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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  May 16, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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new numbers to back up what people have been seeing on bay area streets. a spike in the homeless population. >> glen ramirez is live in san jose with the spike in homelessness in santa clara county. >> reporter: about 10,000 people now living on the streets in santa clara county. most of them right here in the city of san jose where just over 6,000 people are living homeless in the city limits. that is a 42% increase over the last time one of these surveys was taken. and that was just two careers ago. despite all efforts of the city and county to solve the homeless crisis, the numbers continue to swell. and it's speeding up, according to the county's point in time homeless survey, which
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showed for every one person who comes in off the streets to be housed three, new homeless persons take their place. >> we're losing the battle and the war when it comes to housing. >> reporter: city and county policies aren't working. >> they're not closing the gap. they need to change their strategy and approach to see the homeless problem as symptomatic of the overall problem. a few people are benefiting. most places are not. >> reporter: keith sandoval lives on coyote creek. he says the least they could do is provide sanitation services. >> so we could have hygiene, be clean, it's hard. >> we have tabout this challeng. >> reporter: the mayor says es cantheir way out of the problem on their own.
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the city and county have added 7,000 low-income housing units but nimbies have even stopped projects from being built. >> the way we solve this is by embracing the responsibility we all have to house the homeless in our own cities in our neighborhood. >> reporter: and homeless advocates say there needs to be more services on the streets to keep people from dying on the streets. they say the top three causes of people dying on the streets of san jose now have to do with drug overdoses, diabetes, and pneumonia. other parts of the bay area are seeing a rise in homelessness over the past two years. a 43% jump in alameda county for more than 8,000 people. in contra costa county, the count is up 35%. and in san francisco, the number jumped
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17%. a bill to make it easier to build housing near public transit hubs is now postponed. the appropriations committee did not vote on the measure introduced by state senator scott wiener. he said disappointed in the delay adding "we're either serious about solving this crisis or we aren't. at some point we'll need to make the hard political choices necessary for california to have a bright housing future." our other top headline right now. the warriors looking for their second straight win tonight over the portland trail blazers. golden state is playing well so far in the western conference finals. without kevin durant, fans have been counting on the splash brothers. detectives say they've solved a four-decade old murder case. janice taylor was found strangled to death in march 1974. now with the help of dna evidence, they say that john
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arthur detrue was the culprit all along. he was arrested last year for a separate murder and being held on $10 million bail. a massive gang investigation is wrapping up in the east bay. multiple search warrants being executed spanning three counties and six cities. police say an uptick in shootings in oakland is due to a super cell. three prolific gangs making an alliance to wage war. murder charges in connections to a murder sprey that left three day in three bay area cities. the suspect targeted victims in oakland, san francisco, and berkeley. police say 43-year-old stefan jefferson then headed to nevada where he shot and wounded a douglas county sheriff's deputy. he is facing three counts of murder. no word on motives, but police say the suspect knew all three victims. a proposal to shut down san
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francisco's juvenile hall has passed a crucial committee vote. the committee voted unanimously to move the closure forward. they called for a plan to develop alternatives by 2021. the proposal was spurred by reports the city spent $12 million a year on juvenile hall. but the beds are mostly empty. the measure moved to the board of supervisors for a final vote. a woman in los angeles is facing serious charges this evening. she is accused of two attempted kidnappings inside mcdonald's restaurants. video shows the moment the woman grabs a toddler and carries him out. the woman didn't get very far. she was stopped in the parking lot by a witness and then she fled the scene. this all happened tuesday afternoon. but yesterday, police say the same woman grabbed another four-year-old boy at a nearby mcdonald's. the 33-year-old woman was arrested last night and faces attempted kidnapping charges. members of the trump administration met with key
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congressional leaders today to talk about what they see as a newly elevated threat from iran. officials say they have evidence of credible threats to u.s. interests by iran, including pictures of ballistic missiles loaded on irannian boats to possibly hit targets on land. >> clearly the threat level must be pretty high. ian boats to possibly hit targets on land. >> clearly the threat level must be pretty high. >> the state department ordered nonemergency personnel to leave neighboring iraq. a carrier site group headed by the uss lincoln has arrived in waters south of the entrance to the persian gulf in response to the crisis. campaign 2020, new york city mayor de blasio just announced he is joining the presidential race. he is released this new
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campaign ad and shares his vision for affordable healthcare, providing mental health services and supporting working class families. his biggest point was about the president. >> donald trump must be stopped. i've beaten him before and i doll it 89. >> de blasio is running on a platform of urban progressive leadership. he touts accomplishments such as universal pre-k and raising the minimum wage. he is the latest democrat to throw his hat into the ring and joins an already-crowded field becoming the 24th democratic contender to challenge president trump. she broke barriers as a woman in science. a bay area woman never got the recognition she ene until now. what it means to finally earn her phd after 50 years. >> and the sierra covered in snow in may? how can that be?
