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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  August 9, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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friday august 9th. >> good morning. we've had some perfect weather this week. let's see if that streak continues, mary. >> it will continue. we're looking at similar conditions as we look at the rest of the workweek to end out the workweek on friday here. it's a cloudy start to the day. along the coast, temperatures are running in the mid to upper 50s to low 60s. so your microclimate forecast cool, cloudy and breezy along the coast. in the low 60s in the bay. mid to upper 60s in the 70s and our inland locations topping out in the upper 70s to low to mid 80s and sunshine. let's start with a look at your main travel times. you are all in the green as far as those travel times are concerned. whether you are on 580. take it back. real time traffic updates in
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real time highway 4 and 101. taking a live look out to the golden gate bridge. you're down to two lanes approaching the bridge and one lane across it. on the suicide barrier that should be clearing by 5:00 a.m.. you're fine once you get over to the second half of it. we're starting to see a little bit of a stack up in lanes. san mateo bridge is a similar story. left-hand side pretty normal to be nice and lonely over there. off to the 880 freeway where the nimmets looks good. northbound closed through oakland. we have new video coming in from japan where they have been dealing with what is known as a super typhoon. they got up to about 150 miles
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per hour. this is video from okanoa. they hilt japan's southern islands. 15,000 businesses were without power. it is now set to head to china. back to you. the lock down was lifted at san jose state this morning after reports of a man with a gun. the suspect was then seen entering the campus near south 4th and west san carlos streets. an arrest was made in the spar tan complex. officers found the suspects hiding in a ventilation system. and during the search san jose police and university police put the campus on lock down. three women were inside the spar tan complex when the suspect ran in. >> they called us from inside the building so we had officers
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go in and escort them out. >> police say that the suspect did not have a weapon when he was arrested but one later was found off campus. new video out of southern california. that cbs news laura podesta reports that man is now under arrest. four people are dead after a spree of stabbings and robbings yesterday. >> in this surveillance video a woman defends herself with a man with two knives. she survived. but four other people including this woman 62-year-old husband were killed. >> i'm so sorry i was not there for him. >> police say castanada targeted his victims randomly. he's been linked to three stabbings and two robberies all in about a two hour span
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wednesday. >> he just savagely attacked these people. >> dropping a knife and gun he'd taken from a security guard he just killed police said. the 33-year-old a documented gang member has a long criminal history and was contacted by officers. he's been jailed 14 times since 2016 according to authorities. >> this person should has been in prison. >> castanada could face the death penalty. >> castanada was booked into the orange county jail on suspicion of murder, armed robbery and burglary. the recent mass shootings have put gun control on the minds of many east bay residents
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as well. this was hosted by congressman as pressure is mounting on trump. when asked if he would introduce legislation to ban and buy back assault weapons nationally. he also said he would help increase efforts to make sure authorities have another resources to investigate. mitch mcconnell a strong supporter of gun rights. loved ones said good-bye to one of the victims of the gilroy garlic festival. the funeral took place at the high school whereirb eyerby. >> he wanted to dance and sing and have as much fun with
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everybody who was there. >> irby had recently moved to santa cruz. he was at the festival with his girlfriend who had survived. big events across the bay area. officers hoping to give peace of mind at the san jose rodeo. organizers say the event is needed now more than ever. the rodeo today comes less than two weeks after the shooting. the small family run affair on an old dairy farm expects a big turn out this year and they're not taking any chances with security. >> we've got amount of patrols in the parking lot. the ratio is higher here. >> we can't live our lives in fear. we're gilroy strong. >> the gilroy rodeo continues
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through the weekend. >> law enforcement will be heavy for the event in golden gate park. organizers say festival attendees can expect clear communication like how and where to evacuate if anything goes wrong. >> the reality is we can't hide from the world today and while we've had wonderful successes we want to make sure it continues and we don't want anyone to be in fear. we want to just have a joyous occasion. >> paul simon, blink 182, the lumeneers are among those to perform. including information on festival tickets and transformation. right now power is shut off
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near downtown saucilido. power is scheduled to remain off for the next 25 minutes or so. in fire watch this morning crews are trying to get a handle on a wild fire burning in lake county. the so-called gulf fire broke out yesterday afternoon on soda bay road and gulf drive. firefighters have had to rely on air drops. mandatory evacuations are in place for the area known as riviera west. 19 acres and it is 30% contained. >> it's 4:38 right now. >> coming uch why researchers say climate change is killing joshua trees. >> and let's head outside for a look at the golden gate bridge. the bay bridge rather. eastern span. we'll be right back. wimpy trash bags? c'mon.
