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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  July 31, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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you are watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. now at 5:30 one of bart's newer station parking spots. now word of a possible solution. good evening i am veronica de la cruz. >> i am allen martin. the issue for bart's parking, but as john ramos explains, the
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solution could be a pedestrian overpass. >> reporter: bart has known since it opened it station that there is not nearly enough parking to meet demand. so they are looking for other ways to get people here. as the easternmost bart station, antioch is the first connection to the line that a lot of people come to. so the 2000 space parking lot filled up by 5:30 a.m. there are plans to add 850 more spaces nearby, the bard board knows that will not begin to solve the parking problem. and, according to bart spokesman jim allison, they really don't want to. >> part is not in the business of building parking lot >> reporter: so since building a large parking garage here is out, the agency is exporting other ways to get more people to the station. >> one of the things we are looking at is a pedestrian bridge over state route four. so, we are soliciting public feedback on what they would want in a pedestrian and bicycle bridge. >> reporter: it is just a concept now but would do the same thing as this pedestrian
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bridge near the pleasant hill station. part is sent out email surveys to people living in the antioch neighborhoods to see if a foot bridge over busy highway four would increase the likelihood that they would take the train. predictably, residents here think a shortcut to the station would make a difference. >> reporter: i think it would honestly be a great idea it would add a little crossing right there. >> i have actually not taken bart because i thought about the walk. i have drove to where i had to go because i did not want to walk down the street. i knew the parking lot was going to be for the >> reporter: the neighborhood on the other side of the freeway is not exactly teeming with people either. >> you look around, there are not that many houses around there. you still have to walk here. >> it is a relatively sp hat ara bu ione of thin thatare studying. is juan idethat bartis out and even t seem to ink it
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and all, ways to get people here without having to provide parking for them. in antioch, john ramose, kpix 5. >> bart tested about 700 residents who have responded to the survey. so maybe agency has extended the deadline to august 23rd. here is a look away from the top stories at 5:30, the fathers of two bay area teenagers are now in rome. her sons are charged in the murder of an italian police officer. >> police say both teens admitted to the assaulter but only one is accused of the actual stabbing. the father of the other suspect spoke out saying their son did not know that his friend had a knife. e cathly ghost ship of fire being handed over to the jury. philly members who lost loved ones the city verdict won't end their pain. jurors will not have to decide the fate of the defendants. both facing 36 years fo fire. vendors are not expected to be allowed back soon on the garden festival grounds after the deadly shooting.
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the grounds have been cordoned off my leaving them unable to retrieve their merchandise and putting some vendors temporarily out of business. san francisco police said they caught a group of armed burglars in the act of robbing a home in the terrible neighborhood. police responded to the home on 44th avenue. when they arrived, they spotted the getaway car with the engine running. they got the driver and the other two men. two of the other suspects are san francisco residents, the other from vallejo. please recover two firearms and a prybar. is one of the largest deals and san francisco history. the levi strauss headquarters firm. old for over a based developer said that they purcha off battery street. the space is made up of nine buildings, the denim company
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has been there since 1982. the block ester sale makes it one of the largest deals in san francisco history. new cars are hitting the road with high-tech features within the report says that those internet connected cars could be a major national security threat. randy page has details. >> reporter: >> have been doing this for 30 years and this is the most frightening issue that i have ever worked on. >> reporter: consumer watchdog president says that this report released today is a result of 20 and not anonymous whistleblowers including software engineers, technologists working in the auto industry who wanted many of the new models released next year will automatically connect their vital systems, including engine, breaking it, and steering, to the internet. these cars are at risk of being remotely controlled. >> by hackers. >> reporter: consumer watchdog points to this youtube video showing two white hat hackers. those who find vulnerabilities and inform the auto industry. the guy in the backseat with a laptop appears to be connected to the car over a cell phone
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internet connection. he is going to try to take control of the steering. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: here is another youtube video which appears to show chinese life pack hackers inside the car while another hacker who is reportedly in the office 12 miles away tries to take control with the brakes. consumer watchdog says whistleblowers are warning that it is technically possible for hackers to take control of hundreds, or even thousands of cars at the same time. >> the brakes and all of them, steers the cars off the road, and there is chaos and people die. >> reporter: what can be done about this? consumer watchdog says a kill switch could be installed that would disconnected the car's vital systems from the
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internet. that would enable cars to be off rated operated safely immediately following an attack, a more complete fix would be duke disconnected the car from the internet to begin with. >> were talking about the possibility of a 9/11 scale tack on america. and, the carmakers, remarkably, know it but haven't fixed it. >> cbs restarts the major auto manufacturers and many responded that while they say the equipped the cars with the latest technology, they are also partnering with experts on cyber security. the senate has confirmed kelly kraft to be the next u.s. ambassador to the united nations. she feels fills the seat once held by nikki haley. craft a longtime gop activist and ambassador to canada was confirmed despite objections from democrats. they accused her of lacking experience, and having conflicts of interest. the trump administration wants to bring low-cost prescription drugs from canada here to the united states. drug wholesalers and
