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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 2, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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alive along interstate 80. a man is in custody after a big rig crash. we are taking you life to the scene. the new study paints a picture of california's efforts to address the housing crisis. no why major retailers are voicing their opposition to the latest tariff. good morning everyone. friday, august 2. kenny is off this morning. we began with that big rig crash on interstate 80. our report is live along the freeway this morning with the very latest. >> it is actually really good news.
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this is a clear freeway. it is is bound 80. we actually buy the diner. at one point, only one man he was open. a big red with the 73,000 pound load was overturned as it was trying to avoid hitting a car that was stopped in the slow lane. it is unclear exactly what that big red was carrying. the car had a drunk driver in it was asleep behind the wheel. the driver was arrested. the sergeant is amazed know was her. >> there is no injuries involve. both of the drivers have no injuries. >> there was traffic here for about 2 hours. honestly by the time we got here, things had already been cleared up. the tow truck was said to get the truck out of the way and the camry that the driver was in was also on its way out of here. that is why the freeway was opened so quickly.
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you are talking about how there was a backup. the good news is there is no longer backup. we will to collect our maps we can see overall the conditions are mostly in the green. in on this bar. look at that. nothing but green. about two or five miles per hour. has cleared just in the nick of time. there is no trouble spots to report. at least as far as this is concerned. there is an accident in the eastbound direction. no problems that are going to be affecting your commute. in the green. that is when things start to really begin to back up. accidents have not been clear. down to 30 miles per hour. the commute is starting to creep up. 38 minutes. 18 minutes on the eastshore freeway. commute drivetime in the yellow.
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you still in the green on the east shore. as well as on highway 101. the lights are on. is a great start to the day. offer long as we're going to be having that clearing for most of us. today is the start of a warming trend. today through the weekend we will watch our temperatures rise. there is a lifelong. you see the cloudy and foggy start. really hard to make out the tops of the buildings downtown. looking at san francisco. the pictures in the 50s. take this to the day for the coast. low to mid 60s. amount day without sunshine. the pictures in the middle 60s. warming up to the middle to upper 80s. plenty of sun. this is just the star. we have more that one weekend coming up. is a long road to healing.
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last night there was a vigil to honor survivors and the three young victims. they talked about the tragedy that unfolded on sunday when a 19-year-old man shot at the crowded festival go. three young people died in the gunfire. must us vigil was not about the government.>> this is what it is all about. we love our time. i am not surprised. this is what the government festival is all about. >> the police chief said that he is postponing national night out until october. is doing so they get as many of his officers out to meet the community. agents have reached nearly
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hundreds of videos that they hope may provide some late. they said the family is cooperating with police. >> alternate his officers are be humble. i think they are heroes. >> the fbi is still asking the public for any video that could potentially help in the investigation. for more information on how to help the victims, you can head to our website. a massive earthquake just struck near indonesia's capital city.
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it was a 7.0 magnitude quake. district the capital for almost 60 seconds. not a synonymy warning has been issued. the urgent people who live along the coast to get to higher ground. there is no immediate reports of any injuries or major damage the video of the aftermath shows people running out of some of the high-rise buildings the capital city. the number of residential building permits in california is actually going down despite the strong demand for housing. that is according to the public policy institute. that while the number of permits was down 16 percent compared with the previous 12 month period. likely there was a 49 percent drop in san mateo county. nine percent in santa clara county. .7 percent. prices consumed be going up
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president trump follows through to hit china with tears. yesterday he announced a 10 percent tariff of $300 billion worth of chinese goods. set to take effect september 1. that is on top of a series of tariffs already in effect. major retailers of criticizing the possible boat. this a new tariffs will cost jobs and raise prices on everyday goods. this morning that investigation is underway into the death of his granddaughter. she died from an apparent drug overdose. emergency responders rushed to the home yesterday in massachusetts. that is where the family has been in the summer for many generations. she was due to graduate from boston college next year.
