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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  May 15, 2019 4:30am-4:58am PDT

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this is the first game of the first round of the western toronto's vlad guererro, jr., conference finals. top prospect in all of >> curry was hot. baseball, that's his first >> hot, hot, hot. career home run. >> we are good with that. guererro hit two long balls in the game and the blue jays won a wet and windy morning and 7-3. the as continuing their more on that with mary. series in seattle. tied at two in the 5th. >> we are tracking the strong spring storm system that will bring the rain and the wind. mitch haniger launches the let's get right to your weather brett anderson pitch into the second act for a go ahead 2-run headlines, heading out the door for work and school, increasing rain and wind for the day. the wettest time period from 4:00 to 10:00 p.m. has lost three straight. as for the warriors, the that's when the actual cold front pushes through, that will key stat last night, kick up the winds and bring widespread soaking rain, s d portland turnovers turned into 31 golden state points. portland looked tired. thunderstorms possible on they looked beat. they are going to have to get thursdaywhat you can expect. better tomorrow night in game two. so far, so good for your golden micro climate forecast where you are at the coast, wet and windy as we head through the state warriors. reporting from oracle, dennis day, an isolated thunderstorm is possible this evening, upper o'donnell, kpix5. 50s along the coast, low to mid- time now is 4:57. >> coming up in our next half 60s for the bay and inland hour, pilots taking on boeing. topping out in the upper 60s to low 70s. we are going to time it out for this morning new exclusive audio reveals some spoke up
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before the most recent max you taking you hour-by-hour on futurecast coming up. good morning. we are tracking some trouble plane crash. spots here at 4:30 this plus the uc regents are morning, and one of them an meeting on its mission bay unlikely spot, that is if campus today but they will you're coming over the golden gate bridge, just past the toll plaza so past this live picture, there is a traffic collision, a person pulled off to the side of the road. give yourself a little bit of extra time as you might be passing that on your way in. the san mateo bridge is looking pretty darn good for this time of the morning. the camera angle is a little odd, different than normal but that doesn't mean that we are not seeing some pretty normal traffic and it does not look bad at all. off to the bay bridge where there are no metering lights on. there are a couple of trouble spots around the area that i will tell you, that is not one of them. this one is. northbound 101 at sfo, lanes open, they have just cleared that but in the meantime everything on the side of the road and causing some lookie-
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lous. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk and we got an emergency security alert in iraq, a u.s. embassy in iraq urging all nonemergency personnel to leave iraq immediately. there is a do not travel advisory in effect. the state department says due to terrorism, kidnapping and armed lict anthis comes as there is increasing tension about a conflict with iran. we are going to continue to follow this throughout the morning, richmond police investigating the city's fourth shooting in less than 48 hours. a man was shot and killed on chancellor avenue last night, so far no suspects have been identified. this comes on the heels of a violent sunday night as well when there were three separate shootings in 90 minutes leaving four people wounded. and in brentwood this morning a 14-year-old boy is also in the hospital after he was hit by a suspected drunk driver. police say that the teen
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suffered a medical emergency, stepped onto brentwood boulevard near first street and then a truck hit him. police performed a sobriety test on the 58-year-old driver. he was arrested on suspicion of dui. this morning police say that the teen's injuries appeared to be modserial purse snatcher is off the streets after being caught in the act. live from the cbs bay area this surveillance captured the studios, this is kpix5 news. violent robbery that led to his stormy weather moving in. arrest, it happened last week your morning commute forecast and how long the rain will stick around. on towers lane. the suspect approached this plus a high tech police woman from behind. she was walking up a flight of tool banned from one bay area stairs holding her child's hand city. this morning the potential when the man grabbed her purse dragging them both down the nationwide consequences. and the curry stairs. ory ma wemay 15th. days later police arrested 26- year-old pablo cabrera, saying he is responsible for a rash of similar robberies targeting i'm michelle griego. asian women carrying expensive >> i'm kenny choi. it's our first forecast purses. right now uc berkeley police on the hunt for this with mary. man. inthrooml at the d ra we are not talking atmospheric riverlike conditions, are we? >> thank goodness for that. we are unstrm for this uc berkeley library. images of five people were taken in march. of year and you can see on
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police issued a campuswide alert two months after the hi-def doppler it is lit up incident. photos of 13 people were also taken in the same location in this morning. now, more impressive than what's actually happening on the ground but we are getting october. 4:33 right now. this morning alabama is one sprinkles to light rain this step closer to having the strictest abortion law in the morning. so for the north bay, you can country. last night a bill passed the see that light rain pushing state legislature that would n right around 101 down through novato and san rafael. across the golden gate bridge reporterlithe into san francisco, across the details on what's next. >> house bill 314 passes. bay bridge into east bay as well as for berkeley and >> reporter: alabama senate passed a near total ban on abortion last night. alameda. your afternoon micro climate >> i prayed my way through this forecast, wet and windy, an isolated thunderstorm is issue and this bill. possible this evening. >> reporter: the republican foco supported measure bans all abortion-related acts except to preserve the health of the mother. a doctor performing one would face up to 99 years in prison. senators rejected an attempt to add an exception for rape and incest. >> 11 yea11 -- >> reporter: has not said if she will sign it into law. >> i expect her to sign it.
