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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 1, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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there. a quick check to have forecast. >> we're waking up to the low, gray clouds hovering around. a lot more than yesterday. and the cloud banks thick enough if some place, it is misting. closer to the peninsula, the more likely to notice that. the view at sfo, the big bank of gray is floating up there. and it does tell us about the weather. we'll be cooler, even after this burns off and it will take a while. but by the late morning and the early afternoon for parts of the city today. right now, it's 58 degrees. the high is 65 in san francisco. and 87 inland. that means about two to three degrees cooler inland than yesterday. sunny and warm. by the time we get to the afternoon, it heats up. and once we get to the weekend,
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slightly warmer. meaning back in the mid 90s inland. i'll show you that in more detail coming up. and we are mostly okay on the drive. a couple of trouble spots. one on the east shore freeway. in the yellow on 80 toward the city. and an accident now moved off to the right hand side and slowing you down in the westbound direction. still in the yale but holding strong there at the altamont pass. gotten back to minutes there. and highway 4 and 101 in the green. ask bay bridge lights on and baking up toward the maze on the flyover. a stall to right hand side. and keep on point of viewing. don't slow down as you approach the toll plaza. and getting busy at the san
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mateo bridge westbound. a few brake lights here and there. once you are across, you are good to go. eastbound, no problems to report. i'm katie nooelsen. investigators in antioch trying to figure out what led to an overnight shooting that left one man dead. it happened around 10:30 last night at east 18th street. police say the victim was a long time resident of antioch in his 20s. so far, no arrests have been made. police do not have any suspects. i'm indicate did i nielson. back to you. and developing news in san francisco. police are investigating a shooting that injured at least two people. it happened just after 10:00 on mission street. two victims were taken to a hospital with injuries considered life threatening. no word of any arrests. if you have information about
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the shooting contact the police. and one person is dead after a massive gas explosion in kentucky. that ruptured gas line was near a mobile home park in lincoln county and blew up about 1:00 this morning. firefighters working to put out the flames. officials helping evacuate the area. >> just a big roar and fire up in the sky as far as you could see. our windows were shaking really bad. and our door, the ground moving and tumbling and rolling. and then we got to feeling the heat from the fire. >> several structures were on fire in the area. that blast damaged railroad tracks forcing 31 trains to back up overnight. a local church has a shelter right now. and opening day for the annual santa clara county fair
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in san jose less than a week after the shooting in gilroy. and organizers are trying reassure people. . >> and jackie ward is live with more. >> reporter: these gates behind me open at 1:00 this afternoon. and the people who organized this fair are telling people they're doing everything they can to make everyone feel safe. they're adding to this year's security plan. officers from the santa clara sheriff's office are in charge of security. and the gilroy garlic festival had ramped up its security and had strong security with armed guards securing the fencing. frdz. >> i think what we will be able to tell you is that enough due diligence has gone in it and there's a plan we feel good about. a lot of that is confidential.
