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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  April 23, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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55 in santa rosa. 51 in livermore and upper 50s for concord and oakland. your micro climate forecast, areas of fog, but we're going to have that sunshine warming up to the upper 60s along the coast. for the bay, in the mid to upper 60s -- inland locations will top out in the low 90s later on today. sunny and hot conditions for some of our warmest inland locations. we'll talk about what you can expect when cooler weather will arrive for us in that 7-day forecast coming up. emily. >> we're seeing trouble spots on the roadways. a couple of accidents i want to tell you about. let's start with this one. this is at southbound 680 at crow canyon. it has been moved to the right shoulder. so far we aren't seeing delays behind it which is great news. although there is always that possibility as things heat up. things are heating up moving through the altamont pass out of the tracy triangle to the
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586, 80 interchange. there was a crash at north flynn. it's on the left shoulder, but a car went off the embankment and emergency crews are trying to get that car out and make sure everyone is okay. we'll check with them in the next 15 minutes to make sure everything is clear. behind that accident, we aren't seeing delays, although it's slow and go as you make your way out of the altamont pass. one more thing i want to talk to you about. this is emergency construction with lanes closed until 6:00 in the morning on the richmond san raphael bridge. things are slowing down at the toll plaza. but not terribly. westbound 580 passed the toll plaza, there are going to be lane closures on and off until 6:00 in the morning thanks to emergency construction. guys. >> you're talking about the richmond san raphael bridge. engineers are giving it a physical exam to see how long that structure will last. critical tests are underway starting with the road deck. it's where pieces of concrete had been falling in
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recent months because of bridge was built in 1956. engineers will see if the bay weather and fog have dug into the steel. >> i think with bridges like richmond and the old car keen us in bridge, we know they should be removed and replaced. the question then though becomes is that the right time to invest in it. >> the metropolitan transportation commission says the joint replacement project on the upper deck should be finished by july. i'm anne mackovec at the live news desk. we're watching a huge fire burning right now. this is in stockton at a lumbar yard. a company called california palettes. this is a live look right now as that fire continues to burnout of control. it is just monster yours and several fire departments on scene as far as tracy and loco. the best thing they can do is spray
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water from above because there's no firefighters getting near that inferno. this has been burning since 3:00 this morning. it's close to the i-5 and highway 4 connecter there in stockton. according to the website of california palettes, they sale construction materials. mainly palettes and they also do palette recycling and you have wooden palettes in various states from new to those that were being recycled. so this is just enough to fuel that raging fire. it's really amazing what firefighter was dealing with. extreme challenges. the good news, no homes, very close to that area. it is a morin does tree ya'll area -- more industrial area where they're selling materials at businesses. according to its website, it has been around for 20 years and they have locations in the bay area in heyward
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and in fairfield. right now, we don't know the cause of this huge fire noor if there were any injuries. but we're going to obviously continue to keep an eye on this huge fire burning in stockton. back to you. >> anne, thank you. developing this morning, state minister saying the easter church bombings happened in retaliation for the christ church killings at two new zealand mosque and police arresting 24 people -- this morning, the death toll is now up to 321. and more than 500 people injured. as the country continues to mourn, questions are being raised over reports that sri lankan officials were warned days before. >> we should look into why adequate precautions were not taken. >> the government says a radical islamic group called the national jamoth carried out
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these bombings likely with outside help. isis is claiming responsibility for the terror attacks but offering no evidence to back up that claim. we learned the names -- sharfritz was a 5th grader from washington, d.c. and kowal ski was on a business trip. >> he was a love and kind kid and these terrorist have taken him. my son was going to do great things in this world. and i - um, i don't know how else to put that. he never made it to his 12th birthday. >> sri lanka declared a state of tomorrow and as a national day of morning, the u.s. state department saying that terrorist groups continue plotting possible attacks in sri lanka and warns of travelling there. former warriors coach luke walton is being sued for
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sexual a by the sacramento kings less than two weeks ago. according to the l.a. times, the accuser is former l.a. sports tv reporter kelly tenant and claims that walton harassed her at a santa monica hotel. walton apparently pinned her to the bed and she said she was afraid of being raped and this allegedly happened when walton worked for the warriors and the team said we became aware of the story this -- walton was an assistant coach with the warriors from 2014 to 2016 until the lakers hired him. governor newsom is visiting the east bay to talk about the dangers of fires near urban areas. jackie ward is live in oakland this morning with much more. jackie. >>reporter: hi, kenny.
