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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  August 8, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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a return to rodeo. the town of gilroy in shock hopes to bring the community back together. good evening. this weekend marks the first large outdoor event in gilroy since the garlic festival shooting. security at the gilroy rodeo will be beefed up. organizers say it is vital for the town to keep coming together.>> reporter: this is not a big professional rodeo. this is a smaller community oriented family-friendly event. this is the right tone for gilroy to come back together. they are just putting the finishing touches on the rodeo arena in the stands are empty. when gilroy fans come back to the first big outdoor events is the garlic festival they will be welcomed with a dazzling symbol of strength and resilience. we cannot live our lives in fear. we are gilroy strong.
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i feel the rodeo is a perfect event to bring everyone back together.>> reporter: is gilroy rodeo 2019 said some question whether the event should be held at all coming less than two weeks after the garlic festival shooting. was there ever any thought about canceling? >> absolutely not. if we show we are coming back together we will do fine. both the rodeo is in its second year. it is a small family oriented event. let's do something fun for the community.>> reporter: he turned the old dairy farm into a rodeo grounds grounds. there is so much history here. the centers around ranching and farming. to turn your back on that and just look at the silicon valley. it doesn't make sense.>> reporter: retired gilroy s.w.a.t. commander is on his staff. and has beefed up security.>> we've got patrols in the parking lot. the ratio of security is higher here.>> reporter: the rodeo
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will go on and communities need events like this now more than ever. i want to get the kids in the dirt. kids don't get a chance to get in the dirt like we did when we grew up. the gilroy rodeo continues through this sunday. thousands are expected to attend. people whose cars got locked inside the crime scene after the shooting at the garlic festival finally got a chance to retrieve their vehicles today. authorities have finished gathering evidence. people who still have items pick up can go to the entrance to see security for admission. for information on how you can help the victims of the gilroy garlic festival shooting visit our website. here is a look at the top stories at 5:30 pm. police are stepping up after they nations strain of mass shootings. new patrols called guardians armed with assault rifles will be dedicated to response active shooter calls in schools as quickly as
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possible. officers will also be designated to respond to large public events. in lake county evacuations are underway as crews battle a fire burning near clear lake. the blaze broke out around 1 pm this afternoon. it has grown to 15 acres. evacuations were ordered for the area known as riviera west. captain sully sullenberger and bay area congressman unveiled their safe landings act. the bill aims to prevent runway crashes at airports. the congressman said this bill will cost millions of dollars to both taxpayers and the airline industry. california senator kamala harris is rolling out her first big advertising push in the key state of iowa. then pour her whole heart when she got home. and then after we were fed and in bed our mother was sit up trying to figure out how to
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make it all work. that is something most americans know all too well. the one minute at next harasses upbringing with her pitch to iowa voters including a middle- class tax cut. medicare for all equal pay for women. her campaign is spending six figures in the state including digital ads. as she tried to shore up her polling numbers. joe biden and elizabeth warren are also warming up voters in the hawkeye state. it seems voters are warming up to warren. a poll found a postdebate search for the massachusetts senator. up 19% behind biden's 28%. while on the trail both laid president trump for his racist rhetoric. whether he is or is not a white supremacist he encourages them in everything he does. he speaks to them. he is afraid to take them on. he can't keep trying to stir this up. give aid and comfort. be embraced by the white supremacist. and then say but not me. he is responsible.
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he is the president of the united states. the remarks came after a speech in which trump called for unity and combination to condemn racism and bigotry in the wake of the recent mass shootings. democrats and trump critics expressed doubt about his sincerity. the democratic field is narrowing for a third round of debates in september. just nine of the two dozen democrats qualified so far with entrepreneur andrew yang the latest to meet the 2% polling threshold. not far behind tom stier has pulled above 2% and three out of the four polls. needed to qualify for the september debate. immigration official state they have released 300 people detained during their raids in mississippi yesterday. a total of 680 people were arrested. when ice agents swept through multiple food processing plants across mississippi. this crackdown is being described as the largest single state immigration raid in u.s. history. critics of the raids say many
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children did not have anyone to come home to. because their parents were in immigration custody. facebook lost a battle today and federal appeals court in san francisco. a judge reject facebook effort to block a class action lawsuit that claims the company used its facial recognition technology on millions of illinois users. the courts decision points out this was a violation of an illinois state law which prevents companies from collecting biometric data without consent. kpix 5 has reached out to facebook on the courts decision. so far no comment. the man suspected of killing an sfo worker earlier this week has pleaded not guilty in court. 34-year-old suspect is facing murder charges after allegedly beating a 52-year-old man to death. the victim was waiting at a bus stop at airport boulevard and linden avenue in south san francisco. a witness apparently saw the attack and called police. the suspect was arrested a short time later.
