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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  April 25, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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next to a little parking enforcement intercepted where the cursor parking but i've told that -- i've been told that no one was hurt just a lot of noise and a big mess from above. >> so wilson, no one hurt? the driver do know anything about the driver? >> reporter: i can tell you anything about the driver. i haven't been able to talk to anyone investigating down here. down here the roadway is pretty much just folks trying to clean the mess up. chp seems to be conducting the investigation on the overpass. >> we see chopper 5 video. what a mess. at least no one was in their car. you can see the windows are broken out in all the debris on those cars. so very fortunate giving you time of the evening that this happened. >> -- >> reporter: absolutely and what i can tell no one was underneath on the roadway traveling through. the cars that were damaged are parked on the side of the .
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i can't see anything that would indicate that someone was driving underneath that suffered any damage. >> as we can all suspect and as we see from some chopper shots the traffic is a mess. you can see how the crash is affecting the commute traffic. it is kind of a bottleneck area anyway. even on a good day. having that off ramp closed, makes matters worse on one-to- one even in both directions you can see the little triangle showing you where the accident happened, and it is completely red. they are getting traffic off of there at night we are told so more information as we get it, and the cleanup as well. in east oakland a suspect led police on a trace he is now in custody he crashed into a preschool. chopper 5 was on the scene no children were hurt in the suspect carjacked a vehicle and
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intentionally slammed it into the highway and the children center on 86th avenue. the suspect was the only person injured. we are the live news desk. headache at 10th and bryant. but nothing to compare to this. that interstate 70 in the lakewood area, just west of denver colorado. multiple vehicle crash, on the freeway. you can see, there are over a half a dozen cars involved in that. several big rigs and one of them held a big load of lumber as you can see at its height. diesel fuel was on fire and cars are stacked on top of each other. lumbar burning, thick, black smoke going into the air they closed highway 70 interstate 70 in both directions, it remains close. luckily, there have been some injuries but nobody was killed in a sling. they are in the mop up stages right now. at the live news desk i am can -- ken bastida. shock the moments before driver plowed into a crowd of pedestrians the police are piecing this together. the army veteran was
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bringing food to his bible group. he has eight counts of attempted murder because he ran his car into a busy intersection in our camaro. >> we have new details the latest on the victim that was the most seriously hurt in this kit? >> reporter: yes, people have been dropping off balloons and flowers all day long here at the scene. on the corner of el camino and saratoga sunnyvale avenue. the investigators tell us they have sees a suspects laptop, come through social media accounts, so far nothing seems out of the ordinary. but when it does tell us the suspect acted erratically during his arrest mumbling jesus i love you, over and over again. today investigators say that by the time, he got back to the station for interrogation, he was normal again. the chief of the public safety said two things that he had in the car, food and a nonworking weapon.
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>> we still don't know what his motives were. the only thing we can confirm at this time, is that on the day of the incident, he had picked up some food, and was on his way to deliver the food to his bible study group. the only weapon that he possessed, was a disassembled, and in operable shotgun that was located in the trunk of his vehicle. >> reporter: he served in the army from 2000 4006 and was deployed to iraq he was in the reserves for another two years after that. the 34-year-old had no criminal history, and worked as a federal contractor for the department of defense as a finance analyst. his family tells us, the episodes involving yelling and paranoia he suffered from ptsd after returning from iraq as a gunner. >> we are aware of the fact that he's suffering from ptsd. but, we are still working on to confirm that information. >> reporter: the most severely injured victim was a 13-year- old girl who is a sunnyvale school middle schooler. you have counselors and
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psychologists on campus if needed. at the end of the school day, alyssa goodman said she would pick up her child, for as long as she could. >> and make me really nervous, especially after what had happened. i probably would be more comfortable picking her up. i don't trust drivers around here. >> reporter: at the crash shut -- site a memorial grows. the other six victims are in moderate to serious condition. ron gilbert says he's bipolar, is been taking his medication for years he feels for the suspect and one with a mental illness must be vigilant about their meds and treatment. >>you have to have the meds. >> reporter: the suspects will be arraigned in court on eight counts of attempted murder. we put in a request for jailhouse interview today, but he said no. we are live in sunnyvale. the bart board has proved using cameras to capture images of cars, and license plates in stations parking lot. security say they cameras will help prevent violent crimes, car break-ins, and stolen vehicles. privacy advocates are worried about recording every car that comes and goes. bart says, the new policy will have a special privacy
