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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  May 17, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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. >> golden state warriors of set foot on the blazers home turf in we are live in portland tonight. more rain for your weekend and the bay area one crop that could take a hit. >> you want no rain, no wind. >> measles is a tricky disease. >> reporter: another case of measles live at the bay area grocery store where shoppers may have been exposed. >> construction was horrible they literally tore the place down. >> four tenants living in oakland sued their landlord for wrongfully eviction now they've been granted of three $575,000 settlement. >> that might be making a comeback in denise pace city. >> the new kpix news at 7:00 starts right now live in portland where the warriors are gearing up for gamehree.
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>> let's get right to sports director dennis o'donnell. >> hello right across the street from us is a billboard, perfect timing, hello, everybody brick city, baby. it is interesting oakland star to portland star. this is only the third time i have been to portland never for the craft brew is, you always for the golden state warriors the first trip wasn't a whole lot of fun charles free will in court seeking reinstatement to the warriors after choking his head coach p.j. carlesimo. the second trip would you believe? >> the curse is broken bay area here we come baby we done it. playhouse. >> reporter: the we believe
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dream season which golden state ended a 13 year postseason drought with a playoff clinching win over the trailblazers. >> like a big bird burden being lifted like one of those acme ten weights lifted off the shoulder area. >> bid for the city big for the organization. something i will always remember. >> to member the remember the scene in the locker room? >> that's everybody had the jerseys off going crazy. we were dead in the water. a magical season. something i'll never forget. now the warriors come to portland believing in something else how about a fixed-rate trip to the nba finals. >> play for a championship in five years to be able to threepeat is a special time. >> reporter: game three is tomorrow night in the moda center and the blazers needed a little more from damian lillard. tonight, why do they call
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portland rip city? the answer is going to surprise you. >> i don't know. find some time to check out there craft beer. that's what i would be going after this live shot. >> i will do that right now. >> i know you are. >> new tonight new trouble with the doors on muni in san francisco. new video into our newsroom. you can see a door opening on a train when it's not supposed to . just before this, door open while the train was moving at high speed. a woman who had her back to the door tweeted she could have fallen out. the train had just left the embarcadero station when that happened. muni told us the train was taken out of service at venice. muni currently testing a fix for another door problem on its new trains. last month the woman was caught on camera getting her hand caught in a train door. she was dragged a bit. the incident prompted a state
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. a huge crowd gathered here right now for what appears to be a big concert. rumors are it may be lady gaga getting ready to take the stage for the grand opening of apple park. celebrating steve jobs. you can see the elaborate rainbow set up in place. it is unclear when this huge show is going to start. live look around san francisco from our exclusive sales force cameras. clear now but don't put your umbrella away just yet. >> the majority the weekend carries a chance of rainfall. sometime over the weekend rain free but not tomorrow. radar tonight dry friday evening plans weather will not be an impediment. tomorrow morning rain returns north bay up first 89:00 it will quickly work its way south midafternoon just a steady soaking rain everywhere throughout the bay area. taper off to showers by saturday evening. as we look to
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sunday morning we have more rain moving through rain chance will not leave until lunchtime on sunday. rain around here more snow for the sierra up to 15 inches of new snowfall above 6000 feet elevation heavy snow at times rain beginning midmorning tomorrow. headlines soggy into the evening and shower we on sunday morning. when does this pattern finally end? we will talk about that coming up. this weekend's rain could spell trouble for this year's crop of chardonnay grapes. the rain comes just as the great flowers are beginning to bloom. a fragile time for the crop. this winery in napa county told us don't worry it won't affect the taste. >> you want no rain, no wind not too hot not too cold. just perfect. if we get heavy rain, those rains will interfere with the pollination. these are self pollinating so
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this doesn't really impact at all the quality. >> is how much you will get. >> just how much we are going to get. >> all the arraignment lots of snow in the mountains. he was a live look at the sierra and tahoe. get up to the mountains at some point we will show it to you of the areas have already gotten more than a foot but only a handful. resorts are open enjoy it. squall, heavenly, donor very limited powers. news tonight a health warning for lots of people who went grocery shopping in alameda county. live at the berkeley bowl to explain. >> reporter: the exposure happened ten days ago. people are still very curious about whether or not they were here during the hours exposed. the latest case of measles exposure in alameda county happened may 7th at the
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berkeley bowl at the corner of oregon and adeline streets in berkeley between 3:00 and 5:00 in the afternoon. the exposure new for this mom and her wife to check the receipts to see if their child was exposed. >> she checked her credit card receipt to see she was here that day and she was so she came to the store to see what time she was here. >> reporter: locally their child was in the clear. >> we were here in the morning and later so 10:00 a.m. and 7 p.m. >>reporter: berkeley public public health officer dr. lisa fernandez says you don't have to touch a person with the measles to catch it. you just have to share airspace. >> it's airborne so when someone sneezes or coughs, the virus travels through the air, person to person. it can linger in the air for about an hour or so to make the virus is contagious for four days before the infected person sh. >> it scary. tokenny nofeve there is a lot of scary things you can't control but scary to realize that our grocery store someone had measles and is
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walking around. the exposure concern for children too young to be vaccinated in for those people who are immunocompromised . dr. fernandez says if you got your shots you should be good. no need for booster shot as you age. >> if you have two doses as a child you are protected. the measles vaccine is 97% effective if you had the two doses. >> the latest case differs from many other cases that have struck in the bay area. this was actually a berkeley resident someone who lives here and not someone traveling into the bay area. the house bringing its border wall battle to the bay area, squaring off against opponents here in federal court in oakland.
