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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  April 11, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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we will time it out for you taking you hour by hour and when you will see the wind ease, coming up. emily? so far not too many delays. a little bit of a delay as far as the north bay is concerned thanks to construction. all the way down 101 for the tunnel heading south. not very many cars. they may be doing a traffic break thanks to construction until 5 am on the golden gate bridge. the san mateo bridge just has a few brake lights. a check on the bay bridge toll plaza looking good. still no metering lights. we will keep an eye on this. in the meantime heading into the city you have a nice ride ahead. here at the news desk, big international headlines across the pond. julian assange has been arrested. we are seeing some pictures coming out of the uk now.
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the ecuadorian embassy revoking his asylum status. he expects to face a magistrate in court. he has been there since 2012 trying to avoid rape charges in sweden and possible espionage in the u.s. when he was taken out of the building he had grown a large beer. he was yelling and gesturing. soon we expect to hear whether he will face extradition to the u.s. thank you. today uber will expect to make its filing public. what does this mean? at uber headquarters we have a breakdown of the numbers. jackie? >> michelle, while uber is not releasing the numbers we are getting a better idea of what
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the company will be valued out. right now it is being projected it is valued at $100 billion. that is 20 billion less than the reports at the end of last year. this will be one of the largest ipo announcements in history and the stocks will potentially be valued between 48 and $55 per share. lyft stock has been dropping. up slightly this morning. uber is a lot bigger with a broader international presence and various business lines. the net revenue in 2018 was $11.4 billion last year and lyft was 2.2 billion a big difference. we will talk more about the real estate market because this announcement will likely produce a lot of local millionaires in the bay area, adding fuel to this red-hot real estate market.
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from san francisco reporting a man and woman missing on a hike last weekend have been rescue. yesterday in the mountain all the area of the san gabriel mountains. >> we lost our trail. we had a little bit of a slip and decided not to go back up the icy snow. the valley was more treacherous than we thought. >> the sheriff's department said they followed the footprints and a campfire that led them to the hikers. both are said to be in good condition. eight people in a gun to have been arrested in the kidnapping of the california woman. kimberly endicott enter guide were ambushed last week while on safari in queen elizabeth
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national park. here is her comment after being released. >> i need a shower. everyone has been telling me what to do. authorities say the kidnappers demanded one half million dollars in ransom but it's unclear if any ransom was paid. what is clear is that she has kept her sense of humor. >> okay, i have a question. can i learn how to shoot a gun? >> they were rescued sunday five days after they were abducted. this morning we are hearing from the city of menlo park after they decided to put the brakes on the red light camera program. the cameras take photos of people running red lights. it was supposed to make the streets safer but that has not been the case. data shows t-bone crashes decreased but where and collisions increased possibly due to people stopping quickly to avoid tickets.
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>> more than 80% of tickets were given to drivers outside menlo park and it did not write any additional safety, from my perspective. >> another complaint was that the fines were expensive at $480 per violation. the city council decided to let the program sunset with the contract with the camera vendor expiring this month. boeing said they have stopped orders on the 737 max eight jets. there were no orders in march after the 737 max jet crashed killing everyone on board, the second deadly crash involving a max in recent months. the troubled plane is still grounded and joining us now is our travel editor explaining what this means for late summer
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and spring travel plans. good morning.>>reporter: good morning. the airlines are performing a triage situation. about 80 planes in total have been grounded. they will not be flying anytime soon. they've got to re-address the situation in terms of the current reservations and future reservations and the scheduling. there will be fewer flights and some roots will be affected. when you hear the news that the airlines are rearranging bookings don't kid yourself. they will be arranging them through august because this lane will not be in the air anytime soon. the recertification process of the plane will be intentionally much longer. >> say you have a flight booked. at what point would you find out if a change has been made? will it be a last minute thing for travelers? >>reporter: no, the airlines
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are getting ahead of this and the computer systems are recognizing the aircraft and identifying them in these passengers are being rebooked. it may not be the flight or route that you want. in fact some websites have come up with a different program, kayak being one of them, allowing you to book your flight based on the type of aircraft. you can choose the plane you may want to fly on. >> is there anything else to keep in mind when booking a flight the next few months?>>reporter: you can count on the fact that you will not be on a 737 max. i would try to book the first flight of the day and book roots that are alternate such as midway instead of o'hare. look at other services as opposed to where you thought you were going to go. >> what other contingency plans
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should they have in place right now? >>reporter: the good news is, traveling in advance the airlines will adjust. the problem that you will have is for future bookings. the laws of fly, supply and demand taken. morph planes will be full and the prices will be adjusted accordingly. >> thank you for your expertise. this morning and advisor to the governor predicts that the pg&e bill could skyrocket 50% if the wildfires process. in a memo the sharp rate hike could happen in as little as a year if the utility is found liable for another wildfire. pg&e said they have not seen this analysis. the governor's office will rollout a plan tomorrow to deal with the wild fire cause.
