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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  May 17, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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starts right now. good evening of elizabeth cook. >> i am ken bastida we begin with a new twist in the rando eviction contest. >> that's what tenants call it when lengthy construction projects evict them from their rent-controlled units. >> covering the topic and news of a six-figure settlement for some of those renters. >> reporter: these tenants were able to do what so few have the money, time or resources to do, which is to hire a lawyer and fight for three years. they now have been granted a $575,000 settlement but neither side feels like they have won. >> i had nowhere else to go. i was holding onto my home. i did what i had to. >> reporter: we first introduced you to peter back in 2016, living in an a several page $587 a month. the developer had just bought
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his building and started renovating. tenants injured constant construction peter says made the place and level. >> the construction was horrible. they literally tore the place down around our ears. the company offered buyouts to peter another tenants with rent control and most excepted accepted but peter and three others lawyered up and sued for wrongful eviction saying the renovations forced them to move out so he could renovate their units in charge more in rent. he settled and agreed to pay $575,000 to all four. >> i am a happy camper. >> reporter: tina wallace one of two who chose to stay at the travelers. he was displaced for a year but he made it easy for him to come back. >> moved out for a year, year and month or two months and danny paid for it he paid for the whole thing. >> reporter: the company never hid who they were trying to attract. a business plan targets young professionals,
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advertises yoga in trendy beer garden. apartments now going for $1500 a month but he still pays 685 and loves the renovations. he says before -- spent it was cockroach, rat infested in bedbug infested. >> reporter: and now? >> mostly techies. >> reporter: oakland is losing its sros more than 2000 in 1985 and just about 1400 today. as for peter this bay area needed moved home to take care of his aging parents. after that is not sure he will be able to stay . >> at the end he still has his hotel, we are still gone so is it a win? i can't tell you. >> reporter: we of course reached out to the developer for an interview. he was not able to go on camera but sent us a statement saying apart when we offered tenants in their new home down the block at the same price or put them up
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in temporary housing, 21 of 25 decided to work with us on common solutions and are happier to this day for it. but it is worth pointing out of the 25 rent-controlled tenants, only a small handful were able to stay in the building. now to of developing story out of berkeley, and you case of measles. live at berkeley bowl on oregon street where the patient made a shopping trip last week. >> unlike so many, this is not a traveler this is a berkeley resident who came down with the measles and him shopping here at the berkeley bowl. the exposure happened may 7th at the berkeley bowl marketplace on oregon and adeline streets. this couple, who asked not to be identified, heard about the exposure to active measles an check their critical receipts and came to the bowl to check
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exactly when those purchases were made. they were worried about their young child. >> it's scary. there's a lot of scary things you can't control but scary to realize at a grocery store someone had measles walking around. >> this family was lucky they were at the berkeley bowl of 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. outside the time of exposure and their child was not exposed. it does take time for that rash to develop but spreads from the head down and other symptoms, flulike symptoms runny nose, fever, that comes first. we will have more coming up on the new kpix5 news at 7:00. if you are planning to participate in bay to breakers on sunday you might want to incorporate a raincoat. if you are going to wear costume. some people don't wear any
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costume they are going to get wet. >> soggy on sunday morning the bigger story is what happens before sunday morning which is the rainfall moving in tomorrow morning. friday night any weekend plans may be due them now as the weekend just begins. tonight will be cloudier clear on the radar can't say the same tomorrow time it out for you depends on where you live if you live north of the golden gate and north of fairfield and valeo tomorrow morning 8:00 -9:00 rain begins rest of us get the ring around lunchtime if not sooner 3:00 in the afternoon soggy everywhere got the bay area shower read through saturday, a bit of a break overnight sunday but 9:00 a.m. folks running around san francisco another round of steady, soaking rainfall likely to move through. and you believe it? more snow for the mountains. 8-15 inches additional snowfall on top of what they received earlier this week. snow level around 6000 feet winter storm watch in effect tomorrow afternoon through sunday.
