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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  April 22, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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weekend it was. mary, i'm hoping the sunny streak continues as we start this new week. >> kenny and michelle, i think you're going to like this week. plenty of sunshine and temperatures warming up today through the middle of the day. happy monday day. temperatures running in the mid 40s to low 50s at this hour. here's what you can expect. along the coast, morning clouds. we are looking at afternoon sunshine along the coast with high 60s. low to mid 70s with plenty of sunshine. and check out our inland locations. low to mid 80s as we head through the day and this is just the start of a big warmup. i'll let you know how warm those temperatures will get as we go through the next few days coming up. emily. so far your traffic is looking pretty darn good. it's slow for a monday, but that's going to change as things heat up. let's take a look at our map and get to our biggest
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spot. and that's the altamont pass. down to 25 miles an hour as you come out of the tracy triangle and 205 meeting up with 580 good monday morning to you. we are going to see toward dublin. your drive time is plenty of sunshine with temperatures 26 minutes and warming up to above average for this moving along. averaging out to 55 time of year. check it out. for the south bay, you can see highs miles an hour headed westbound. we have construction to around 80 degrees tell you about. this is emergency construction on the in santa clara. 81 for san jose and richmond san raphael bridge westbound passed 83 in campbell. the toll plaza. you can see a and 80 for loss slowdown. 18 miles an hour. gamble and warmer there's closure and the right shoulder for pleasant hill. is closed until 3:00 this afternoon and there's on and and 85 for antioch off lane closures until 6:00 this morning. there should be and berkeley at 75. some eastbound let's check the bay bridge and delays because of lane closures, everything looking because that's in good from the east y.stnhe cash lanes which is the opposite of the commute direction. usual for this so far everything morning. maybe a little bit of a stack up there looks good. starting at the toll plaza. this is early, but it is monday, so off to the 586 dublin interchange and once you make it's going to start heating up as that it through the commute goes later. altamont interchange -- no the san mateo issues. same thing bridge, it's starting to get heavier, but we'll with this san mateo check with the trouble spots and bridge. a few brake lights tell you where they there, but nothing are, shortly. good morning,
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too terrible. guys. the death toll everybody. got some sports for continues to rise you. it's quick, it's informative, and entertaining and we pick it up with an fic in yesterday's devastating explosion in sri lanka. 292 people including several erday. if goalie jones of americans were the san jose sharks didn't deliver in killed in suicide vegas yesterday, bombing that their season would targeted catholic be over. in a double overtime, hurtle scored the game churches and hotels. tom -- >>reporter: the winner. he predicted this win last thursday and got it to force bombings killed a game 7 in san hundreds in sri lanka. jose on tuesday. clayton thompson had a day with the authorities are investigating reports that the intelligence community may have warriors at the l.a. known of a threat clippers. thompson erupted for 27 points in before hand. the first half. >> we must look finished with 32. beat the clippers 111-105 and took a 3-1 seriess and into why adequate precautions weren't called upon. we have to ensure close out wednesday at oracle. giants and -- the that tourism does not exist in sri game ended here. lanka. a giants put out of >> the bombings ripped through king at the plate. it took a strong three catholic throw from steve churches and duggar and joe hotels. his friends were panic to preserve a 3-2 win and snap a celebrating easter mass at saint anthony's.
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>> they got caught four-game losing streak. ramon add it again and there were a mother, father and with his glove. child, they all he robbed a home died. >> another run. but it came in a explosion destroyed the roof of saint losing effort. sebastian. it reminds those of the civil war that blue jays beat the ended a decade ago. -- lore ana, you >> we got used to can't run-on him or peace and that's get anything on him. have a great day. why it's really surprising and shocking. >> the country blocked social media to stop the spread of misinformation. >> thanks. >> i can't think time is 4:57, about what to do next. >> that made it impeachment lines being drawn -- >> i don't believe hard for some in it now. americans to get in it divides the country. touch with loved ones. >> we can't get >> why house through because of speaker pelosi the security reason. reluctant may be a >> sri lanka political lesson two decades ago. officials believe >>reporter: labor it was committed by works with southwest airlines are planning on political extremist. >> the u.s. state department has sent going on strike and we'll let you know out a travel advisory saying quote terrorist groups continue why they're doing plotting attacks in it. sri lanka. shortly after the
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attacks, president trump tweeted the united states offers heartfelt condolences of the great people in sri lanka. we stand ready to help. >> observers stand a day of silence -- >> it breaks your heart and nothing stops it from doing that, but gathering with those who are heartbroken and hopeful makes all the difference. and the ability to carryon. >> senator harris tweeting out saying easter is a reminder theirs hope and rebirth even in the darkest of our times and we must remember today, i'm horrified by the attacks in sri lanka where so many people were celebrating a joyous day and praying for the victims and their loved ones. house speaker nancy pelosi saying the heartbreaking attacks in sri lanka comes as the