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in southern california, record breaking heat has scientists concerned an iconic species of trees will not survive. >> daniel vacas explains how climate change. >> millions of people visit each year to see one thing, the majestic tree that's the park's name sake. but if researchers are correct in the coming decades these trees could soon face extinction. >> this is a very young one. this one's less than 4 or 5 years old. >> cameron baros spent years studying the trees. >> these big ones are anywhere from 300 to 500 years old. >> the study found the iconic tree species will die in climate change issues aren't addressed.
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it's the lack of younger ones and the younger ones they do see climate change will keep them from providing. >> there's just these big joshua trees just standing there. >> as temperatures across the globe rise in california. >> more serious impacts from wild fires. there's big patches and they're just gone and it's because of the wild fires that have happened in the last 20 or 30 years. >> he says it's on us. >> to know that an area that is adapted to a dry climate. >> cbs news joshua tree national park. in money watch uber is
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hoping to bounce back from its worst quarter ever and facebook news the tech giant is offering big news for the tech industry this year. wall street finished higher thursday. the dow added 371 points. the nasdaq was up 176 and the s&p 5 was up 54. it's earnings report after the bell eliminated both of those gains. it's largest quarterly loss ever. uber's ceo expects 2019 to be the company's peak investment year. facebook is reportedly offering millions of dollars to various news publishers as the social media giant looks for content to put into a news segment
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launching this year. facebook pitched the idea to the well as abc news, the washington post and bloomberg. and atlanta is cracking down on electric scooters after three riders died in may in crashes with automobiles. a fourth person died in the suburb on tuesday. atlanta joins other cities around the country in trying to regulate scooters as their popularity skyrockets. for more, head to cbs money i'm wendy gillette. it is almost time for back to school. oakland unified begins classes on monday. and in san francisco classes start the following week. >> and we like to see photos and videos of your students as they gear up for next year. back to schoolehind at our
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shopping. i think this weekend we're going to hit up the stores. >> backpacks. everything. >> shoes. all of it. how's the weather looking for this weekend? >> it's going to be cooler on saturday but warming up for sunday. as we go through the start of the weekend but more sunshine as we head through the end of the weekend. you can see the clouds in the sky, looking at the bay bridge this morning. temps in the mid to upper 50s to low 60s 1 against. tracking the winds because we are clocking some impressive wind speeds up there. 15 in downtown san francisco looking at 12 in pleasanton. 13 in concord. 11 in berkley. 12 in vallejo. so that is what that westerly
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southwesterly wind flow. we are looking at cooler and below average temperatures. we're going to continue to see breezy conditions throughout the day. could see some coastal or an isolated shower tomorrow morning. the rest of your saturday much warmer again on sunday. all because of this low pressure system that's starting to move into the pacific northwest today. that will bring the rain to them and that rain stretching down to far northern california for tomorrow. here it is as we go through the day on future cast taking you hour by hour and you can see that clearing for most of us. except the coast as we head through tomorrow morning. again, we'll have those clouds and you can see some s offshorein cld see some drizzle l along the coast tomorrow morning and clearing as
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we head through the day on saturday and of course warmer on sunday. so closer to that low pressure system that will be making landfall around the oregon and northern california border. low 70s in oakland. mid 70s in fremont. low 80s in san jose as well as for concord and livermore. pleasant daytime highs once again. of course we had the preseason opener taking on the cowboys. 6:00 p.m. mostly clear. 77 and we had the oakland raiders taking on the l.a. rams. so there we go. a little bit cooler saturday warming back up sunday into next week. aren toolo at the overall pictue
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let's just cross our fingers and hope this holds. westbound and eastbound across the san mateo bridge this morning. the only trouble spot is coming through the altamonte pass. as you're headed westbound. you're back up to a regular running speed your main travel time is a 31-minute ride. east shore freeway, highway 4 and 101 are in the green. golden gate bridge this morning is empty and this could be because they are slowing traffic or holding it at that top part of the bridge because they are in the process of clearing their overnight construction that is building the suicide barrier.
