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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  April 8, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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i'm ready to solve these problems, i'm running for president of the united states. >> wrecking news, bay area congressman eric swalwell will run for president, live in his hometown tonight with reaction. -- breaking news. details on what bart are
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doing to improve safety. we will shut down juvenile hall. >> this is a responsible. >> the debate intensifies over the future of san francisco's juvenile hall. an uber driver accused of dropping off passengers and going back to trying to break into their homes. new video tonight. beginning with breaking news, congressman eric swalwell is in the race for the white house. >> live tonight with reaction from his hometown.>> reporter: he graduated from dublin high school back in 1999, he is now a 4 term congressman, we have found students who met him, following his career and wishing him well. >> i'm pretty proud that he is our representative from our district.
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>> reporter: she's talking about congressman eric swalwell, who might be the most favorite -- famous graduate from dublin high school, he is no stranger to many of them. >> he was cool, he met us on the steps of congress. >> reporter: many are excited he is running for president. >> it was fun to meet him. >> so i am running, about three more miles. >> reporter: he has been hinting about a presidential run for months, a fixture as a member of the house intelligence and judiciary committees, and a pundit, fiercely criticizing president trump, it was on the late show with stephen colbert where he made it official, telling the audience he is ready to stop -- solve problems like student debt, climate change in gun violence. >> we need to have a leader who is willing to go big, be bold and the solutions we offer, and do good in the way that we
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govern, i'm ready to solve these problems, i'm running for president of the united states. >> reporter: elected to congress six years ago, beating long time incumbent pete stark, castro valley, and dublin and pleasanton. >> i heard him speak, he was very much a junior congressman, and i was impressed. >> reporter: he joins a crowded field of democrats vying for attention, like all the, who doesn't know who he will support. >> i am for somebody who can do a good job. >> what would that mean to you? >> making the country safe, making everybody happy and making it work.>> reporter: eric swalwell was born in iowa, moved to california when he was five years old, he has been seen a lot in iowa right now, that is because that is the scene of the first big test for all the candidates in 2020, which is the iowa caucuses. kpix 5.
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>> the interview airs tonight right after our show on the late show with stephen colbert, joined the morning team for the latest on the 2020 campaign starting at 4:30 am. some san francisco supervisors want to get rid of juvenile hall, they say the city spends $13 million a year on it, but it is consistently up to 75% empty. the 150 bed facility usually only holds about three dozen or so young inmates. joe vazquez is live with the plan to shut it down. joe? >> reporter: is the history. itou soon >> we need something that will change mindsets, and rehabilitate. >> reporter: the supervisors proposed ordinance would close it by the end of 2021, less than three years from now, offenders who commit more
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serious crimes will still be locked up, just not in this facility. >> we are spending a crazy amount of money on a ineffective system. >> reporter: a co-author of the legislation, calling for a 12 member working group to come up with alternatives to incarceration. >> this is a responsible to begin a conversation and get people to commit to shutting it down, or keeping it open.>> reporter: mayor london breed has put together a 30 member blue ribbon panel to study the system, she agrees it needs to be fixed, it is not convinced to do it without a plan. >> shut down or keep it open, rve.>>e ging2 1/2 responsible years for an alternative, i think that is more than enough time. enough talk, time for action. >> reporter: the supervisor was in and out of juvenile hall, he said it was mentoring programs, not incarceration that helped
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him. >> sleeping on a mat that is on a slab, how will that help you be successful. >> conventional wisdom is it is a deterrent. >> it conditions you to learn how to survive when you're resilient, versus giving you things you need to help you change. >> reporter: the legislation right now has 6 votes, they need 8 votes to be vetoproof. joe vazquez. kpix 5. east oakland, a pair of gunmen stormed an auto body shop and opened fire, one victim was just 15 years old, two other men were hit, all three will survive. at e street near 100th avenue at 4 pm, the suspects are still on the run. an effort to ensure bart rider safety after incidents at several stations. at the west oakland station, the changes already in place. >> reporter: if you road barth
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-- jim allison today, you might have noticed extra officers, there working a mandatory six the day in response to complaints by riders. a common scene, riders walking through without paying a fair, and bart has seen its share of violence, the most recent saturday night in daly city, police released these pictures of a suspect wanted in connection with the assault today, all officers and other bart employees have been ordered to work overtime to curb the crime. >> i noticed more police officers. what is that about? >> reporter: you can see the increased presence, half a dozen officers responded to a call about a man possibly committing a crime. bart riders were thrilled to see the response. >> it is helpful, makes people feel safe.
