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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  August 6, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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mountain view today, a whole bunch of waste dropped off at a recycling center that will never reopen. a victim of a recycling on economy that has been struggling for years. >> at the guy was on break because usually he takes his break at one. >> reporter: they shut up with bottles, cans and plastic, only to find replanted out of business. >> we have been coming regularly for years now. >> reporter: for some of them, this is the only business they have. for years now the business of recycling has been getting hammered by changes in the global economy, then we first started telling you about more than three years ago now. >> china wanted it, taiwan, hong kong wanted it. >> reporter: that was back in 2016 talking about asia's waning need for our metals and waning want for our use plastic . without that buyer for this
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waste, recycling has largely stopped paying. >> will be applying for rising rates, we can keep doing it and losing money at this. >> reporter: rates have since gone up in marin, but for every plan, the math simply wasn't going to add up by one estimate as many as 40% of the states recycling is closed in the past five years, a blow to recycling efforts, as well as those who depend on it. >> there are many people recycling. >> reporter: advocates have been pushing the state reform program in hopes of keeping centers like this open, but the truth is keeping with like this, particularly plast of our landfills is >> replant released a statement saying it will undergo a process that asked us dated and creditors paid. here's a look at our top
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stories at five thirty, the fbi opened a domestic terror investigation of the gilroy garland shooter. >> this comes after discovering nineteen-year-old santino legan had a target list that included churches and government buildin agents also searched his computer, phone and online accounts. >> the defense team in the ghost ship fire trial telling kpix5 it could be a while before jurors reach a verdict. all twelve need to vote on each amendable account. there are thirty-six in total for the thirty-six people who died in the fire in twenty steen. 2016. the lawyer in the bay area for two boys suspected of killing a police officer in italy is investigating all possible footage. today investigators and roman spent investigated a hotel room used by the two who are being detained while prosecutors probe
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the killing of the officer. lawyers for the teens have petitioned for their release, it is clear when a court might hear the petitions. and oakley man died in a crash following a police pursuit in napa county last night. the sheriff's office says logan dale patrick logan was a passenger in this car. it flipped and went down the side of the grand road. police learned of a suspicious car parked behind the rail, the driver was reportedly passed out. one medic got there, least to the driver sped off, they deployed a spike strip causing him to swerve, lose control and crash. the driver and passenger were taken state officials are putting the state of cupertino unnoticed, threatening to sue the city's not fulfill housing obligations. at issue, the massive development project at the site of the old delta shopping mall expected to bring more than
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2400 housing units, the developers for the project have faced a series of roadblocks in the mercury news is reporting state housing officials are threatening to sue the city if the project fails to materialize. cupertino is responsible for zoning more than 1000 new housing units by 2023. in stockton one particular group of protesters rallied against gun violence today, survivors of the cleveland elementary school shooting back in 1989 were out there calling for stricter guidelines. any experienced similar incident to last week's mass shootings. thirty years ago a man walked onto the playground at risk and shot thirty-four children, five of them died. the incident is considered the first mass shooting schoolchildren. >> every time there is another shooting, whether it's a mass shooting our man on the street, it brings it back and breaks the bond. >> our whole community was traumatized.
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these were kids, they were six, seven, eight years old and it's been happening too often. >> they were among a group of about seventy-five people who gathered today urging the congressman to return to congress to get bipartisan support for stricter gun legislation. the government issued a statement warning tourist not to travel to oakland, stockton, cleveland and of another's. this comes in the wake of two deadly mass shootings. the country warns acts of violence are fueled by racism and target migrant population. a new development in the sexual abuse crisis for the boy scouts of america. a group known as a boy is abused in scouting filed a lawsuit alleging the boy scout group of america covered up
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nearly 800 victims of abuse and more out there. >> the kind of numbers we are talking about now are what we are seeing in church cases. >> they have taken information from the abused and scouting group and turnover about 120 reports to local law enforcement agencies. the scouts also established a 24-hour helpline to receive reports of known horses acted abuse our behavior. in a statement to cbs, the scouts that we recognize there were instances in our organization's history when cases were not addressed or handled in a manner consistent with our commitment to protect scouts, the values of our organization and procedures we have in place today. usa ambassador to russia john huntsman is resigning after serving for two years. he left the utah governor's office in 2009 one former president obama tapped him as
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ambassador to china, then president trump named him as ambassador to russia. huntsman will serve through october 3, he did not say why his stepping down, but there is speculation he may run for utah governor once again. a business with ties to stanford is one of three who won a breakthrough prize in fundamental cynics. daniel stanford at mit is seen on the right and he will share a $3 million award with two of his peers for their 1976 theory of super gravity. the 2020 laureates will be honored in a ceremony november 3 at nasa's hangar one in mountain view. it's a staple at, but a new warning about the popular brown balls in a chemical that can lead to cancer. >> it makes me want to bring this space back to life.
