know yet.
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a man recovering in the hospital at this hour after suffering burns from a house fire up in santa rosa. you can see the smoke and flames coming out of the roof of the home. firefighters say flames spread to two houses on college avenue and glenn street. the fire broke out just over eight p.m. this morning. they are still trying to figure out how the fire started. developing news out of arizona tonight, two marines are dead after the helicopter crash happening near yuma last night. the u.s. marine corps's is the two pilots were conducting a routine training mission when their helicopter went down. the cause of the crash is under investigation and the identities of thvive not been reed vipresidt joe biden a vermont a
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member of the nevada legislature when she ran for lieutenant governor in 2014. then vice president joe biden visited the state for pre- election rally. lucy florez says he approached her as she prepared to go on stage. >> out of nowhere i feel joe biden put his hands on my shoulders, get up very close to me from behind, lean in, smell my hair, and then plant a slow kiss on the top of my head. >> reporter: in an article in new york magazine, florez wrote that the incident made her feel uneasy, gross, and confused. on sunday, biden released a statement that read in part, in my many years on the campaign trail and in public life, i have offered countless handshakes, hugs, expressions of affection, support, and comfort and not once, never did i believe i acted inappropriately. white house advisor kellyanne conway noted that the allegation came from a fellow democrat. >> i think joe biden has a big private problem here because he calls it affections and handshakes and his party calls it a probe inappropriate.
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>> reporter: florez knows that she waited until now to come forward. >> he does not belong in any kind of professional circumstance. >> reporter: biden is expected to announce a decision on 2020 in the coming weeks. still ahead on the sunday evening, students on edge after their fellow classmates got into the wrong car and was kidnapped and murdered. what we are learning about the attack. plus, parents caught offguard during a field trip to the zoo after a man is spotted walking around without any clothes on. it's that warm
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just two days after raising resumed at santa anita park, another horse has died. the famed track near los angeles closed march 5 and questions about the deaths of 22 horses in september. no word yet on what happened today, or whether racing will be suspended again. the search is on for a man who stab somebody with a sword in san francisco while wearing a make america great again hat. the stabbing happened just before 10 o'clock last night near the church of eight wheels rollerskating rink's. police say the suspect allegedly slashed the victim across his wrist and hand. no word on what led to the altercation.
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the suspect ran off and is still on the list. a rally in san francisco today showing support for the muslim community in light of the mosque shootings in new zealand earlier this month. dozens of people showed up at the event. people holding up signs saying be kind to all and standing with muslims. organizers from the northern california islamic council say islam a phobia does not just affect muslims. >> we as jews and muslims and christians, african-american, whoever we are, we need to come together as one and say enough is enough. >> one way to fight islam a phobia is to hold our leaders accountable and vote bigotry out of office. a night with a group of friends turned terribly tragic in south carolina. police say a 21-year-old student was kidnapped and murdered after getting into a car that she mistook for her
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uber ride. students at the university of south carolina are now on edge.>> it's not fair that she lost her life. >> reporter: 21-year-old samantha josephson, separated from her friends during a night out in columbia, south carolina, was trying to make it home when police say she was kidnapped and murdered. >> she had summoned and uber ride and was waiting for that ride to come. >> reporter: 14 hours later, her body was found by turkey hunters in a field 90 miles from columbia. >> we believe that she simply mistakenly got into this particular car thinking it was her uber ride. >> reporter: police say the driver of the black and paula identified as nathaniel david roland, attacked her. authorities have not said what motivated him. investigators said the child safety locks had been advocated, making it difficult
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for anyone to open the doors from the inside. the policechsaid they found her blood and cell phone in the suspects vehicle. >> additional amounts of dark- colored with liquid that was tested positive for blood was discovered in the trunk and passenger compartment.>> death rocked the usc community, a stark reminder to stay vigilant. >> you have to be aware and keep your wits about you. watch out for your friends, too, don't ever leave someone alone. a school field trip goes south after students and parents spotted a man wandering outside a texas you naked. police say they received a few calls about the man friday afternoon in houston. he was seen wandering between the zoo and a nearby golf course, trying to get into some cars. >> terrifying, frightening, and d. that's just ry odd, i mean it is hot outside but not that hot. >> i think we have laws to protect the public against
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things like that and it is no okay for people to expose themselves to others.>> officer say they did detained the man and from the naked zoo man to whether, we welcome all segues but >> we've got a few high clouds floating in over the area this afternoon, a little bit of a veil against the sun and we will increase clouds over the next 24 hours but it will not lead to much as we look south from the salesforce tower. high clouds are coming on and so are a few goals. concorde has got 73 degrees in oakland at 71 degrees. livermore has 72 degrees and san francisco is the cool spot at 64 degrees. a very pleasant sunday. this won't last long, tomorrow the high clouds will thicken up especially in the north bay. we will get a few sprinkles north of the golden gate. the first appearance of the rain will be very light north of the golden gate and that will be monday. it's monday night and tuesday that we will pick up a little bit more so the feeling for most tomorrow will be it's not