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protection. >> i have a concern, that we are overstating our assurance that, this information is inaccessible to immigration and customs enforcement. >> bart says it will not share that data with ice or any agency conducting immigration enforcement. photos and license information, will only be stored for 30 days unless it is part of an ongoing investigation. a four-year-old boy in oakland who actually shot himself in the head, is out of icu and is speaking again. >> can you say grandpa? say grandpa? >> grandpa >> say mama >> mama. >> in his video shared by his family, name on jackson also says thank you to the people who have been praying for his recovery. the boy was on life support for a couple of weeks at children's hospital oakland. he found a gun under a bed and
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accidentally shot himself. the man who owns the gun was arrested for criminal storage of a firearm. i'm elizabeth cook with new fallout from one of the bay area appearance charged in the college admissions candle. roxio's reports mill valley executive at bill mcglashan, is not only facing criminal charges, but now stands to lose millions of dollars. his former employer tpg capital, plans to strip him of profits from the portfolios he oversaw. that includes uber and air b&b which could be a financial hit of 10 millions of dollars. he is accused of paying $50,000 masked as a charitable contribution to have his sons a ct exam corrected. prosecutors say he also discussed paying $250,000 bribes to get his son into u.s. see as a football. you -- were cute but did not follow through. secure slept with him with an additional charge of money laundering conspiracy.
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his lawyers have signaled he will fight the charges, and is likely he will take legal action against his former employer as well. his first night officially in the presidential race former vice president joe biden is doing what candidates do. he is raising money. these pictures show the party underway as our at a mansion outside of philadelphia. the owners back patio enjoying food and getting a chance to hear from mister biden. earlier the candidate greeted customers at a pizza shop in his home state of delaware. that was after formally announcing his candidacy in a video, during the three-minute announcement he took in that president trump. >> if we give president trump eight years in the white house, he will forever and fundamentally, alter the character of this nation. we are, and i cannot stand by and watch that happen. that is why today i am announcing my candidacy for president of the united states.
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>> for his part president trump responded with a tweet today, he says quote welcome to the race sleepy joe. if you make it i will see you at the starting gate. as for his old boss president obama he will not be endorsing biden right away. hadn't told reporters why. >>i asked president obama not to endorse. and i said whoever wins this nomination should win it on their own. >> you will have his first campaign rally on monday. one bay area man has unique take on the former vice president and senator. our political reporter melissa came on the man who used to drive joe biden. >> i was his personal aide. >> reporter: sam lowder nowadays a partner the political consulting firm. in 1986, he had just graduated from berkeley when he went to work for delaware senator joe biden. he beat out other candidates bypassing a simple test. >> they brought us into her room, and said, do any of you drive an american car. and i was the only person who raised my hand.
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so, they said okay you're his personal aide. >> reporter: he said biden didn't care that the american car was actually a jeep. >>i drove around in a jeep. it got written up in the washington post section because people thought it was funny, that joe biden was being driven around in a jeep. i was 22 years old. that's what i had. >> reporter: for a year and a half he drove biden everywhere in the jeep and he learned that biden is reliably late. mostly because he cannot stop talking to people. >> the joking office was i learned how to get to the airport on time leaving five minutes after the plane left. >> reporter: biden has a family persona and is often referred to as papa joe or uncle joe. lowder said it is very real. >> this is not make-believe. this is not okay it's time to turn it on now i get to turn it off. that's who joe biden is. he's like that all the time. >> reporter: over the years biden has made several trips to
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the area. while running for president in 1987 he gave the commencement speech at the university of san francisco law school. and in 2007, right before he ran for president again he sat down with the san francisco chronicle's, at a -- editorial board and sam lowder was there. >> he was asked what if hillary clinton gets in the race and he said oh i love hillary clinton she is amazing. she would be the front runner automatically i might endorser. and reporter followed up and said hey you when run and he said no i would run still and then his aide has his hands buried his head buried in his hands. and i'm just laughing. because that was just joe. >> reporter: melissa kane, kpix news. a colin kaepernick doll pain by the neck from a bumper of a truck. the driver is explaining himself, the message he was really trying to send. they are supposed to protect my children, they hurt my child. deputies see pepper spring
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and punching a teenager. growing calls for justice after this violent arrest. we continue to follow breaking news. traffic stalled after a cement truck overturns on highway 101 offramp dumping grab onto cars below. we will have a live report on the cleanup coming up. significant weather changes around here we have the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s right now. it depend on where you are. we are warm in linda but cooling down. the fog is back. we will talk about what this means for your weekend. temperatures are coming up.