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we are at the oakland hills fire memorial park this morning and a lot of money has been put into wildfire prevention, but still urban communities like oakland and berkeley rather are still at risk. that's why governor newsom is visiting the east bay to talk to the local mayors and state fire officials and local fire officials and the memories of the devastating oakland hills fire that destroyed more than 34 homes and killed 25 people are vivid in people's memories. 3 people are still living in what are considered high risk wildfire areas. that's why governor newsom approved 35 fuel reduction projects on an expedited basis. in sacramento, a state senate committee is trying to advance a measure to require developers to increase fire protections -- governmentste existing homes. so one hurdle to overcome is meeting construction goals in a region that needs housing while
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protecting homes already built. we'll hear more from governor newsom and his plan at 11:30 this morning. jackie ward. pg&e wants to raise your rates again. the utility says they needs funds to cover wildfire -- ifppve the cpuc, the average monthly bill increase would be about $12 effective january 2020. if an earlier request to reduce wildfire risk goes through, the average bill will go up ten bucks a month bringing the total to $22. >> it's terrible. i wouldn't like that. no, they have to think of something else. >> it's outrageous that pg&e is looking for yet another bail out from rate payers for its negligence when it comes to wildfires. >> governor newsom's office released a statement that reads in part, pg&e is requesting massive increases and cost to rate
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payers to generate profits for investors. all while wildfire victims claims sit in bankruptcy. pg&e said they're open to discussions -- in santa cruz, the city has been granted to clear a large homeless encampment next to highway 101. county judge ruled that the camp is a fire danger and a public nuisance. an attorney representing the campers argue the fire concern should be dealt with on a case by case basis. the city says that another site will be available for the homeless. >> the city will be offering a safe location in a san loreno and they'll have security and management. the goal is get people out of a safe situation to a stable place where we can work on moving them out of homelessness or a temporary shelter
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>> campers have until 4:00 p.m. theitve to -- alameda county supervisor launching a pilot program that targets illegal dumpers and he says it's too big for jurisdiction to handle on their own. >> we need to have strict compliance throughout the state. >> the pilot program includes a neighborhood survey and increased trash pickup and enforcement. tracking locations to emergency callers in san francisco just got easier. yesterday, the city's department of emergency management announced a lawn. of a new program with uber and rapid sos. the new partnership transmits real time cell phone and car locations to 911 dispatchers allowing for better location accuracy. >> so people think when you call 911, we know exactly where you are. that's true of a landline, but
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that's not true for a cell phone. the main change we're talking about enhanced location for all cell phone calls. regardless of whether you're in a ride share or not. >> sanrgency technology. time now is 5:11. a parking crunch. coming up, an option to curve the parking problem in one east bay community. it's going to be feeling more like summer this afternoon with highs soaring into the low 90s. i'll let you know what you can expect where you live, coming up. you can expect delays if you're crossing in san francisco. passed the toll plaza, it's going to get -- i'll tell you what new accidents popped up just after this.