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we don't want people to work around a public statement. . >> reporter: this morning, the county has this to say. we have reviewed security plans for the county fair and we are working with the sheriff's office to increase the security asures this year. the fair opens today. admission is 75 cents because it's the 75th annual fair. it runs through sunday. live, jackie ward. and outside lands is happening at golden gate park in two weeks. there is a statement saying there will be a san francisco police presence at the venue. we plan for public safety, including perimeter security. and new details this morning. the fbi says it is bringing more investigators to gilroy to help look into the deadly shooting. three people were killed and several wounded on sunday. they're expecting the profilers to look at what might have gone through the mind of the gunman,
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santino william legan. and they hope to find answers. they continue to comb through the acres-wide crime scene at christmas hill park. and sift through evidence found at santino william legan's home in nevada. they say an anti-semitic book dornt give a motive. and vigils continue to honor the victims and share griefs and fears. viefrs attended a vigil at a local church. >> barely missed me by a fraction of an inch on the side. >> other survivors said that they helped carry a friend out of the festival even after being grazed by bullets themselves. and a candle light vigil is planned this evening set to begin at 7:00 on monday ray street in downtown gilroy. if you want to help the victims, we have information on our website, the next debate is scheduled
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for next month. last night, ten candidates faced off in round two of the debates in detroit. joe biden was center stage positioned for a rematch with california senator kamala harris. they clashed over health care plans. >> any time someone tells you you'll get something good in ten years, you should wonder why ten years. . >> for a democrat to run for president with a plan that does not cover everyone i think is without excuse. >> biden took heat from new jersey senator cory booker. the two sparred over criminal justice reform. >> for the entire eight years he was mayor, there's nothing done to deal with the police department that was corrupt. >> there's a saying, you're dipping into the koolaid and you don't even know the flavor. you need to come to the city of newark and see the reforms we put in place. >> one thing was clear, the
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party remains unified in opposing president trump. >> first of all, the president is a racist. >> we can no longer allow a white national itself to be in the white house. >> the president's racist rhetoric should be grounds for everyone to vote him out of office. >> and another big moment action hawaii congresswoman did not hold back when she went after harris' record. >> i'm a top tier candidate. i've been told by the advisors and everybody, the hits will come in. when i think about what she said, i can give so merchant credibility. i think her judgment is in question. i'm proud of that work. would it have been great to do more? absolutely. >> some of the candidates may not return for the next debate in september if they can't drum up enough support and money to meet the higher polling and fund raising requirements. coming up in the next half
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hour, political analyst paul henderson weighs in. who stood out to him. and we could have a verdict as early as this morning in the ghost ship warehouse trial. the case is in the hands of the jury. the families gathered outside yesterday. inside, the jury deliberations began after two and a half days of closing arguments. and while the trial is over, these families say it does not end the pain. >> 36 people. that's one year per person. it's nothing. >> it just tears us apart. i know that 36 families have been so close under these circumstances. >> the defendants each face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. and new this morning, a lawyer for a bay area teen jailed in the fatal stabbing of an italian police officer says his client is, quote, worn out.
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he spoke out of a rome prison after meeting with gabriel chirstian natale-hjorth. he is one of two accused in the killing. yesterday, his four spoke publicly for the first time. >> he is distraught by what happened. we are deeply upset while at the same time fully convinced of hi. >> meantime, the father of the other suspect, fin began elder, arrived at the prison this morning. he spoke to media saying, quote, we grieve for the family of the officer, adding the family was awaiting further news. the pair is tended high school in mill valley together and graduated in 2018. according to if police, two officers responded to a report of a drug deal. then police say elder stabbed and killed one of the officers while gabriel chirstian natale-hjorth assaulted the other. gabriel chirstian natale-hjorth claims during questioning he did
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not know about the stabbing until after they returned to to hotel. and racist graffiti in a bay area neighborhood. why the sheriff's department is not investigating it as a hate crime. and one of the newest and busiest stations. the bold new plan to ease the parking crunch. and it is a grayer day out there this morning from all of the cameras. whether we're looking at the sales force tower or the bay bridge. that means today will be cooler because of this. we'll show you how long that will last coming up. and the good news is here at 6:11, the public transit is on time. no problems to report on any of them. enjoy that easy, smooth ride. checking in on the roadways just ahead. here's one you guys will like.
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determined to complete his mission. keeping the memories of his fallen brothers and sisters alive. >> cindy walton is on what he calls a no regrets tour and is nearly halfway through it. historic has taken into 23 states so far last month he met president trump at a ceremony. this week he met the governor gavin newsom and also met plenty of strangers who just stopped to say hello. >> he is amazing, and yes we appreciate all of his service. >> after his meeting with the governor he also met mayors, fire chiefs and business leaders. it is 6:25 am and coming up, eyes protesters taken away in handcuffs, the police sweep overnight. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today. more than a dozen protesters faced off the bay area police overnight why they were camped out in
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stepping up security in the gilroy garlic festival shooting the next bay area event on alert today. good morning. it is the first day of august. >> let's get right over to the weather because the weekend is coming up. >> this is today, not a good example of what the weekend will be like. take a look at all of the clouds, you cannot see the tops of the towers. are you see today would be great. that one right there is the sales tower and at the top of it covered over. waking up to low clouds this means it is going to be cooler through the afternoons. it will take longer for the clouds to burn off. give until the late morning or early afternoon depending on where you are closer to the bay the longer it will take. that means we will be up to 65 degrees today.