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then, lawmakers are considering a an emergency plan for smoky air. a new proposal is calling for the air pollution officer to establish a set of guidelines for when smoke levels become dangerous. it's official. gas prices have topped four dollars per gallon and this is only the beginning. according to aaa the average price rose $0.04 inches today. several refineries are off- line. in southern california many are operating at a reduced rate meaning prices could go higher. appeared to this time last year the gas prices were $0.36 cheaper. this is bad news on the driving front and the flying front. >> i know. we are sorry. >> and it's not even 5:30. the spring bomb cyclone is wreaking havoc. yes, a big blizzard coming up.
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some of the conditions and trouble delays and travel outages. the area is getting slammed. it's a mess out there in other parts of the country. for us, we are dealing with breezy, windy conditions within advisory in effect. i will show you the futurecast and when we will see b wind ease coming up. all good news from the traffic death. i will tell you about the exception. look at the mass transit all in the green all the time. at least you got that. show me the crown.
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alrightygreat!guys are almost all set. sounds good! honey, while you finish up here, i'll grab us some coffee. ok. ♪ (music stops) ready to go? but... i... ♪ getting a volkswagen during the sign then drive event. it's almost that easy. with practically just your signature, you can get a 2019 volkswagen jetta for zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing. heavy snow, rain and high wind pounds the midwest, the second bomb cyclone to hit in the past month and this is causing major problems from wisconsin to colorado. a ups driver's truck careened off a bridge last night.
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i-70 was shut down in colorado because of the slick conditions and car crashes backed up the traffic. have the flights at dia were canceled. >> if you had asked me if the airport was open i would've said no because no one is in line. >> the storm will last through the week and many areas are still getting over the flooding from the first bomb cyclone. closer to home video of wind at a skate park. >> a freak wind vortex swept in. people grabbed their cell phones. this video captured a man who was having trouble keeping his footing. the force of the wind ripped a metal concession stand booth to
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shreds. >> we heard a loud sound and i saw the large pieces of roof 100 feet in the air. >> within a minute the wind died down and it was over. no one was hurt by the flying debris. >> in the high sierra the snow is melting creating for, problems for people stranded. floodwater is blocking the only road leading to the subdivision in soda springs. the fifth largest snowpack combined with the spring runoff formed two eyes stands and the backup flooded the soda springs ridge. they have been working to clear the dam and this could take days. just about 5:15. >> do you have good news? >> yes, it's all good news.
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there is one exception but for the most part everything looks great. that's go to the issue we are seeing. highway 24. earlier the tunnel was closed but now it is no longer bad news, it's good news with everything moving around fine along highway 24. is. ng alongth slow and go conditio. 32 mile an hour wind and westbound 580 two 680 will take about 26 minutes. slow and go making your way westbound. at the interchange it is moving right along with a few brake lights and a heavier pattern but nothing terrible or out of the ordinary. good to go. we have traffic to tell you about. emergency construction at westbound 580 until 6 am. they have lane closures and according to the map it doesn't
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look like it is causing any delays. there are some delays southbound on 101 toward the golden gate bridge. the san mateo bridge looks good and things have cleared up and the last 15 minutes. no brake lights there and everything is good to go. on the bay bridge the metering lights have not turned on but we expect them to turn on in the next couple of minutes. the limits looks pretty good. earlier traffic obstruction has been moved out of the way. the travel times are in the green with the exception of the altar not pass as well as highway 4. looking at a few changes today with increasing clouds and the temperatures a little cooler but mild and we will see the wind to kick up. a live look with the camera, north with clear skies and temperatures in the mid to upper 40s to low to mid 50s. one of the cooler spots at livermore with 46.