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>> he sees aging basketball courts as a giant canvas. the artist trying to transform communities. in the midst of mass shootings and ice raids, one bay area school district is protecting its students with knowledge.
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annual report tonight says triple labels contain chemicals linked to cancer.
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nonprofit study found five al known as forever chemicals. they hope the polls hold hot, greasy wet food without falling apart. the bpa says the chemicals don't breakdown in the body and they build up over time, but chipotle says suppliers meet fda guidelines. if you want to add a new credit card your wallet, you might be able to swipe the new apple card pretty soon. today some lucky people are randomly chosen by apple to apply for the new credit card called apple card. anyone who wants to use apple card must verify who they are with a finger or face id. the company hopes mastercard will fill coverage gaps stories that don't accept apple pain. amazons itself driving robots will be roaming the streets of california soon enough. the online shopping giant says the six wheeled robot will deliver packages to customers
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in irvine after they tested it in a suburb in seattle. a major beer buyout is putting more than 1000 jobs in the bay area and beyond on the chopping block. ray's beverages is buying dbi beverages for an underclothes amount. in south san francis, 190 workers will have their jobs cut , san jose 174 workers will lose their jobs in sixty-six workers will be affected in fairfield. dbi beverage distributed several beers across northern california, including lewman, coors, fosters, guinness and samuel adams. in total, more than 1000 jobs will be cut and they take effect november. luxury department store barney's is filing for bank. the and retailer based in new york has been an icon of america's luxury clothing world for decades. the eeo says the company has
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been hit by high rent and shifting can taste. stores and sentences in livermore wilkins need operate. nonprofit is transforming basketball where it's across the country into work of art. >> reporter: at the reno recreation center in oakland, the best ball court has come a giant canvas. >> when a be a part in disrepair it makes me want to bring space back to life. >> dan peterson's visionary behind this vibrant transformation. >> i love outdoor basketball in public parks. >> reporter: his love avast it all began as a team. >> fast forward to 2015, peter peterson found himself on the bag newly neglected court and was inspired to repaint the free-throw line.
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>> it was something i felt like i could do. >> reporter: is that of bringing people together, cracked cumberland courts in urban neighborhoods are often seen as barriers that drive families away. so peterson launched project backboard and reshaped twenty- two quarts country into magical murals. >> playing on courts that look like this may cause you to think natively, that is one of the hopes, people come into this space and start imagining, what if >> color is somewhat of a new thing for me. >> reporter: a local artist was inspired to design the court. >> you see some parts over here that are more of a table element, but it also has this archway. >> reporter: he says that abstract images represent home and a sense of community. >> is important, i think, to have this space they can take pride in, feel comfortable and safe there. >> reporter: does rainbows you mean diversity? >> definitely.
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>> reporter: and he knows these children worry about the violence on their street. so having the dutiful place to play makes a powerful statement. >> it's so impactful when you show these kids that they matter. >> reporter: what did you think when you walked out here and saw the color? >> it's amazing the way it came out i was just watching them from the things, that's all i did for two days straight i wanted to jump in and help. >> reporter: to make it all possible, project backboard teams with sponsors like videogame maker nba 2k. the cost, around $50,000. >> hanging out and physically tying the game is important to develop skills you need in life. you know how to cooperate with the team, be a leader. >> reporter: in the importance of play and teamwork seems to be a slam dunk of the reno recreation center. >> i didn't really want to be a
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role model, but now i am nice to everyone. everyone knows my name, they call me when they need help or something. >> reporter: a colorful change, giving a wind of the community. >> you hear about people rescuing pat all the time. >> and in one special case a human and dog have rescued each other. michael and his dog abby stumbled onto an activity that they will learn together to form an unbreakable bond. you it's surfing. >> she looked ready to go, went with her if she will write it? we gently tipped her into the wave and she rolled the whole thing she has given me more than a purpose she is completely changed my life. >> canine surfing champ is now known around the world and their story is tonight on kpix5 news at evan. coming up, and asked us if surprise when a lightning strike destroys families toilet.
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z3gu1z zi0z y3gu1y yi0y you could call it a serious case of bad luck for one florida couple. >> a lightning strike blew up
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the toilet in their home. luckily no one was in the bathroom. the bizarre chain of events started when a lightning bolt first hit the septic tank. the plumbing company in charge of repairs as it's because the toilet was a ticking time bomb. who knew natural gas from the sewer slowly built up over time causing the ignition. >> i'm not taking any showers are going to the bathroom forever left. not when it's under storming and down here that's a lot. >> the couple says they are just glad they are okay. >> they do say lightning doesn't strike twice number right? >> in the same place twice. let's hope in this case that doesn't happen. that's the kind of story that can make you flush. [ laughter ] you could have laughed.