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for locations sunny and warm and a few low clouds will burn back by late morning. you will go to 87 degrees. the weekend is what i want to talk about in detail, we have a warm-up on our hands coming up. it is starting to get a little bit busy out there, not so much with the sake of trouble spots, but we are seeing some slowdowns. you almost all in the yellow in a few sections. 42 minutes out of the south bay but you are the yellow elsewhere. 38 minutes to the pass and holding below 40 getting closer to half an hour on the bayshore. the bay bridge metering lights are on toward the bridge and once you get past their you are moving along at a better rate of speed.
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the bridge has really slowed down in the last half hour. not too many brake lights in the westbound direction but plenty of volume headed over toward the peninsula. eastbound still looks good. the richmond is busy as well a slow approach to the toll plaza what you get about halfway across this span no problems to report. the lane closures are now all open. northbound and southbound are still good to go. the freeway this morning is busy but not too terribly slow. we are taking a look at the immigration and customs enforcement office in san francisco right along washington street. hours ago police broke up a two day long protest and cited more than a dozen people. after deists started the protest tuesday afternoon after around 1:30 am san francisco police cleared the area and cited 18 people. the group posted on facebook
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they blocked the street as specifically the driveway were people carrying undocumented immigrants entered the facility to protest current immigration policies, this is the same group that took over washington street for almost a week. live inside the santa clara county fairgrounds would be fair opens in about 6 1/2 hours, but you can see the security guards are already talking their game plan and getting in place. organizers are showing people that there are strong security plans in place. officers from the santa clara sheriff's office are the ones in charge of security in their beefing it up. the garlic festival had ramped up its security to and had what was considered strong security. armed guards patrolling the fencing, security expert jeff arp says even with significant security acting quickly there
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will always be some risk. >> we are not going to lock down this country in a manner where we have armed guards at every single entrance and militaristic style parameters set up. >> reporter: this morning the county has this to say quote we have reviewed security plans for the county fair and we are working with the sheriff's office to increase our vigilance and security measures. this is the 75th annual santa clara county fair and admission is only $.75 today. festival vendors who left everything behind and gilmore are finally getting their belongings back. many returned to their prints yesterday some had thousands of dollars worth of goods sitting out in the sun for three days. >> we left all our stuff behind. i don't have my wallet, my id, nothing. my son didn't have issues on.
6:35 am
>> we thought it might be all common a couple of minutes and we could go back, but we never anticipated three or four days. >> vendors will be allowed back into the grounds again today, if you want to help the victims of the shooting coming we put more information on our website democratic presidential candidates are making the morning talkshow rounds after the big debate last night. based part a number of topics. at the heart of a lot of it was healthcare. >> i don't understand why democrats on this stage are fear mongering about the universal healthcare. >> they can choose a public option. >> for democrat to be running for president with a plan that does not cover everyone i think is without excuse. >> another theme for the candidates going after front runner former vice president joe biden. >> you do nothing to hold the insurance companies to task. >> there's a saying in my community dipping into kool-aid and don't know the flavor. >> it looks like one of us has
6:36 am
learned the lessons of the past. >> everybody is talking about how terrible i am on these issues. barack obama knew exactly who i was. >> we spoke with political analyst paul henderson who says what candidates appear to have made a dent in biden's lead they need to remember to focus on the bigger picture. >> aside from the attacks on the people polling high who stood out and had the bigger messages? like that's really the goal not just to attack the front runner but to make a name for yourself and identify yourself with big ideas. >> meanwhile democrats say the harshest criticism for president trump from washington governor jay inslee because it a white nationalist last night president trump tweeted in part quote the people on the stage tonight and last were not those that will make america great or keep america great. coming up after this newscast presidential candidate bernie sanders joins us this morning to talk about the debate and his thoughts on the healthcare
6:37 am
industry. check search crews are scouring an area of death dally national park for navy pilot. yesterday a fighter jet like this one crashed about 60 miles north over the naval weapons station. it was undergoing a training exercise that officials say seven park visitors suffered minor injuries. the jet crashed in an area known as star wars canyon a place where pilots like to speed through at low altitudes. >> the son of al qaeda founder osama bin laden headed has been killed. eight years after the death of his father that is according to cbs news which cites an unnamed source. he was believed to be about 30 years old and he was in line to have al qaeda. he was reportedly not the target of the military operation. he was not even known to be at the location it is unclear when or where the operation took place. he was believed to have been in pakistan or afghanistan.
