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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  April 25, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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a major announcement in the 2020 presidential contest. a billionaire spice trader is arrested in the bombings in sri lanka. and plans for a navigation center to help the homeless. good morning it's thursday, april 25. i'm michelle griego. i'm kenny choi. good morning. we are still seeing fantastic weather. >> yes, beautiful weather. we had a taste of summer yesterday and the day before and now we are back to spring looking at plenty of sunshine with highs on the warm side just not as hot. here's a live look at the sunrise. you can see a little fog as well. the onshore flow kicking in and cooling us down. chick of the temperatures. upper 40s in santa rosa and low to mid 50s for many locations
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as we start thursday. for the coast morning fog with mostly sunny skies and the mid 60s. for the bay mostly sunny and mild and breezy with southwesterly wind and in onshore flow and 20 miles an hour. upper 60s to low 70s. no longer talking about the 90s but inland in the mid 80s, mostly sunny and warm with temperatures in 5-10 degrees above average. a big cool down going to the week. i will let you know what to expect in the full forecast coming up. a traffic alert heading out the door. get dressed faster and get out the door if you are heading to san francisco because northbound 101 will be a mess. we have a traffic alert with several lanes closed, up to five with the backup starting to grow. 32 miles an hour northbound 101 and six miles an hour closer to that. an accident at cesar chavez and
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we have our crew on the way. also a care of accidents in the wake of this i will continue to make the backup worse. i will tell you how bad it will be and show you the live picture's coming up. this morning we will learn about what happened in santa clara county tuesday when an army veteran intentionally grove into a group of people. life where it happened, jackie? >>reporter: we will hear from the police on the attempted homicide investigation where 34- year-old isaiah michelle griego , peoples is at the center of this. he suffers from ptsd and he is facing eight counts of attempted murder. peoples said he intentionally slammed into eight people tuesday night. witnesses say they saw a car speeding and drive directly
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into a crowd without showing any signs of slowing down. people in the area said they saw bicycles and people sent flying into the air. >> his door was open. i yelled at him. what are you doing? what's the matter with you? all the time he was saying i love you, jesus. i love you, jesus. >> a 13-year-old girl suffered the worst injuries and she is still in critical condition in the hospital and four other victims are in the hospital listed as stable. police said there is no indication it was an act of terrorism. we will get an update from police and 10:30 and in the next half hour we will hear from one of the victims. in sunnyvale, jackie ward. today the board of directors at bart is voting on a surveillance program. if approved they would install automated license plate readers and this plan phases backlash from privacy advocates. officials have been working on adding this and today's ballot
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comes after a pilot program was shut down at macarthur station. meanwhile bart is testing safety measures at the coliseum station. three new emergency call box is just came online and as soon as a rider pushes the button the phone is activated and so is the overhead camera. this is a security action plan they note, they announced in august. the cameras are overhead and they are trained on the person calling and their immediate surroundings so they can see if the person is being attacked and the stress they are under. >> if the call boxes are successful they could be rolled out across the system. the estimated cost is $10 million. authorities say the father of two suicide bombers in sri lanka is under arrest in
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connection with the attacks. this photo from 2016 shows one of the attackers shaking hands with the state minister of international trade standing next to his father, a spice trader on suspicion of aiding and abetting. breaking news this morning. joe biden has officially announced he is running for president in 2020. he is going for the democratic nomination. here is the video he released early this morning. he calls president trump by name. he uses some fighting words saying we are in a battle for the soul of this nation. everything that has made america america is at stake. this morning president trump tweeted it will be nasty when referring to the race. here is a look at all the people going for the democratic nomination, 17 including joe
