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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  May 16, 2019 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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storm watch. we're live tonight monitoring this late spring storm. will it stretch into the weekend? >> search tonight for more possible victims after a cal student is arrested on sexual assault charges. >> a military fighter jet plunges into a building. >> a notorious campus killing at stanford finally solved. more than 40 years later. >> and it's like a scene from star wars. the alameda county company freezing human bodies.
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>> a test drive auto pilot from tesla had it turned off. >> more spring rain for your thursday night. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. another round of rain making for a slick commute in contra costa county. westbound highway 24. you can see a few raindrops on the windshield there. traffic is moving along pretty smoothly. with the stormy weather, the waves getting pounded by swells over 10 feet tall tonight. paul is tracking the conditions. >> winding down, but the process is still wet for parts of the bay area. tracking one solid shower with some heavy rain moving through oakland, south to san leandro, and stretching over the hill toward alamo and walnut
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creek and rossmore. san leandro, you'll get wet again, likely. sonoma county, you are rain-free, and the rain is clearing from the northwest to the southeast. futurecast calling for mainly clear conditions by midnight tonight if not sooner. and a dry drive to work tomorrow. it'll be cloudy, the rain will be finished but the finishing part is temporary because rain returns this weekend. still snowing in the sierra. sthf gonna last through sunrise tomorrow. additional snowfall of 16 to 20 inches. a may snow storm in the mountains above 6,000 feet in elevation. coming up, how much rain to expect this weekend and when it begins. the entire weekend is not gonna be a washout. mary lee and emily turner will track tomorrow morning's commute beginning at 4:30. new video to show you right now. this is an f16, there it is in the circle, crashing on the march air reserve base in riverside county.
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went right through the roof of a building. this is dashcam somebody on the freeway had on. moments when the airplane went through the roof of a warehouse. a gaping hole left in the roof left by that fuselage. started a small fire that was quickly extinguished. the pilot is believed to have ejected safely, landing on the airfield adjacent to that. two people were injured inside the warehouse. their condition tonight unknown. there has been an arrest in two violent sexual assaults in berkeley. the suspect is a cal student. andrea borba reports that police believe there may be more victims. >> reporter: sent is a cal student described by berkeley pd as active in the greek system. the police department says none
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of the assaults took place on campus. this is the man berkeley pd says is behind two sexual assaults just off-campus. the alleged assaults happen november, 2017, and march, 2019. >> we believe there are more victims who may not -- who haven't come forward. >> reporter: the assaults are linked to this address on wearing not far from the cal campus. berkeley pd says the saults had a common thread. violence. >> in the incidents that have been reported to us, the suspect uses violence to subdue the victims. in the cases that victims have been injured, physically injured in these attacks. >> reporter: documents from alameda county describe one of the victims as being pushed against the balcony, getting punched in the eye and ribs.
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the victim claims he pushed their head down toward his genitals. the second victim says she was held down by wolf and he raped and bit her multiple times causing bruising and broken skin. sexual assault has been an ongoing problem in berkeley and in and around the cal campus for a few years now. >> i've heard a lot of things about rape incidents, sexual assault incidents happening almost every week, honestly. >> reporter: wolf was formally charged in alameda county with multiple counts of rape. a breakthrough in a 45-year-old murder case. in 1974, 21-year-old janet ann taylor was found strangled to death at the stanford campus. the case went unsolved until today. now detectives believe 74-year-old john arthur getrue of hayward was the culprit. >> it is continually gratifying to be able to solve these cases
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to bring these criminals into court. years and decades later. a reminder that these cases never end. >> he is reported to have a long criminal history. last year he was arrested for another murder from the early '70s. he is being held on $10 million bail. another crash involving tesla's auto pilot is raising new questions about whether the technology is ready for prime time. >> reporter: this is now the fourth fatal crash involving a tesla with auto pilot turned on. and the details of this one, auto pilot crashing into the side of an 18 wheeler, the car going underneath and getting the top sheered off, this is not the first time that it's happened. according to the n, it sb, on march 1st, the tesla was travelogue this florida highway
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when the truck pulled out of a driveway to make a left turn and crossed right in front of the tesla. this is all that's left. it went off the truck, praktically sheering off the top half. the car kept on going another third of a mile. the details from this crash are very similar to an auto pilot crash in 2016. the 18-wheel tractor trailer turned left across the freeway. the model s, colored in red struck the trailer passing underneath it, again sheering off the top half of the car. today tesla released a statement that said in part tesla drivers have logged more than one billion miles with auto pilot engaged and our data shows when properly used by an attentive driver who is prepared to take control at all times, drivers supported by auto pilot are safer than those offering without assistance. 600 teachers, counselors and nurses plan to walk off the job in union city and south hayward. >> this is the first strike in
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that school's district history. they'll be hitting the picket lines monday to demand a 10% raise over two years. new haven unified says they don't have the money for this and their teachers are the highest paid in the county. >> we want to support our teachers. >> these teachers knew what they were getting into. >> i feel ready to go and anxious and nervous. >> officials don't know how much the repairs will cost but it also happened last saturday night as well.