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>> reporter: republican terri collins sponsored the bill in the state house. >> the issue of roe versus wade that was decided on which is the baby in the womb is a person. >> reporter: alabama's bill is stricter thansix other states that recently passed abortion bans. >> you aborted the state of alabama. you just raped alabama with this bill. >> reporter: senate minority leader bobby singleton says doctors who perform abortions could serve more time in prison than a woman's rapist. >> if doctors start walking out of the state and we start getting bad medical care and healthcare, we can't recruit anyone in the industry because you don't have great healthcare and doctors to come, don't blame nobody but yourselves. >> reporter: supporters believe exceptions would weaken a supreme court challenge but they could be added if roe v. wade is overturned. marc liverman, cbs news. >> none of the abortion bans passed are in effect yet. they are all facing extensive court challenges. and the aclu immediately announced it would sue to stop
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this one as well. if the governor, however, signs six months from now. this morning san francisco is the first city in the nation to ban one type of cutting edge technology. the board of supervisor voted to bar police and all other city agencies from using facial recognition technology. the policy is the first of its kind and experts say it could spark a nationwide debate about the controversial software. >> it could create guardrails that keep governments from doing something that we are uncomfortable with. >> the ban only applies to cameras run by city agencies, not private, state or federal cameras. instead of banning rvs from the streets altogether, city leaders in east palo alto are doing something no other and e tt ow st in a . the'ada wait list
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of nearly three dozen. it provides a security guard, bathrooms and even showers. the gates open up at 7:00 every night and then the rvs must leave at 7:30 each morning. >> our goal is to turn over new families every few months so hopefully we will be able to help all the fawaacon of light on a dark, stormy time. >> the new project comes as city leaders recentlypassed a ban on overnight parking for oversized vehicles. this program costs about half million dollars with the city paying for most of it. wall street rebounds as the u.s.-china trade war continues and disney grows its streaming service. diane king hall has those stories and more in today's money watch report. >> reporter: stocks rebounded yesterday despite the escalating trade war with china. the dow rose 207 points, the nasdaq added 87, and the s&p
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500 gained 22. president trump downplayed the trade tension calling it to tenttariffs on chinese imports as both sides fight for the upper hand. meanwhile disney is taking full control of hulu as it continues to grow its streaming services. comcast, which owns a third of hulu can sell its stake to disney in 2024 for at least $5.8 billion. until then, it will be a silent partner. comcast's nbc shows will still be available on hulu for at least the next five years. and don't want to talk to your uber driver? there's now an option in the app for that. the ride hailing company announced that uber black riders can choose quiet mode, which will let the driver know you're not in the mood to talk. if you are, that's an option too. and that's your cbs money watch report. for more head to cbs
4:39 am at the new york stockton exchange, i'm diane king hall. the fans got a west coast showdown at oracle arena. >> fireworks blast avenue again last night. steph curry lifting up the warriors as the team cruised by the portland trail blazers. golden state now leading the series one game to nothing and hours before the game east oakland's damian lillard showed up in a custom as jersey, his hope to put on a show for his hometown. >> we really handled it. steph curry, he came out. >> i support damian. i'm a cross between damian and oakland but it's all about the warriors. >> to see last night's game wasn't cheap. average price of a warriors on the secondary market at over $1000. the second highest ever next to
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last season's 1800 per ticket and prices are expect to go up >> in a few minutes dennis o'donnell has your full sports highlights. 4:40. call it the modern day milk man. coming up a new service delivering everything from oatmeal to hand soap in returnable containers. take another peek outside, this time at the city of san francisco. a lot of rain on the way. mary has got more when we come back. this is cbs health watch. >> 90% of bone mass created by age 20. check out these bone building tips for kids. rve tan fonstead of g. like salmon and involve runnin jumping d cutting. toe orstanford
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children's health, access to excellence. hson, the wine on, okay?on.av to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you,
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on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. new this morning, the environmental protection agency says only about 9% of the plastic created in the u.s. is recycled. >> and now one company is trying to revive an old idea to help with this modern day problem. meg oliver explains. >> reporter: like millions of americans, cheryl has products delivered to her house. but the new service she is testing is different. >> it's just like any other e- commerce shopping site, you order your products, everything