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this truck belongs to a man called rita rob. there's nothing racially motivated about the stunt, it's about the rivalry between the 49ers and raiders. but some do not by his explanation and point to the fact that colin kaepernick has not played for the 49ers since 2016.
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critics also say the image of the kaepernick doll is evocative of the lynchings of african-americans after slavery was abolished. >> there is racism out there. we do need to stop the racism. i understand that i get that. to tell you the truth i was thinking of retiring him okay, i was going to put tom brady on there. okay? but, what i be labeled as a terrorist to paper the patriot down there now? possibly. >>rita rob says the attention he's receiving he's considering hanging a new doll from his truck possibly one of the current 49ers quarterback jimmy garoppolo. calls are getting longer to sheriff deputies were caught on cell phone video punching a 15- year-old florida boy. a viral video of a broward county sheriff's deputy pepper
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spring and slamming 15-year-old deluca to the ground in florida, is hard to watch. another video captures a second deputy pushing the unarmed teens face into the concrete and punching him repeatedly. his mother says she cannot believe it. >> said there beating him like he is nobody. they hurt him like he's an animal. >> the confrontation began last week when deputies responded to the parking lot, where a crowd had gathered after school mcdonald's. during the violent takedown he suffered a fractured nose. >> the people that are supposed to protect my children, her to my child. i cannot believe it. >> the police report accused him of taking any current -- an aggressive stance and clenching his fist. the punching was a distracting technique to get him handcuffed. the family's attorney accused deputies of using unnecessary and excessive force. >> that is what these thugs did. to this young, black child. i mean they were not acting like responsible, professionals with proper training. the two deputies, remain on paid administrative leave while
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in internal investigation is completed but community leaders, want them fired. >> there is no room for deputies such as those. that abuse children. >> role was originally -- initially arrested for is its -- resisting arrest but all the charges got dropped. >> think of the children had cell phone videos out. we have no doubt, that he would've been convicted. >> role set all he is concerned of now is getting back to school. no action has been taken against a third deputy involved in the arrest. a northern california couple is arrested in suspicion of putting the kids in cages will not face child endangerment cases anymore. one county sheriff said the house is heinous but they are technically modified cribs. the da says, there is not enough evidence to prove the children were being treated inappropriately.
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here is a look at the couple, they are both facing firearm possession charges. chopper 5 is giving view of a fire that destroyed a home in pittsburgh. crews arrived to the home on sunny hill way, to find a home in the backyard engulfed in flames. a nearby rv also caught fire, crews did get control of the buyer to the neighboring homes. at least five deaths has been reported by severe weather. the governor declared a state of emergency. city officials have set up a shelter for residents at a elementary school. the devastation here's very severe, i'm in spirit and -- inspired and i hope you all are the people responding just to be good to one another. heavy rain, florida -- tornadoes have hit texas and more strong storms are expected tomorrow. in the meantime the heat
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attorney done but the fog is out. >> that means we are turning the thermostat down on our temperatures. no 90 today but it did get warm in our inland valleys where you're in the 80s. 85 in concorde 80 in livermore, 73 in san jose, much cooler. santa rosa only 70. oakland is 65 san francisco is froggy, foggy, and breezy. overnight will be upper 40s and 50s. redwood city 52, vallejo, you're a low 53 in fairfield 54 degrees. the cherry blossom festival should be gorgeous. sweet spot temperatures at 76 degrees with mostly sunny skies. if you want to do something good for mother earth, the earth date each clean up, is this saturday morning at pacifica, it likely will be foggy and chilly with a temperature of 56 degrees on saturday morning. here is what we have going on.