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how crews are working overtime to keep the road clear in this long winter. >> and coming up at 6:00, a new push to lower the price of prescription drugs. three bay area counties now teaming with the state to make it happen. their plan that could save consumers millions.
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highway 160, the antioch bridge. and it is a mess. multivehicle accident. this is a
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northbound lane. at least one lane closed there. off and on, the second lane as well. they're clearing debris. a live picture is coming in from chopper 5. several vehicles involved. this is just before you get to the toll plaza. only two lanes to get up that way. so it's slow-going for people heading northbound. and you can see the wreckage there, shot from another car. northbound highway 160. the ont jobbing bridge. tough ride home for folks that have to head up that way. the live news desk, i'm ken bastida, back to you. pei's work spans from commercial buildings in the new york and dallas skylines to the national gallery in dc. perhaps best known for the glass pyramid in front of the louvre in paris. the structure grew outrage at first. now it's hard to imagine
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the louvre without it. a lafayette woman has been awarded a phd in chemistry which she actually earned 50 years ago. >> just as science has progressed in that time, so has the attitude about who can practice it. >> reporter: it's no accident, there are lots of women in the science labs in st. mary's college. 70% of the school's biology students are female. the school has a special program to mentor and encourage women in science. >> that alone gives them so much more confidence to do better when they actually leave and go off. >> reporter: there was no such program when cheryl gambi was in school. she was a graduate student at the university of chicago. as part of her research to earn her phd, she invented a way to measure temperatures near absolutely zero. >> there's this limit of the universe that you can't get any colder than. >> reporter: no one had ever done that, and her academic
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advisor told her it was time to write up her research and present her doekt orl research. >> ten days later, he dropped dead suddenly. three days after that, the department came to me and said sorry, the fellow taking over the research won't have a woman in his research group. >> reporter: cheryl's discovery was eerily similar to what later won someone else a nobel prize and helped support what became known as the big bang theory. but cheryl's work was never recognized because no one at the university would even look at it. >> i was so crushed by the situation at the time. and the definitive you're a woman you can't go on. >> reporter: so cheryl packed up, moved to california and got a job teaching chemistry at diablo valley college in the east bay. despite her setbacks, or perhaps because of it, she has lived a life of discovery. exploring eastern mit simple, and even, mysticism, and even
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wrote a book about it. last year, she scanned all her old notebooks and research materials and sent them to her former college. and after reviewing her work from 48 years ago, the university of chicago sent an apology and awarded her a very belated phd. the only student to ever earn one without presenting a thesis. >> all my life, i thought of myself as a woman who didn't make it. and all of a suddenifind i'm a woman who always made it. >> reporter: cheryl can't help but wonder what she might have accomplished in science but wouldn't trade the life she had to get it. >> she has more than mad she will participate in the commencement ceremony in chicago in june. the school offered to fly her out at their expense.
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it is the end of a tv era. after 12 seasons, and 279 episodes, the series finale of the big bang theory airs tonight. >> hi. >> hi. >> hi? >> it debuted in 2007. the show would go on to win ten emmies and turn its top stars into some of television's highest-paid actors. >> just finding that kind of a formula where the writing is that good and the cast has that kind of chemistry. and the rest is history. >> the theory has ranked as tv's most-watched comedy averaging more than ten million viewers a week. you can catch the hour-long finale of the big bang theory tonight at 8:00 right here. this time of year, the snow should be melting up in the sierra. but that certainly is
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not happening. instead we got fresh snow falling. reporter rachel wolf near king vail for us tonight. >> reporter: yeah, you know, this time of year, we're normally thinking about sandals and sunglasses. not snow gear. i am fully decked out. and this is beautiful. look how light and fluffy it is right here. what happens is that freezes, unfreezes and freezes again. and it turns into icy conditions. and that's when you have the chain installers who come out. and caltrans putting on chain controls in some parts of this area. the mountains covered in snow. in mid-may? >> ski jacket? >> it's in the car. >> reporter: we saw controls until 11:00 am thursday. caltrans crews are in overdrive, doubling and tripling staffing in some locations. >> people are on-hand to run all of our extra projects that we have here. the sand trucks and some of our grateders.
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we're not anticipating needing the blowers but we keep people on-hand. >> reporter: materials are there while crews monitor road conditions. >> we don't let our guard down. >> reporter: the caltrans station is staffed year-round but it's been a long winter. >> may snow is not unheard of. the latest snow they have had here june 12th. we're hoping that's not the case up here. >> reporter: back out here live, we are hearing that there are chain controls in the king vail area. don't come up here unless you have your chains. if you can't put them on yourself, there's plenty of guys lined up that will do it for you, there are also chain controls in the donner interchange area. you remember when han solo was frozen in carbonite? >> what human could be frozen immediately upon death and brought back to life?
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when a secure found? an alameda county company is offering you a second chance at life. >> because he wanted to stop death and live forever. >> this is what he wanted. >> find out more about the technology that aims to allow you to live forever and what the critics have been saying about frozen for a second life. that is tonight on the new kpix 5 news at 7:00. make a run for the border and stay overnight. what to expect from the new taco bell hotel.