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biden making it 18. it will be an interesting race. we will keep an eye on this. president trump is trying to block three top officials from cooperating with investigations into his administration. the house judiciary committee has subpoenaed the former white house counsel who was cited by special counsel robert mueller. president trump has invoked executive privilege in an attempt to keep them from testifying and he is also sued the oversight committee chairman to keep his financial records secret. >> it's enough. >> it's impossible to make them accountable if we can't have access to information. >> in washington the house oversight committee has started a hearing to look into the administration's decision to end the citizenship much into the census. william r has ordered a top justice official to skip the hearing to find a congressional subpoena. a huge fine, they have said
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aside between $3 billion and $5 billion to handle the legal cost. the feds have been investigating whether facebook violated an agreement promising to protect user privacy. the agency hasn't announced their findings and the potential legal fees were revealed in the first-quarter earnings report released yesterday. the social network still eat analysts' estimates with earnings of $2.43 billion and the revenue grew 26% from the previous year to just over $15 billion. that was thanks to a surge in advertising sales. with more companies launching their ipo they want to make sure this doesn't widen the gap between haves and have-nots. the real estate races are expected to climb by 12% with six local companies expected to go public according to this analysis. this could be conservative. >> if uber and lyft and the others provide to be long
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sustainable business as we could see a similar trend which is prices doubling again. the district supervisor plans to propose a tax on ipo income and the taxes were reduced in 2012 partly to entice tech companies to move to or remain in the city. neighbors in fremont are voicing their concerns over this navigation center built on church property on niles boulevard. this is the latest navigation center sent to be built and if the city of fremont gets its way. the church supports this but some neighbors say not so fast. >> my family lives here. my kids and grandparents, we are concerned for them to have a selection process to protect the kids. >> this project would be paid for by the city of fremont and served up to 45 adults for
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stays up to six months will happen him to find housing. some restaurant customers will see a new charge on their bill. they won't necessarily have to pay it. details on this program. some movie theaters going all out as the highly anticipated finale to the avengers series hits the big screen today. if it has been too hot we will cool things down. tracking the next weather system and what that means where you live, coming up. if you live in the south bay you should get out the door as soon as possible. heading to san francisco this morning this is a live look at a traffic alert. 101 northbound is down to one lane due to an injury accident. give yourself extra time because you are going to need it. going to need it. cbs healthwatch.
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good morning. a live look at the camera looking north. you can see the marine layer out there. we are looking at fog along the coast and this indicates cooler weather with onshore flow. we will let you know how cool it will get coming up. it's not cool on northbound 101 heading into san francisco. in fact, it is terrible. you will be sitting in traffic and a need to tell you to get out the door as quickly as possible. down to 35 miles an hour. it really slows down and there is a traffic alert down to one lane passing through cesar chavez as well as silver due back to an injury accident. we have pictures that we will bring you later and in the meantime it's going to be slow and go passing through 280. 280 might be a better option heading into severances. i will tell you about the other
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trouble spots later. severe weather is striking the southern border with heavy rain and at least one tornado. the dallas fort worth area is feeling the brunt of the storm. flooding at the bottom level that the airport parking garage is leaving dozens stuck in feet of water and some folks are picking up the pieces after a storm ripped through. it was chaotic. a lot of stuff was ruined. self dallas a tornado touched down and three deaths are confirmed. west of dallas fort worth and mother and her two kids drowned as floodwaters swept away their car. the storms are heading east and they will make landfall by tomorrow. and family in fremont is safe after a ride down the russian river turned dangerous. they were stranded for hours. the sheriff's office sent us this photo of the rescue. the helicopter plucks them from
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the rushing water tuesday. a family of four and a good samaritan also were stuck. fortunately, no one was hurt. if you like dining out restaurant bills could soon have an extra charge. if they choose they can charge an extra 1% and the money will go toward what is called a healthy soil program in an effort to help farmers switch to new methods to put carbon back into the ground. some diners say they don't want to see this and others say it isn't asking for much. >> i wouldn't be good with that. leave it alone. >> we aren't asking fixed income people to pay this on property tax. we are asking this of someone who was made a choice to spend money already. >> customers can opt out by asking the server to remove the surcharge. participating restaurants include mission chinese, commonwealth and bar karen.