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the da said the incident appears to be a random act of violence. $100 million bail for 2 man suspected of robbing and arcade sounded excessive. it turns out it was. the pair who robbed the round one arcade in concorde at the bail set at 70 million and $40 million. police say the suspects forced employees to fork over cash at gunpoint last may. that skyhigh bail has been brought down to earth contra costa county reduced the figures to more than seven and $8 million each. citing a clerical error. vallejo police are looking for a man suspected of trying to abduct a teenage girl. they say this man in a black hat and t-shirt followed her around a department store before trying to lure her with money. the suspect was confronted authorities say he took off and his white van. if you recognize him vallejo police want to hear from you. 50 years ago this week
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actress sharon tate was murdered along with 4 friends and her los angeles home. the murders were among seven carried out over two nights by followers of cold leader charles manson. >> reporter: >> you learn how to handle it better.>> reporter: 50 years later deborah tate is haunted the brutal killing of her sister sharon. it never goes away. and the grief never goes away. but you do learn to cope better. >> reporter: sharon tate was a rising star nearly 9 months pregnant when she was viciously murdered along with 4 friends in august 1969. by members of the so-called manson family. today the house on cielo drive where she was killed no longer stands. hollywood's fascination with the actress in her murder remains. a lot of that has to do with the hollywood of it all.>> reporter: variety magazine said from books to tv
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series the films her life and death have become something of a pop culture phenomenon. the actress is being portrayed in no less than three movies this year. most recently by marco quentin tarantino once upon a time in hollywood. sharon was beautiful. she was young and rich and famous. to have this darkness come in with manson and his followers really keeps people interested.>> reporter: charles manson and his followers were convicted of the killings in 1971. while 2 of them including manson died behind bars the rest remain in prison. sharon sister works to ensure they stay there through her website no parolee for manson i for gave them many years ago. do i trust them? never. you can't trust. >> reporter: it is a fight she said she will forever carry on for her sister. those debts terrorize hollywood and made headlines
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around the world. a giant tree comes crashing down on a home. the frightening near miss for a six-year-old boy inside. major league baseball will build it. baseball fans get ready for a must see game at the field of dreams. coming up at 6 pm what was the result of yesterday's massive drug crackdown in san francisco? we headed back to the streets of the tenderloin to find out.
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the live news desk. police in springfield missouri not sure exactly what they have on their hands. they may have a averted disaster. a copycat shooting. let's go to missouri. this guy was found outside of a walmart in springfield. various news stations in the area are reporting a 20-year- old man has been taken into custody. he was spotted with a rifle a handgun and body armor. he also reportedly had over 100 rounds of ammunition in his possession. this comes on the heels of that horrible mass shooting at the walmart in el paso texas last weekend. 22 people were killed there. about a dozen people wounded police say in missouri there is no longer a threat. this guy is in custody. they are questioning him to figure out what he was doing
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there with all that hardware. this giant tree collapse into a sacramento home almost hitting a six-year-old boy. who was inside. you see how the trunk snapped. the rest of the tree nearly destroying the house. ryan hill spoke to the family whose little boy walked out of that home without injuries.>> reporter: >> we just saw the ceiling cave in. it's where my son told me he was at. >> reporter: the study tree snapped tuesday night. crashing into the roof of the house. alphonso martinez said his six- year-old got up he heard the snap. a few more seconds and he could have been crushed. we grabbed him and ran out. stuff was still breaking in everything. we just ran out. just amazing that my son was alive.>> reporter: martinez wanted to know what most people would. what happened. is not a dead tree. it is alive no question about that.>> reporter: the local arborist said the trees might
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have collapsed from the sacramento heat. the tree starts us to change itself and goes into recovery mode. as that happens the water does expand inside the tree. it does cause it to drop. >> reporter: it is what they have left that has this family thankful. just thankful that seeing this and seeing the inside. how is my family still living? a portion of interstate 505 in vacaville is getting a new name. in honor of a fallen officer. saturday marks one year since chp officer kurt anthony chris died conducting a traffic stop. he was struck when a truck veered on the shoulder of interstate 80 in fairfield. he was a 19 year veteran of the force. highway 505 near i 80 interchange now officially known as officer kurt chris memorial highway. moments ago historic east bay high school opens its doors
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after getting a $60 million upgrade. today students joined by alumni got a first look at the renovations. some parts of the old campus have been closed since the 1970s. these neoclassical buildings originally built in 1924 got a seismic retrofit. a process that began 2 years ago. it is nice to be back. it is nice it has been redone. and everything. it is nice to see it up-to-date with technology. students were returned to their new classrooms on august 19. apparently if you build it they really will calm. it just might take a while. major league baseball will make the field of dreams a reality next summer. the league will follow the plot of the iconic 1989 movie starring kevin costner. and james earl jones. the new york yankees will play the chicago white sox on the ballfield. in dyersville iowa.