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the cause of the death officially has not yet been released. in a few hours, the man accused of stabbing a young woman at the station is due back in court for a plea hearing. the 28-year-old is charged with special circumstances for the stabbing death of the 18-year- old. recently a judge found him mentally fit to stand trial. although the governor is issuing a temporary ban on capital punishment, the issue that back in march. prosecutors have not rolled out the difficulty. tesla is reducing in the lawsuit. why the victims family says the autopilot feature is to blame. expanded ferry service is about to begin. the new schedule straightahead. we have the clouds and the fog. there is a live link. with our camera and that golden sunrise above the fog. also you future cast with that clearing just a bit.
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it feels like a friday of those was. we have some traffic spots. in the meantime, enjoy all of the green. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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we have a lot of wonderful events going on. temperatures will be warming up. sunny and warm at 90 degrees. the festival of the arts this weekend. if you're heading out to the stern grove festival sunday, a look at the sun and clouds. temperatures running in the low to mid 60s. we will be tracking your read. one accident to report. that is for those he heading northbound at this hour. that is an accident that is blocking the shoulder. the good news, it is not causing any delays.
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a little bit for that commute. i will keeping track of this all morning. police are providing more details on what a deputy opened fire on the suspect. authorities say happened when a man stole some items from a store. a sheriff deputy caught up with him and got out of his car and used the taser. that apparently did not work. the suspect then jumped into the patrol car and pulled a knife. that is with the deputy opened fire.>> a new audit finds many police officers feeling to report when the use for. the office of inspector general analyzed nearly 50 encounters from last year. at least 17 cases. the failed to fill a use of force forms. that includes 12 times with a pointed a gun at someone. they also found 18 instances of noncompliance with particular policy. the police chief said, the
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department is committed and asked willing to accept our shortcomings. a woman is suing the company after her husband died in a car crash. he was killed four months ago when the model t he was driving collided with the truck. the lawsuit contends the cars autopilot safety system filled causing the crash. >> there is no question you know that it was defective. effective didn't work at all. >> the city truck driver was at fault and had violated the right-of-way. tessa said the autopilot system is safe when used properly by an intensive driver was ready to control all times. some good news. to and from san francisco a whole lot easier.
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the emergency transportation authority announced this summer weekend trial run starting tomorrow through november 3. seems to be calming down a bit. >> there is like a peak in the 5 am hour. things have seemed to have settled down. the big picture is there is still plenty of green up there if you hidden the roadway. we do have a couple of trouble spots. in the south but they're not causing any issues. one of them is in camino real. you can see it is all green runaround there. nothing to report as far slowdowns are concerned. this is still in play. on the eastshore freeway. is your pulling to el cerrito. this is the opposite of the commute direction.
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that is great news for those of you who use the free way. if you're coming in the bay area, you're down to 20 miles per hour in that was direction. what you get to the past, you run a regular speed all went to the interchange. 35 minutes if you're heading out the past. still in the green. the bay bridge lights on. that is unusual doors unusual for friday morning. you backed up a little bit on the interstate 80 flower. you can see the eastshore freeway solution. was is busy. printed in that direction. is also started to back up on the approach to the bridge. you are moving right along and
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gone how a one-on-one. it is finally friday. we will see temperatures warmed up as we go to today and into the weekend. is a great star. refreshing start with the offshore flow. because of that and if i do start. above the fog, a gorgeous sunrise this morning. temperatures running in the 50s to lower 60s. 52 for santa rosa. we're going to start to warm up today. that ocean breeze relaxes. limits moderate data temperatures running about 10 degrees warmer.
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this is the september we typically see. that is when things really get going. the rainfall to talk about today. over the next several days. high pressure will be putting in for us. up cream -- you see that clearing for most of us. that call coverage just along the coast.
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>> 90 degrees for high- temperature. mid to upper 80s. that is your seven-day forecast.
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the worst of it is those who are heading over the bridge. visited coming out of the tracy triangle. as we headed to pequot farces, is a hard work clearing up a judge. in what is the decision is that
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we have a lot more fuel on the ground. deliberations in the warehouse trial will take to release. the jury will for second day he
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ran back.
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the drivers in custody after the crash that left him over to big red in the middle of a file.