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tastier... i was literally born for this. ♪ you had me a. with 100% all-white meat chicken. i'm anne mackovec at the live news desk going live to stockton where this huge fire is burning in a lumbar yard. they do palette recycling there. this is near i-5 and the highway 4 connecter. this fire has been burning since 3:00 this morning. we don't know the cause. we don't know if there's been injuries. firefighters are trying to get these flames under control. but they're burning
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wildly right now. and theying water. two parents in california is grieving -- the tside father unresive apartment complex. dispatchers told him to perform cpr and he did, but the little girl did not make it. police didn't say what led up to the child being left in the car by herself. >> it hurts. just hearing about a baby passing away period. >> it's hard. the heat is here and everybody needs to watch their kids. >> no one has been charged or taken into custody. safety officials are warning temperatures inside a car could heat up to 120 degrees in 30 minutes even when it's only 85 degrees outside. a california mother is desperately warn others this morning after her daughter died of anallergic
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reaction to toothpaste. marie morono spoke to allergic living and the 11-year-old had a severe dairy allergy and the dentist prescribed a tooth paste -- the toothpaste is not commonly used. in the bay area, the council will discuss the downtown parking crunch. residents say some cars are taking up spots during the entire workday to catch a bart train. they want to start a pilot -- >> you watch people walk-through, you'll them walk. they'll go onto south wood. you'll see how they come at the 4:30 bart and 5:30 bart. >> the bart permits would cost 300 for 6 months while employee permits would go for $80. 5:16. let's get a check
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of the morning commute on this tuesday morning. >> not a parking lot out there at this point which is good news for the folks commuting this morning. we are seeing traffic moving right along. let's take a live lookout to 580 in the castro valley. everything is moving along. no issues, just a little heavier flow this morning. we are seeing one issue and this is on westbound 4 for chicago highway. a lane is blocked there. thanks to an accident. you can see it's starting to back things up back to bay hour as you'reatup, this isingop more and more. the accident we did have at southbound 680 at crow canyon, it was moved to the right shoulder. it's no longer on our map which means chp has cleared it. everything in the green looking good southbound 580. this accident is in place -- slowing
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things down making your way to the dublin interchange. your drive is 36 minutes from 205 to 680 down to 12 miles an hour. once you get to the 586, 580 interchange, no delays, just heavy flow for this time of the morning. bay bridge, same thing. meters lights aren't on. there's a finder bender moved out of the way. it shouldn't be things down than it naturally would. san mateo bridge looking good. not too many brake lights, just regular heavy flow for the time of the morning. the only travel time we're seeing not in the green is the altamont pass. if you thought it was warm yesterday, wait because it gets hotter today. today is likely the hottest day of the year so far. here's a look at our sails forest camera. happy tuesday to you. looking east of the
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bay bridge. 59 for you in concord. so definitely mild for you. 57 in -- or 59 in oakland. 57 in concord. livermore 51. 56 in san francisco, santa fe and 55 for santa rosa. and the first 90 degree day since august. the warmest inland location -- cooler at the coast and oler this weekend with temperatures near average. now i do want to pinpoint san jose for today, looking at a high of 87. 87 for wednesday and we slowly cool things back down. you can see the normal high for this time of year in san jose is 70s. we'll be in the 80s all week long in san jose. here's the satellite and radar view. the strong ridge of high pressure stays close to the coast. what we're watching is the flow around that ridge of high pressure. it's a clockwise flow drawing in light offshore winds and that will help to heat us up
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today and tomorrow. future cast to show you all that sunshine across the bay area today and that will continue for your wednesday as well. now, this ridge of high pressure is slowly going to shift and it will be a little bit more further south and with that clockwise flow around the ridge, drying onshore winds by the week and that's why temperatures will be cooler, but still we're talking about still warm conditions to mild as we go through the end of the week. your allergy forecast pollen count looking at medium-high levels today, tomorrow, thursday, and for friday. mulberry oak and grasses is the prominent pollen. daytime highs today will be above average by several degrees. we're talking about 10 to 20 degrees above average. sunnyvale as well as cam bell, 88 for a high. highs at 89 in concord. check out
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fairfield. pleasant hill, brentwood, 91. 90 for pleasanton and livermore. 78 berkeley 80 in alameda. 82 in oakland. 90 for santa rosa. daytime highs around 91 in cloverdale and windsor. here's the 7-day forecast. still hot tomorrow inland although cooler at the coast tomorrow and we cool things down by the end of the workweek and he is special -- and especially into the weekend. time is 5:21. fighting the spread of a virus. >> the measles outbreak is reaching numbers not seen in 20 years. we want to take a live look outside, this time at the golden gate bridge. again, it is 5:21. 56 degrees in san francisco right now and it's going to get warmer. we'll be right back.