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52 in concorde. 54 in san francisco as well as santa rosa. 55 for oakland. let's check the win. breezy in spots. 12 mile an hour wind. sfo 17 mile an hour wind and downtown san francisco 15. check out san rafael as well as novato. breezy. san rafael 15 mile an hour wind out of the northwest. here is what you can expect. clear skies and breezy in spots with increasing clouds. even though the temperatures will be cooler compared to yesterday it will be a mild day with temperatures in the 60s, near normal this time of year. it will be a breezy day heading into the afternoon and definitely windy along the coast with a wind advisory in effect for the coastline. along and near the coastline in the peninsula. is the satellite and radar view. ridge of high pressure has retreated to the west with
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clouds riding the ridge of high pressure and a weak weather system with increasing clouds and wind today. taking you to the day you can see the clouds moving in at 4 pm. heading through tomorrow with high pressure building back in and we will see temperatures warming up for the friday and saturday. in the futurecast you can see it is breezy and windy along the coast. that's why the wind advisory is in effect from 11 am until 8 pm. tomorrow the wind will ease. the pollen report, medium to high levels today and tomorrow increasing. saturday looks like the worst day of the week. alpine adows looking at insnow and partly cloudy this weekend. a great weekend to hit the slopes.
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kirkwood has 2 inches of new snow with a mix of sun and clouds. daytime highs were we should be this time of year in the 60s. from san josi 68 69 in morgan here. highs around 68 four concorde. 65 in danville berkeley as well as alameda and concord in the mid 60s. upper 60s in san leandro and upper 60s for kentfield and clear lake 60 degrees with increasing clouds and a little bit cooler. breezy and windy today. check out friday and saturday. more sunshine with temperatures warming up above average. friday and saturday. still try into early next week. tensions between retaers and the homeless play out every day at union square. now, a partnership with the stw
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>> there is a role we can all play as concerned people who want to be part of the solution and not just gripe about the problem. >> you can see the original report tonight on the news at 7. 5:20. car pollution causing heavy breathing. the cities with the highest rates of child asthma. taking a look at the golden gate bridge. it looks lovely. we will be back with another update on the traffic and weather.
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expending this terminal. >> there have been two spills that terminal. >> we learned the cargo could include heaviest, dirtiest oil. >> that oil could end up sinking to the bottom of the bay. >> expect original reporting from kpix5 news. expect more. >> one trouble spot with two t
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highway 4. two crashes report in the center lane. it is starting to show a backup in the westbound direction. we will keep an eye on this because it can combine with the construction going on and it doesn't look good for the westbound commute. this morning, 4 million children develop asthma from inhaling pollution from car exhaust. in the u.s., this was linked to air pollution. >> stress disorders may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease after a person suffers a trauma or life event like the death of a loved one or a natural disaster. this study found this risk was especially high after the first year of diagnosis. german researchers have
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found some reassurance for heart attack patients. patients who want to get back to work should not change jobs and take it slow with a few hours a day and talk about adjusting workload if needed. a woman is thanking her doctors. she had four bees trapped in her eye. her doctor said for sweat bees were lodged in her eyes. her eyesight decreased 10%. her central nervous system was not affected. coming up, more on the arrest of julian assange including what the critics are saying.
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uber is announcing its ipo today. how this will affect the bay area real estate market. coming up next.