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about the entire order is -- there's nothing to recycle. everything is reusable. >> reporter: the site called lube sells dozens of brand name products from tide detergent to hoggan hoggan daas ice cream. tom say is the ceo of terracycle, the company behind lube. he points out that the vast majority of the -- are containers. they are sent to a plant like this one, they are washed, sterilized and sent to the manufacturer to be refilled. >> the world's biggest companies from png to nestle, from mars to uni leaver, coke and pepsi have joined in. >> how will this help the environment? >> when you move from single use products and packages to multi-use, what you are doing is you are eliminating the need to create packaging over and over and over.
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>> reporter: cornell professor glen dowell likes the concept but says all that shipping has an environmental impact. >> when you think about the footprint of the transportation of getting the containers back and forth, it's going to be quite a few times that these containers have to be reused before they are better in an environmental sense than the plastic containers they replace. >> reporter: loop will be available to the public on may 21st. >> i do it because i believe in the program and i believe in the concept. >> reporter: sue paid a one time deposit of $2.50 for each container and a $7 shipping fee for each order but she believes it's money well spent. meg oliver, cbs news, langhorne, pennsylvania. 4:44 right now. seeing a little bit of rain but a lot more to come. >> that's right. so widespread rain is coming. if it's not raining just yet, just wait. we are looking at a strong storm system that will push
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across our region. grab your rain jackets, your umbrellas, you will need it today. here is hi-def doppler. this looks more impressive than what's actually hitting the ground. so a lot of this is virga, but some of it is making it to the ground with sprinkles to light rain this morning. so from the golden date, the north bay, the golden bay, sausalito, across the bay bridge and into the east bay, picking up some light return so some light rain this morning. and you can see on our salesforce tower camera looking west, a wet camera th with temperatures definitely th side,the mid to upper 50s to low 60s at this hour. here's the satellite and radar view and there is that strong storm system, unusually strong for this time of year. this is a storm we typically see in the winter. time it out for you first and show you. we do see rain in may. this is our 30-year average for
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may. so 83 hundredths, what we typically vetenths in san franc 43 hundredths in livermore and san hundredths. what we normally see for the 30- year average for the month of may. but it has been dry for the last several years because we have been in a drought so the last time it rained a quarter inch or more in san francisco in may was may 28th of 2011 and it's going to rain today and we are already seeing that. on futurecast as we take you through the afternoon, we are going to see increasing rain and wind. as we go through the evening hours that's when the worst of it will arrive. so, unfortunately, for that afternoon and evening commute, it is going to be a mess with heavy downpours, the winds are going to kick up as well with that actual front pushing through and then as we head through tomorrow, isolated thunderstorms and showers that will continue. rainfall amounts, attaches 3 1/2 inches for the north bay mountains, up to an inch and a half for the east bay peninsula, up to three quarters the santa cruz mountains, and
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snow up in the sierra from midnight tonight until 6:00 a.m. friday, heavy snow expected, up to 2 feet of snow for the peaks and foso berage tefor at seven-dareca ware and windy day isolated thunderstorms begin this evening into tomorrow, so we are looking at wet and windy conditions that will continue into your thursday and friday morning, drying out after friday, another storm rolls in for saturday and then a third storm early next week. now let's check in with emily for a look at traffic. >> compared to that it's more clear as far as your roadways are concerned here at 4:47. start with a look at your overall drive times. looking pretty darn good with the exception of one usual suspect at this hour. that's the altamont pass coming through from 205-2680, take you only about 34 minutes. that's going to start to creep up about now but it still looks
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darn good. cleared out an accident of the way and your drive time in the yellow there. elsewhere your drive times are alin t way, less half ur on highway 4 and onboro the on-ramp there, moved to the right-hand side. but it doesn't seem to be causing any delays. hop over to this one at sfo basically, northbound 101 at sfo, the lanes there are now open. it doesn't seem to be causing any delays there either but you might see some flashing lights on the roadway because that was a pretty big accident earlier this morning. off to the altamont pass where you are up to 16 miles an hour coming through this, a little bit slow and go past north flynn but then you are back up to a regular running speed as you get closer to the 580, 680 interchange where everything looks darn good as well. off to mobile 5. he is on the ground running, giving you a firsthand look the your commute with the windshield wipers, by the way. headed eastbound on the bay bridge, everythithe east side.