6:38 am
i don't want to comment on it. >> earlier this year the state department offered one million- dollar reward for information leading to the bin laden captured. a tragic possible break in the disappearance of two wisconsin farmers human remains have now been found it's been nearly 2 weeks since the brothers were last seen. the search for the brothers became a death investigation last week. but yesterday human remains were found on the private land where investigators have been searching. one suspect is under arrest and another farmer who worked with him in a cattle deal. >> the cause of death was not determined. this is still an active investigation, investigators are still working. >> the suspect is currently being held without bond. a brawl at the studio for
6:39 am
an internet radio station in san francisco comedian on stage when suddenly a member the audience attacked him. >> i do know who you are. >> [ laughter ] >> stop. stop. >> it happened friday at an internet radio station. later posted on facebook that nobody wanted to press charges. some comedians told us that an attacker no surprise will no longer be walk in. new video of a scary bar competition shows a man brandishing a knife on board a train. >> a writer posted this video on facebook a man pulls a large knife out of his backpack while others look on. he unwraps it and gets into a struggle with another man who then tries to wrestle it away. the suspect was arrested. it is just about 20 minutes before 7 am and car crooks have
6:40 am
a new favorite target. is in and out out, the burger chains new competition.
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. good morning. 6:43. a look at the big picture of the bay area commute. so far, so good. no major issues as far as slow downs and crashes and stalls. regular slows in the regular spots. and 6:43. and on cbs this morning, tony is in new york. good morning. >> good morning. good to see you. ahead. bernie sanders will join us and we'll get the senator's take on the democratic rivals and his response to the attacks on joe biden last night.
6:44 am
and for the first time in more thap a decade, interest rates are coming down. what that could mean for your wallet. and college to congress, how one organization is helping low income students afford the unpaid internships on capitol hill. we can't answer the question of why they're unpaid in the first place. seems wrong to me. >> unpaid and usually they have to pay for parking to be there for the day. yeah. tough for them. >> parking and all of it. a mess. see you at 7:00. >> we will see you then. thanks so much. and 6:44. and a rough looking day ahead for fitbit. >> the company cut its guidance for the next quarter and wall street is reacting. jason brooks is here now. >> reporter: good morning. lots of corporate earnings in today for the market to consider. gm, verizon, and fitbit. it's an ugly day for the device maker. it topped expectations for the
6:45 am
event quarter. but fitbit expects to sell more devices at a lower price over the course of this year. as a result, as you said, it cut its guidance for the year. wall street hatds that and shares plunging more than 20% in the early going. and jobs report for july on friday. ahead of that, getting signals on the labor market. the jobless claims up 8,000 to 215,000. and market looking to rebound after the fed-inspired selloff on wednesday. the dow dropped 330 points. it's up 50 points. nasdaq gaining 47. the s&p up eight points. back to you. >> jason brooks, thanks. and impossible burgers from restaurant kitchens to grocery store shelves. the plant-based meat company cleared a hurdle. the soy ingredient was formally
6:46 am
approved as a safe additive. up until this point, they were limited to selling in burgers to restaurants. now it is on track to sell them in stores as early add september. move over in and out. the beloved west coast chain has been unseated as the favorite fast food restaurant. >> that is according to a survey. market force reports chick-fil-a is now the number one fast food restaurant. in and out received a score of 73%. and chick-fil-a got 79%. the rankings take into account food quality, speed of service, cleanliness, and friendliness. >> i will have to tell you, there are lines out the door in both of those restaurants. >> there are. >> plus, you can get chick-fil-a anywhere in the country. there's a much bigger base of people who could have voted on that. . >> and i feel like do you want chicken or beef? >> right. >> vastly different.