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coming up next, a kpix 5 original report. >> a company in the east bay is freezing human bodies in hopes tell one day bring them back to life. >> it's a sterile environment. think of it as an intensive care unit where parishes are being taken care of until medical technology can revive them. >> why environmental groups say they're about to sue a chemical giant in contra costa county. >> people in california have a right to do their own citizen enforcement. >> plus it looks more like december than may. tonight in the sierra an updated on roads you should avoid. >> monitoring the roads closer to home. and the radar here in the bay area. paul is back next with the weekend forecast.
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freezing dead bodies until some future medical breakthrough restores them to full health and a second life. >> nearly 3 first americans are banking on that in three facilities in the united states, including one in the east bay. >> reporter: who wouldn't want to see a deceased loved one
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again? alive and healthy? for a price, an alameda county company is offering just that. >> this is like a hospital. >> reporter: except all the patients here are clinically dead and stored in huge stainless steel containers. >> it really is a very intense time. >> reporter: one of three crio genic facilities in the country. these specialized containers are like a high-tech body thermos. >> full of liquid nitrogen. and we'll keep them there until we can revive them. >> reporter: the company's chief technology officer. we suited up to go inside of the sterile facility. >> here's the patients. >> yeah. >> reporter: once a doctor pronounces you legally dead from whatever cause, your body is
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brought here. your blood is replaced with plasma-like fluid that acts like antifreeze. he calls it a chryo-protectant. >> they can more than the temperature. >> reporter: they are kept on ice, dry ice, and then liquid nitrogen. they are then transferred to the large containers. >> you are completely in tact here. >> reporter: they will remain suspended in liquid nitrogen indefinitely until some time in the future when a cure is found and technology can restart them. >> they'll be there for 30 years, some have been there for 15 years. and there's one just waiting to go in right now, actually. >> i don't think these things have a snowball's chance in death valley in july of ever being revived. >> reporter: professor hank greeley is a director of the stanford center for law and the biosciences. he is skeptical
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that a human body and brain could ever be safely frozen as described and successfully revived. >> i can't say that it can't ever possibly happen. but i wouldn't bet a dime on it. >> reporter: even so. >> this is what he wanted. >> reporter: we spoke to the family and friends of a loved one stored here. >> he wanted to stop death and live forever in his life which was cut short. >> it was a tragedy. but i think it's kind of a new adventure for him in a way. >> reporter: as of today, no one has safely and successfully reversed this procedure in a human being. garrin says the technology is inevitable. >> it's the hope of a second chance. >> i'm a scientist and i don't do hope. i do facts. >> reporter: for now, these patients are banking on the possibility. as for the cost? >> $150,000. and that covers everything. it covers the
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profusion, the suspension and the care for however long it takes to revive you. >> reporter: there's no sure way to know how soon this could happen. only science and time will tell. >> however transtime has suspended five patients' bodies in liquid nitrogen and other people have signed up. something we do know about, the storm watch coverage tonight. let's take a look at winter in the sierra. that's something you can sink your teeth into. some areas are under a storm winter storm warning. >> reporter: the sierra mountains covered in snow. in mid-may? >> you didn't bring your ski jacket. >> it's in the car. >> reporter: we saw chain controls on i-80 until 11:00 am thursday. caltrans crews are in overdrive. >> our best people are onhard to
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run all our extra plow trucks, sand trucks and some grader. we're not anticipating needing the blowers but we keep people on-hand. >> reporter: more manpower and crews are there. >> we don't let our guard down. >> reporter: the king vail station is staffed year-round. but it's been a long winter. >> may snow is not unheard of. the latest snow they have had sheer june twelfth. we're hoping that's not the case this year. >> june 12th. >> yeah. it's gonna be one of those years. >> already is. >> skiing until the 4th of july. you'll be able to ski year-round in some locations. >> if you can sneak out there, climb a little bit. >> ski in shorts. >> there's a lot of snow up there. it's been one of those years. every month has had some kind of curb and welcome to it.