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the west side span is starting to pick up. again, you see the rain drops. give yourself the extra time you need because the roads will be wet. >> thank you. milestone for forrest gump and keanu reeves received one of hollywood's highest honors. >> chris martinez has your eye on entertainment. >> reporter: keanu reeves placed his hand prints and footprints in concrete at the tcl chinese theater where he took his place among other hollywood legends tuesday. >> gosh. i love movies. i love watching them and i love making them. it is an honor to be here today to celebrate. >> reporter: reeves thanked his parents, fellow actors, agents, teachers and fans for supporting reer. new movie john wick get. this ar m the esgump.
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paramount is celebrating by issuing a remastered two disk blu-ray with added features. there's also a free screening at the national wall in washington, d.c. memorial day weekend. and david letterman is returning to netflix for a second season. starting may 31st you can catch all six new episodes of his show my next guest needs no introduction with david letterman. he kicked off last season with a sitdown with president barack obama. that's your eye on entertainment, cbs news, los angeles. i'm going to take you inside the locker room for reaction gget it in the nba draft and the baseball story, all coming up from oracle. and we have a hockey story too. this is the city of san jose. the sharks will not be playing there tonight. they are on e
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game anyway. game three against the st. louis blues. 4:51. we will be right back.
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good wednesday morning to you. it's a wet start to the day in transamerica cam looking south and a wet camera out there. show you hi-def doppler now. this looks more impressive than what's actually happening, what's actually hitting the ground but we are getting light rain right over the golden gate into san francisco, over the border bay bridge we have seen the cars using their windshield wipers and from east bay, berkley, oakland as well as orinda. and heavy rain is expected later today as well as strong winds. we are going to time it out for
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you, taking u urby hour on futurecast coming up. good morning, everybody from oracle. both the warriors and blazers were coming off emotional and exhausting second round series. last night in game one of the conference final, the warriors looked like they had recovered, portland, not so much. blazers star and oakland's own damian lillard sporting an as jersey as he got to oracle. throws it between two defenders, layup. jarepco scored six. curry scored 19 in the first half. the doves led by nine at the break. third quarter corey stays hot, from downtown to push the lead to 11. steph thand scored -- lillard's layup cut the deficit to six, he scored 19 points on four of 12
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shooting. four minutes to go, curry gets the rebound, throws brothers co for 62 points and the warriors win game one 116-94. >> obviously nice to see the ball going in. i didn't shoot the ball well for 4 1/2 quarters and -- or 4 1/2 games, i should say, in the last series and got off to a good start tonight. so want to maintain that. every game is different. you got to reestablish yourself. >> they are a team that they go on runs, make shots and the game can get away from you so tonight we had too many moments where we had slip-ups defensively. you can't allow that. if you allow that against this team, especially on the road, you're going to have a slim chance to win. >> the series will get tougher and tougher. contemporary to every headline, we will say it tomorrow, we know how tough it will be. >> for the teams that did not make the playoffs, last night
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was the nba draft lottery and that was won by cans o had just a 6% chance to get the number 1 pick, which is second batter o
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