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movie theaters are preparing for this. >> sometimes this is the best we can do. starting over. >> amc will show avengers and came around the clock at several locations including san francisco. 17 theaters will stay open 72 hours straight and meantime a special treat in san jose. this drive-in will show the film from dusk until dawn starting tonight. emily, you are lucky because you could to see it tonight. >> yes, we've had these tickets for ever. the best part is that we get to see it at a movie theater that serves adult beverages. a pat on my back. also stepping out the door
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earlier this morning if 101 is in your commute. taking a look at the pictures of 101 northbound at silver. an injury accident with a traffic alert down to one lane, slow for this time of morning making your way into the city. give yourself extra time because you will need it. accidents have been popping up in the wake of this bap up., backup. the backup extends all the way to bayshore down to 44 miles an hour. there is a stall on 280 crossing over but it is still a better option. and you accident westbound 580 at grant. a big rig moved to the shoulder slowing things down to 11 miles an hour. and you accident to report at
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westbound 80 that has been moved to the right shoulder. coming down the freeway it is down to about 29 miles an hour and also slow and go trying to get onto the richmond san rafael bridge down to 40 miles an hour thanks to some issues there. 16 miles an hour coming through morgan hill pretty normal for this time of morning. a new crash at the south bay northbound 101 at 13th. it has been moved to the center divide. ignore that misspelling. remember that it is backed up. don't ignore that. metering lights are on for the accident past the toll plaza that will slow things down more than normal this morning. the backup extends past 880 all the way to the foot of the maze as the sun comes up. mary? from summer back to spring -like weather today. it will be a beautiful day across the bay area. here is a live look at the tower camera to the east. the sun is about to rise and we will see mostly sunny skies today. cool start with temperatures
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cooler compared to yesterday at this time. when you step outside you will feel the difference. upper 40s in santa rosa and low 50s in downtown san francisco. mid 50s for concorde, oakland, livermore and san jose. that's check the visibility. fog along the coast into the bay. three miles for visibility at half moon bay this morning. onshore flow will kick in going through the next several days and that is why it will be cooler. today the cooldown starts and continues into the weekend into next week. still warm inland today and not as hot as yesterday and the day before but still above average temperatures 5-15 degrees above average. cool along the coast today with the onshore flow. is the satellite and radar view. the strong ridge of pressure is
6:20 am
the dominant weather feature with the high sliding south and more of an onshore wind component the next several days. on future cast just to show you the sunshine heading for the afternoon, this will continue for tomorrow. looking ahead to the weekend and into next week this is the low pressure system that will bring a gradual cool down to the weekend into next week with a strong seabreeze. the pollen count, still in the medium category but medium-high friday, through sunday. the sunrise at 6:21 and the sun sets at 7:54. daytime highs looking at cooler temperatures along the coast and upper 60s in san francisco. low to mid 70s in oakland and 84 redwood city. fremont 79 and mountain view mid 80s for san jose. livermore and concord and fairfield. done with the 90s. here is the
6:21 am
seven-day forecast. temperatures similar for tomorrow. cooling down by the weekend and watched cooler by next week. temperatures right where we should be for this time of year. 6:20. new issues are cropping up at the transit center this time at the rooftop park. >> we want to take a live look outside from the tower camera looking south. 52 degrees. look at that beautiful golden sky as the sun starts to rise. it is 6:21. we will be right back. we will be right back. tonight at seven, a new quest to make contact with et. >> it's a message written in the language of math and science. >> the million-dollar competition. >> we are barely getting along
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with each other. are we ready to get along with aliens? watch the 7 pm news tonight on kpix5. expect more. kpix5. expect more. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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with love, california. 6:24. new problems for the transit center of the top. the walking path that goes through the park is crumbling. the pathway built with
6:25 am
decomposed granite is dotted with potholes. they have begun to replace it and it could cost $1 million. what we saw after opening is that it wasn't holding up. we don't know the reason. whether it is the installation or the material, it is not up to the public standards. >> the workers have been fixing it since it closed in september and it is unknown when it will be open. a man is in custody after a wild card chase in southern california ended at a store. the chase started when the driver was seen assaulting a woman in the front seat and the officers pursued him through orange county. three hours later it was back to la county. the suspect ditched his car and ran into a 99 cent store. everybody ran out of the
6:26 am
store. while the shoppers ran out the officers rushed in with guns and they arrested the suspect inside the store. the passenger was found in the car and her condition has not been released. a state senator's affordable housing plan clears a hurdle but without a, not without a major concession. plus, more on the attempted homicide investigation involving a veteran that served in afghanistan. a look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza where it is 53 degrees. traffic looks typical for this time of morning. 6:26. we will be right back. t back. you buckle up, start the car,
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put it in gear and take off., next thing you know, the phone is in your hand! stop! we should be holding the wheel, not holding the phone. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. go safely, california. live from the cbs bay area studio this is kpix5 news.