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mlb will construct a temporary 8000 seat stadium for the event. the intimate experience. because it is the first time ever event bringing it to the field. it is going to be a unique experience for fans. the contest will be the first major league a ball game ever played in iowa. saturday on kpix 5 bay area football fans will get their first glimpse of the 49ers in their first preseason game. 50 years ago we carried the nfl first nationally televised exhibition match between the niners and the browns. since then a lot has changed. the stadium to the equipment and even nutrition. the 49ers and football have dramatically evolve. back in the day there was really no nutrition. eat a big red steak and you are ready for the game. tonight watch our original report faithful then and now. the new kpix 5 news is and p.m.
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call it a quack test equates to help a good cause. the 14th annual ducky derby for
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loading off on the chicago river today. thousands of yellow rubber ducky's were dumped into the river. each one was adopted for five dollars. the owner of the first duck to cross the finish line could take home some cool prizes. like a car vacation or some cash. all proceeds going to the special olympics. that sea of yellow is pretty striking from up here. that reminds me of a research project i did when i was younger about a cargo ship full of rubber ducks. overturned in the pacific ocean. scientists learned more about the way that the water moves the currents in the pacific ocean. by finding where the ducks went. years later they ended up on south america. galapagos. they found out more because of rubber ducks. here we go with the weather. we are looking at breezy
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conditions outside. the numbers to confirm pleasanton 21 miles per hour. as of old 23. we miles per hour in 11 spots including vallejo fairfield in napa. it is breezy outside tonight. crosswinds make landings fun. i put that in quotes at fs sfo. 60 6f cisco. 77 san jose. fremont 73. even the eighty four in santa rosa is below what is normal for this time of year. santa rosa 51 for a little tonight. vallejo 58. fremont redwood city 57. football forecasts raiders saturday afternoon in oakland taking on the rams. clear skies 72 degrees. and then the 49ers across the game right here begins at 6 pm. pregame coverage at 5 pm. clear skies in santa clara is the take on the cowboys. 77 degrees. by the time the 49ers kick off on saturday this low will be gone. what is it doing right now is not feeding and that one shore breeze.
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as it leaves this going to pass pretty close to the bay area close enough we could see a sprinkle or 2 in the north bay. coastal locations or some drizzle anywhere along the coast late friday into early saturday. tomorrow morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. the low passing by to the north. the chance of drizzle san mateo and santa cruz coastline. i will throw up marin county and also sonoma county. some drizzle along the coastline is the front and read the low-pressure area moves by to the north. the wind begins to relax. we will see warmer weather moving in because the low- pressure area moves out dropping rain for reading and medford all the way up to the pacific northwest. rain likely north of clearlake and chico. then it leaves. temperatures rise by 10 to 12 degrees on sunday. much warmer. you will feel the difference for the second half of the weekend. tonight fog near the water. we are mild and breezy once again tomorrow. the couple sprinkles along the coastline early in the day on saturday. we will still see the 80s and
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inland spots including morgan hill 85 in sunnyvale 80. san mateo tomorrow 76 friday. walnut creek 78. antioch eighty four. fairfield 83. cooler near the water as it typically is. berkeley 68. you will be breezy. morning clouds. the bottle 79. santa rosa a high of 80. lakeport 83. ukiah eighty four. a confirmation that the elegies are still there. friday and saturday we have some clouds. you will see the clouds part. sunday warmer and less wind more sunshine. the first half of next week we have above average. 70s now the bay and low to middle 90s inland. new is 6 pm looking for a cheap getaway. one airline is handing out free flights. plus a big music festival in the bay area this weekend. how police are going to protect from active shooter situation. one n. bay city taking fire preparedness to residence on yards. why they warn it will change
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the neighborhood. it's free, it's easy, we come out and mark your lines. we provide you the information so you will dig safely.
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leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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dozens gathered in london today to relive some rock 'n roll history. on the state 50 years ago the beatles stopped traffic on abbey road. to pose for that photo. it was the cover of the album with the same name. thousands of people turned up today. wanting to do the same. regular fans and some pretty spot on look-alikes. the 50th anniversary edition of abbey road is due out next month with unreleased outtakes and demo tracks. that is it for the news at 5 pm. the news at 6 pm begins right now. we want the public to know that we stand prepared with a security plan. security top of mind after mass shootings across the country. the plan in place to keep people safe at outside lands. one bay area mayor fed up with week gun control. his act and protest in a very
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visual way. how effective was a crackdown on drugs and crime in san francisco? we go back to the streets of the tenderloin to find out. monday and tuesday of this week were 15 to 20 drug dealers. wednesday and thursday there were zero. it is quite a change. news at 6 pm starts right now. good evening. we begin tonight with security at outside lands. the musical festival in san francisco. ondrea joins us now in the city with what the city is doing to ensure festivalgoers safety. >> reporter: i am on the fulton street side of golden gate park. take a look behind me. check out the fencing around the concert venue. we are inside one other layer of fencing to try to keep concertgoers safe all weekend long. insi


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