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in this morning's health watch, a diabetes drug helps maintain weight loss. a study from university state louisiana studied patients who lost -- patients given metformin had greater success at maintaining their weight loss 6 to 15 years later compared to patients given a
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placebo. skipping breakfast -- a long term stupart never ate breakfast had an 87% higher everydayt > a study to 12-year-olds finds that playing video games are generally not harmful to the social development of boys, but researchers in norway found that girls who spend more time playing video games at the age of 10 developed weaker social skills than girls who did not play as many video games. the measles -- yesterday, the cdc reported 71 new cases of measles across the country. the number of cases this year is now at 626. that's approaching 667 reported in 2014. so far no fatalities have been reported in the united states from measles this year. we are keeping an eye on a huge
5:26 am
fire burning right now in the city of stockton at a lumber yard. you can see the flames just raging right now. we'll check in, next. >>reporter: plus pg&e wants to raise your bill yet again. up next, we'll let you know how high it may get. "curiouser and curiouser,"
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but hurry the event ends april 30th.
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breaking news. this massive fire tearing through a northern california lumber yard right now. >> pg&e looking to raise rates again. how much that could boost your bill. the first signs that the crazy hot real-estate market in san jose may finally be cooling off. get ready to feel the heat. parts of the bay area expected to hit 90il 23rd i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. it's just about
5:30 am
ntinues. >> the summer temps are going to continue for us today and tomorrow so the heat is on across the bay area. you can see temperatures on the cool to mild side, low to mid 50s and 59 in oakland. 57 in concord. 51 livermore. 56 under san francisco, san jose and 55 for santa rosa. our highs that we should normally see for this time of year in san francisco and for oakland in the 60s and we should normally see for san jose and concord in the low 70s. check out what we're forecasting for the bay. looking at mid to upper 70s to low 80s and for san jose and concord, topping out in the upper 80s. that's about 12 to 18 degrees above average for this time of year, and some of our inland locations wil topn the low 90s afternoon.we'll talk about what you can expect where you live, also, i'll let you know when we'll see cooler weather coming up. emily. well, things are heating up on
5:31 am
your roadways. there's a couple of accidents we are keeping an eye on and one is passed the toll plaza on the bay bridge. it has been moved to the left side, about -- it's slowing things down. things are backed up to 580 to the foot of the maze. it's going to be raise busy day if you're headed into san francisco. give yourself extra time. the golden gate bridge looks good. they were doing construction northbound. and that's in the process of getting cleared and the car is getting ready to go and expand the southbound lanes. otherwise, everything is looking good coming into the city. if you're headed to the peninsula this morning, san mateo bridge start to see brake lights as you make your way westbound. everything though is moving right along. we don't have any accidents or trouble spots there to report which is good news. really the only trouble spot we're seeing this morning is onhway 4. westbound at chicago highway, things have been moved to the right
5:32 am
shoulder and it's backing up further and further. your commute headed to 680 is going to be slow and go. if you're move out the antioch, give yourself extra time because of that accident, guys. i'm anne mackovec at the live news desk and we're going live to stockton where a huge fire continues to burn. look at this live video right now. this has been really roaring since about 3:00 this morning. so about 2 and a half hours right now and firefighters are continuing to try to drop water on this from above. this is very close to i-5 there in stockton. we have firefighters from lodi, manteca and tracy coming from a lot of surrounding towns trying to get this under control and it's just e mince challenge. oo pallets there primed for
5:33 am
the burning. street closures in the area, the cause still under investigation. no injuries reported at this time, but it is of note there was a huge fire in stockton just yesterday at a recycling center at the port of san francisco. we learned that your pg&e bill may be going up once again. jackie ward is live in oakland to explain why. jackie. >>reporter: yeah, kenny. here we go again. the utility company says it needs this money to cover wildfire safety costs and attract investment as it goes through bankruptcy. if approved by the cupc the average bill will go up $12. that would be effective january 2020. and if an earlier risk goes through, the average bill would go up $10 a month. that brings the >> no, hav to think of something else. >> it is outrageous that pg&e is
5:34 am