6:47 am
. >> now i'm hungry. thanks. >> i know. someone deliver us some break fast. and getting there if you want to head to a drive through, no problems on the roads for you at 6:46. make sure to pick up enough for the four of us here. and let's zoom in. there are a few of the trouble spots. this is in the clearing stages. great news for those headed out. it's off to the side. eastbound 80 right there at bryant street. the one causing an issue right there on the east shore freeway, that's cleared. but the damage has been done and you can see the backup is through it about halfway toward highway 4 entrance on to the freeway. the usual suspect of the altamont pass is getting better. easing unup here. and southbound 680 is slow and go out of the interchange as well westbound 84. and that travel time is a 38
6:48 am
minute ride. holding strong. 40 minutes. that's great news headed out op the triangle. the east shore freeway, 24 minutes. 44 minutes to get there on highway 4. in the green on 101. and bay bridge lights are on and backed up to the foot op the maze and the 880 flyover. not so much at the san mateo bridge. a slow crawl. that's just regular rush hour traffic headed across the brinl. there is an issue in the westbound direction on the dunbarton bridge. there's not a better option. the richmond bridge is slow and go. and the approach to the toll plaza by the mid span, a good rate of speed. northbound or southbound on 101, no problems to report there. and lastly, over to the freeway. and you have plenty of company
6:49 am
in either direction. no problems to report at all. every single one of the cameras you showed with low clouds and gray skies hovering overhead. most dramatic from treasure island looking to the city. this is a widespread gray start to the day. cooler today because of this. but it makes it maybe not the prettiest to begin. san jose, a spot of sunlight at the airport. and daytime highs, 80 in san jose. 70 in oakland. the numbers cooler than average by a couple of degrees. and watch what happens. over the next few days, concord, 87 today. back up to 94, six degrees above average, by saturday. and then we'll cool down again a bit early next week. let's bring the numbers down for san what say.
6:50 am
the average is 83. 80 today. 86 on saturday. warmer for san jose and oakland at 76. average is 70. six degrees above average. and we'll bring the line down further. san francisco, not a lot of change. and big dunes in the central pacific. we'll point out there are two tropical systems out there. one of them is a hurricane and one is a tropical storm. one there. that's tropical storm. here's the hurricane. and a closer look at thi it is close to hawaii. that would look intimidating. and it goes harmlessly to the south. wind and rain on the big island and that's it. the other one, tropical storm out there. and let's do the same thing with that one. put the track on it and play it forward and we'll go out several days to keep up. and by the time we get to sunday night and monday, it's making a hard right turn and miss the
6:51 am
islands to the north. hawaii, sitting way out in the middle of the pacific is a hard target for the storms. there's the seven-day forecast. we talked about the warm-up. i showed you the trends. the middle of next week, the mid 80s. all right, ladies, back to you two. for years, the toyota camry was considered the most stolen car. >> no more. the dodge charger hemi and dodge challenger srt held cat now top the list. luxury suvs like the infinity rank high. >> it's definitely luxury. it's my second one. >> as for the make and model least stolen? >> pruis. >> cars worth less.
