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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 3, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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a gunman opens fire in el paso texas mall killing 20 people tonight. what we learn about a possible motive. the father of 18 accused of killing an italian officer speaks out. why he says his son will come home. >> the public has an incomplete account of the true versions of the events. >> raters receive great cliff branch dives. >> wildfire spews smoke across the bay area. a warning about our air-quality. police in el paso texas are combing the scene of the horrific shooting. it killed 20 people.
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>> we are in the newsroom with what we are learning about the suspected gunman tonight. >> the police chief said the gunman allegedly left behind a manifesto, and the shooting may have a nexus to a hate crime. >> these photos show the alleged shooter moments before the attack at the walmart supercenter. the suspect has been identified as 21-year-old patrick grotius. he was taken into custody without incident. the store was packed with as many as 3000 people. during the busy back-to-school shopping season. this video captures the terrifying moments shots rang out. a shopper taking cover underneath the table. reporting those gunshots that put businesses on lockdown. and panic shoppers. people desperately search for their loved ones. >> i want to fight my mom. somebody needs to tell me where she is, i want to know if she is
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dead or alive or if she is still at walmart. >> video from behind a closed gate shows police quickly moving through.>> the other employees were coming in, and they would tell me that they heard some gunshots and people started bolting into the store. >> when asked if today's violent falls at the feet of president trump, -- >> he is a racist, and it does not just offend our sensibilities, it fundamentally changes the character of this country and it leads to violence. >> democratic presidential candidate senator, harris waited. >> us weapons designed to a lot of reason that they should exist on the street of civil
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society. >> this is a suburb of dallas, and the community gathered for individual to mourn the 20 victims. trump condemned the shooting tweeting, today's shooting in el paso texas was not only tragic, it was an act of cowardice. i know i stand with everyone in this country to condemn today's hateful act. there is no reasons or excuses that will ever justify killing innocent people. a source told cbs news that the suspect was considered a troubled youth and described as a loner. a manifesto may be linked to the suspect denounces hispanic people in texas. what we want? dusters. >> chance on capitol hill after the shooting rampage. hundreds of protesters. they
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are calling for the senate to take up a measure expanding background checks for gun buyers. it was gilroy, today it was el paso. this is an epidemic, this is a crisis treat it like one, we need the senate to act now. still ahead, the stepped-up security at the fremont arts festivals in the wake of the gilroy festival shooting. just in tonight, a big loss or raider nation tonight. wide receiver cliff branch has died. he was part of all three super bowl championship teams. the 71-year-old was found dead in his hotel room in arizona. police say there are no signs of foul play. most likely he died of natural causes. the father of one of the bay area teens accused of
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killing an officer is back from rome and he is speaking out. >> ethan released a statement outside his home through his attorney soon after landing in san francisco. despite the fact his son confessed to the crime, he insists the public doesn't know the full account of what happened. >> we saw our son again, he was okay. >> speaking through his attorney with a prepared statement, he has a force support and we stand by his side. >> he now has a plan in place to get to the truth. he clutched his family outside his san francisco home. >> can you tell us how you're feeling? >> after visiting his son in a rome jail where he is accused of murdering an italian officer. >> it is understandable, but
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unfortunate. that people have jumped to conclusions in this matter. he stabbed him nearly a dozen times with a seven inch military grade knife. they are accused of drinking the night of the killing. police say at least one had been on drugs. the suspects across paths with officer was called to investigate a botched drug deal. they were allegedly attacked right away. alder claims it was self- defense. >> the public has an incomplete account of the true versions of the events. >> e truth will set you free. we look forward to the truth coming out, and to our son coming home. >> if convicted both suspects
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could face life in prison. >> prosecutor say the plane closed an extortion attempt when the teens attacked him. a group of buyers in contra costa county are almost contained. the marsh complex fires broke out about 3 am near marsh creek road. that's between brentwood and clayton. it burns through more than 650 acres of brush and dry grass prompting the evacuation of clayton palms.>> the minute we open the door you can spell the smoke. >> it's terrifying, it really is because you start thinking about all the stuff in the house. sure you can say yeah i had a couch, had a tb, had this, but what about all the other stuff? the photo albums, the memories. >> at least nine separate places merged into three main fires. crews will stay on the scene through at least tomorrow. this guy is hazy from our
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cam as the sunset tonight. the result of a smoke advisory from the fires. the biggest issue is the heat, and we look at when we might see relief. >> not until the middle of this coming week. first we have to start changing some things and look at the map behind me. this shows you what the humidity was like across the bay area today. if you are in the green, you had decent humidity. if you are in the brown, look at these numbers. 80% humidity for clayton. this is a good measuring point to see how low the humidity was over here. look what happens when you go over the hill, 60%, that would be a much more typical day for the majority people living in the bay. it is very dry over on the east side of the hills. if we take a look at why we have higher humidity levels on the west side, look at the marine layer working its way back in tonight. stats will start to grow and fill in some of those about it
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doesn't. by the time we get for the middle of next week. tonight cruise near san diego continue to look at a cliffside that collapsed on beachgoers killing three people yesterday. authorities have the area blocked off tonight. they are worried about another possible collapse. a three by 25 foot section of the bluff dumped sandstone under people below. authorities had to break up the rock to make sure no one was buried. it's growing to the three victims, two of the three victims had been identified as mother, julie davis, and daughter any clave. they run a pediatric dentist dentist patrick actress. they are popular and well respected in the community. >> healthy, nice people. just innocent.