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the man leading the polls for the democratic nomination officially entered the race this morning. we will take you to the state capitol with more. today makers will consider drastic changes to keep renters from being forced out of their homes. it's thursday, april 25 i'm kenny choi. i'm michelle griego. it's 6:30. let's check in with mary and the forecast. just beautiful a good day across the bay area with cooler temperatures but still above average. isn't this pretty? you can see the fog and above the fog a golden sunrise and this indicates onshore flow and that's why the temperatures will be cooler today. upper 40s in santa rosa. low to mid 50s across the region. taking you through the day for
6:31 am
the coast morning fog and mostly sunny in the 60s upper 60s to low 70s and mostly sunny mild and breezy with the onshore wind 10-20 miles an hour. we are talking about mid 80s with mostly sunny skies and warm conditions 5 to 15 degrees above average. i will let you know more coming up. i wish i could tell you when the things will get better on the roadways but it just seems to keep backing up. take a look at this live picture. 101 northbound you can see just how slow it is at bayshore because of a pair of accident. first there was one that cesar chavez and there are lanes closed heading northbound 11 miles an hour. backed up all the way to bayshore it doesn't look good. another accident on 280 heading
6:32 am
into san francisco. either way coming into the city on that side it will be slow and go and i recommend giving yourself an extra 15 minutes on the road. this morning it's official. former vice president joe biden is running for president. this has been talked about for quite some time and this morning it's official. live on capitol hill with more. >>reporter: good morning. biden made it official about 3 hours ago, ending months of speculation. he had a video on social media. >> that's why today i'm announcing my candidacy for president of the united states. >> reporter: he joins a crowded diverse progressive field of 20 other hopefuls including kamala
6:33 am
harris and her colleagues, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. joe biden focus not on his competitors but on president trump. >> if we give donald trump eight years in the white house he will for ever and fundamentally alter the character of this station. who we are. i cannot stand by and watch that happen.>>reporter: this three-minute announcement video referenced the violence in charlottesville, virginia. his 2020. marks the third time he has run for president. the first campaign was in 1987 a mid-allegations of plagiarizing speeches and in 2008 he dropped out of the race after receiving just 1% of the vote in the iowa caucus and then he went on to become the democratic nominee's non-
6:34 am
candidate. former vice president enters the race leading in recent polls and that is a change from his past races. he is scheduled to appear at a fundraiser in philadelphia later this evening. pennsylvania is a key state the democrats would like to win back. we will see what he has to say later today. how has president trump reacted to the announcement? >>reporter: he put out a tweet early this morning. he said biden is sleepy joe and said he hopes he can make it through the intense primary season and that some have "demented ideas." >> live on capitol hill, thank
6:35 am
you. this morning we are heading from the family of an army veteran accused of plowing his car into a group of pedestrians on purpose. jackie ward is in sunnyvale where the crash happened.>>reporter: we are on el camino royale and you can still see the tree behind me, some of the damage left behind. we will hear from police later more on this investigation. right now isaiah peoples is at the center of the investigation. he is an army veteran they think eight counts of attempted murder. his brother said that peoples suffers from ptsd and we spoke to his mother and she said what happens when he goes off his medications. >> he didn't come to my house
6:36 am
because he said my house was being watched. he said they are watching the house and trying to take him out and he didn't want to go to the military hospital because they were after him.>>reporter: peoples told police he intentionally slammed into eight people in the crosswalk. witnesses saw a car speeding and driving into the crowd without showing any signs of slowing down. we spoke to one of the victims that described what happened after the crash. >> he went to the floor and he was facing the floor and he was saying i love you, jesus. then when the police officers arrived he was saying you guys are amazing. thank you. >> reporter: a 13-year-old girl suffer the worst injuries and she is in the hospital in critical condition and four others are in the hospital listed in stable. police said there is no indication this was an act of terrorism. we will learn more about this
6:37 am
case later from police at 10:30. in sunnyvale, jackie ward. an investigation is underway after a building caught fire in antioch. the damage appears to be on the side of the structure. this happened last night at 11:00 on sycamore drive. the crews had the flames not down an hour later and the fire is believed to have started in a dumpster no one was hurt. today a package of proposals aimed at helping renters deal with skyrocketing costs of housing. they would allow rules on single-family homes and elites with a 10 years old and they would place a cap to apply to all rentals in the state. a third bill would require landlords to have just cause to evict any tenant. yesterday another bill advanced. sb 50 would require cities to
6:38 am
approve taller buildings. facing intense opposition they agreed to exempt counties with less than 600,000 so that the rules would only apply in five of the nine bay area counties. this bill heads to the senate appropriations committee. we are going live to baltimore, maryland where the mayor is getting search warrants served on her home. the fbi and the irs were at her office. this is because of some book deals she cut with businesses connected to the city government. she wrote a children's book. right now she is on a leave of absence. she knows that on april 1. there are calls for her to resign. back to you. north korean leader kim
6:39 am
jong un and vladimir putin just met for the first time. during this meeting he said his country and the u.s. wants north korea to abandon nuclear weapons. kim jong un said he has had meaningful talks with russia on how to promote peace on the korean peninsula. this morning san francisco will swear in a new public defender. he will be sworn into office at noon today at the community center. the mayor tapped him to this position. this is moving forward as federal health officials make an announcement about the nationwide measles outbreak. ride sharing designed for
6:40 am
kids. how they address the parents' safety concerns. a quick look at the big board. the dow is down 220 points. coming up, an update from the financial reporter, jason brooks. financial reporter, jason brooks. everyone's got to listen to mom.