6:52 am
>> what about tesla? . >> maybe teslas are hard to break into. >> newer vehicles harder to steal because of advancements in theft prevention. 6:51. and a pipeline blast rocks kentucky overnight. what set off the deadly explosion. in light of the gilroy garlic festival shooting. organize here at the county fair ramping up the security. and taking a live look before we head to break. this is from the mount vaca cam. 6:52. we'll be right back. here's one you guys will like.
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show me making it. oh! i got one. the best of amy poehler. amy, maybe we could use the voice remote to search for something that you're not in.
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show me parks and rec. from netflix to prime video to live tv, xfinity lets you find your favorites with the emmy award-winning x1 voice remote. show me the best of amy poehler, again. this time around... now that's simple, easy, awesome. experience the entertainment you love on x1. access netflix, prime video, youtube and more, all with the sound of your voice. click, call or visit a store today. . i'm katie nielson. these are live pictures from the i.c.e. office in san francisco. police broke up a protest and cited more than a dozen people.
6:56 am
activists started the protest tuesday afternoon. around 1:30 this morning, san francisco police cleared that area of washington street and cited 18 people. the group posted on facebook they blocked the area specifically the driveway for vehicles carrying undocumented immigrants to enter the facility to protest the current immigration policies. i'm indicate did i nielson. i'm jackie ward in the santa clara county fairgrounds. security is in place hours ahead of the opening day of the fair. organizers assuring people they are doing everything they can to make them feel safe and adding to the security plan. officers from the sheriff's office are the ones in charge of security. but the garlic festival had ramped up security too with armed guards patrolling the fences. the county supervisors have been briefed on the plan for the fair.
6:57 am
>> i think what we will be able to tell you is that enough due diligence has gone in and there's a plan we feel good about. a lot of that is confidential. we don't want people with criminal intent to work around some kind of a public statement. >> reporter: this morning, the county said we have security plans for the fair and working with the sheriff's office to increase the vigilance and security measures. the fair opens at 1:00. admission for anticipate opening day is 75 cents. jackie ward. and it is three minutes before 7:00ment time for a look at the top stories. and police investigating a pair of late night shootings in the bay area. one of them deadly. in antioch, a man in his 20s was shot and killed. in san francisco, a shooting near the park sent two people to the hospital. no word of suspects or motive in either case. one person is dead after a
6:58 am
massive gas explosion in kentucky. it ruptured near a mobile home park in lincoln county. the fbi is bringing more investigators to gilroy to look into the deadly shooting. fbi profilers will look at what may have gone through the mind of santino william legan. three people were killed and several others wounded. we could have a verdict this morning in the ghost ship warehouse trial. the case in the hands of the jury who will decide the fate of the defendants. each faces 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. and taking a look at our mass transit checklist, everything is in the green and good to go. no problems on the transit options. and now a look out to the golden gate bridge. a fog advisory in effect. not terrible. it won't slow you down. be careful crossing over to san francisco this morning. and the cars are there and
6:59 am
opened up the lanes. the big picture is good. slow and go on the east shore freeway. the southbound direction of the nemis passing the san mateo bridge, which is slow in the westbound direction. and the tracey triangle, slow and go conditions there. those should stat to ease up. and especially as the sunshine starts to come through. we're in the low, gray clouds today. and it's widespread. and that means the daytime highs are cooler than yesterday. below average. and we'll warm up for friday. and back in the mid 90s for inland locations by saturday. but that's it. that's as high as we're going. we have the 102, 103 range last weekend. even though 94 is warmer, not heat advisory warmer. >> okay. >> refreshing. . thanks for watching kpix5 news this morning. the next local update is at
7:00 am
7:26. and cbs this morning is coming up next. and you know what else? friday. it's tomorrow. we're almost there. >> yes. >> have a great thursday. good morning to our viewers in the west and welcome to "cbs this morning." challenging biden, the former vice president faces a barrage from democratic party rivals at last night's presidential debate. we'll hear from candidate bernie sanders face-off first. new cancer claim. former nfl player merril hoge is suing. the round-up weed killer, why he believes it made them sick. fr


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