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as sunny as it was on sunday and the rain will wait until monday night but there will be more on the way. out the door tomorrow, north of the golden gate, you might need your umbrella. central bay will just get increasing clouds and south bay will look fairly dry and fairly sunny. later in the day, clouds increase in the drizzle turns to rain and there is a chance for heavier rain in the south bay. by tomorrow night at 5 pm, a little more robust, but not much, just cloudy. we are transitioning from a nice warm wetuesday when we pick up all of attempt or 2/10 of an inch it's not a big rainmaker, just wet nuisance rain. maybe a splash overnight tonight and on tuesday a little bit more, wednesday little bit
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more and we will just add to it a bit at a time. the pollen report shows we've got pollen up there, it is up to high which is why i'm constantly clearing my throat. toward the end of the week, things get a little bit worse with the allergens in the atmosphere. clouds are increasing in the north overnight, showers north not much, fair skies south and more rain will be coming later in the week. overnight lows will be in the mid-50s and daytime highs, it will still be nice and in some spots one tomorrow. sowistill be inthe 70s and he w few clouds by the afternoon and evening. over the east bay the ofgold gate, now we are talking about a few showers, not much and you will get rain by the way in ukiah and clover lake and clearlake. not a lot, but it will certainly be weather up there the father north that you go. tuesday looks a little unsettled. wednesday we get a break and thursday the most robust date of the rain looks like friday.
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in the meantime, it just gets sloppy. the giants and a is hoping to end the first weekend of the season on a high note. even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter
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your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit
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the giants going for the split in san diego.
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longoria out of the lineup with a calf injury. bottom of the second, a base hit to the right field with the bases loaded. 100 career assists. sandoval made 3 errors on the field, much better with the bat. smacks want to the wall giants ad 1-0. bottom of the 7th, the game tied at 1. she got the ground ball but manny machado beat the throw at first base to go ahead run scored in the padres win 3-1, thgi scored 5 in s. kids at the coliseum for a matinee against the angels. scoreless in the bottom of the
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4th. chris davis gets his 4th home run and 6 games. matt chapman comes in in the next inning. the only run montes allowed in 6 innings. the angels get the tying run at second base and the a's went to -1 to take 3 out of 4 in the series. >> we do the best we can with who we've got behind and we do have some significant hitters behind but the short answer your question is i hope they don't. before it started, the best was that duke would
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win it all. duke up 1 under two minutes to go. a game-high 24 points for zion williamson. with less than a minute to go, owens may just 1 3-pointer all game. barrett gets fouled in the paint and down 2, he missed the first three throw free throw . duke is done 1, they need to fo but michigan state advances to the final 4, their first since 2015. midwest regionals, auburn going to have to beat kentucky.
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the game tied at 58, the wildcats, peter washington misses his first attempt but not his second. jared harper ties the game with 0:38 left and we are going to overtime. harper took control in the extra frame. he uses his quickness to beat washington to the rim, 62-60, auburn. next possession, harper shakes loose and gets the bucket on the out of bounds play scoring 12 of his 26 in overtime. auburn advances to the first several first ever final four, 76ã71 is the final score there. sabrina ionescu filled up the stats sheet once again, 31 points, 7 rebounds and 8 assist. scoring 14 of her 31 in the fourth quarter. oregon beat mississippi state 88-84 and the ducks are going to the final 4 for the first time in program history.
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tiger woods was eliminated yesterday, so you get that picture against kevin kesner. matt kuchar down 11 but put his t shot and he is now down 2. moving to 16, kevin kesner needed this birdie from 20 feet to close it out and he got it. he be kuchar 3-2. >> game day tonight
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d th panad cs topped with tartar sauce. plus, hot and salty fries and a drink. for just $4.99! the $4.99 fish sandwich combo. are you looking for a reason to stay in bed? >> nasa is looking for 24 volunteers who want to spend two months lying down. there is a catch, you have to do everything and a reclined position from eating, showering, exercising, and getting that dressed that the pay is about $19,000. researchers hoping to find ways to create methods that can counter act the impacts of weightlessness in space so astronauts do not have to spend so much time exercising. >> which they have to do constantly because use it or lose it, muscles just deteriorate. they had to carry astronauts off skylab. cb
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>> begnaud: on the defensive, the trump administration is doubling down on its threat to close the entire border with mexico to stop illegal immigration. why it could cost the u.s. economy millions. also tonight, joe biden sphonds. the former vice president insists he has never inappropriately touched anyone. gayle king has sat down with the two women accusing virginia's lieutenant goofer in of sexual assault. >> in my ideal world, i would want him to resign. >> begnaud: she got into the wrong car thinking it was her uber. now a suspect is under arrest in south carolina accused of


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