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it's hard to put words to it. >> we have over 3000 contacts annually just on those things. we tell people over and over, to stay back from these naturally eroding clips. >> one woman was killed on the beach and two other victims were airlifted in the died at the hospital. lifeguards are posted along the cliffside all weekend to make sure people stay away. new video of a burglary. surveillance video shows a man and a woman making off with boxes and equipment early on monday. that happened at frame of mind films. they make documentaries there. all of its inventory is gone. that includes original footage for a new film about the dalai lama. police say their detectives are actively working leads in the case. tonight a veteran officer with the union city police department is recovering from a
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hit-and-run. as a search from the people behind the will continues. that happened last night at the corner of eighth and g street when a previous being chased by other officers slammed into his cruiser. a witness said the toyota driver and passenger immediately left the scene, but a third person stayed in the car.>> i saw the two guys open the door, and runaway to the kids. i said stop, stop, and they ignored me. and started running. >> officer did have head injuries. the search is still on for the suspects. coming up, a foot locker employee tries to stop a shoplifter with a forceful take on. a man leads police on a chase to the sand and into the ocean. the southern california standoff. recycling company finds more than just plastic, who threw away $23,000 my experience with usaa
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♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. it has been nearly a week since a gunman opened fire at the festival and with that tragedy still fresh in everyone's mind, another popular festival opened this weekend and police are not taking any chances with it. fremont arts and wines festival attracts many people every year. to keep everybody safe, two officers kept watch overhead from a tower in the middle of the event. there is dozens of security cameras, and 12 portable roadblocks. >> we have seenthe ps, and
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we seem them circling, it feels very safe. >> we want to make sure the community is able to come to this event, and no we are trying everything we possibly can to keep them safe. two they refuse to live their life in fear. >> everyone has in their mind that so much happens. i don't think they'll stop people from going and enjoying her life. >> it will continue tomorrow. the kennedy family received mourners at their cape cod compound today with heavy security. people began showing to pay their respects over the death of 22-year-old search the kennedy hill. the grand daughter of robert f kennedy was found unresponsive thursday inside the home of her great-grandmother ethel.>> investigators are waiting the results of toxicology tests before confirming the cause of death.