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6:44 am
heading northbound all the way southbound of bayshore and 280 is also backed up. a bill to tighten the california vaccine laws has cleared another hurdle. parents in opposition rallied at the state capitol yesterday. doctors can provide medical exemptions for unvaccinated children to attend school and the proposal would give state health officials the final say over whether a child exemption is valid. the vote in sacramento came just as we learned that u.s. measles cases has reached the highest in 25 years. new york city has reported 30 more cases bringing the total to nearly 700 nationwide. health officials lane misinformation about vaccines. >> parents decide i will not immunize my kid. they are rolling the dice. >> health officials declare
6:45 am
that measles have been eliminated since 2000 but they have returned and in 2014 600 cases were reported. time for a look at what's coming up later. joining us from new york, good morning. >> i had on cbs this morning it's official. joe biden is running for president saying it is a battle for the soul of the nation. we will look at his platform and the diversity in this democratic field. plus, the costa mesa woman kidnapped during a safari speaks with us about this terrifying ordeal. also, how a group of americans that formed a community based on a shared culture to support those fighting cancer. we will see you at 7 thank you. 6:45. jobless claims jumped and facebook posts a promising report.
6:46 am
now the financial reported. a lot going on this morning. earnings a key driver in particular tech earnings. facebook topped expectations with more than $15 billion and their expenses are searching higher and they set aside $3 billion for potential fines from the federal trade regulators regarding the privacy controversies. it could top $5 billion. investors i giving facebook a pass and it's stock is up like more than 7%. for microsoft they lifted the market above $1 trillion. for the first time the most valuable company in america. more than apple. mixed bag on the economy. the good news is the strongest gain in seven months and
6:47 am
business investment was up. that's encouraging. on the negative side, initial jobless claims surged to 230,000, a 2 1/2 month high. let's go to the big board. a mixed market with the dow down 246. nasdaq up 25 points. a new record. the s&p is down 7 points this morning. back to you. you skipped out yesterday. happy birthday. >> thank you. i enjoyed it. thank you. a milestone. 30 years old. >> yes, looking very good. 6:47. an easy way to get around. millions use uber and lyft and now there are a growing number of ride sharing services for kids. hop, skip, drive is one of them. what they don't have is cameras
6:48 am
for parents to keep an eye on their kids but the companies insist they keep children safe. >> you must have to have experience and they require fingerprint backgrounds and you have to meet someone from the company. this is what you don't have to do with an uber driver. other security features include passwords and some apps allowing parents to meet the drivers upon request. 6:48. the traffic alert. >> great news. the bad news is, the damage has been done. as a backup in place. you can see northbound 101 heading toward you and it's not going quickly. there was a pair of accidents. taking a look at the map you can see this. let me get to this. you can see that there is an accident at silver and another at caesar chavez and the drive time is 17 minutes into the
6:49 am
city. is not an alternate route down to 80 because of another accident at 101. this is backed up trying to make your way into san francisco. it is going to be a bad day. in san jose we have an accident and shockingly only one. 12 miles an hour 101. this is at 13. good news. san francisco looks like it is taking the brunt of the bad traffic this morning. at the altamont pass one accident has just been cleared. begin your way toward 586/80 there is another accident that is not slowing things down because it's in the opposite of the commute direction. the drive time looks good. the freeway is slow and go because of an earlier accident moved to the right shoulder backing things up to highway 4. that will be slow and go going to the bridge where it is slow thanks to leftover instructions and to the bay bridge which is backed up coming through the toll plus a. metering lights
6:50 am
have been on for some time and it is slow and go making your way through the toll plaza. the san mateo bridge is moving but not quickly. if it was too hot yesterday and the day before we will cool things down beginning today through the rest of the weekend to next week. temperatures are going to drop going through early next week. a live look at the camera looking east at the sunrise. you can see the bay bridge. now let's show you the north. you can see the fog along the coast and parts of the bay and this indicates the onshore flow and we will be colder today. already cool this morning. santa rosa in the upper 40s. several degrees cooler compared to yesterday morning. low 50s in san francisco, and 50s concorde and san josi. visibility along the coast is 2
6:51 am