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>> all right, delayed reaction [ laughter ]. >> let take a look at what we have going on over the bay area. it got hot inland again did not cool down in concord, ninety- five degrees. rose and derozan near average eighty-six, fremont eighty-two. he never warmed up into the and half bay, so don't worry about, it will stick. san rafael fifty- five san jose fifth d8, the sunrise is later. 6:18 the sun comes up officially and send this go tomorrow. pollen count hanging on between a three and a five. it was a 3.3 today, the grasp: won't likely let uporat least other 'sthe at a pattern that is somewhat atypical for early august. a pretty strong low-pressure area. when it makes landfall this weekend in oregon there will likely be widespread showers and restrooms, and even on the cost of order in the north california toward weeden right
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rita and redding california. maybe a little stormy saturday, we won't like to see any rain around here but with the load of the northwest onshore breeze coming in. it didn't get much stronger today, it will get stronger tomorrow and temperatures will drop inland by up to twelve degrees and it will be pretty breezy. you will stick cool and clouding of the coastline near san francis and san pablo bay. sunshine in the afternoon, but the ocean breeze will be with us all day long. thursday we are looking at morning as an afternoon sunshine. let's fast-forward to the weekend with the low getting closer to the coastline. for us, the impact is the ocean breeze is going nowhere. temperatures will continue sh e they haven't dropped yet, but when they do they will drop every day through saturday couple of nights. the seabreeze on the increase and temperatures will be on the decrease, eight degrees below average tomorrow and fifteen degrees lower than today, a big change for you concord only a
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high of eighty. san jose seventy-six, six degrees below average, fremont seventy-three, san mateo seventy-two, pacific only six one. even the warmest thoughts made it to the mid-90s the past couple of days, mid-80s that's it. oakland sixty-eight degrees, morning clouds, mid 60s for sausalito and richmond below six is for daly city. windsor eighty-seven, lakeport ninety degrees. your extended forecast calling for continued holding friday and saturday. nobody even hits eighty degrees and barely about sixty below the water. sunday will be sunny and warmer as the hunter breeze begins to go away and next week we warm- up likely of the 70s and 90s away from the water. it is your trance forecast. new at x, a bay area city so desperate for housing planning drastic measures to keep visitors out. plus yuni shutting down service
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some parents understandably might see summer is a chance for their kids to take a break from the internet. >> one social media summercamp is embracing it. this is youtube i'm a weeklong program that guides kids production and posting. a recent survey found 29% of kids to be a youtube or when they grow up and not six as possible. >> if i go to a normal camp i am just having fun. here i am learning while having fun. >> ryan's toy review made about $22 million last year. the company id tag offers several programs throughout the
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summer. my son's favorite show, ryan's toy review. that's all he knows. that will do it for the newsnet5. kpix5 news at six begins right now. >> we have become a little numb in terms of what we are seeing. now, building hope in the next generation. in light of recent violence the one bay area school district is preparing students for a new reality plus yuni shutting down train service for two weeks. will this routine maintenance prevent further meltdowns? one bay area city in desperate need of housing the drastic measures it's taking to keep overnight visitors out. kpix5 news at six starts right now. >> we begin tonight with a young generation i grew up during a time when mass shootings have hardly become the norm. kpix5's kid go is of the
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franklin mckinley school district in san jose with house leaders are trying to empower students to make change. >> reporter: about all of the mass shootings that have happened in the past week, yes your kids know about them in here are the franklin mckinley school district they say the best thing to do is let them talk it out. >> what's been in the news lately a lot? >> shootings. >> mass shootings. >> how many of you are feeling a little worried about coming back to school? >> reporter: and talked they did. >> i feel a little worried it's in the back of my head, but if something happens today? >> it's getting closer to us every single time. >> for a long time those were even things we read about in school and i'm not as a principal to feel you have to worry about that. >> reporter: we are in the afternoons eschen of the student leadership conference, where the best and brightest from the district are acknowledging the fear and anxiety of remastering and one week. but then processing it and turning it into action.
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remember, you are the most important part of that team. >> reporter: principal amber andretti has tips for what kids can do right now. close gates find you, take shooter drills, be aware of your surroundings of the heart suspicious act. she uses a tree at calder mind allowing students to text her anonymously. back in march 2018 she got a tip eleven-year-old was going to kill two other students and shoot up in middle school. they rest of the child within two hours. >> we really focus on telling kids they play such an active role. it really was that one kid and the kid wasn't even sure they should reported that night. >> reporter: the superintendent said it's up to their generation to do something to stop the shootings. >> making sure it doesn't become the norm and really we need to on in a way that helps our children understand that we


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