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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  April 4, 2019 7:00pm-7:29pm PDT

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we are on storm watch. when the rain is expected to let loose. the shocking new ruling in the death of a family who plunged off and ocean cliff in mendocino county. a carjacking attack caught on camera. a southbay man beaten up in his driveway. wait until you hear the age of the suspect. >> i don't care if you have a gun. i will not give you my keys. >> how the battle to put out an intense fire ended up killing fish in one bay area stream. >> once the phone are in the creek and official dead, there is not a lot you can do. our original report. is using tough sheds to house the homeless really working in oakland? >> we spoke to a man who said this program helped him get off the street initially, he is worried he will end up back where he started. >> it's a band-aid on a huge
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wound. we start with storm watch. there is a potential for a rain out on opening day for the giants. >> we have seen gray skies all weekend they are about to open up. we have a timeline on all this. mousy timing. right at the time the giants are about to take the field, the front will be moving through. right now you can see clouds around. we will get rain tomorrow. doppler is showing light showers around the south and east bay. with light to moderate showers. watch what happens on the future cast. by tomorrow morning we have rain draped across part of the north and east bay. here comes the major part of the front. by midday, it will be raining in the bay area. it is a fast mover. most of it's out by 7:00
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tomorrow night. there may be a rain delay but they should get the game off. as we look for the stadium forecast, clouds and a good chance of rain. it will be a wet field. showers will be around. we will have your complete forecast in a few minutes. investigators are out in alameda county where a body was discovered at the scene of a fire. moments ago. you can see much of the area is taped off. reports of a brush fire and a possible body burning came in around 1:00 this afternoon. police say people passing by were able to put out the flames . investigators found a body. they are trying to work to identify the person. and determine an exact cause of death. the deaths of an entire family in mendocino county have been ruled a case of murder suicide. we have been following the
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latebreaking developments. >> reporter: jennifer and sarah hart along with their six adopted children died at the foot of a mendocino cliff a year ago. officials now conclude jennifer deliberately drove off a cliff along highway 1 near westport killing the entire family. disturbing details were revealed during a today inquest including the fact that gps data show the family stopped at a walmart where jennifer purchased benadryl in liquid and pill forms. toxicology tests show sarah had at least 42 doses of the medication in her system before the crash. and the children had anywhere between 9-19 doses of the generic benadryl in their bodies. investigators also found a series of disturbing google can 50ra benadryl kill a 120 pound woman ? and his death by drowning relatively painless? >> after doing the math, they would have to take 19.2 single
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those units. abigail would've had to take 14 doses. jeremiah would have taken -- >> toxicology revealed sarah had high levels of benadryl in her system but not enough to kill her. now the jury will deliberate to determine the cause of death for each of the people who died in that crash. now to a violent carjacking caught on camera. it happen right in the man's driveway in san jose. the scary part, we rethe suspect is only 14 years old. >> reporter: the violent altercation happen in the driveway right across the street. the victim said his response was instinctual. he was not going to give up his keys or his car without a fight. the video is hard to watch. 72-year-old hector estrada struggles before being punched repeatedly. he described for us today what
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happened right before his security camera started rolling. >> he started asking me for my keys. and i said, no way. then he showed me his gun and stuff like that. i said i don't care if you have a gun. i will not give you my keys. so we reached and grab them. >> reporter: what happened next was instinct missed with a fierce determination to fight back. >> he jumped in the car and i reached in and grabbed him. and tried to pull him back. he punched me and broke my glasses. >> reporter: the attack left him with nasty cuts on the bridge of his nose and the side of his face. the gunman police say did not get very far. he drove about two miles from the home before crushing the car and fleeing the scene. when they finally caught up with him, investigators say they discovered the person allegedly responsible for the crime spree was a 14-year-old boy. hector said he is the proud father of three. a grandfather of six and a grant grandfather. two children work in public
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service. one is a lease officer and the other is a firefighter. toughness in service runs in the family. a berkeley engineer accused of a plot to poison a colleague is being held on $2 million bail tonight. in court today david xu pleaded not guilty to attempted murder. he suspected of putting small amounts of poison in a water bottle. they work together at berkeley engineering and research inc. his attorney wanted bail set lower. >> not everybody can get so many letters of support in a short amount of time. that speaks to his character. he is not a danger to the public. an arrest tonight in a bizarre sort attack at a san francisco roller rink in western edition. a man is accused of flushing a man's hand last night. they say he got angry after an altercation over his make america great again hat.