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is a friday. starting with a taste. let's take a look to our mantra. in the meantime, want to get across, is reported to san francisco.
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there are plenty of brake lights if you're heading towards the peninsula. big red had to swear. they were stopped in the slowly. the driver successfully avoided hitting the camry that flipping onto a side.
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we're starting out today with low clouds and areas of fine. you can see the fog of our treasure island camera. just history the view of our buildings in downtown san francisco. temperatures in the 50s to
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lower 60s. we will have that clearing as we go to the day. temperatures will be a little warmer compared to yesterday. about 10 degrees warmer compared to yesterday. you 90 degrees for hot temperature in fairfield. 73 in oakland. how does gathered together last line to one of the survivors and the three young people were killed. the department says it was out of an abundance of caution. heavily armed officers washed over the ground.
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motorcycles and golf plans. >> we will not be going into the detailed. is that we have done everything we possibly can do to make sure everyone at the fair grounds are safe. >> the fair runs through the weekend and at 10 pm on sunday night. a synonymy warning this morning after a 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck near jakarta. now, tourists and residents are being told to evacuate some of the coastal areas. this actually hits about 1 hour ago. so far no immediate reports of any damage or major injuries. the 6.9 magnitude earthquake shaking the capital city.
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divorcing running out of high- rise buildings. evacuations underway in some of the areas. the hearing is set today. for years, the park in the neighborhood has been a haven for the homeless. the number of occupants has jumped. the city can no longer legally cleanup the intimates. that is because of some rv dramas claim the city's cleanup procedures are unconstitutional. that resulted in a temporary restraining order against the city. >> it basically prevent us doing our operations. >> the plaintiffs are debunked in federal court today. the u.s. is taking a stand against russia in move. the pentagon is preparing to test a
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new nonnuclear mobile lunch cruise missile. it comes as they have officially withdrawn control pack. the intermediate range treaty signed by president ronald reagan band ground lunch missiles up to 3400 miles. officials are claiming russia violated the deal. moscow responded saying it is not true. north korea has conducted a third missile test is nuclear talks show no sign of promise. u.s. intelligence agencies believe he is testing short- range ballistic missile. tester in response to military exercises. official from u.s. and korea have recently said they would like to restart nuclear talks soon but nothing has been scheduled. the public gets a rare chance to check out a burial.
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we will show you the artwork at the center of the controversy unbelievable video from washington state is a small plane uses a road as a runway. what led up to the improvised landing. the stock market opened about 10 minutes.. the dow jones is down almost 130 points. coming up get an update from the financial reporter. here's one you guys will like.
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friday morning for you. and you live to the ferry building. is a cloudy start to the day. also dealing with foggy conditions. this to the strong onshore flow. i will show you future cast hour by hour when the skies were clear where you are coming up. we're keeping an eye on your way. mystic alive to the freeware. looks it pretty good at this hour. was like you have installed big
6:41 am
red. other than that it is not blocking any lanes. this morning we're learning more about it crash that left one person that. it happened was that in death valley national park. a navy pilot was killed. he was on a training mission. that area is very popular with terrorist and six of the seven victims were a family visiting from france. it rained down on them. >> all of them will need to undergo surgery to treat their burn injuries. as unfortunate as it were, they got away pretty lucky. >> the cause of the crash is still under investigation. the governor puerto rico is set to resign. it is still not clear who will replace them. the announced his resignation
6:42 am
last month after protest over elite chat between him and is a. it contained offensive remarks about political opponents and victims of hurricane maria. prompted the national puerto rico secretary of state who would've been next in line for governor. the third in line says she does not want the job. the nominee for secretary of state who can succeed him may not have enough votes among the territories lawmakers to be confirmed. with a 100 people showed up. this famous watches in high. it depicts president george washington as a slave owner. it was painted back in 1936. 's grandson said the artist's intent was to provoke conversations about the real history of the united states.