looking for another bailout from rate payers for its negligence when it comes to wildfires. >> governor newsom's office released a statement that reads in part, quote, pg&e is requesting increase to rate payers in order to generate profits for investors while wildfire claims sit in bankruptcy. pg&e did not make them selves available for an interview. the red house housing market in the south bay may be cooling off. for the first time in 7 years, home prices have dropped in san jose. according to a new report from zillow, home prices in san jose dropped 0.2% from last year. the medium home price is over a million dollars. 'st has turnedlicoalley into with homes selling at or below asking price. but they say don't take the new numbers as a sign there's>> i mean even with
5:35 am
people that make 6 figures, it's still hard to buy a home, so hope. ly as -- hopefully as they drop, there's hope. >> i really feel the market is taking a pause, and it will end up appreciating in no time. >> a real-estate agency says although home prices will rise, the market is moving slower. elizabeth holmes, founder of the biotech company faranose is due back in court. she dodged questions on her way to a federal courtroom. >> hi, elizabeth. what do you hope happens today? what are you looking for today? >> in court, her attorneys asked for more time to review the case including 20 million pages of evidence. holmes and her business partner are accused of tricking investors. they claimed to develop a portae dical consfrom a200
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bl but technolog about aur, buckinghac pde p a visit to britain. the visit will take place june 3rd through the 5th. in the meantime, some of the democratic presidential candidates are talking about impeachment. >> i think we have good reason to believe that there is an investigation that has been conducted which has produced evidence that tells us that this president and his administration engaged in obstruction of justice. i believe congress should take the steps towards impeachment. >> last night at a town hall in new hampshire, voters questioned senator sanders about the mueller report. he called for congress to do its own investigation. >> we have the most dangerous president in the modern history of this country. somebody who is a pathological liar. somebody who the mueller report said basically left the question open which the congress has got to explore as whether or jtice. a the white
5:37 am
house easter egg roll yesterday, the president brushed off the possibility of impeachment. >> are you worried about impeachment, mr. president? >> not even a little bit. >> the president also tweeted this saying quote, to only high crimes and misdemeanors can lead to impeachment. there were no crimes by me, no collusion, no obstruction so you can't impeach. it was the democrats that committed the crimes, not your republican president. another investigation by democrats to gain access to the president's financial records hit a road block yesterday. lawyers for president trump file a lawsuit to block a subpoena by the oversight committee and they called the subpoena invalid and unenforceable. the may 1st college decision day is around the corner. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger to help families make decisions. before they sign on that dotted line,
5:38 am
what should we know? >>reporter: financial aid packages are notoriously difficult to read and compare. and that is simply because there's no single way that schools are required to detail scholarship, grant grant and loan information. as a result, families are confusing what is free money and what is a loan. money classified as gifted that is sometimes called a scholarship or grant, that's the best type because it doesn't need to be repaid and there's work study. that's a formal program through a qualified employer either on or off campus and the money that the student earns does not go directly towards tuition. it does get deposited into a bank account. students that have to use that to pay for various items. and then loans make up the difference between the cost of attendance and those gifts and the work study income. >> so then jill, what doot nd that fit lette you receive for your incoming freshman, financial aid is awarded annually. do not assume that
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first offer carries over into future years. when it comes to federal direct student loans, there are two types. subsidized and that's based on financial need and those funds do not accrue interest while the student is enroll in school. the unsubsidized loans, those start the clock as soon as funds are disbursed. if you have federal or private parent plus loans, remember, parents are 100% responsible for that borrowed money, regardless of whether your kids complete their studies or find jobs. when colleges send out an award letter, they don't mention vague terms ere's int you needoyl ifto seeey ive that financial aid package. it may not work in every instance, but if you don't ask,
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you won't get. for more on col -- >> i know your beloved islanders are chilling. we, in the bay area are nervous for our sharks for a game 7 tonight. >> good luck to you, there's a lot of game 7s out there. >> it should be a fun time here in san jose. jill schlesinger this morning in new york city. thank you so much. time is 5:40. clean up the mess or get out. ahead, how clutter turned into an overhaul. one city's plea to help clean this backyard. get ready for hot temps and i'll let you know how hot it will get where you live. get ready for hot spots. one of them isy in the red or now in the yellow. i'll tell you what your other hot spots are, coming up.