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live from the cbs bay area
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studios this is kpix5 news. developing overnight, julian assange arrested. why he lost his political asylum. plus, mayor schaaf may have to take the stand during the ghost house fire. and as uber gets ready to go on the market, sellers are forced to rethink their strategy. good morning thank you for joining us. i'm anne makovec. and i'm michelle griego. we will go straight to mary lee with a look at the forecast. >> yes, a nice day with cooler temperatures but on the mild side for sure. we will see the wind k-cup along the coast. in the weather headlines heading out the door what you need to know. partly cloudy skies and cool conditions. breezy in some spots starting the day with increasing clouds.
5:30 am
a few changes. temperatures a little cooler compared to yesterday but still in the 60s. breezy with northwesterly wind and 10-30 miles an hour and especially along the coast we will see some strong wind and because of that the wind advisory is in effect from 11 am to 8 pm for the coastline. also the san francisco peninsula. northwest wind 25-35 miles an hour along and near the coast with gusts up to 45 miles an hour. we will time this out in a few minutes. one trouble spot, highway 4. several accidents. and the westbound direction this camera is looking toward this. it doesn't look terrible but it's not a great commute. let's look at where these accidents are. thhe center la the ot atthl happening at the
5:31 am
same time. nsuctionin ct hopelly they are clearing this out but in the meantime your drive time on westbound highway 4 is a little slower than usual for this time of morning. at the live news desk we are looking at life pictures out of london after julian assange was arrested at the ecuadorian embassy. earlier today he was escorted out by officers. he was bearded and he was yelling and gesturing at the officers as he was arrested. he has been there for seven years since 2012 when he sought political asylum. he has been arrested. he is expected to appear in a london court sometime today. meanwhile edward snowden is
5:32 am
reacting saying, this is quite a day. ecuador president said this is a generous country but he said the behavior of julian assange was discourteous. in hours a judge could make a big decision in the ghost ship trial deciding whether mayor -- mayor schaaf can be asked to testify. harris' lawyer said the mayor is a crucial witness because she oversaw a fire department that was understaffed. an update from louisiana where a suspected arsonist is under arrest after several fires that historically black churches.
5:33 am
three baptist churches were destroyed in a span of 10 days and they arrested holden mathews of the landry parish, louisiana. mathews was turned in by his father, a deputy sheriff. a gas can was one of the clues. >> investigating a fire is complicated and unconventional. most of the evidence has burned away. >> investigators have released any information about mathews' alleged motive. historically this has been used to intimidate communities. a church leader is under arrest in orange county. he is accused of luring an 11- year-old out of a church service in santa ana. he sent her a text message during church telling her to go to a restroom on the second
5:34 am
floor and that is where she was sexually assaulted. >> one day per week the women and men are separated. he took advantage of that. >> detectives say there was a second alleged victim, ye-old in los angeles today a public memorial for nipsey hussle. he was killed outside his clothing store last month. there has been a makeshift memorial there were days and security will be extensive. the memorial will be held at the staples center. uber is releasing its ipo in just a matter of hours. this will set off a chain reaction for other tech companies. this may complicate things in the bay area. some real estate agents say their clients are feeling and urgency to buy now and sellers are holding properties to get bigger payouts. they say the momentum will be
5:35 am
study and after peaking last spring it has cooled but the financial records returned and for buyers predicted wave of ipos is delaying their plans to get into a new home. >> it has been challenging because what i'm seeing invento i think the sellers are waiting for an ipo frenzy. >> we will have to wait and see. most employees have to wait six months after an ipo before they can sell their shares and analysts predict this will push housing markets up, particularly in alameda county. in the next half hour we will get into the details about these numbers. live from uber headquarters reporting. 5:35. a reality tv star could be spending more time in the bay area. kim kardashian west has been
5:36 am
cited to lawyer without going to law school. she is working with a bay area attorney through an apprenticeship program. the attorney is jessica jackson, the former mayor of mill valley. they recently worked together to lobby the president to cut long present, prison terms for nonviolent offenders. california is one of four states allowing people to become an attorney without going to law school. kardashian west would still have to pass the bar. these stars showed up to kickoff the san francisco film festival. on the red carpet were these actors. there is a new generations of stars and storylines. >> it felt important to do it right. >> this reboot of the series has moved it into the current
5:37 am
times in a huge way. >> pushing boundaries by being representative of what we arein toda tales of e city e liveof ch their way in san francisco. this premieres june 7 on netflix. >> i can't wait. a ground breaking for affordable housing in san mateo county. construction of this apartment complex will begin in redwood city. it will be between berkshire and dunbarton avenue. 67 units will serve low income families and veterans of people with special needs. in honor of financial literacy month google has unveiled 10 questions the americans ask most about retirement. jill's messenger joins us with the results. good morning. what retirement questions did
5:38 am
americans ask? well, it's not a surprise. number one, how much do i need to retire follow closely by how to retire early and when can i retire. people are perplexed about retirement and this is understandable considering the most 60% ing age people, over 100 million americans, do not own any retirement account assets. we are talking about zero in a 401(k) or similar plan. nothing in an ira. nor are they covered by a defined pension according to the national institute on retirement security. nearly 77% of americans fall short of conservative retirement savings based on their age and income. this assumes you work until age 67. we have a way to go.
