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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  August 8, 2019 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 >>a horr the morning commute on a bay area free will with multiple cars colliding on catching fire, leaving one person dead. i'm kenny choi. i'm michelle griego and jackie ward reports from lot 101 in san jose near bailey avenue. we are on basking ridge
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avenue, running parallel to 101 looking at the accident scene near silicon valley exit with two taken to the hospital. one driver refused treatment on the fourth driver died. it had been at 3:30 this morning with fire erupting and causing quite a scene. one person drove up on the accident shortly after it happened. >> i saw a bunch of fire, man, three cars engulfed. a pretty bad accident. >> reporter: traffic used monterey road to work around this and it wasn't that much faster but it was moving in the right direction and faster than just waiting in the miles long back up the accident caused. jackie ward, kpix5. all lanes of 101 reopened just after 8:00 this morning and in san francisco, the search is on for a suspect in a
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hit-and-run collision injuring a motorcyclist at the tenth streets. police have not identified a suspect or released information about the vehicle involved. the victim will be okay. where learning details about the suspect and el paso gunman. weeks before the rampage, his mother expressed concerns over t,patrick crusius, has mo. ofl called police in texas weeks before the massacre because she was concerned about her son owning an ak style assault rifle. his family's attorney said his mother had no fear of violence or any belief of an attempt to do harm. instead, she was concerned about her 21-year-old son's age and lack of experience with that type of firearm. she did not identify herself or her son to the police and the attorney said the ellen police did not file the call or follow- up and a public safety officer
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told lori her son was legally old enough to purchase the weapon. funerals for the first of the 22 victims get under way today and in dayton, ohio, a gunman killed nine less than one days later. >> i was laying on the sidewalk. >> reporter: bullets flew past and the camera showed this where they were being shielded from the gun fire. >> i thought it would be my last day alive. it was about me getting her out of the way and making sure she was safe. >> reporter: police quickly shot and killed 24-year-old connor betts, the shooter and police are searching for his motive. lisa mateo, cbs news in new york. nine handmade crosses arrived in dayton, ohio and they were laid out on the sidewalk near the site of the attack last weekend. the man who made them had juste down 20 crosses for the mass shooting victims. i'm emily turner and time
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magazine just released the new cover for its magazine. squeezed onto the cover are the names of the 253 locations that experienced mass shootings just this year. they have aggregated that information based on the gun violence archives and the threshold was whether or not at least four other than the shooter were injured or killed in a mass shooting. of course, the word enough is written across the middle and that, apparently, was the big debate about the time magazine cover and whether they would use it. they ultimately decided to use it because they said they feel like it's enough. i'm emily turner, back to you. authorities are now allowing vendors and volunteers to retrieve their cars directly from the site of the gilroy garlic festival with dozens of vehicles being abandoned after the mass shooting that killed three people and drivers can go straight to the entrance at the park near miller avenue and for
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information on how to help the victims of the gilroy garlic festival shooting, visit our website at a southern california man is in custody for a stabbing rampage that left four dead. it began when the 33-year-old suspect burglarized place near him and then rob several businesses including a check- cashing store and gas station. police said the only apparent motive was robbery, hate and homicide. >> it's pure evil when this happens and we don't see this every day. you see this one time in a career. >> police said the customer killed a subway customer and then a security guard at a 7- eleven. no verdict in the ghost ship warehouse? with the jury deliberating for four days and they are learning the faced of darren ellman and max harris and they both faced 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. people are going to legally
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use and purchase marijuana at the music festival and last night the state approved a permit for outside lands allowing the sale and on-site consumption of cannabis and there will be strict rules with people 21 and older only being able to use and get pot and a a grasslands and it will become the first major u.s. festival to sell cannabis on site. using these bathrooms just got a little easier was city leaders approving a new pilot program that allows 24 hour access, seven days a week, to three pitstop public toilets and starting monday the locations include six and jesse streets and castro and market streets. a growing push in san francisco to boycott two fitness companies but it's not because of something that happened in the gymnasium. it's around an event with the owners doing it thousands of
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miles away. >> there is because of a nationwide boycott of equinox and soulcycle and some customers are just finding out about the affiliation and the fallout continues. stephen ross is a billionaire developer who owns the both ship fitness chains and is hosting a fundraiser for president trump tomorrow and that is not sitting well with some of the members of the chain. >> very shocking. this company, supposedly, supports him. >> equality, especially what trump supports. >> reporter: protesters gathered in front of the soulcycle castro location, part of similar demonstrations nationwide. >> if they can't cancel the membership's, don't renew them. >> reporter: in a statement, ross said he has known the president 40 years and said