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what to expect? headlines rain good morning, soggy into the evening slight chance thunderstorm and shower through sunday morning. it is not february we have not taken the time work this is mid- may and still raining. what to expect for next week coming up in a few minutes. in a cruel twist of fate 18 low income families in richmond supposed to receive free solar systems tomorrow will have to wait. the so-called solar block party being canceled because of the rain, rescheduled for a later date. these spring storms are casting a bit of doubt over the future of the wine country grape harvest. >> as you know wine for all of its complexities comes down to a couple simple things there is soil, there are varietals, grapes and weather.
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the grapes of about to talk about our chardonnay grapes. they produce -- the timing of this rainfall poses a particular threat to the grapes that make this bottle of wine. >> this is where you find chardonnay. growing really well the soil a little heavier. after a particularly wet winter the ground is still soaked which has the vines growing so fast you can almost see it. that would ordinarily be great news for tom davies only it is still raining. >> you want no rain, no wind not too caught, not too cold just perfect. >> reporter: this is a delicate time for the chardonnay vines, they are flowering and those tiny, fragile flowers translate directly integrates. >> if we get heavy rain, rain will interfere with pollination
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self pollinating. >> your flowers fewer grapes and less one. remember the fields are not just famous for the quality. >> this is the most expensive agricultural land in america. >> shatter doesn't necessarily ruin the wine can severely limit the yield. >> exactly. this doesn't impact at all the quality. it is just how much we get. >> here is the really fascinating part vendors like to talk about the sweet spot from the field, if you get too level, it gets too much is water down to get the right flavor the sweet spot of production is where you want to feel here's the crazy part. the winter was very wet the beds coming up on the vines incredibly thick maybe too many the rain knocking the onion
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back leg natures way of correcting the harvest too much the rain knocks it back closer to the sweet spot notice reveals its wine is done we tasted honestly an interesting season underway here in napa. 's this morning for neighborhoods when a truck carrying gas canisters overturned. happened on redwood road near lynn drive. the instant triggered evacuations in the shelter-in- place. he was hauling canisters that contain inner gases. some takes more venting has not responded as a precaution it took hours to secure the scene include the road. the intersection reopened 90 minutes ago. a legal fight in santa cruz over a young murder suspect accused in the rape murder of eight -year-old mattie middleton. the judge says the teenage
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suspect should be tried as an adult. joe johns ellezer ruled adrian gonzalez' murder case will stay in the juvenile court he wrote in his ruling sb 1391 unconstitutional is that it goes too far. the voting public never agreed to allow extremely violent and dangerous individuals to be returned to the general public without first being rehabilitated. >> i'm disappointed but i'm not surprised. >> reporter: ted fairbanks one of the attorneys representing gonzales. he says the office plans to appeal the judge's decision and believes all juveniles should have the chance to rehabilitate themselves rather than face a lifetime of punishment an adult prison. >> no one capable of looking at one crime by 114 or 15 -year-old kid and saying this person is irredeemably corrupt. >> the new state law sb 1391
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requires 14 and 15 -year-olds accused of serious crimes, even murder to be tried in the juvenile justice system taken the decision out of the hands of the d.a. or judge which means in most cases they would be released by the ten to 25. mattie's mom says the law goes too far. >> there is no justice right now. we won this round which is fantastic. >> reporter: the legal battle is likely to land in front of the california supreme court. he will have to decide if lawmakers made a mistake with me altered prop 57. stripping judges of the ability to decide what should happen to kids who commit adult crimes. >> it is, the court found, absolutely inconsistent with what the voters of the state of california did. and that the legislature cannot undo what the voters d i unnd say this crime is so horrendous this person can never be redeemed but that is not supported by science. >> both sides seem to understand the judge's ruling the likely to be the final say on this matter but unlike in
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other areas where we have seen judges wring their hands and say they don't like this new law but feel bound by it, this judge says he thinks it's unconstitutional and so therefore isn't following it at all. see that old sound system there? that might be making a comeback. . another big day strike is looming but this time not teachers planning to hit the picket lines. another bizarre side effect of all the spring rain. the inflatable dam that has been flattened.
