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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  August 2, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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francisco. morning everyone. is friday, august 2. we have a look at our friday. >> we are cloudy skies. we will c temperatures warming up as we head for the rest. here is a link with the san jose camera. temperatures in the upper 50s. is a.. mid to upper 50s and lower 60s. mid 60s. low 80s in san jose. we are starting that warming trend as we go to today. after a cold day yesterday, we
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will start to see this temperatures arriving. everything was good to go for your commute. you guys in the green at this hour. there is something important to report. traffic on the east freeway. it is opposite of the direction. at least three of the four lanes are closed. we have a way. it is going to be an easy day. they may not even turn on at all. no problems to report. the maybe some water droplets on the camera but that does not stop you from seeing plenty of company for you.
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the breakthrough that emerged construction is in effect until 6 am. will be keeping an eye on those linkages. >> the united states and russia has ended an arms treaty that dates all the way back to the cold war. that announcement was made just this morning. the intermediate range treaty to the development of ground- based missiles. the u.s. secretary of state says russia is responsible for the demise of the treaty. the military is second test in the cruise missile that would have been banned under the old agreement. experts worried this could lead to an arms race. the missile test could start sometime within the next few weeks. the community is planning
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on moving forward less than a week after a gunman opened fire at the festival. and respect history for a vigil last night. -- hundreds of people packed the street for a vigil last night. they talked about the tragedy that unfolded on sunday when he saw at the crowd of festivalgoers. three young people died in the gunfire. last night vigil was about the community.>> it has been a rough week for my staff. a look at the with my staff dealt with this. i am pretty proud of them. >> he did not destroy us. >> the police chief told the crowd that he is postponing national night out until october. he is doing so in order to get the officers to meet the community.
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police say it was out of abundance of caution. several streets were shut down. officers washed over the ground. plainclothes officers also want the street. was no major security incidents to report. >> the fbi has agents on the case. the still trying to determine a motive. profilers want to know more about the suspect.>> we are interviewing people that knew the suspect. fighting his online footprint and going through that. talking to people who he has worked with. >> police said the family of the government or corporate. >> through these officers are
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incredibly humble. i think there he will. i think they view themselves as them just doing their job. >> those officers right now are on paid administrative leave. if you have any videos that you think will help in the investigation go to their website. one man is speaking out. he was working at the honey ladies booth and found the owners on the ground. he says when he was cautious but her husband seem to be in bad shape. he stepped in to help stop the bleeding. >> i see the world a little differently now. us the danger in a lot more places than i did before. it has been pretty difficult. >> they have both undergone multiple surgeries.
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we have more information on how to help the victims on our website. police are investigating the death of robert kennedy's granddaughter. she died at the age of 22 years old after an apparent drug overdose. the reported on the latest tragedy. >> she died thursday afternoon at the family's compound. emergency responders rushed to the estate. state and local police are investigating. her family released a statement saying our hearts are shattered by the loss of our family. life was filled with hope, promise, and love. she was the daughter of their fifth child. she was due to graduate from boston college next year. she wrote about her struggle with mental illness.
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this date is best known for being the summer white house for president john f. kennedy. is the latest in a long line of tragedy for the political dynasty. they were each assassinated in the 1960s. they died in a private plane crash in 1999. new details about officer involved shooting. the suspect was shot at least three times after climbing into a patrol car. authority said happened last night after the suspect stole some items from a store. the sheriff deputy caught up with him and got out of his car and used his taser. that is when the suspect jumped into the patrol car. is a deputy tried to open the door, the suspect pulled a knife meeting the officer to open fire. the suspect was treated and is expected to survive.
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a waterfront park is home to a homeless man. for years, it has been a haven for the homeless. lately the number of occupants has jumped. the city reportedly can no longer legally cleanup the camera. that is because some dwellers took legal action plan with the city's the procedures are unconstitutional. that resulted in a temporary restraining order against the city. >> the basically concluded us from doing our normal cleanup procedures. >> both the plaintiffs in the restraining order are due back in federal court today for a hearing on that case. police say 2 burglars ran head-on into spike strips with the previous full of stolen tools. here is a look at the suspect. they were spotted after a good samaritan called police.