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this lake here, san antonio, texas, full of water. streams over the top of the spill gate. suddenly that breaks. >> whoa. >> the wall comes crashing down. all that water pouring out into another lake dourn stream. that rupture was so powerful, the camera shakes. nearby residents say they are devastated about losing one of their favorite vacation spots. >> all that water in texas. snow in the sierra. and more rain in the forecast. >> rain in the forecast. scattered showers this evening and tonight. andhu r weend is more, steady soaking rainfall. i know, it's may. we typically don't get this much rainfall. but we've received many curve balls from mother nature this year. here's the latest. this particular cell that just moved over san francisco is not that big. but it moved right over the city.
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some tweets, small hail reported from this. the camera shot from the sales force tower, almost completely washed out by the rain just minutes ago. now it's heading toward you in oakland. watch out for some small hail there. also alameda and portions of berkeley. widely scattered showers now. but where it is raining, it is pouring. so you may get 5, 10, 15 minutes of pouring rainfall then nothing for two hours. then it'll pour again. the other side, from treasure island looking back at the city, you can see, of course, the raindrops. some small hail stones flying by. and right behind it, there's clear sky. behind san francisco where it just poured, it'll be sunny in a matter of minutes. we're chilly outside, you know that. santa rosa 52. concord 55. trivalley in the 50s. santa clara valley 51. and the city of san francisco 51 degrees. sunrise before 6:00. you know it will stay cloudy tomorrow morning. pollen count, pretty low. staying low for the next couple days.
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our rain chance stays elevated. if you suffer from allergies, this is pretty good news. contra costa county fair this weekend is through sunday. antioch, always a fun time. pretty wet on saturday. if you want to go to the fair and stay rain-free, i suggest tomorrow or sunday afternoon. saturday is gonna be rather soggy. it's an active pattern. showers are gone by 10:00, 11:00 tonight. a dry break on friday. but the storm track is not moving. the ridge of high pressure, nowhere close to the bay area. it'll get more by saturday morning. futurecast, the drying conditions overnight tonight. we're dry for the morning commute tomorrow. a lot of sunshine tomorrow afternoon. watch the rain move in from the north bay, working its way south. i think it's raining in most locations by 9:00 on saturday. it's prettyy. staying pretty soggy throughout the day. then we'll see scattered showers lingering all the way through sunday
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morning. so your we headlines, a chance of showers overnight tonight. a break on friday before rain returns on saturday. 10 degrees below average in concord. san mateo, 55, and mid-50s at the coast. san ramon brisk, 63. san rafael, 64, oakland 62. napa 66 degrees. chilly in wine country. saturday the rain returns. it'll last through sunday morning. what? scattered showers on monday. perhaps lingering into tuesday. we finally shake this dry pattern and get back to normal weather. frankly, i forget what it feels like. but that'll be next to my brain inside with highs in the 70s. that's your forecast. >> looking forward to that. thank you. still ahead, new details on the uc berkeley student accused of attacking and sexually assaulting two women. why police believe there may be more victims. >> and the future of high -speed rail is up in the air.
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the major setback the project is now facing. all right boys, time for bed.
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if you love tubl, you can stay in one now. >> the fast food chain is opening up a palm sponsorships hotel called the bell. a taco bell hotel and resort. it's gonna open august 9th in sunny palm springs. and they will serve tacos. the hotel is only open for a limited time. and you have to wait till june to book that room. a couple dining in a british restaurant ended up on the sweet end of a pretty pricey mixup. instead of the $300 bottle of wine they ordered, they got a nearly $6,000 bottle. the restaurant tweeted a side by side picture of the two bottles writing "they look pretty similar, okay?"
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a manager accidentally grabbed the bottle on the left, mistaking it for another bordeaux of the same vintage. nobody realized it until afterward, of course. the restaurant had a message to the staffer who gave it away. we love you anyway. >> thank goodness. a spring storm bringing another round of rain. >> after how many years of discussion, it is finally coming together here in a yard in richmond. the golden gate bridge suicide deterrent. >> a uc berkeley student arrested for attacking and sexually assaulting two women.
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>> we'll take a live look outside from our exclusive sales force cameras. and you can see, it's cloudy, gray, and there are scattered showers across the bay area right now. mobile weather lab is tracking the evening commute. and drivers here are getting a pretty good break right now on interstate 880 in san leandro. those dark clouds could be heading over any time. >> even though the rain is winding down, it doesn't mean much if you get caught in one of these downpours. and there are a few still on the radar. we have some scattered downpours. they're getting more widely scattered. there are two or three or four of them. that pouring in oakland, 580 and 880, from emeryville south to the coliseum. we're getting heavy rainfall for five or ten minutes and some widely scattered showers dancing around fremont, union city, dublin and pleasanton and


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