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. the city of berkeley considering an old-fashioned system for altering residents or alerting them to the new normal during fire season. >> reporter: see that big speaker right there? berkeley had a siren system put in place during world war ii. it's been out of service for decades now, a new kind of danger forces the city to look at a new siren system. >> when paradise happened i realize this could be berkeley in a minute. >> we have the hills. any given viruses and primed
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courage ago. city leaders worry they won't be able to evacuate people fast enough and a large fire. >> as we saw in paradise not everybody was able to get the message and i had absolutely tragic results. >> reporter: many homes in north berkeley and the hills surrounded by trees and dense vegetation. the city's disaster and fire safety commission asking the council to immediately install an outdoor warning system. councilwoman sophie hawn supports the idea. >> the cost in lives is much too high for us to not consider additional layers. >> reporter: the early cost estimates for 23 horns across the city is around $1.1 million. critics say the city should spend the money on removing dead and dangerous trees. instead of wasting it on old technology. >> i think that would be better spent than erecting some
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hardware system which would be obsolete as these are now. >> reporter: opponents argue the city can send out evacuation orders being cell phones, landline and social media. >> not sure i would obey the sirens either either, a lot of people don't think it about the garden hose. >> the fire department supports idea saying an additional alert tool will help evacuate people and save life. >> anyway you can get warning to the public is good. one way won't work for everyone. >> i think we need to make both new technology, all technology. if your sleep it would be great to have a siren wake you up. >> reporter: the mayor also mayor also supports the warning system. a council committee going over the proposal right now. full council will eventually photo the idea. mental health workers at kaiser permanente threatening a statewide walkout. they wanted increasing staffing to address what they call a crisis. union leaders say some patients must wait months for follow-up appointments. others are referred to doctors
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who are out-of-network and not readily available. kaiser says it will make a new proposal on monday. therapists and by psychiatric nurses district five days in december. this at this time there walkout could be open ended. rain has been so heavy in the north bay that atm is being deflated after just a few days days. the russian river's inflatable dam sits at the bottom of the river. sonoma water agency raised it up last week but soon had to go back down. it was already partially submerged and with more on the way they weren't taking any chances. it will be re- inflated in the next couple of weeks once conditions go down a bit. amazing to see how many impacts there are in the bay area with a single, moderate rainfall. the past seven years we have not had rain this late in the season so we get into our
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normal summertime activities where we don't get any rainfall. this year we get back to normal and it feels so different. more rain coming this weekend. clouds moving now, rain tomorrow morning. didn't warm up much but felt warmer we lost wind again sunshine. concord 65, san francisco 58. upper 40s to low 50s overnight. livermore your the 47, san jose and mountain view 50. san francisco 51. radar clear now. it would not be normal at all if we didn't see rain for the next two months or three months but we will see a decent amount tomorrow and the rain chance continues sunday. in the afternoon rainfall begins in the morning but hits steady status but the afternoon. slight chance of a thunderstorm showers continuing until sunday morning highs in the low 60s. the rose parade in santa rosa this weekend. it will be wet tomorrow, cool as well. not the best parade weather but go outside and supported. rain likely sonoma county
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tomorrow. the storm check hasn't moved even though it felt so different today the jet stream, the path of least resistance campus move, just hasn't moved. the leading edge of the cloud cover moving in now, rainfall about 12-16 hours behind it. hour by hour with futurecast it tomorrow morning north bay you get rain tomorrow afternoon all getting rain steady at times, another half inch or three quarters of an inch. by 7:00 we taper off to showers but there through tonight into sunday morning scattered showers another line of steady rainfall moving in is the actual low-pressure area passes by. and we dry out by sunday afternoon peeks of sunshine, less if any rainfall in the day should be mainly dry. train? mind you much of the bay area about a half-inch of rain to three quarters of an inch is the average for the entire month. we will be that this weekend. hayward he tends perhaps more san jose little less concord. overall theme half inch of rain or more on top of what we got
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earlier this week. a couple dry hours early tomorrow morning. sunday afternoon we are dry, in between most of your weekend, rather sloppy and the active pattern likely to end by the middle of next week. these would be normal highs for late february. it is late me in easier highs tomorrow not even 60 degrees in valeo, santa rosa, 62 year high in san jose. extended forecast rain will end by sunday afternoon. dry on monday. don't worry about tuesday scattered showers they are. they could change next week sunshine returns. a quieter pattern with highs returning to the 70s near the bay by next wednesday and thursday. that is your kpix5 forecast. . i am in a place where it always rains. in portland with the golden state warriors. they got a lot of history in the city. some good, some bad. we will tell you about it coming up.