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kennedy hill was staying on the compound that once served as the summer white house were her great uncle jfk. her uncle rfk junior she had a gift of laughter maria shriver called her brave. her and did searches devotion to human rights and women's empowerment. she would've entered her senior year at boston college this fall. funeral arrangements have not been announced. roseville pulled on the hunt for a suspect in a shocking attack on a foot locker employee. it was all caught on camera. police say the worker was trying to stop a shoplifter when the man grabbed her and almost picked her up. slammed her onto the ground. video of the incident which happened wednesday has gotten about 1 million views online. police are looking for help to identify the suspect. tonight a wild high-speed police chase ended on the beach , lapd chase a stolen car suspect in the delray beach
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area. driver sped down the coast near the water and ended up stuck. the suspect later jumped into the ocean where he stayed for quite some time. officers finally wrestled him out of the water, and arrested him. there have been several falls in yosemite this week. one was fatal. we will get a better look at how rescues are performed in yosemite. millions of americans visit the national parks and the river is running high and fast. rescue crews say the people that fall and have 15 seconds to get out or risk being swept away. the river is fueled by record mountain snowpacks that are melting quickly and filling up lakes and streams at unprecedented levels right as people are heading to the water to cool off.>> most people who get rescued weren't planning on getting wet. i think the underestimate if you things about the water, the force, the speed, the current.>> two thirds of the
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operations i go with what our butter recoveries. >> i'm a pretty strong swimmer. this is pretty intimidating.>> i swim into the strong current and became part of this rescue drill. rescue teams only have one shot to grab hold of me. >> it is so cold it sucks the air through. >> despite the danger, visitors are flocking with phones in hand to document their time for social media. >> workers found for the just plastic at a recycling facility
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in humboldt county. >> they found cold hard cash. a man tossed a shoe box containing his life savings into a recycling bin outside his home. horrify at he called to see if they could find. incredibly an employee found. filled with more than $23,000 in cash. good news for travelers flying, you can skip lines and have your coffee prepared by a robotic barista. boston-based has installed the fully automated coffee has. they can order drinks through their app and wait in line line and then pick up the drink to go. the hardest working man in show business --. >> i will pick up the forecast with good news which might be a
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little misleading. we will be a little cooler. we about three degrees cooler in santa rosa. >> it's going to be hot. we are going to 90 in santa rosa tomorrow. is a three degree drop, but it will be 90 degrees. we will hits 94 in concorde. will go to 94 44 degree drop. even though the numbers tomorrow will be cooler today, they will still range as much as 70 degrees above average. 10 degrees above average today. we are slightly moving the numbers down just a little bit. san francisco is at 67, that is right on the mark for average. it's not a big significant change. what we're waiting for his out here, he never see it from
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looking at the regular clouds. let's take a look at the atmospheric circulation. you see the counterclockwise been, that is an area of low pressure. it's in the wrong place. we need that to be over here to help coolest down. as watch the future cass, look what happens. this is how we will cool down. you will see that in the seven day forecast. numbers are going back down into the mid-80s for inland locations. that will get you back down. there is another 91 there. coming up, the athletics? a familiar face in the outfield as they face the cardinals and the giants are put to the ♪
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the giants and become sellers as they put a string of wins to together to catch up in the wildcard race. they are in a critical point of the season, because they pay play several teams battling for the wildcard spot in the national league. to make the start in colorado tonight, he got some run support. they connect for the first home run with the orange and black. they lead 4-0 at this point. the couldn't hold onto the league. daniel murphy doubles off the room wall. jeanette's throw is way off- line. to give the rockies the lead. is the same sport in the eighth- inning, but he rolls one into the right-center field gap. will smith tries to close this one out, it's a little
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difficult here. colorado put runners on first and second, but he gets murphy to and the ending. they giants when 6-5. mark canna delivers a two- out single to left. they give oakland a 2-0 lead. in the fifth inning, he drives one out to the right. he is been out a month with a knee injury looking healthy as he makes the leap. she appreciates that support. they blast with a three run home run to put the game away. if they half-game back on tampa in the wildcard chase. tonight former intern joe was a part of history in debut with his astros. he pitched a scoreless eighth inning and was one of four
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pictures who combined to throw a no-hitter against the mariners. the second time in the last month seattle has been no-hit. houston wins the game 9-0. still to come, the class of 2019 joins the pro football hall of fame. here's one you guys will like.
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in the mba the warriors agreed to a contract extension that will keep him in the bay area until the 2000 2324 season , the deal which will start next year is reportedly for four years. $100 million, the warriors now have the newest all-star d'angelo russell all signed through at least 2022 with seven seasons. he's won three championships and appeared in three all-star games. he was named the defensive player of the year in 2017. tonight in canton ohio eight new members were inducted into the pro football hall of fame. the class included defensive ends tyler, ed reed, and bailey along with tight end tony
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gonzalez who is a football and basketball star where he got the full work we experience. >> this is one of the greatest institutions in the country. a little weird, people dye their hair blonde and orange, people go to school naked. they have rallies all the time, but i loved it. it brought me out of my shell. a little too much at times. >> is that why you went to davis instead?>> wimpy trash bags? c'mon.
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