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>> 60% is surprising. how can people get their arms around retirement planning? >> this. start by figuring out what you spend. then reject forward and say that i need in the future. you might be tempted to subtract what you spend on the kids but you may need to help your parents so don't be quick. next, look at your income. for the social security be? if you don't know, hop onto and find out. if you are lucky enough to have a pension at that to the mix. now for the fun part. take the total anticipated needs and subtract your future income and you will have your magic retirement number you need. double check them out. go to choose to
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>> that's a lot of math. good advice. jill schlesinger. thanks so much. disney is ready to pitch its family friendly streaming service. testing it against netflix, amazon and apple. this comes after a deal with fox entertainment. this is set to launch disney plunge, plus later this year. a dog was stuck in a dam and we have a video of the tricky rescue. what it took to pull the pup to safety. a wind advisory and on the future cast ndeasea live look on highway 24 moving right along. it's not moving well in other places and i will tell you how
5:41 am
long the delays will be. coming up shortly.
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good morning. it's 5:44. is alive look at downtown san francisco. temperatures in san francisco running in the mid 50s. west northwest wind at 15 miles an hour. a wind advisory is in effect and i will let you know the locations that will see the strongest wind today on future cast coming up. it's national pet day. send us your pet photos. you could see them on air. this is roxie. her owner shared her picture. and here are my pets, my cat winston on the left. my dog pucci. >> i don't know if she likes
5:45 am
me. >> she's a little mentally ill. honestly, she is. but she is a good girl. >> a dog needed a lift after falling into the water. this dog was running on the bridge yesterday. the dog got spooked by passing cars and jumped into the water below. >> that dog jumped over the railing. a few seconds later the other jumped over the railing. the fire fighters put a harness on the dog and hoisted him up. he was wearing a nearby but his friend was not found. >> we told you about a woman that called police about a burglar. the suspect was a roomba
5:46 am
vacuum. this morning we have the video. >> this is your last chance. come out now. >> all clear. >> well, they did laugh about it. this brought a lot of relief. the roomba robot was doing a thorough job. can you imagine that? apparently it got stuck. it couldn't move. >> yes, it's tricky. what not tricky is driving to work this morning. everything looks pretty good. there is one trouble spot on westbound 4. a live look at the
5:47 am
caltrans camera at real-world. it's not terrible but not as good as it usually would be this time of morning. let's take a look at the next place. the altamont pass. the drive time is 38 minutes toward the 586-80 interchange. slow and go out of the tracy triangle. here is the accident i was telling you about on westbound 4. the backup goes all the way back toward antioch. in the meantime it's also slow at the bay bridge with metering lights on. not quite to the foot of the maze so that's good news making your way to san francisco. making your way into marin you need to know about some lane closures. the closures are until 6 am. eastbound everything should be open. they have been working around the k try to get
5:48 am
the bridge up and going. it looks good. san mateo bridge looks good with a few brake lights but not terrible. at the 880 nimitz everything is moving along. looking at a view changes today with increasing clouds and windy conditions along the coast with cooler temperatures by a few degrees. still a mild day. east of the bay bridge mostly clear skies with temperatures running in the mid to upper 40s. 52 in concord 55 oakland. 46 in livermore, one of the cooler spots. san francisco is 54. 50 in san jose. santa rosa 54. let's check the wind. 12 mile an hour wind out of the northwest. 15 in downtown san francisco on the north northwest with 18 mile an hour wind out of the
5:49 am