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♪ the beat goes on that was great! . >> reporter: live in portland. only the third time i've ever been to the city. never for the local bruising of course but always for the golden state warriors. the first trip wasn't a whole lot of fun. former warrior charles free will in court seeking reinstatement to the warriors after choking his head coach p.j. carlesimo. the second trip? would you believe? >> the curse is broken bay area here we come baby we just done it. play out to be play out. >> reporter: the we believe dream season in which golden state ended a 13 year postseason drought with a
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playoff clinching win over the trailblazers. >> like a big burden being lifted like one of them asked me ten weights being lifted off the whole bay area. >> for the organization something i will always remember. >> now the warriors come to portland believing in something else how about a fixed-rate trip to the nba finals. >> play for a championship in five years to be able to threepeat a special time. >> right now two games away from another finals appearance it's pretty special. >> reporter: in three is tomorrow night. tonight 11:00 the story about rip city why they call portland rip city the answer might surprise you. dr. san francisco at the story on the great bruce capcoa who i picked to win the pga championship. >> did you now you picked
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brooks koepka? let me get the tape and figure out that one. >> you didn't say good job see you on the weekend. >> as we do pivot to golf the major tournament on a weekend without tiger woods. highly skilled golfers like brooks koepka shot a seven under 65 be the field by 712 into the lowest core midway of any major championship. tiger woods a, we are tracking it. only hit three of 14 fairways, shot one over 73, five over for the tournament missed the cut by a single stroke. that hurts. no tiger but the pga championship will roll in. also hockey to talk about tonight. san jose sharks, st. louis blues western conference finals. we will have moving pictures on the late show. >> can't wait. >> we will be right back.
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. >> about 150 women showed up construction sills in fremont today for good cause. the group teamed up with habitat for humanity to launch the second phase of an affordable housing project called central common. >> what we are trying to do here is create a safe environment, learning environment where women feel comfortable, to the get to learn about tools, to get to know how to use tools safely and they know how to frame walls, raise them and doing the whole thing out here. >> fantastic. 11 units already finished and occupied. the phase currently under construction will be ready next june. beautiful homes. thank you for watching the cbs evening news is up next. >> we will be back in 30 minutes with the kpix5 news at 7:00. we will see them.
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: on the cbs evening news this friday, bracing for severe weather, days of dangerous storms are ahead. >> tens of millions of people in the path of severe weather. >> tornadoes, large hail, and damaging winds are possible. >> this is going to be the worst severe weather outbreak of the whole season. >> authorities in california say a malfunction caused an f-16 to crash into a warehouse. >> that's a military airplane in our building. >> miraculously, everyone somehow survived. >> dickerson: the trump administration begins flying migrants to cities far from the border. florida's governor says he was blindsided. >> we cannot accommodate just dumping unlawful migrants into our state. >> researchers spot great white sharks gathering off the carolina coast. >> reporter: the sharks are as


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