6:43 am
is rocking the boat a little bit. he would be horrible to hear the reaction they're getting today. >> some current students were offended. to the school board to bolt. it may not be a done deal. some supporters are planning a ballot measure in hopes of saving the work of our. >> the jobs report just came up. joining us now is our financial reporter. the u.s. economy continues to chug along. especially when it comes to job growth. 164,000 jobs were added to the economy in july. that his expectations right on the head. we saw the rate remained steady at 3.7 percent. wage growth of 3.2 percent. that was slightly stronger than the prior month. the power to met with in was
6:44 am
lower by combined 41,000 jobs. the key for the market these days is the trade war with china. this report is not likely to act as a key catalyst. lots of technical earnings are in. there are some pretty significant stocks was going on for several firms. looking wallboard. this shows them taking a 36 percent dive on that report. dropping 14 percent. down by 20 percent. a couple winners out there. overall, the stock market heading lower. we had another drop yesterday after president trump announced a 10 percent tariff on september 1. s&p down 100. jason brooks. happy friday. offer a look at what is
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coming up letter. michelle miller joins us from new york. >> good morning. glad to join you. details in the death of robert f can this granddaughter. the family mourns the loss of the 22-year-old. cracking down on mobile call. the new effort to keep your numbers safe from scammers. if you have coworkers, you're not alone. the editor in chief joins us to break down a new study that says 90 percent of people reports being treated rudely at work. we have some great tips for you. have a great weekend. >> we love each other. we have a new video. estate trip return the highway
6:46 am
into a runway. making an emergency landing. they said the trooper was coming the other way and he saw the emergency situation unfolding in pierce county on wednesday. >> i would like to think the trooper for what he did. they probably saved me from the serious injury or death. somebody else from getting in a car crash. >> the most impressive thing. the airplane came to a halt right at a stoplight. the 2 minister push the plane off of the state highway and into a safe place. it is not clear what caused the plane to malfunction. >> the light was read. i am just glad it all worked
6:47 am
out.>> the goodness, seems like most of you are obeying the rules of the road. we have very few trouble spots to tell you about. taking a look at the overall big picture. it is green and that is good for those of you who are about to walk out the door. we do have a couple of issues. this one is taking forever to clear up. not such a big deal. it is in the opposite direction. is. westbound does not seem to be causing any delays. your pretty much good to go. you do not see any slowing to get into berkeley. off to the passage. directly trouble spot for this time. 15 miles per hour as you're coming down out of the tracy triangle. really starting to speed up and running at a regular read. no slowing to report. just a very small amount.
6:48 am
westbound on interstate 84. that is but a 35 minute time. once you get to the plaza and you're moving alone. the bridge is busy as well. backed up on the approach. we made it to the end of the work week. is finally friday. temperatures will be warming up today into the weekend. a spectacular view with our camera. love this view with the fog rolled in. the sun shining brightly. even some rainbow flares as well on our cameras. temperatures running in the lower 60s.
6:49 am
upper 50s in san francisco. that ocean breeze is going to relax today. that made tomorrow afternoon. had temperatures running about 10 degrees warmer. the warmest of the week will be tomorrow and sunday. still call at the coast. here is the sunlight and radar view. they will be building in for us. that is what they will be warming up in the bay area. they will be pushing off to the east. was sticky hour by hour on future cast. even by 11 am, you can see that cloud coverage pushing back to the coast. will see the clearing heading late into the morning. plenty of sunshine. you can see the clouds still hanging around along the coast. most of us will see the sunshine. tomorrow morning low clouds.
6:50 am
they more sunshine for your saturday and sunday. it is going to be a very warm weekend as we go through saturday and sunday. along the coast in the 60s. better inland locations with top in the mid to lower 90s. daytime high temperatures right around where we should be. warmer compared to yesterday. santa clara is at 82. 85. upper 80s. 94 fairfield. we're looking at high temperatures in the upper 60s. low 70s in alameda. mid 60s in san francisco. looking at 94. heading out to pacifica. the dog surfing championships for tomorrow. in the low 60s. it is the seven-day forecast. temperatures warming up
6:51 am
saturday and for sunday. :back down as we head to next week. the governor just signed a bill into reducing football injuries among california's kids. >> that includes a ban on full contact practice during the off- season. it limits full contact during the season to 30 minutes twice per week. medical professionals will have to be on hand for all games. as well as independent monitors. reaction among parents is mixed.>> it does not even give the coaches enough time to get them warmed up. to get started. i think it is unsafe. >> we would do to make things. they will keep them safer from entry. it will make them hungry as well. it will get them ready to play.>> having a medical personnel the field is a good thing. there is a lot of good things that happened.