northwest. we are looking at mostly clear skies and coconditions. increasing clouds heading through the day. mild daytime highs where we should be in the 60s compared to above average temperatures yesterday. still breezy heading through the day. the windiest spots will be along the coast and the san francisco peninsula under a wind advisory from 11 am to 8 pm today. a strong ridge of high pressure has retreated to the west with the clouds riding on the ridge moving into the bay area and we are expecting more clouds across the sky. taking you through the day at 4 pm you can see the clouds moving through. mostly cloudy today and heading through tomorrow a little more sunshine and that will continue into saturday with a warm up on
5:50 am
the way. in the future cast just to show you, strong wind along the coast and we will see the wind ease heading to tomorrow. the pollen count because of how dry and windy it is been medium to high with skyrocketing saturday with the worst saturday into sunday. the sunrise at 6:40 in the sunset at 7:41. the highs today would be in the 60s. near normal this time of year. here's the seven-day forecast. check out the warm up with more sunshine heading through friday and saturday. hartley sunny sunday and still dry early next week. spacex is delaying the launch of its newest rocket. the plans were delayed by high wind. it was poised to last of last night along with a pricey communications satellite. they are gearing up for another
5:51 am
go tonight. it will be the second time this has taken flight. straight ahead, this water delivery man was in the right place at the right time. another live look outside at the richmond san rafael ridge the traffic looks good. we will be right back. show me the crown.
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. good thursday morning. in a temperatures around where we should be this time of year.
5:54 am
everything out and breezy to windy conditions with dayt in s looking ahead to walnutmisixtie 64 clear lake. we will talk about the weekend coming up. the travel time for the most part looks good for this time of morning. we have some drive times in the green. the east toward freeway and 101 northbound into the city but yellow moving out of the tracy triangle through altamont pass but not terrible at 39 minutes. highway 4 making your way to the freeway is in the yellow thanks to a pair of accidents we are tracking. in the meantime let's take a look at the bridge you are seei
5:55 am
heavier volume with a few brake lights. we will make sure there are no trouble spots. traffic is starting to stack up here toward the foot of the maze. a water delivery man is her the life of an 88-year-old woman in san diego county. >> this is mark visiting her in her apartment. during a previous delivery he had fallen and he heard her calling for help. >> i was flopping around like a dead fish. i couldn't get up. i couldn't go anywhere. i couldn't open the door. i couldn't do a thing. >> marco called 911 andki with the door until emergency help arrived. >> he's my hero. >> i don't think him a hero.
5:56 am
i just happened to be there at the right time when somebody needed help. >> she was taken to the hospital with some bruising and pain. she is doing fine. 5:56. hearing from one of the hikers that vanished in the mounds. how he said they got into trouble. the latest on the rest of wikileaks founder julian assange. what the u.s. justice department is expected to announce. new today, huber is announcing and releasing its ipo and what this means for potential investors next.
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news . after seven years in london wikileaks founder julian assange is in police custody. the latest developments.
6:00 am
the mayor of oakland would be forced to testify in this trial. and one county is overhauling its voting system to address notoriously long wait times for results. good morning. let's check the weather and traffic on this thursday morning. good morning. looking at breezy to windy conditions tod kicking up through the afternoon. a view changes today. looking at mostly clear to partly cloudy skies, breezy in spots, especially for the north bay and along the coast. increasing clouds today. temperatures a couple of degrees colder than yesterday but it will still be mild with temperatures in the 60s. a breeze today with north are certainly wind at 10-30 and windy along the coast. because of the strong wind there is a wind advisory in effect for the coastline and the san francisco


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