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>> reporter: we are here in berkeley. if you cross the bridge you are in albany. what happened behind me was sort of a collision of terrible circumstances and what some may call lack of thought for the creek. hundreds of dead fish all of this the result of a garbage truck fire. >> this killed hundreds of fish. i counted 40 between sixth and eighth streets. >> reporter: hundreds of dead this. after a garbage truck fire. fire department said their primary concern was two natural gas cylinders on the top of the fire truck. that is a new feature i am told on those trucksfirefighters were afraid they may explode by those homes.
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the film was used to protect the cylinders the problem, some of the foam reached the creek. >> someone could have said there are dead fish in the creek. >> reporter: neighbors were not the only ones counting dead fish. we saw employees from the city poking around. and one officer from the california department of fish and game. he had collected a bag full of dead trout. the firefighting from, it works by cutting off a fires oxygen supply when it reaches water it will do the same thing to the fish. it takes away their oxygen. an attorney said he understands the circumstances, but wishes more could have been done. >> we have a lot of respect for what the firefighters do. they protect all of us. maybe in the heat of the moment as it were, you worrd aboutk inup. maybe n't hae put the storm drain blocks in right away. it had to flow all the way down the hill. i have seen the photos. the phone going down the hill.
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maybe they had time afterward to stop some of it. it does not look like that was done. >> reporter: i took the question directly to the berkeley fire department late this afternoon. the battalion chief said, when they deploy the from at least yesterday it was considered a life-saving measure. it was an emergency measure. there is no real protocol when you deploy to be ready to catch it all. it's a decision you made and you have to follow up afterwards. could more have been done to keep it from spilling as far as it did? that is something people will be looking at in the near-term future. we saw the city investigating. we saw the state and is getting. you hetherare nehbors that are concerned. i think this is something people will look up. was there more the could have been done to keep it out of the creek? >> the priority at that moment when the flames are raging is to put out the fire.
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up next. a congress report on a an extreme idea to house the homeless in east bay. >> they are backyard toolshed that people don't belong in. >> why many say oakland's touch that shed solution is no solution at all. a devastating hoax. a man claims to be a child that has been missing for eight years. it was all a lie. a divorce settlement that just created one of the richest women in the world. a wildlife warning in santa clara county. why so many coyotes and even mountain lions are suddenly coming out of the woods.
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a controversial year-long experiment working? it depends on who you ask. >> reporter: the city of oakland has plans to investmido
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its community cabins program. we spoke to a man who is living inside who said this program did help him get off the street initially, he is worried he is going to end up right back where he started. >> sometimes people sleep on the bench. >> reporter: we first met up with him on the morning of this year's official homeless count in oakland. he was volunteering as a guide. helping to locate encampments around lake merritt. an area he camped in himself for eight years. i used to have a tent over there. >> i had a tent. four backpacks. >> reporter: last fall city officials offered him a space in a newly open cabin community just south of the park. 20 insulated top sheds provide shelter for 40 people. two per shed. >> it has a tv. you have hot water. you have showers and a porta potty. you can wash your hands. thank- site social worker, he is back in school and working part-time cleaning up trash in the park. but he says there is one major downside. his time is almost up. a
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six months after that, they are on their own. >> these are very much designed to be temporary. >> reporter: she manages community housing services for the city of oakland. >> the fact you can put yourself in a shed and lock the door, the peace of mind it gives people. you know where you will get your dinner tonight and go to the bathroom. that is huge. >> reporter: she said the sheds have served 300 homeless people since the program started over a year ago. so far 103 have exited to permanent housing or reunited with friends and family. 37 have moved into transitional housing or a city shelter. keep in mind, city officials estimate 5000 homeless people are still living on the street morelike 00 growin >>s a ba-aid a nonprofit that helps the on housed. >> the city them community cabins. but they are sheds. they are backyard toolshed's that people don't belong in.
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let alone a pet. they are supposed to put your leaf blower and your chainsaw and tools. not people. >> reporter: she believes there were better options that can be set up just as quickly and as cheaply. >> let's look at having container homes. let's look at tiny home's. let's even maybe look at model 10 communities where it is more structured. where it is self governed and where you can actually put resources like sanitation. where you can have wraparound services. you can meet people where they are. >> reporter: new options cannot come soon enough. >> six months. some people are just barely trying to get into them self. no telling how much this will take to get the income coming in. take hseally help me find somewhere to go.