6:52 am
overall, i think it is a money thing. >> the new regulations are set to take effect in 2021. similar roles are to apply for high school and middle school teams. some goodness. castle rock state park renovations is open to the public. and is in the santa cruz mountains. it has been a big draw for years. the cross also put a strain on the area. new bathroom. obviously more comfort. the best part is that taxpayers do not have to pay a dime. $8.7 million renovations were funded by private donations. rising sea levels could devastate parts of the bay area over the next three decades. interactive map dates were the flooding could be the most six- year. is the polar ice cubes melting.
6:53 am
the real estate sites and climate central say the city of alameda can see some of the worst flooding. 30,000 homes right wrist with a total value of nearly $50 billion. and produced the impact over several decades. officials are bracing for 2 storms. the agency has passed activated its emergency operations center. there also helping people with preparations. saint is available at locations all across the big island.>> we also have our emergency services on a letter. there into areas where emergency shelters could be opened up if necessary. >> the tropical storm is expected to bring some heavy rain and winds. a man is arrested after a big rig crash on a freeway this
6:54 am
morning. while police said that took him into custody. taking a live link right now. say little bit of haze in the sky. we are on the cusp of another woman. we will be right back. at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world.
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this morning still stores. investigators to the motive in the shooting may never be known. yesterday evening, people gather downtown for a vigil to honor the three people killed in sunday's violence. is also a chance to help the town in telling process. the government was fatally shot by police officers. we're learning more about the police shooting. an officer shot the suspect at least three times after he climbed into a patrol car with the. he was treated at the scene and is expected to survive.
6:58 am
u.s. is taking a stand against russia as the pentagon papers to testing new nonnuclear mobile lunch cruise missile. it comes as the u.s. has withdrawn from a arms-control pack. intermediate-range nuclear forces treaty was signed by president ronald reagan. the untimely death for the kennedy family. the 22-year-old granddaughter of robert f kennedy died from an apparent drug overdose. happen at the family's compound in massachusetts. an overturned big rig possum major delays. drunk driver fell asleep in the slow lane. the big rates swerved to avoid the car and rolled over. the suspected driver is now under arrest. ballistic a leveling to our main travel times. we are starting to see those travel time scrape up. that is a 42 minute ride. you're actually getting a
6:59 am
little bit of a time back. down to 32 minutes. eastshore freeway is a breeze. 45 minutes over software. was taken live liquidity to the start big rig still in place. that is not slowing anything down. in the northbound direction, nothing to report. the bridge is foggy but as far as the traffic is concerned, it is clear. there is a lifelike. lovely view of the farm. we are going to have the clearing as we go to the exit. that cloud coverage pulling back to the coast. 89 degrees for high- temperature. not in fairfield. 66 for san francisco. it somehow temperatures will be 10 degrees warmer compared to yesterday. will continue with that warm-up for the weekend. temperatures in the mid-90s. pulling back down by next week. not hitting the triple digits.
7:00 am
thank you for watching. the next update is at 7:26 am. cbs this morning is coming up next. have a wonderful friday. good morning to our viewers in the west and welcome to "cbs this morning." new kennedy tragedy. robert kennedy's granddaughter is found dead at the family compound on cape cod. we look at saoirse kennedy hill's short and influential life. >> rallying the base. president trump fires up supporters in cincinnati by blasting democrats after threatening tariffs on even more chinese exports. fighting robo callers. new government rules target foreign scam artists who keep finding new ways to cheat americans out of their money. what you need to know to protect yourself. and rising talents. how two young brothers who love to bake are building a business and


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