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>> if there is a police officer nearby, you know you have protection and feel safer, it helps people feel more likely to use it versus adding to congestion on the highways.>> reporter: bart plans to saturate with a lot of visible employees at specific times and days, to deter crime. >> we know we need to step things up, and show a strong staff presence, not just on the trains, platforms and stations, and do it consistently.>> reporter: they will collect data from the increased patrols to see if it is making an impact. and looking at new technology to catch fair evaders, riders are frustrated with some of the same problems happening over and over again, but have noticed improvements. >> it's not an easy solution, they are trying hard. >> reporter: the permanent solution will be to add 19 additional officers over the next five years, a proposal
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discussed at the budget meeting starting on thursday. in oakland, kpix 5. an an uber driver is out of a job, and behind bars, he tried to rob his passengers' san mateo home. jackie wilson took a couple to the airport and doubled back and tried to break into their home, but an alarm went off, he left and allegedly drove a few blocks over to nash drive, and ransacked the home there for several hours, caught on camera, the couple shared the video with their neighbors, who started connecting the dots. around-the-clock investigation led police to his home in rancho cordova, and they spoke with kpix 5 today. >> family heirlooms that i'm really hoping i can get back, from my grandmother and go back all the way to the holocaust, if that is lost, something to
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him to pawn off, that is a memory of my grandmother.>> uber issued a statement saying that it has disabled the drivers access to the app, and ready to assist police in the investigation. san mateo police have shared tips on how to keep yourself safe when taking a rideshare, we have posted that on kpix officials are telling people to drink bottled water or boil the tap water, because of a problem with the campus system, until the water tests come back clean. officials are not seeing tonight what might be contaminating the water. a traffic alert, recovery operation tomorrow partially blocking highway one at half moon bay, the need to remove the rusty remnants of a car that was stolen, sitting on the surfline south of the state beach, the highway will be
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reduced to a single lane for six hours starting at noon. guilty pleas and the largest college admission scandal ever prosecuted. in court today. dressed in his scrubs from work, mauled in his backyard by his neighbors dog. dramatic video, an officer jumps into action to save
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major developments in the college admissions scandal. >> actress felicity huffman and more a greeting to plead guilty, veronica? >> the parents are all accused of paying thousands of dollars to help their kids cheat their way into a seat at top universities, the most famous, felicity huffman, paying $15,000 to her daughter to participate in the cheating scheme. she said i am in full acceptance of my guilt, deep regret and shame over what i have done, my daughter knew absolutely nothing about my actions. as for the bay area parents. >> anything to say about your daughter, that you know what was going on? >> the napa vintner, he is said to have paid him $30000 to get his daughter into both the
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entrance exam and the athletic recruiting schemes. 2 guilty pleas from menlo park, accused of paying $15,000 for a bogus interest exam, and pleading guilty for doing the same with his daughter. and hillsboro, pleading guilty, allegedly paying senior $600,000 partly in facebook stock, isaacson said no words can express how profoundly sorry we are, our duty was to set a good example for our children, and instead, we have harmed and embarrassed of them by our misguided decisions. isaacson must pay almost $140,000 in restitution, he wrote off his payment to the organization as a charitable donation. >> thank you. he has met team responded
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to the hollywood hills home of a monty python star, after a suspicious envelope was discovered, an envelope containing white power -- powder, and comedian eric idles home, we have learned the envelope was certified from thailand, the hazmat team went there and decontaminated, at least two people, it is under investigation. an oakland not -- nonprofit, for information leading to the arrest of a serial cat shooter, over the past few weeks, oakland animal services has taken in 4 cats shot with pellet guns, anyone with informatioul ne the rd questiouthisattacknd ical but ston following surgery to repair the injuries from the dog mauling.
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this was the scene along the 900 block, a flood of police officers and animal control after a 30-year-old man was mauled in his backyard by a date -- a neighbors dog. 30-year-old in the backyard with his dog, the neighbors dog broke through the back fence.>> my son was there, and the dog came, and he attacked them. >> reporter: it was brutal, it could be seen and heard by neighbors, they spoke off- camera. >> blood down his arms, i immediately ran back in the house, called 911. >> reporter: officers and paramedics arrived, and the neighbors with the screaming come to an end. >> i heard gunshots. >> reporter: the dog had been shot and killed, by the officers, a certified nursing assistant was badly injured, with bites and flesh wounds over much of his body.