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pharmacists would act as intermediaries for consumers with oversight from the fda. certain classes of drugs, including intravenous drugs, are excluded from this program. >> this is a step towards using importation to provide relief for people struggling with their drug crisis. but, it is not a solution that will help all of us because it is very limited in its scope. >> they still have to go to the regular process and can face court challenges from drugmakers. >> is a with a broken tail light. body camera video showing how things escalated when a woman refused to pay her $80 tickets. the smartest detective work that helped a little he team get it scoreboard back. that is not all, the surprising loot also recovered. coming up all new at 6, several bay area cities went to ban natural gas in the new homes, but what is wrong with natural gas? we take a look at its carbon
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footprint. in
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i am ken bastida at the live news desk. write your company lyft is pulling it electric bikes after two of them caught fire in san francisco. and apparently unrelated incidences. take a look at the images we have here. this is one that got cooked, you can see it burned near the handlebars. one of those is said to have caught fire from its battery. the company says no ti,
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lyft is making thousands of these bikes unavailable as of this afternoon here in tampa cisco. in a statement it said "we are temporarily making the e bike fleet unavailable to riders while we investigate and update our battery technology thanks to our riders for their patients, the company has not said when those e bikes will return to the streets. at the live news desk i am ken bastida. we are getting our first look at a crash in florida that killed seven people including five kids on their way to disney world in january. in a warning, the video is difficult to watch. dashcam video shows the moment a semitruck crosses a median and slams into a van. allie, who was 31 weeks pregnant, was a chaperone in the church van headed for disney world. she learned from her hospital bed that her 13-year-old daughter and her cousin were among the five young lives lost.
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>> i felt such a heaviness. i feel like i am living a nightmare, like i am living someone else's life. >> her baby was born healthy just weeks after the crash. she and other survivors are now suing him alleging negligence and wrongful death. eagle express says it appears that the truck driver, who was also killed, suffered a sudden medical emergency that rendered him unconscious, leading to the accident." the ntsb is investigating. was started as a traffic stop for a broken tail light and it was a police officer teasing a woman in oklahoma. >> it is$80. haveuntil september 16th. get your state here where the x is. >> i don't senate. >> you don't want to send it? >> i don't think i deserve to pay $80.
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>> the officer asked the woman to get out of the car she refuses and then takes off. he follows her on a short chase and then finally she pulls over but then the officer pulls out his gun and pulls her out of her truck that is when you see the woman kick him in the groin, the officer deployed his taser after she refused to put her hands behind her back. finally he places her under arrest. >> you realize you got yourself a whole lot more trouble? >> the county district attorney is charging her on a felony police assault on an officer and resisting arrest. a little league team and solano county recently had thousands of dollars of equipment stolen, including the scoreboard. >> some quick thinking detectives were on the trail. reporter anna giles on how the thief struct out. struck out. >> reporter: that vacaville national football league raised for years to get the scoreboard. when the controller for it was stolen earlier this month, they were back to square one, or so they thought. several weeks later, it is back
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home. >> opened up, see what it is, it ended up in the garbage can. there was no way we were getting it back. >> reporter: solano county deputies said the man accused of stealing the controller, joe mosley, was the one who led them right to it. they say it all started when he posted stolen tools for sale on a website called offer up. deputies responded to this ad and arrange to meet the suspect here, in the parking lot of walmart off alamo drive. when the suspect realized it was police who showed up, and not a potential buyer he got into his car and sped off. were le safely hen wereallyome deputies caught a glimpse of other things mosley had stolen. inputting the scoreboard controller, and a $5000 motorcycle that vacaville police recently reported as
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stolen. >> especially in vacaville, our community does not put up with crime like that. i'm >> sometimes these people are stealing things, that they think of value, they don't even know what they are stealing. >> reporter: when the scoreboard controller first went missing the community came together and raised money so the little league could buy a new one. now, the little league plans to invest some of that money and better security. >> that was anna giles reporting. these are warning people if you buy something from someone who cannot prove where they originally got it, you could also be in trouble. >> crime does not pay. especially from a look at the. italy? don't mess with the kids playing baseball. by the way, congratulations to roseville, california. they are the northern california little league champions are heading to san bernardino. they edged out i believe was san mateo and vato re ad kee team for roseville so congratulations to that. temperatures in the 80s and
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90s. san francisco 68 degrees, that was your high today. fremont 80, santa rosa 81. on a few degrees warmer than yesterday. and for a couple of minutes we all share the same sunshine but back to 20, 20 degrees. baseball tonight, the bruise let's go for when a's are red- hot. upper 60s to the first pitch night, should be a first pitch tonight, san jose 58, napa 54, got to keep checking the pollen count because the pollen will not go away. if you take allergy meds, you likely have done so for the past two or three months and it is leveling off a writer on the median range. those numbers you see on a 1-12 scale. even peeking close to a six. if you have travels taking you to albuquerque or phoenix or tucson, or las vegas or denver or salt lake city, all of those