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. a legal fight in santa cruz over young murder suspect. judge john cella sources adrian gonzalez should be tried as an adult mike gonzales is accused of raping and killing eight -year-old mattie millington when he was 15. state law requires 14 and 15 -year-olds to be tried as juveniles even for the most serious crimes. now, the judge says that law is unconstitutional. the defense team plans to appeal. >> no one is capable of looking at one crime by 114 or 15 -year-old kid and saying to this person irredeemably corrupt . >> there is no justice right now, we won this round which is fantastic. >> tonight, several students now accused of leaving
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threatening graffiti at a california high school in san ramon. found on a shack near the football field earlier this month. one of four such incidents. the students face expulsion and possible criminal charges. some napa residents forced to shelter-in-place this morning as crews hurried to clean up the house of the spill outside their homes. this happened when a truck hauling the hazardous material overturned on redwood road near lynn drive. officials tell us the truck was carrying canisters filled with inner gas. hazmat crews responded as a precaution. nobody was hurt and the roads are now clear. alameda county renters fight back against renoviction and come out with a six-figure settlement. . >> hardball to get me too go. and east bay man accused of setting up a hidden camera in a bathroom used by hundreds of children
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. a bay area golf course about to become a massive, new public park. . take a live look at ocean beach. definitely won't be beach weather this weekend but might be a you breaks.
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. >> a group of evicted alameda county tenants have been granted a six-figure settlement. >> some former residents of the hotel travelers on 11th street in oakland to say they were forced out during renovations. the settlement and its bay area significance. >> reporter: another story about renoviction. a term you might remember bay area tenants with rent control have been using about long-term construction projects they believe are intended to force them out. four tenants living in oakland sued their landlord for wrongful eviction. now they have been granted a $575,000 settlement. story we first told you about in 2016. peter howe and three other rent- controlled tenants living in sro at the hotel travelers in oakland say their landlord, danny habry trying to force them out with constant construction. habry says he offered by out to tenants and offer them all the option to move back in bill peters says habry made the place unlivable. >> hardball they were playing to get me too go. dana wallace
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one of only tenants able to stay. he says habry greatly improved the building. the renovated units people like peter vacated are renting at $1500 a month but wallace still pays $685 a month. >> i moved out for like a year, year and a month or two months and danny habry paid for the whole thing. >> reporter: who are living in the building now? >> mostly techies. >> reporter: oakland slowly losing its sros. the city has 1400, 600 fewer than the city had a 1985. landmark san geronimo golf course will soon be free to the public. >> but it won't be for a free day at the links. a nonprofit land trust bought the property and plans use as a public open space. the county wants to hear how you think they should use it. some have suggested restoring a
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nearby salmon run other say a fire station should be relocated to the area. the last piece of private property that can connect over 100,000 acres of public land. we will work with the county, the state, all different public agencies to see how we can get this property in public hands. >> check out the newest rendering of the proposed waterfront ballpark for the oakland a's. the design by a danish architectural firm showing off sweeping outfield lawns, large open spaces surrounding the ballpark. queue the sound of music. if the plan gets approved the 80s could be playing there by 2023. looks like perfect weather in those pictures. >> renderings always picked sunny skies. >> the weather tomorrow will not match the renderings of that picture. >> no. >> what you have to do indoors this weekend? may be cleaning the closets, the be monopoly with the family, trying to come up with ideas because outdoor stuff not going to be the best weather.
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look at the computer see what we have going on. current temperatures upper 50s to low 60s concord good evening to you the warm spot 62. sunshine today clouds rolled in sunny earlier making it feel warmer than mid-to upper 60s. san jose currently 60. tonight upper 40s to low 50s. open 51, napa 47. radar active enduring has the forecast tomorrow morning. tonight, friday night, get out and enjoy, rain will not be an issue. we received three quarters of an inch so far this month. doesn't sound like much but for me that's above average. the wettest the past 20 years are listed here may of 2000, 2005, 2011. likely going to receive another three quarters of binge and rainfall in san francisco this weekend making the snake, if we get there the wettest in 20 years. yes, has been that went so far this month. most of it the past couple days. bay to breakers sunday morning. running in the rainfall. rain likely around that time.