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>> i saw him in the ambulance, he was bleeding. >> we had him laying down, you could see his wounds, his arm was open, you see flesh, it was tough to see.>> reporter: daly city police have not gone on camera to talk about what their engagement policy is regarding animals and duty weapons, whether he was falling protocol or simply trying to save the man's life. 44 cable 12. new video of a smash and grab -- kpix 5. a smash and grab, for men stealing cigarettes and cigars, at about 2:30 am, at the riverpark shopping center. the license plate was stolen from another car in sacramento, so far no arrests. a man in the er
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he slammed his car into a fire station, firefighters in los altos hills. outside, a covered pickup jammed into a masonary wall, the elderly man behind the wheel was rushed to stanford hospital, in serious condition, not clear if he got hurt in the crash or had a medical emergency before hand. a heroes honor for a officer who saved a baby's life. >> he acted fast after a nine- month-old girl started choking and stopped breathing.>> reporter: on march 22, brian coppell said he was one street away from where he needed to be. this video from the body worn camera shows him running towards a little girl.>> where's your sister? >> reporter: flag him down, directing him to wear her nine-
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month-old sister was choking on a baby snack.>> come here! >> i don't know what happened. >> reporter: he arrived to find the baby's mom holding her, she wasn't crying and had blood in her mouth. >> always makes you nervous, your training kicks in. >> reporter: he flipped the baby over and started striking her on the back. >> okay. okay. come on baby, your all right. she is crying now. she's getting air. >> reporter: he heard the cries and breathed a sigh of relief, paramedics arrived and took over. >> as soon as we heard that cry, it was like an angel, literally like god sent his angel threw him. >> reporter: his mother says words can't express how thankful she is to the officer for saving their life. >> i said can i just hug you,
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and i burst into tears, his first reaction was can i hold her.>> receiving a radio call of a choking baby in that area. >> reporter: the officer, harley and her family were reunited at the culver city council meeting, where the officer was honored for his rewrote rick actions. -- he wrote actions. >> i've never experienced this before, it feels good. >> she would not be here if it wasn't for him, we are so grateful. >> we like stories with a happy ending. the weather will be in the same category, but not as heroic, despite the fact that there are drops on the lenses tonight, light showers into the bay area, cooling things down as we get into the next couple of days. showers have moved into the foothills, there is nothing left, futurecast, sweeping it
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out, by sunrise tomorrow morning, increasing sunshine after a few low clouds and the clear afternoon for the bay area for the first time in a long time. high pressure building in, breezy, 30 mile-per-hour winds, bright red colors are fairly gusty winds, not to bed at midnight, but it brightens up tomorrow morning. -- not too bad. increasing sunshine, temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s, the 60s tomorrow, sunshine around. the pollen is looking good until tuesday and thursday time frame, the showers and tonight, pretty much done, tuesday cooler, sunny, but breezy, mostly sunny right through the week. overnight lows 40, the
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forecast high is close to be where they should be for this time of year, a few low clouds tomorrow morning the south bay, mid 60s, east bay, ditto, upper 60s, a few low 70s. it's not going to get warm, the numbers will be in the 60s, but sunshine and 69 in santa rosa, oakland at 65. and drying out in the area, 64 degrees. here comes the sun, readings the 60s and low 70s, keeping it that way all the way through the weekend. wicked with our team, for the latest on weather and traffic, tomorrow morning at 4:30 am.>> sounds good. at risk kids growing up in east oakland don't always see school as a way out of their situation. >> one man is trying to born im with a phd from harvard, a plan
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to make a high school keeping kids engaged. >> nobody has thought about a drug dealer to nba pipeline. >> the high school for home use, the original report, tomorrow night at 7:00 on kpix 5. march madness, the best for last, ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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virginia was on the wrong end of history last year when they became the first number 1 seed to lose to a 16 seed in the tournament, looking for redemption tonight, texas tech
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stood between them and the trophy, 15 seconds left, and hunter ties the game with that baby, texas tech got the ball with one second to go, but the attempt to win the game, i haven't seen a rejection like that since my junior prom, we go to overtime. virginia outscore them 17-9, hunter must like that spot on the floor, they led by 2. jerome, key, cut the highlights, virginia wins their first-ever national title, 85- 77. >> going through what we did last year, and it helped me as a coach, all the stuff they talked about, it got us a ticket to a national championship. >> hi dad said he would come and plague us to with me. -- play augusta with me. >> i think i'm okay now.
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>> amen to that.
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the giants picked up first baseman tyler austin from the twins, and brandon belt was in left field with newly acquired austin at first bathe, -- first base, bye-bye baby, his first career grand slam, the first in two years, 5-0 lead evaporated, radius it's a to run home run. -- reyes. madison bumgarner took his club heading to the clubhouse. and a 93 mile fastball hits her roto- par a in the face. -- gerardo parra, the giants lose 6-5. only 6000 fans show up, in
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baltimore, 2 runs score, it gets worse, throw to first base, matt chapman can't save it, the orioles explode for 12 runs tonight, the only guy who didn't contribute, chris davis, 0-3, extending his hitless street to 49 consecutive at- bats, a major lead -- major- league record. a catch to take a home way -- a home run away, from christian yelich, he could just tip is. the angels won the game, 5-2, mike trout is a player. >> did you know comcast business goes beyond fast with a gig-speed network. complete internet reliability. advanced voice solutions. wifi to keep everyone connected. video monitoring. that's huge.
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swalwell's official announcement to run for president. >> if you can't stay up, we will have it in our newscast at 4:30 >> kirstjen nielsen is out as homeland security secretary. >> looking for the perfect way to say goodbye to kirstjen nielsen? let hallmark help. you will find sentimental cards like, we've lost track of all the good times. and over 1500 migrant children. i'm not crying because you're leaving. i'm crying because you shot tear gas at me as i was seeking asylum.


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