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it's a knuckleball, actually. and we have some rain out there still. there it is. san ramon. it's left alamo and walnut creek. south and east of oakland. a couple shots out there of rainfall. most of it has left the north bay. a few drips around stanford, palo alto. let's see, there we go. there's the bay bridge. santa rosa, more than 2 inches of rainfall. richmond, more than an inch of rain. san carlos, livermore, san jose. all of those readings. pollen count stays low for the next several days. our rain chance will stay elevated and that may impact your weekend plans, the fair out in antioch tomorrow good. sunday better. saturday not so much. rain is likely in antioch. 65 degrees coming up this weekend.
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one storm exiting. that's why the rain chance is decreasing right now. there's only one shower out there currently. then almost as soon as this one exits, this next one is going to move in. that will impact your weekend plans. in between we'll get a completely try day tomorrow. sunshine for the evening commute tomorrow. should be a beautiful afternoon. albeit chilly. saturday here it comes, next round of rainfall as early as eight or 9:00 in the morning. the rain will continue into the afternoon. showers continue saturday night. a second round of rainfall coming up sunday morning. most of the weekend does carry the chance of rain. chance of rain tonight. and it'll stay breezy and chilly. a dry break tomorrow. that rain does return on saturday. your high temperatures tomorrow, 60s. even with the sunshine. and san francisco 59 degrees. your extended forecast, saturday, midmorning. the rain is back, if not sooner. it'll be a wet day. sunday afternoon is the driest
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part of the weekend. sunday afternoon, complete dry. scattered showers possible monday, tuesday. and then maybe a normal may pattern with highs in the 60s and 70s and sunshine and no rainfall. that'll return by the middle of next week. we stay wet for at least the first half of the weekend. that's your forecast. >> thanks. up next, trump unveils his plan for immigration reform. >> plus, how governor newsom plans to play hardball to lower the price of prescription drugs. >> the escalating fight over a woman's right to choose. another state looking into strict new abortion laws. >> and it seems like a joke but it is the real deal. we'll show you taco bell's new hotel. >> and coming up tonight at 11:00, the is.a. the secret new adversity score. good idea or not fair?
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president trump announcing a sweeping new immigration plan today. it emphasizes new security measures at the border and shifts to a merit-based path
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to citizenship for legal immigrants. the administration is proposing a point system that gives preference to high-skilled workers. education, income, and english proficiency are also key criteria. state senators in missouri have passed a bill that bans abortions after eight weeks. it makes an exception for medical emergencies. doctors who perform an abortion after eight weeks face 15 years in prison. missouri has a 72-hour waiting period, and only one abortion clinic in the state. three bay area counties are teaming up with the state to negotiate lower prescription drug prices. they are creating one giant entity to force drug companies to lower their cost. governor newsom says it's just like buying something in bulk to save money. and he's prepared to play hardball if companies refuse. >> they now threaten to take a
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drug that's life-saving over a formulary to reap in massive product, that's shameful beyond word, that's the end of capitalism as we know it. if you love taco bell, now you can stay in one and have a siesta after your fiesta. the fast food chain is opening the bell in sunny palm springs. you can float on a packet of hot sauce. but you'll have to wait until june when it's really hot in palm springs to book that room. >> wow. i'm just waiting. >> what you always wanted to do. >> waiting for them to bring back the enchorito buffet. >> the ultimate. coming up next, the end of a tv era. why there could be lots of laughs and some tears tonight for fans of one hit cbs show.
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in just about a half hour millions of you will say goodbye to sheldon, hennard, penny and the rest of the gang on big bang theory. >> hi, hi. >> hi. >> hi?
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