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but just know if you're headed southbound that should be cleared hopefully by the time you get there. bay bridge is going to be friday light. you're seeing a little bit of a stack up at the cash lanes. guys it is a big weekend at the box office. >> here's an eye on entertainment. >> sorry. >> when the fbi sends their mobster husbands to prison. by taking over. >> just to be clear, now we run this neighborhood. >> melissa mckartszy and elizabeth moss star in the
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kitchen this weekend. >> football gave me an option. also in theaters today, the movie named after the man brian banks. banks was staring down a promising football career until a classmate claimed he raped her. >> brian banks was 16 years old when he was accused of a crime he did not commit. >> the real life story of a young athlete who spent his life in prison but never gave up on his dream of football. >> live from the hotel and casino in las vegas, nevada. >> and the gorgeous ladies of net wrestling are back on netflix. the ladies are now wrestling in a casino every night. that's your eye on entertainment. joy benedict cbs news los angeles.
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good friday morning to you. it's a breezy startay. temperaturesel a
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very pleasant day. daytime highs in berkley and the upper 60s, mid 60s in san francisco and looking at 82 for st. helena. good morning here at 4:54 i'm keeping an eye on your bridges this morning. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge. there is a wind advisory in effect. you might get knocked around. in the meantime the westbound commute direction doesn't look too bad as you're headed towards the peninsula and eastbound looks good to go. the giants were coming off an ugly sweep to the nationals and the magic of july seemed a distant memory. you saw it last night. took a no-hitter into the 6th and no runs in 7 innings. and with a little help from his
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friends. but bomb guardner needed some offense. deep into the san francisco night. he's a rookie with 11 home runs. you know what else who's a rookie with 11 home runs way back in 1961. giants win 5-0. they are back within three games of the wild card. nfl 49ers rookie defensive end a high ankle sprain in practice two days ago. the 49ers are now hopeful he can make his debut in week one. that's a reach. three games at ohio state last year earning him the reputation of being injury-prone. >> everyone acts like he's a guy who's going to get hurt and do stuff like this. and last thing he wants to get hurt. he wants to come back tomorrow. but it's -- he had over a 300-pound man land on his leg and it was very fortunate we
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didn't lose him for the year. >> boll is an isn't the only 49er sitting out saturday against dallas. shanahan said running back jared mckinnen is out two weeks with knee soreness and new quarterback jason scorette also had a bad ankle. jackson was cart the off the field when his leg was rolled over in a pile. according to reports, jackson is expected to miss 8 weeks. that's a huge blow for the silver and black. a's top draft pick. i mean cardinals quarterback. the number one overall pick impressive. one series 6 of 7. but he was accurate. elusive. showed a lot of poise for a rookie quarterback. don't forget i'll be on the
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field with thend the dallas cowboys tomorrow on the big 5 televised everywhere and we'll see you there. have a great weekend everybody and don't forget game day sunday night. see you. time now is 4:57. the recent mass shootings have put gun control on the minds of many east bay residents. >> and in light of the recent shootings outside lands music festival organizers tell us security will be tighter than ever. strong™ at a low price. dada! i wish... get hefty® ultra strong™ costs less than glad® forceflex where sold head to head.
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. >> police search for a man with a gun. the unusual hiding place they found him in. >> plus the disturbing evidence found in the car of the gilroy garlic festival shooter. >> and the bay area is gearing
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up for two music festivals this weekend. >> i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. we want to check in with mary lee. >> finally friday and we're kicking off the end of the workweek with breezy conditions. very similar to yesterday. we're going to have that clearing as we head through the day with temperatures below average. let's check the winds. looking at 13 miles per hour winds in san francisco. clocking gusts up to 25 miles per hour at the airport. 10 in pleasanton. 14 in san ramon. 17 in antioche and 18 miles per hour winds in fairfield out of the west and southwest. on shore kicking in. along the coast in the low 60s for the bay. mid to upper 60s to low 70s with that clearing and breezy conditions for the bay. and our inland locations


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