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instead of just rushing me and rushing me out. >> reporter: the city has plans to open up another community cabins site in west oakland. that will be in may. it has plans to open four rv sites with secure overnight parking. bathrooms and garbage services. oakland officals say the six month limit for staying in a tough shed is not set in stone. they will make exceptions for residents who are doing all the right things. >> hopefully that will happen. now on to the gloomy weather. there is son on the rise in. there is sunshine in the forecast. all eyes are on candlestick park. they are on the ball yard as the giants home opener is tomorrow. right now the numbers are in the upper 50s and low 60s. we
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have cloudy skies over much of the bay area. that will turn into rain. by sunrise tomorrow. doppler showing showers right now in parts of pleasanton and out toward livermore. those showers will be with us tonight. the jet stream is directing a series of systems over the bay area through saturday evening. the rain chances continue and they wrap up tomorrow morning. right on the cusp of the commute. tomorrow morning at 7:00. you can see showers over the coast. this is not the big push. they will extend into parts of the north bay. here with the next major part of the system, about 11:00 in the afternoon. that is just when the giants are supposed to take to the field. at a minimum it will be a soggy field. if they want to wait, and they probably will come there could be a rain delay but they will probably get the game in. it may be later in the afternoon. another wave of rain comes
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through on saturday morning. then saturday variable clouds and scattered showers. it will be a wet day. the commute shows right around 4:00 in the morning, things have not developed yet. as the morning goes on, the showers move in. so by 6:00, 7:00, things will turn wet as everybody had to work on friday morning. that is not the big rainmaker part of the day. but it will set the stage. a wet morning commute. not a blowout. that will come in 11:00 or 12:00. early afternoon. there will be a chance of showers late friday through saturday. but the silver lining behind the clouds, comes in on sunday. temperatures will warm up. temperatures will be in the mid- 60s with overcast skies early tomorrow morning in the south bay. rain moving in around late morning. in the east bay, the rain develops earlier. the temperatures top out in the low to mid 60s. overcast. rain in the afternoon.
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begins to ease up for the evening. same for the north bay but earlier. tomorrow morning should be wet. it comes through late morning through early afternoon. unsettled through saturday. about an inch of rain up around clearlake in the higher elevations. because this is a fast-moving storm the amounts will not be much. we will look for a quarter of an inch up to one inch at the higher elevations by the time always said and done saturday midday. which remains invariably cloudy and wet sunday. temperatures will warm into the low 70s. monday mostly cloudy skies and a hand we got into a lot of rain the season. slowly we will dig out. that process looks like it will begin on sunday. >> we are looking forward to that. the world's richest man now officially divorced. >> wait until you hear how much jeff bezos his ex-wife is getting in the massive deal.
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the new lawsuit against empire actor jussie smollett. what chicago police are saying, pay up. they are receiving calls about animals close to homes. they think they know hot
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here is what you missed if you're just getting home. dna test results determined a man who claimed he was a boy who went missing eight years ago is an imposter. he claimed to be timothy pitzen . who was six years old when he vanished. the fbi said the man is actually a 23-year-old from ohio. the man told authorities he escaped two kidnappers who had been holding him for years.
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the city of chicago has filed a civil suit against empire actor jussie smollett. the city wants to recoup more than $130,000 in overtime cost. for investigating the allegedly false hate crime report. money that was he has been refusing to pay. the divorce is finalized with jeff bezos. she is walking way the third richest woman in the world. she kept a quarter of the couples stock with amazon worth the cole was togr for 25 yearteceo leust goa bit of a break in court today. the s.e.c. wanted a federal judge to find him in contempt of court over a tweet. the judge gave both sides two weeks to work it out. shares of tesla plunged more than 8% over concerns the automaker is losing momentum. tesla announced its deliveries of electric vehicles in the first quarter of this year fell
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30%. a wildlife warning tonight in the south bay. >> reporter: i am in santa clara county. this is video of all kinds of animal and it's popping up at all comes of homes. coyotes, bobcats and mountain lions are coming out of the woods the cause they are hungry. >> the animals are now coming out and searching for food. searching for mates. the whole spring cycle starts over. >> reporter: officals say, get used to it. and get rid of standing water and pet food from around your home.e fornia ghwa
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breakfast time, have eggs and bacon and an umbrella. you will need it. it will be running tomorrow morning. we will have all the latest on the morning show. tune in for the latest. we ivsk the guy who owns it lives near fresno. a goes up to 70 miles per hour. and it actually is street legal. it does not work on water.
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i do not think any of us are ready to try this. >> it looks funny. >> it's kind of cool. >> you can take it right to the beach when you are done with work. >> 70 miles per hour. thank you for watching. >> we will be back in 11:00. for mo news and weat show me the crown.
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