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while we agree on some issues, we strongly disagree on many others. i have been and will continue to be an outspoken champion of racial and equality, diversion and inclusion. equinox and soulcycle released a statement disassociating from the owner saying neither equinox or soulcycle have anything to do with the event and do not support it, as consn y itsare to fund the politicians and for how it will affect business -- >> i don't know. >> there aren't that many other places to go to support the spirit of the castro here. >> reporter: the controversy a fundraiser is in the hamptons and the guests will have a chance to take a picture with president trump for $100,000. anne makovec, kpix5 in san francisco. and much awaited menu item arrives for a fast food giant. >> burger king's meatless
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impossible burger now available and why many vegetarians and vegans aren't biting. 50 years ago today that a quiet london street made history and how people are marking the occasion. it's shaping up to be a beautiful day with blue skies and sunshine coming through downtown san jose and we will talk about what you can expect. we are tracking the upper level low that will bring cooler temperatures into the start of the weekend with a live look at the salesforce tower camera looking south.
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strict burger king is rolling out the impossible whopper nationwide with zero beef and it tastes like meat but some customers aren't happy. burger king revealed the burgers will be prepared on the same broiler where they cook many of the beef and chicken burgers. get sier to find the impossible whopper with a plant-based meat substitute soon being available at 1500 colleges, corporate cafeterias and hospitals. it's made possible by a food service customer he called the deck so. living in the bay area gets harder as residents feel the crunch. when the fiscal year ended, living expenses outpaced wages over the next 12 months. wages grew 3% while living expenses jumped 3.2% of the biggest factor is school related including tuition, childcare and school costs. they jumped 10.3%, outpacing the cost of all consumer expenses.
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a wild ride on the wall street roller coaster amid trade war fears with the dow up about 280 points. a bit of rock-and-roll history made 50 years ago and that's when the beatles stopped traffic on abbey road in london to pose for the iconic photo that became the cover of the album. fans have been descending on the location created in their own crosswalk versions and shooting look-alikes who posed in just the right positions. >> i just proposed to my girlfriend and she said yes! >> he looks just like paul mccartney. john lennon's famous psychedelic painted rolls-royce made an appearance. a milestone was celebrated this morning. >> a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new classroom building, the $64 million project includes a three-story building with 52 classrooms with modern science labs and flexible learning spaces and their expanding parking to help student
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commuters. >> we are fortunate to have incredible support on a number of things including our facilities and the community recognizes that students need places where they feel welcome. >> they been using portable classrooms since 2016 while the building was under construction. let's look at the forecast with mary. a beautiful shut behind you. >> so pretty in the clouds are breaking up. here is a live look with the salesforce camera and the camera is shaking in the wind with the strong onshore flow today with breezy conditions and i will show you the wind in just a minute. 73 in concord, 73 in livermore and 61 in san francisco, san jose 73 and santa rosa 72. it's a windy afternoon and checking out downtown san francisco, sustained winds west
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and northwest and 15 and hayward, 20 miles-per-hour in san ramon and for antioch, 22 miles-per-hour and also in fairfield. that thicker marine layer because of this low pressure system ushering in the onshore flow and the ocean influence and that's why we are looking at below average temperatures once again with sunshine and tomorrow morning starting off with low clouds and areas of fo for saturday because of this low pressure system pushing inland across the pacific northwest to bring the rain from washington through oregon and even a soggy saturday to the north for the far northern california communities with the possibility of a spotty shower on the coast for the north bay on saturday. that is a possibility and we will watch that for you. our sunset at 8:10 in the sun rise at 619 tomorrow morning on the daytime highs are pleasant,
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80 in concord in livermore and 77 in san jose and 64 in san francisco. speaking of saturday, the preseason opener, the 49ers are taking on the cowboys on saturday at 6:00 p.m. and mostly clear and mid-70s for kick off with the oakland raiders taking on the l. rams saturday at 5:00 and mainly cf. seveday foreca and w you can exct, temperatures very similar and muup as we go through sunday into next week with high pressure building in and plenty of sunshine with temperatures on
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the rise, especially as we head through the beginning and to the middle part of next week. >> inland looks pretty good? >> yeah, i'll take the low 80s. saturday on kpix5, bay area football plans will come through for the 49ers preseason game of the year. >> 50 years ago we carried the nfl's first nationally televised exhibition match between the niners and the browns and since then, a lot has changed from the stadium to the equipment, even nutrition. the 49ers and football have dramatically evolved. >> back in the day there was no nutrition. eat a big red steak and you were ready for the game. >> tonight, watch the original report, faithful then and now on the new kpix5 news at 7:00. you can watch the coverage of the first 49ers preseason game against the cowboys on saturday with pregame coverage starting with kpix5 news at 5:00 and the game kicks off at 6:00 followed by the fifth quarter at 9:00 p.m. we want you to send your 49ers faithful photos using #kpix. giving inmates a running start on rehabilitation and how this week's jefferson award winner has made it his mission.