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city was building -- and last night the eye fell--he eiffeler wa tur down. in paris, tourists and locals walked near notre dame on easter sunday. they took photos and reflected on the damage from the fire last monday at the 150-year-old building. nearby at another church, a special ceremony was held to pray for a swift reconstruction. >> in southern california, church goers tackled a woman who carried a toddler and a gun into a service during -- they noticed what looked like a gun in her hand. >> some of the congregation members rushed the female before anything could happen. and took her into custody, took the gun and the child
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away from her and held her until the police officers now at 5:00, another explosion ld is inrive. in sri lankaus an hour ago. protective custody this morning, the and it's unclear if militant group blamed for the the woman will face bombings. tesla slaps a restraining on a man the company charges. i'm anne claims that he's mackovec. we have another presidential candidate. stocking the his name is seth fremont factory and harassing employees. a tiger that bites the hand that feeds it. molton and he's a >> it's monday april 22nd. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time is 5:00. former u.s. marine. he's 40-year-old we're going to and he made the check in on this announcement on his website. he may not have heard of him, but he did lead an beautiful, sunny monday. >> it's going to be a warm day and effort recently to warmer for your not give nancy tuesday and wednesday. heat is on across the bay area this pelosi the house speakership once week. here's a live look democrats regained with our sutro cam. control of the house. temperatures on the that effort failed, but he's been cool side. in the mid 40s to calling for new low 50s at this leadership. also this week, we hour. here's what you can are expecting a possible expect. for the coast, morning clouds. announcement from former vice we are going to see president joe biden afternoon sunshine with highs in the who might announce his candidacy as early as friday. >> anne, thank you. > down oyey full force
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to prove it. police captain o stop sideought in shows before they began. this came a week after members of a side show got out of hand and set a bus on target. >> we're targeted on the side show people so the measures, as we see vehicles heading to a location starting to arrive, we start doing vehicle stops and enforcement before it erupts into a side show. >> an oakland resident is raising money to take side shows out of the street and controlled venues where people are pay to see them. >> most of the people that come to side shows come to have fun and it's a social type of an event. >> tomorrow in sacramento, oakland council member will -- 4:37. side shows have been going on in
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oakland for decades. police say the side show culture has turned dangerous in recent years. in the 80s, side leho offrs a council meer -- he's upset to see that steph curry is releasing a new shoe called the curry side show -- >> they're not hurting steph curry. they're hurting me, and my family members. take them to where he lives and i'll guarantee they won't let him get close. >> guy owe says he worries that curry shows could promote more chaos on the streets and curry responds by saying i was determined to bring my love of cars and pay homage to the side showan ci police officer is recovering after a trio of burglary
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suspects allegedly took aim at him with their truck. it started with a call about a break-in yesterday morning at the genesis towers. that's where security told police they saw through men in the garage trying to gain access in the garage where equipment is used. the suspects drove their truck into two patrol cars and hit an officer and that's when police opened fire and two of the three suspects tried to run, but were caught. the driver tried to get away, but made it two miles down the road -- all three suspects charged with burglary and attempted murder of a police officer. time now 43 the. electric power is not just fuelling compact cars. >> coming up, a look at the electric trucks and suv's getting ready hit the roads in an auto show. let's take a look at the golden gate bridge. clear conditions
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this morning. we'll be right back. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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contentious zoning -- chick-fil-a wants to put a franchise at a site on willow pass road on interstate 680 and highway 242. it was once a chinese eatery -- officials are concerned that a drive-thru could make traffic worse and harm economic -- the city council will talk about the zoning question tomorrow night in what's called a study session. in san francisco, crews had a big taskleaning up after saturday's massive 420 celebration on hippy hill. the field was mostly empty yesterday afternoon as crews picked up crash and cleared away barricades. this was the view of the pot party aseople
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parked the park, and spd beefed up the security to keep those from getting out of control and food trucks took advantage. the home sales report is on tap. we have more from the new york stock exchange with diane king hall. >>reporter: a measure of the housing markets existing home sales -- the national association of realtors releases the report and how the -- also on deck this week are the latest quarterly results from tesla. investors are expecting the electric car maker to report a loss after wednesday's closing bell. that follows two profitably quarters and executives say they're investigating a video on chinese social media sunday
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evening that shows a parked model s exploding. at the box office, shazam lost to a newcomer. the curse of -- the horror film brought in $25 million this past weekend according to preliminary studio estimates. that's your cbs money watch. for more, head to cbsmoneywatchreport i'm e k hall happening it's earth day and people around the world are celebratingent ways. cbs this morning will air on a changing environment. it's called "earth matters" and michelle miller told me the responses are going global. >> in fact we're in india, a country where air pollution is epidemic levels. south africa as well. here in north america along the rio grand where i went, drought conditions are forcing people living along the river to rethink