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good tuesday morning to you. it is 5:43. here's a live look at our sails forest camera looking south with mostly clear skies. it is going to be a beautiful, but a hot day across the bay area with highs soaring to the highest temps we have seen so far this year. i'll let you know how hot it will get where you live in a few minutes. new video this morning, protesters near hollywood pulling off a daring earth day stunt. today, scaled the iconic globe at
5:44 am
universal studios today. they waved green flags and super glued themselves to it and firefighters removed the protesters. today is the perfect day to have lunch outside. april 23rd is national picnic day and the word picnic is derived from a french word meaning a meal eaten outdoor. it dates back to the french dining experience and all you needed was wine, a loaf of bread and cheese and fruit. some kids rejoice -- the school says they ran out of all paper so a grandfather stepped up to help out. walter booze says his grandson stopped bringing home homework so he started to wonder if the boy was pulling a fast one. but it was because falcon elementary is facing a short fall and the district says as schools inch toward the end of the year, a situation like this can happen from time to time. booze, he went shopping and
5:45 am
dropped off a shipment last week. >> a school without paper is a school without kids. what good is it. >> it's a tight year for us. you get toward the end of the year and when things are tight you might run out. >> you would think you carried a basket of gold the way they acted at the office so i knew it was appreciated. >> this morning, the district does not believe any other schools are out of paper. a bazaar lawsuit in new hampshire. a homeowner is under a court order to clean up his home that's littered with thousands of boxes. this is a look a the home. making those boxes almost look like snow. the town of salem estimates there's 2,000 boxes containing printers in the yard. the problem reportedly started a year ago and the town says the boxes are starting to decay. neighbors say they're fed up. >> when they started dumping boxes here, i approached them. and he said these will be out of here in a week. >> it could be anything in there,
5:46 am
rats and all kinds of skunks and rodents. >> it's not clear why the homeowner flooded his home with boxes but if he fails to clean up the home, the town has the right to clean it up and stick him with the bill. that could cost up to $18,000. >> talk about an eyesore and fire hazard. >> no kidding. >> i wonder why. >> are the printers in the boxes? so many questions. >> i have a lot of questions about this. >> we need to investigate this. >> there's no question as far as your traffic is concerned. there are some trouble spots this morning. we want to get you to the worst of it and this is for those heading from the antioch area. if you're headed toward 680, give yourself extra time because this accident, although it has been cleared off the road, it's off to the right-hand shoulder. backed up -- excuse
5:47 am
me, allo witi things down. we have another trouble spot. this has been here all morning. westbound 580. it is right at north flynn road. a car went over the embankment and they're trying to get it out. they're having trouble there as they're trying to pull that out of the ditch off to the side. coming through the altamont pass, your time is slow. you're about 9 miles an hour. it's going to take you 41 minutes to get from 205 to 28 280. slower at 680 toward 84. a slow and go, 49 miles an hour through morgan hill, but once you get through that narrow part, you're looking good once you make your way into san jose. emergency issue in place until 6:00. we have 15 minutes before they clear that up. on and off they've had lane closures
5:48 am
at richmond-san raphael bridge. everything is moving along. normal speeds this morning. the traffic is starting to ramp up. your abridges, the bay bridge metering lights are on. it's starting to slowdown. mary. thanks emily. happy tuesday to you. and it is going to be a toasty tuesday for sure. here's a live look with our mount vaca cam with sunny skies so our sunrise coming up and we are looking at temperatures that's going to be soaring as we head through the afternoon. a cool to mild start to the day. the cooler spots livermore at 51. looking at 55 in santa rosa. 56 for san francisco, san jose. 57 in concord and oakland. you're at 58 as we kickoff the day here. this is what you can expect the hottest day the year so far coming today. we'll see highs in the low 90s for some of our warmest inland locations. much cooler, milder temps later this week. so the first 90
5:49 am
degree day in livermore today. the first 90-degree day last year was juan 2nd 2017, may 1st and 2016. the strong ridge of high pressure -- it stays close to the coast and with the clockwise flow around that ridge drawing in light offshore winds, that will help heat us up today and tomorrow. on future cast to show you all that sunshine as we go through the afternoon across the bay area, and that continues for tomorrow as well. now this ridge of high pressure moves to the south, and with that flow around that ridge, we'll be drawing in onshore winds by the end of the week. so that same ridge of high pressure, but a different location and because of that, we'll see temperatures cooler by thehe year. allergy sufferers, pollen reports at high to medium reports thursday through friday. our sunset at 7:52.