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police found this. a car stuffed with toys. officials suspect their stolen. the suspects have been put in prison. a man accused of grabbing multiple woman is under arrest. he rolled out to the on a bicycle. authorities have been at least five times over a two-week span beginning on july 14. officers arrested the 24 suspect. the family of the defendant in the warehouse trial is speaking out. he was over the barnett warehouse yesterday with 36 people died in 2016. there on trial for involuntary manslaughter. that jerry has now deliberated for a second straight day. the his aunt said he should be
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treated as a hero. >> when the fire broke out, he got the biggest feistiness and that he could. he ran back to the fire. he tried to put it out. he started yelling and calling 911. >> if convicted, they could each face 39 years in state prison. the jury will come back on tuesday to reason their -- resumed their deliberation. despite close calls, the fire season is off to a slow start. how that is given cruise a little extra time to reduce it around the bay area. >> taking a look outside this morning. the city has a little bit of a global this friday morning. we will be right back. wimpy trash bags? c'mon.
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universal studios is thinking about expanding. we have this morning's money watch report.
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>> stocks tumbled for the second straight day. the dow jones was down 280 points. the s&p 500 fell by 26. investors were caught off guard by the president's surprise announcement it would hit china with tariffs of $300 billion worth of goods next month. they will consumer-products. moses reportedly laying off thousands of employees. the home-improvement chain to the wall street journal it is outsourcing test. laid-off employees are not being in doris given severance. university orlando is adding a fourth part. officials have not divulged many details about what is included.
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they will have entertainment center, hotel, shops, and restaurants. there are no details on when it will open. that is your money watch report. turning to our fire watch. evacuation orders have been lifted after a brush fire is a part of san diego.. just before noon yesterday. appellant business was destroyed. up to 70 homes were evacuated as cruise battled the intense flames. the fire burned nearly 500 acres. it is now 50 percent contain. a grass fire threatened several homes yesterday afternoon. they got it under control. with pink wildfire susan looming, many projects are going on.
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what is happening in the east bay. cruiser clearing about 300 foot of brush along the 14 miles. >> the county is looking at the hydrate fire zones. what is new this season, we have a lot more fuel on the ground as a result of the heavy rainfall we had in the winter months. >> they have an estimated 153 200 percent more fuel on the ground compared to one year ago. we have it on your weather outside. >> it is so good to be back. i has some teeth problems. >> emergency root canal. you know how painful that can be. glad i am better. we looking at a woman in store for us. let's show you. first of all we take you outside. life look at the treasure
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island camera. starting off today. the recent patchy drizzle as well this morning. all because of that onshore flow. that is what our temperatures this they were much colder. mid to upper 50s to lower 60s. changes are coming as we head through the afternoon. the visibility this morning. three quarters of a mile. six mosque for hayward. fog extending along the coast. even inland as well. pretty extensive as we start off the day. your headlines. the ocean breeze will actually relax today. daytime high temperatures running about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. the warmest two mondays will be saturday and sunday. inland you will see the warmer temperatures but still cool along the coast. here is to satellite and radar view.
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the low pressure system that did bring the cold weather friends yesterday will move off to the east. this range of high pressure will actually begin to build in today and into the weekend. that is why those temperatures will be on the rise. did you see the cloud covered pushing back to the coast. we can see some of clouds in areas. maybe not as extensive as we are noticing right now. as we look ahead to the weekend, those temperatures are we going to warm up. because cm with those temperatures will stay in the 90s. they are dealing with triple digit heat. really quickly we just got an update on tropical storm eric. that will continue to push to the south and the big islands. and eventually to an area of low pressure. it is further away from the hawaiian islands. daytime high temperatures. 90 in fairfield. 73 in oakland.