miles at half moon bay with the fog along the coast into the bay. looking at a foggy start to the day tomorrow morning as well. the weather headlines show the cooldown starting today into next week. still warm inland and just not as hot. not the 90s anymore this week. it will be in the mid 80s inland today. tomorrow cooler at the coast with the onshore flow. here is a satellite and radar you of the strong pressure in place sliding south and it will continue heading through the next few days. that's why we will see the onshore flow kick in. mostly sunny skies will continue tomorrow. looking ahead i futurecast into the weekend, there is an area of low pressure we are tracking that will bring a gradual cooldown through the weekend, especially into next week with
6:52 am
daytime highs back to where we should be. it's hard to believe we are still talking about hitting the slopes in tahoe. alpine meadows will stay open through may and looking at squaw valley they hope to stay open through early july. the highs for today compared to yesterday when we were about 10- 20 degrees above average, about five 215 degrees above average today. along the coast in the mid 60s. santa clara and san jose and morgan hill. looking to antioch and brentwood mid-80s as well as for livermore and pleasanton. you won't see the 90s today. berkeley 67. 70 alameda. 73 in oakland. 70 in santa rosa and looking at 87 for clear lake. tomorrow there we go with the cooldown through the weekend. next week the 70s begin monday where we should be this time of year. we just got new
6:53 am
pictures from oakland. a house fire on 81st avenue. this is a home under construction and there were people inside but no injuries are reported. the investigation is going on now. 6:53. bart is lamenting new safety measures. details on this program. in a few hours we will learn more about the man at the center of an attempted homicide investigation in regard to this crash tuesday night. >> this crash tuesday night. >>
6:54 am
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comcast business. beyond fast. i'm in sunnyvale where police say a man intentionally hit people crossing the street on the crosswalk tuesday night. we expect to hear more from police later this morning. 34-year-old isaiah peoples is
6:57 am
at the center of this investigation. he faces eight counts of attempted murder. his brother told us that peoples suffers from ptsd. >> peoples said he intentionally did this. witnesses saw a car speeding driving directly into the crowd without slowing down. we spoke with one of the victims that describes what happened. they say it was chaotic. a 13-year-old girl suffered the worst injuries, still in the hospital in critical condition. four other victims are in the hospital listed as stable. police have said there is no indication this was an act of terrorism. we will talk to police at 10:30. 6:57. time for a look at the top stories. >>reporter: >> b.a.r.t. is testing security.
6:58 am
if successful they could rule this out across the system and it will cost $10 million. >> u.s. measles cases has reached the highest in 20 years. the total is nearly 700 nationwide. the father of two suicide bombers in sri lanka is under arrest. the billionaire spice trader seen in the middle is suspected of aiding these suspects. >> vladimir putin and kim jong un just met for the first time. during their meeting they said they want north korea to abandon nuclear weapons but no agreement was reached. joe biden has launched his campaign for the white house. he announced this this morning on social media.
6:59 am
the roads don't look good. you will need extra time because it is backed up on 101 northbound as well as on 280. take a look at the yellow and red. there have been several accidents all morning. this was blocking one lane and the backup is down to 11 miles an hour. expect a long ride. northbound 101 will be slow and go, backed up past bayshore thanks to an earlier accident. give yourself extra time. happy thursday. looking at plenty of sunshine. temperatures are cooler than yesterday in the upper 40s to low to mid 50s. also tracking areas of fog along the coast. heading into the afternoon cool but above average with mostly sunny skies. upper 60s in san francisco. mid-70s in oakland and mid-80s for the inland locations. there is a cool down through the weekend into early next week. joining us this morning,
7:00 am
it's still awesome weather. >> yes, perfect weather for going to the movies. >> i will let you know how it goes. no spoilers. cbs this morning is next. morning is next. good morning to our viewers in the west. welcome to "cbs this morning." it's official. joe biden is running for president. see how the long awaited campaign announcement of the former vice president and longtime senator will affect the crowded race for the nomination. >> only on "cbs this morning," the california woman recently kidnapped sits down with gayle revealing how she and her guide were abducted. an investigation finds dozens of shivers and police chiefs were hired after being accused of serious wrongdoing. hear from a police chief who says an officer fired twice from


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