5:50 am
daytime highs above average for this time of year. 57 in san francisco. 82 in oakland. 85 in fremont. 84 in mountain view. 87 for you in san jose. 89 in concord. check out the low 90s, santa rosa, napa, fairfield and livermore topping out in the low 90s today. so still hot inland. tomorrow, cooler along the coast for tomorrow. and there we go with that cool down as we go through the end of the workweek into the weekend with temperatures by the end of the weekend into early next week, near average for this time of year. back to you. operating a new muni light rail car is a sought after job that requires weeks of special training, but we're learning of allegations of favoritism in the training department from a former instructor. >> first and foremost it is a safety concern. we are allowing people that's unqualified out there operating the rails. >> watch our original report, the trouble with muni training, that's tonight on the new kpix5 news at 7:00. new this
5:51 am
morning, target is recalling nearly half a million wooden toys. it includes 8 bullseye playground toys sold separately or apart of a set sold between october and november of last year. target says there's been reports -- it has been three years since the death of pop star prince. >> now his memoir is slated to come out later this year just weeks before he died in 2016. prince struck a book deal to write about his life. the publisher says the 288-page memoir called oech the beautiful ones" will combine the late singers unfinished manuscript owe-- speaking of a prince, the youngest member of the cambridge clan is celebrating a ince tns one today. the duchesses of cambridge released the photos of this
5:52 am
prince. look how cute he is. you can see his red cheeks or his big red cheeks and the world waits for the birth of prince harry and meghan markles first baby. here's a live look outside. this is at the richmond san raphael bridge. it's 5:52. we'll be right back. ichmond-san raphael bridge. it's 5:52. we'll be right back.
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e w i started with
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a leg found a ke in clovdale made the discovery and there was a -- they asked the public for help and it wasn't long before they got a tip. >> a person with a sky dive company recognize it had and knew they had a client who was sky diving, an amputee and during mid free fall his pot rosthetic leg fell off. >> the leg cost $15,000 and the owner is happy to have it back. the warriors are responding to sexual assault allegations against a former assistant coach during his ten-year with the golden state. and a huge fire at a pallet recycling plant has been going on for almost three hours right now. we will go back live to the scene,
5:56 am
next. >>reporter: plus governor newsom isbo can be safe from wildfires. download the jack app and order my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants.
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authorities in sri lanka say they have zeroed in on a motive for last weekend's terror attack. as we hear from the parents of two american who were killed. and the supreme court -- good morning, it is tuesday, april 23rd. i'm michelle griego.
6:00 am
>> i'm ken eye choi. it's 6:00. it's going to be a fantastic day to head to the beach or enjoy the warm temperatures, mary. >> put on the sunsay suture cam ofeooit our the sun rising this morning. clear skies, temperatures in the 50s aan it is going to be hot in some average high temperatures for san francisco, oakland, in the 60s. for san jose, concord in the low 70s. san francisco in the mid 70s. oakland low 80s and san jose and concord, in the upper 80s. we're going to be 12 to 18 degrees above average for this time of year. some of our warmest locations today will top out in the low 90s. i'll let you know what you can expect where you live and i'll let you know when


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