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places may have delays for air travel because of this ridge of high pressure drawing up monsoonal moisture. but, the rich is pretty warm. it's, giving a push from the ocean going and he pushed on the ocean is chilly this time of year. right on course, morning class tomorrow, afternoon sunshine tomorrow, more cloud cover. and they change over the weekend, watch were the ridges centered, how you one ridge sliding back over arizona. a weak one off the coast, more of an influence on these guys. we saw triple digits, especially on saturday, but it will warm us up and went to the 90s and near the bay into the mid to upper 70s. somewhat warmer weather coming up for the upcoming weekend. clouds and fog back tonight, not as warm tomorrow and temperatures climb as we head towards the weekend. down to 82, 78, palazzo 76, 61
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in pacifico. dublin 77, antioch and brentwood mid 80s. richmond only 66 with morning clouds. mill valley and san rafael low to mid 70s. winds are 88 degrees, ukiah 90 degrees your high tomorrow. the warmest weather friday, saturday, sunday, monday. mid 70s near the baby staying cool. sunshine across the board, that is the time of year we do not get much rain and uranus in our forecast the next seven days. >> looking forward to that. he is headlining outside lands but there is another chance to see paul simon in a more intimate setting. we have been getting emails from people who have misted their favorite cbs shows last sunday because of breaking news we were covering. while you can catch up on the latest episodes on
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san francisco county has been nearly 40 years pioneering ways to shut the revolving door of inmates going in and out of jail. >> that is thank to a woman with a vision. shanken introduces us to this week's jefferson award. >> sonny schwartz came across a disturbing case, a child letter sent to get out of jail in two weeks was promising to reoffend, and he did. after that, sonny set on a new mission to help inmates come out of jail better than when they entered. >> sonny schwartz speaks to
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inmates in a classroom at the san francisco county jail in san bruno. a far cry from the jail of use past. >> typical incarceration was about dominoes, playing cards and watching bad tv and never in taking the time to look at yourself in the mirror. i said what have i done? >> reporter: as program director in the 1980s, several programs to change lies. >> it's about including everyone, impacted by violence and other crime. >> reporter: one program, result to stop the violence project or rsvp does any radical each week to put inmates face-to-face with violent crime survivors. >> it's an opportunity for the men in our program to stand in the shoes of those who been violated, hearing the horrible impact of their crime. >> reporter: sonny also founded five keys goals and 2003.
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the first high school with in a jail that has since expanded into dozens of jails and communities in california. >> they people a day, >> reporter: the comprehensive programs are models for the nation according to five keys executive director. >> reduction in violent crimes by 80%, versus a recidivism rates for our graduates around 30%. see the current share of credit sonny's determination. >> the bottom of it is a place i have heard deep caring for everybody. >> reporter: from pioneering programs to transfer the lives of inmates, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to sonny schwartz. she has retired from the sheriff department but sonny is still on the board for five keys and is starting a new housing program this year. it is for domestic violence survivors who serve jail time killing abusive spouses in self- defense. two very successful programs.
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>> did a lot of good. you can nominate your local hero for a jefferson award, do it online at new at 6, several festivals taking place around the bay area this weekend but the people feel safe in attending after the gilroy garlic festival shooting. >> plus, a live look for a community support meeting is about to take place in gilroy. the stories of survival, grief, and healing. everything in the bay area is so expensive but now one local college is providing free tuition and books. how you can qualify, next at 6.
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pretty soon the bay area can say hello to a rock 'n roll icon again. paul simon is performing a special pop-up show in oakland. >> ♪ >> paul simon will visit the fox theater friday, august 9th.
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it's also the day that outside lands kicks off. the singer-songwriter coming out of retirement to have the final night of the festival on sunday. paul simon says he will donate money from his appearance to two bay area environmental organizations. that is it for the news at at 5. kpix 5 news at 6 begins now with ken bastida and veronica de la cruz. now at 6, gilroy neighbors coming together right now . a town trying to heal after a senseless shooting at the garlic festival. some pocket popular festivals are coming up on the bay area event calendar. questions about keeping those crowds safer. the jury in the ghost ship trial gets down to business, withthe judge. kpix 5 news at 6 starts right now. good evening i'm ken bastida. >> i veronica de la cruz and for elizabeth. we begin with the latest developments in the gilroy garlic festival shooting can have team coverage for you.
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i begin with wilson walker in san jose with security concerns on the eve of the santa clara county fair opening. wilson? >> reporter: this latest mass shooting that we find ourselves covering comes from an event of which there are plenty around this time of the year. coming up, the santa clara county fair. we asked folks is gilroy on your mind? >> you may need some more police officers just to us watch people's fears. >> reporter: jeff will be at the santa clara county when asked about the festival security after gilroy. >> everywhere, churches, malls, schools, events >> another big event this weekend, the fremont art and wine festival. >> not worried. i knew you were asking because of the gilroy events. >> reporter: your thoughts? >> it is a


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