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a large ridge of high pressure has now slid to the south. it was a process that took 2-3 days. we were hot and it was next to us now is moving away. visit to the south and wins flow clockwise that clockwise will give us a westerly flow or northwest wind. getting us cooler. most of the cooling today, was near the water. and when did hit 90 but you were above average. your cooling and that will happen until saturday or sunday again. cloud cover tonight will move to the golden gate, low clouds toward berkeley and el cerrito. hugging the coastline as well. sunshine elsewhere tomorrow afternoon. the same low clouds will return to the same locations, on saturday morning. lafayette, your microclimate forecast, 80 degrees tomorrow, sunshine and still warm. you will be cooler, with morning cloud cover in the high 74. coming up on saturday. we are staying cool near the coast, we are staying warm in length. that marine influence will push farther inland cooling you down in temperatures will be near or below average coming up next week. the cooldown will continue, until next tuesday and wednesday. 80s for fairfield napa in livermore. 70s for san rafael, oakland and mountain view.
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60s for san francisco pacifica and half moon bay. saturday a few degrees cooler but not much of a change. sunday we are all cooler as we head toward next week below average, low 70s inland and low 60s near the bay. that is your trenton forecast. al-anon risked her life to save a bay area family the unusual rescue on the russian river.
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a nun dressed in full habit, rushed into the russian river to help a family in danger. it happen your vacation beach west of granville. you and take a look at the shot, they were stuck in the rushing water in the submerged water, the children had to hold onto the brush for the parents could stand. the water was moving too fast. some nuns came to be sure to help. one went into the water but had to stop and grab the brush to keep from being swept downriver herself. helicopter had to come in and make the rescue. berkeley is hosting a special viewing party for some new additionto the uc campus. take a look, this is a live feed of a peregrine falcon nest resting at the top of the campus belltower. there you can see why the falcons i bet you that annie, with the egg. right now they welcome three new checks this week. and to mark the event it was streamed live on an outdoors
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screen in berkeley. there were naturalists on standby to answer questions, there was even a live seating. >> the mom was feeding the chicks a pigeon, probably their first feeding. it was incredible. >> so cool to see. the peregrine falcons of the world's fastest birds. they were threatened for a time but have since recovered in north america. the city and county shut down hope village. the organized tent city for homeless. many residents are back out on the streets. just ahead, what e organizers are hoping for. just to help people survive. measles cases surge, forcing students to be quarantined in southern california universities. how long some patients could be stuck on campus. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs,
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all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. you are watching kpix news at 5:30. breaking news, a complete mess on highway 101 offramp in san
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francisco. an overturned truck, rain cement on the cars below and you guessed it, traffic is a mess. good evening, our reporter wilson walker is near the ramp with some of the damage and aftermath wilson? stroke yes and attempt in bryant the cleanup is underway. the truck spilled on the offramp right of bond -- dead above it. in the cars that were parked below. that has backed traffic back behind the snow on the ramp and the surface streets as well snarled as crews try to get in here and get the sand and gravel off of 10th street. and a lot of cars out of there that have been damaged. when all that stuff fell down.
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i got here, i cannot find anyone who actually saw what happened but a lot of people in the businesses nearby, heard it happen. i asked, one woman working if there was any screeching or tires, or horns? she said no. >>no, just loud noise. just loud. on top of those cars that were parked on the side of 10th street, they tried to clean up and apparently there was some damage to the guard rail and they are thinking it will take about four hours to get that truck out of the way. the ramp, they are about four hours away from getting it cleared. we are live here in san francisco, kpix 5. >> welcome everyone to the 49ers in san francisco, 4000 strong, the 49er faithful and


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