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so you can... retire better. behind the walls of san quentin, inmates find hope and health through a running club that has been around for 14
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years. >> where introduced to the head coach by sharon chin. the coaches this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: frank ruona coaches dozens of inmates several times a month at the san quentin prison for the 1000- mile running club. >> i admire the fact that they come here and work at their running and work at trying to improve their lives. >> rter: onday, frank introduces the athletes to visitors he is brought in for encouragement. southern california's skid row running club, many members formerly incarcerated and he has trained the san quentin runners since 2005 when a prison educator requested volunteer coaches. >> nobody responded. i said i would give it a try. >> reporter: there was no track in the lower yard so he measured out a one quarter mile around the baseball field paid 105 labs is a marathon. at san quentin, he brought the same techniques as he's used
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for another running club with workouts, races and even marathons building self-esteem and teamwork. the assistant coach said frank treats the inmates with respect. >> he is reliable and solid. >> reporter: he is a role model. >> it reinforces everything i hope to do and hope to be. >> reporter: 's service extends to parolees. when mark al taylor was freed in march, frank helped him get a construction job and trained him for races like the boston marathon. >> he's gone all the way, like a father. >> reporter: frank is proud of dozens of parolees he has advised over the year. >> it makes me feel good and number one, that they got out and number two, they are doing well on the outside. >> reporter: for coaching inmates to the san quentin run thousand mile running club and beyond, the jefferson award in the bay area goes to frank
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ruona. sharon chin, kpix5. >> nominate your local hero online at will be right back.
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the taste of the day is with romaine lettuce and i will tell you about grilled romaine caesar salad. first, let's talk about romaine lettuce. goes well in a salad with fresh and delicious crunch that is good for you.
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make sure it's big and beautiful and it feels fresh all the way around. where it has been cut, nice and clear. if you see browning, don't buy it. store in the refrigerator right away and what i do is take the romaine lettuce and put it on the grill, medium hot and olive oil and salt and pepper for a few seconds and that's it. it gives a beautiful flavor and then you make your caesar salad. grilled romaine caesar salad, give it a try. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. eat fresh and stay healthy. tonight at 5:00, san jose police beefing up the response to the active shooter situations, the first of its kind planned to protect schools and major public events. that story and more at 5:00. big cats on the prowl at a popular hiking spot. take a look. this quartet of mountain lions
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made an appearance south of san jose yesterday. the former air force base has a stunning view of the santa clara valley and that area was opened up to hikers and mountain bikers two years ago but we want to e ing there. >> be vigilant. slim pickings. they look skinny. >> looking for some food. don't let it let it be you. that will do it for us on kpix news at noon. the bold and beautiful is next. we will see you tonight at 5:00. have a great afternoon. one of the most important things you can do is to make sure you
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call 811 before you dig. calling 811 can get your lines marked. it's free, it's easy, we come out and mark your lines. we provide you the information so you will dig safely.
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leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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>> hope: do you think she looks like you or me? >> liam: i don't know. she looks like... herself. [ chuckles ] >> hope: and we look like the family i thought could never be. liam, i'm so sorry. >> liam: no. stop. stop. our miracle child. i feel like i came back to life. >> hope: oh, let me look at you, sweetie. ohh! hi. that's right. you were always so familiar. even when we called her phoebe. she already had a mother. >> steffy: liam? are y h


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