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they did go with that warm-up for the weekend. temperatures go down a bit as we had in next week. the good news as far as your commute, no major problems to report at all. take a look at the overall travel times. only one of them is out of the green this morning. 29 minutes. elsewhere you're still good to go on highway 80. highway 4 as well as 101. no problems to report there. you see a lot of green. there are some issues there. i will get right down to the worst of it. there is a follow-on traffic advisory in effect. a traffic alert. 4 of the five lanes on the freeway block. five miles per hour. only is open. it is the opposite of the commute direction.
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the good news, this will not be super busy. in this love going approaching that one lane. what you get past it, you're good to go. i will stick to this road. in the westbound direction, you're just fine. not even some slowing. the past this morning is a 25 mile per hour ride out of the drug. opposed to report what you get out of there. all the way to the interchange. no slowing soft on. it is busy. those lanes started to stack up there. all the way in san francisco this morning. san mateo bridge is busy. a little busier than normal for this time this morning. we are reporting a stall on the westbound side. that may be causing you to slow down a little bit. it is not going to be sticking
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around for long. those lane closures in effect. case of emergency construction lights in that westbound direction. those will be clearing up in the 6 am hour it should be making way for all of your commuters. nothing to report on the freeway. pretty much added volume. >> thank you. felicity huffman's new movie premieres today. >> we have your eye on entertainment report. after nine seasons, she says so long. >> i thought, what do i say? >> you can hear more from her
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on cvs. she announced back in april that this season will be her last so she can spend more time with her three children. marie osmond will be joining the ladies september 9. they start through suburban brothers decide to show up unannounced at this unsold after receiving less than satisfactory readings. during the visit, the woman in part on a committed journey on their celebration of life after mother had. it premieres on netflix today. it was delayed due to her involvement in the college admission scandal. the first spinoff of the fast and furious franchise. dwayne johnson and jason statham reprise the roles a sworn enemies. they join forces to take on the billing. that is your eye on entertainment. who was ready for some
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football. if you have one of the best receivers in the game, would you use him to return punts? jimmy garoppolo is back. he speaks coming up. we are taking a look at the airport in san jose on this getaway friday. we will be right back.
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t the day watching a little football yesterday. in part because jimmy garoppolo is healthy. the quarterback suffered an acl tear last year but he is back and ready to run.
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to ms. tom and they believe in him. and he is the quarterback that could take the 49ers to the next level. now it is time for him to prove it on the field.>> you have anything you have to prove to yourself or the 49ers?>> i want to be at the for the team. is a quarterback you want to be on the field. when you get the opportunity, we want to be the guy out there. but does not prove anything to anyone. antonio brown. maybe the best receiver in the league. i do you maximize your talent. gave him the ball as much as possible. returning punts? he has been catching them in practice. i am not the only one.>> we are going to get him back catching. in a situation where he will back up.
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it could be two guys back together. i have played against him. our intention is to use him on offense. >> check out the athletics dugout. they know daughter. is ninth of the year. they were down 3-2. tried to save it. he breaks out of a 1-27 slope. they win 5-3. just up from the minor leagues, he may be back down this morning. 3-0. he gave up seven months. he did not strike anybody out. the bullpen was not much better.
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he tried to make the play. he paid the price. he stayed in began. the phillies got the victory 10- 2. the giants dropped the first series. the beginning of august means the beginning of football. the beginning of the rope and raise. have a great weekend. president trump fires back at the democratic presidential candidates. coming up, his message to supporters and what he plans to focus on in 2020. wimpy trash bags? c'mon. hefty! hefty! hefty! hey ladies... buy hefty® ultra strong™ at a low price.
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hundreds of people gather at a vigil in the city to remember and honor the victims of sunday's mass shooting. the granddaughter of the new york senator found dead. the latest on the investigation. an overturned bigwig shuts down several lanes of interstate 80. good morning everyone it is friday, august 2. let's start off with emily turner who was watching the roadways around that grass.>> it is in the eastbound direction. that means is the opposite of the commute direction. we are not seeing any major backups. the problem would be in that westbound direction. the good news is we are not seeing any adesso file.


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