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the way they live, and adapt. the amazon jungle in south america as well. >> the earth matter series airs today right after our newscast on cbs this morning from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. electric vehicles have seen a rise lately. >> a new car company hopes to take sales higher by -- >>reporter: this is not your grandfather's pickup. it can go 0 to 60 in three seconds and there's no engine under the hood. the r1t truck and the r1s suv are powered by electricity. >> they both sit on our skateboard architecture which puts the battery on the floor. >> he's the create -- who hopes his unique designs will give the electric auto industry a jolt. >> there's a demand for vehicles that you can fit your kids, and pets and gear into and there's a man fore
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electrification. >> sales jumped but that pales to gas powered trucks and suv's leading the wait and several auto makers are responding with e-powered suv and the i-pass was named winner of world car of the year. >> the ability to have an electric su suv -- >> reverend plan to have its suv and truck on the market in fall of 2020. >> what you see on the surface is an easy to use basically tile-based system where you can quickly slide between different tiles. >> the rivend can -- they'll sale for around 70,000. kenneth craig, cbs
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news new york. let's check our weather. we're going to have a nice day. >> plenty of sunshine and great way to ease into the workweek with all the sunshine and warming up for tuesday and wednesday. so get ready for some very toasty temperatures. here's a live look at our sails forest camera and temperatures in the mid 40s to low 50s. a cool start to the day. and sunny and warm. inland, highs in the low to mid 80s. check out tuesday and wednesday, upper 80s to near 90 degrees for tomorrow and wednesday. and then milder temps by the end of the week. here's the satellite and radar view as we track the high pressure -- with light offshore winds and that's why we're going to be heating up tomorrow and wednesday.
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showing you all that sunshine from the coast for the bay as well as our inland locations and that will continue especially for tuesday and for wednesday as that high moves closer and with the offshore winds, we are really going to heat up. pollen count. allergy surfers, medium to high counts today. and also tuesday, wednesday and thursday with this dry weather. here's what you can expect for our highs. check out san francisco. 72 this afternoon. looking at 77 in oakland. 78 for redwood city. looking at 79 in mountain view. 81 for san jose. and north bay, 85 in santa rosa. 83 for napa and vallejo. and 85 in concord. we're in the locations, definitely into the 80s. check out tuesday and for wednesday. upper 80s to near 90 degrees inland tuesday and wednesday. and then cooling things down by the end of the
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workweek. and into the weekend. so milder temperatures if it's too hot for you as we go through the end of the week. let's check with emily. emily, i saw it's not t roadways. >> the temperatures are heating up. it's pretty chill on the roadways and impressive for a monday morning. let's get to our maps where you can see there's not a lot going on. just one trouble spot this morning which is the usual culprit coming through the altamont pass down to 22 miles per hour westbound on 580 from the altamont pass. drive times is 26 minutes. average speed, 55 miles an hour which is good making your way to the dublin interchange. a little construction. this is the emergency construction on the rich mandatory san mateo bridge. it was slow and go earlier. it's going to be slow and go throughout the morning because they'll be lane closures until 6:00 in the morning. that's in the westbound direction. in the eastbound direction, there are going to be some lane closures as well, but that's
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the opposite of the commute direction. not an issue in that way. construction southbound 880 when the off-ramp is closed. it doesn't seem to be backing anything up. there is going to be construction, also southbound 880 from 84 to mallory, there's going to be lanes closed until 8:00 a.m. a slow down across the dunbar bridge. so far it doesn't seem to be backing anything up too terribly. looking at the rich mandatory san raphael bridge, everything seems to be moving along. we'll get to your other trouble spots, excuse me, a little later this morning. motown turned 60 and actress beth bear proves she can be a cool mom on the season finale of the neighborhood. >> michelle medina has your eye on entertainment. >> where are you good. >>reporter: beth bears plays --
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things go haywire when gena teams up with his neighborhood tina butler to prove to her son she's a cool mom. >> me a tinao on adventure toe'moms and there's an epic battle seen. >> catch the action on the neighborhood tonight at 8:00 on cbs. late night host jimmie kimmel is taking it to the 70s. he's teaming up with celebrity to recreate the jefferson and all in the family. woody harrison will play archie bunker and jaime foxx will take on the role of george jefferson. all in the family and the jeffersons airs may 22nd. stephen wonder, and jennifer lopez and diana ross had to 6hemicrost theater
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in hollywood and motown was founded in 1959 and its iconic sound helped shape the music industry. that's your eye on entertainment, michelle medina, cbs news, los angeles. good morning, everybody. i've seen players predict, call a shot. aside from quarterback nayman who called -- there's a player who did the same for his team and he's some where in that -- san jose sharks, what a story from yesterday. don't move. let's give the city of san jose some extra love as the sharks are really heating up during the playoffs. it is 50 degrees in san jose this monday morning.
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