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54 degrees. breezy as well. we got a break today not because of the storm track moving but because we were between storms. when exiting yesterday one entering the picture tomorrow. in between sunshine. rain returns tomorrow to put depends on where you are. morgan hills, san jose last to see the rainfall likely starting at lunchtime were santa rosa, ukiah and clearlake rainfall around sunrise tomorrow morning. coming from the north, soggy throughout the day shower he in the evening. bay to breakers rainfall moving through sunday as the trailing blood pressure pops through sunday afternoon drier some sunshine in the amadou should be a completely dry day as we i morning and went through about midday on sunday. if you want to get outside and you are flexible with your plans sunday afternoon should be mainly dry. tomorrow not dry not warmth, 59
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the high in valeo. chile for like may. livermore 60, san jose 62, san francisco 67. soggy saturday 57 degrees. dry monday, tuesday lows call it a storm looking like showers passing by not that big of a deal tenth of an inch perhaps and the 2nd half of next week likely back to what is average weather, highs in the 70s with mainly dry conditions and sunshine. 75% of the weekend will be wet. that you forecast. up next a bay area business with new tariffs on china actually helping not hurting. the disturbing discovery inside a popular play area for kids. a man facing child charges for a hidden camera. close call for one veteran on a northern california interstate. what homeless man tossed through his window. >> in this teenage everything on check the city is looking at an
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tastier... i was literally born for this. ♪ you had me at fried chicken pacifier. try my new spicy chicken strips combo today. with 100% all-white meat chicken. . >> here is what you missed if you're just getting home. president trump lifting tariffs against canada and mexico on
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steel and aluminum. the trump administration imposed a 25% tariff in march of last year, lifting them could pave the way for a new us- mexico canada trade agreement that would replace nafta. meanwhile in the bay area, garlic producers in gilroy actually like the trade war. d.c. chinese growers have long dumped chief product on the u.s. market. now, the u.s. will tack on an extra 25% charge. the gilroy garlic former says this could bring prices more in line and raise demand for california garlic. >> with this 25% tariff it will be so much the chinese might actually start turning away containers away from the u.s. >> mary lee will have the latest on weather weekday starting 4:30. fremont police say this man was caught by his own hidden camera he set up in a bathroom used by children. police arrested richard rocha of antioch last week. an employee found the camera at
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a trampling parking fremont. police found video they say show him setting up the camera. he will be in court june 3rd to face child pornography and other charges. a very close call for a sacramento area veteran. almost impelled while traveling on interstate five. police say a homeless man through a tripod, stolen from a caltrans crew, often overpass, the smashed through the windshield where the vet was sitting in the front seat. he was badly injured but will survive. police say the suspect could be charged with attempted murder. the city of berkeley has an old-school solution to the new threat of urban wildfires. da lin shows us. >> reporter: see that speaker with their? berkeley had a ceren system put in place during world war ii. it has been out of service for decades. now, a new kind of danger forces the city to look at a new ceren system. >> when paradise happened i
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realize this could be berkeley in a minute. >> reporter: berkeley city leaders worry they won't be able to evacuate people fast enough and a large fire. the city's disaster and fire safety commission asking the council to mutely install an outer warning system. the early cost estimates for 23 horns across the city is around $1.1 million. >> communications has been one of the big issues and some of the past previous fires. we as a city taken very seriously getting that message out and telling people went to evacuate. >> reporter: the mayor supports the warning system. a council committee going over the proposal. the full council will likely vote on this idea. coming up next, why they are calling this weekend's blue moon. won't just be any old blue moon we are told.
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. >> are you happy it's friday? >> i don't know. >> we are. we can start strike cloudy across the board we get rainfall by midmorning tomorrow, pretty, pretty soggy, dry sunday afternoon. saturday morning temperatures upper 40s to low 50s. we think. pretty sure. always the forecast never exact science a good guess.
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>> we try. >> this weekend's blue moon feel be just any old blue moon you will be even more rare blue flower moon. >> a flower moon because it is full in may when flowers are blooming. in our case raining. and blue not because of its color but because the number. this saturday will mark the third of four full moons this spring. rarer than two full moons a month. >> we will close you online in a few minutes. >> there will be a test. >> multiple-choice. >> i hope not. thanks for watching. >> back at 11:00 for more news and weather. all right boys, time for bed.
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