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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 12, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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driver accused of his bay area passenger. what authorities believe happened in the call for changes to the rideshare system.>> reporter: this weekend's events begs the question should there be a feature where you can request a female driver? here admitted a san jose international airport carry has just learned about the arrest of a left driver for . that makes me nervous. i would love to have a different a female driver if i had a choice. about san mateo district attorney said there have been 4 sexual assaults involving uber or lyft drivers in 18 months in san mateo county alone. this is not a matter of concern that there is a woman driver. if the companies could adopt an approach like that it will be a major progress in moving away from these horrific crimes.>> reporter: the victim her
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boyfriend and some other friends were celebrating friday night at the swinging door in san mateo. the boyfriend work the next day so he left at 11 pm. at midnight the victim and her friends took a lyft ride home. it was tony who dropped off her friends first which left them alone with a victim passed out in the backseat. he had taken her to tracy where he lives. he had sexually assaulted her. in summary he was saying that it was consensual. >> reporter: lyft said in part safety is fundamental to lyft it is being described is terrifying. the drivers access has been permanently removed. as for the feature to request a female driver a spokesperson said they have nothing to share at this time. they are always looking for ways to make lyft safer. one driver said he thinks this feature would be a great idea. you don't think it will hurt your business? no. there are so many people that need rides. a fiery crash in
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san jose. a bus and suv collided. that took out power lines. this happened this afternoon at the corner of king road and cunningham avenue in san jose. more on the hours long cleanup. >> reporter: this area continues to be a complete mess. we can show you why. pg any trucks are right there blocking king road. it is block between story road and tele. this is a major thoroughfare through san jose. traffic is being rerouted throughout the area. this accident all happen about 1:45 pm. when a vta bus line number 22 was traveling eastbound on king road and suv turned in front of it according to the vta. they collided. the suv caught on fire. the bus went into a power pole bringing down the power pole and live wires arcing
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everything like that. there were several people on board. luckily across the street is fire station number 16. on-duty firefighters hurt the wreck and came out and started helping to evacuate the bus. the people at the fire station 16 were inside their station and heard a laurel crash. he went outside and so there was a collision with a vta bus any private vehicle. it knocked over a powerline. when they went outside the vehicle was starting to catch on fire. the bus was on the curb. the power pole was on top of the bus with power lines in the intersection. people were evacuating the bus. bystanders were coming up to the bus trying to take pictures. the chaotic scene when they walked out the fire station. >> reporter: luckily no one was seriously hurt. a few people were treated and released. you can see back from our live picture the pg&e crews are
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starting to make progress on the power lines. obviously they have been deenergized. the crews there are working them by hand to try to bring them to the ground. and then hopefully within the next few hours they will be able to reestablish power for the folks here in east san jose who have been without power for several hours. a strange emergency call this morning in the south day. a hazmat team responding to los altos police department. . police officers were processing evidence when they accidentally came into contact with the powerful open weight fentanyl. fire crews check them out and determine they were not showing exposure symptoms. when officer was transported to the hospital out of caution. hazmat teams quarantined the scene. remove the substance. the self-pay heels from the garlic festival shooting san jose mayor has a first of its kind proposal. to help curb gun violence. the south bay. every gun owner in the city purchase liability insurance for their weapons.
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those were unable to buy the insurance would pay a fee. insurance company might appropriately set the cost of insurance. that would make it prohibitively expensive for someone who should not have a gun. he said he plans to reach out to other mayors both in the state and nationwide. to pass similar legislation. five oakland police officers fired for a fatal 2018 shooting. taking the city to court. julia said the cops believe oakland has no right to cut them loose.>> reporter: these police officers have been given termination notices. i just spoke with the police officers associa e telling me t officers should be back on the job. they should be working. now the civil lawsuit has been filed. officers were investigated exonerated and now given notice they are fired. yes. it is an outrageous situation.
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>> reporter: this is the body camera video of the night oakland police officers shot and killed joshua pollick. march 2018. the officers found him passed out between two mac houses in north oakland. with a gun in his hand. officers shouted commands. then opened fire when he and armed suspect in a residential neighborhood began to move. after a criminal and internal in affairs investigation the police chief found the lethal force used in the case was within law and policy. because there was an immediate threat. the executive force review board also found that all the uses of forest during the incident were reasonable. but there was one investigator who disagreed with those findings. siding body camera footage showed there was no evidence that pollick raised the gun to officers. and that it appears he was just waking up after being
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unconscious or drunk. the police chief exonerated them so what happened? >> chaos happen. >> reporter: the police officers association is that the five officers fired are now seeking justice. in a court action lawsuit filed today.>> the officers are looking for something very simple. to be made whole. return to duty. and continue to serve the citizens of oakland as they have done for many years.>> reporter: these police officers are still on paid administrative leave. they have been given a notice of termination. but now with this civil lawsuit filed will see if an arbitrator or judge makes a final ruling. a live look from our dublin camera where the temperatures are rising. it is not going to stop soon. brian joins us with the details. >> reporter: things warmed up from 3p 3 to 8 degrees in parts of the bay area. some places the wind is blowing.
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whistling to the san bruno gap 35 miles per hour. nevertheless it is still fairly warm close the shoreline. san francisco hit 77 today. santa rosa 94. 96 livermore. it will get warmer from there. inland the numbers were will be near triple digits in the warmest spots tomorrow. by the shoreline we continue in the 70s. we do have a cool bright coming. we are going to have to be patient. it is not coming anytime soon. all the details will recover the forecast in a few minutes. a famous alum of san francisco's washington high school said more than a dozen controversial murals should stay right where they are. danny glover graduated from washington back in the 60s. now he said the murals that have caused so much outrage and were slated for destruction should be kept on display. he said it is a matter of artistic freedom. and that the murals teach students about the country's history. of racial oppression. the actor statement of the
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murals reads in part i am for freedom of expression and against artistic censorship. i view the murals as a reminder of the horrors of human bondage and the mistreatment of native peoples. to destroy them or block them from view would be a can to book burning. we have all been there. you are in public and you need to go. there is nowhere to do it. now san francisco's tenderloin district wants to solve the problem even if it is 2 am. andrea set the city hopes new 24 hour toilets will help to flush out the districts dirty streets. >> reporter: for $300,000 for three months public toilets like the one behind me three of them will be up 24 hours a day to make sure everyone has a place to relieve themselves that is not the street or sidewalk. the city by the bay developed a
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national reputation for being number one and number two. it has become fodder for nasty political tweets and service discuss. as well as hours of expensive cleanups on the streets and sidewalks. tonight the department of public works is piloting a program to keep the flesh going all night long.>> will have the bathrooms available around the clock. fully staffed. people can use them. >> reporter: three public restrooms another s6 and jesse henne third in the castro will remain open 24 hours a day. for three months. the ultimate measure of a bathroom performance is the number of flushes we get.>> reporter: neighbors are in favor. i think it is necessary. there has to be a lot more of those. >> because they don't have to poop and do all that on the streets. they will have somewhere to use it at. they can keep an eye on it.
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>> reporter: from 10 pm until 6 am the bathroom monitors will be paired up for safety. locations were chosen based on the number of calls for service. public works received in the amount of nightlife in the area. not just based on the homeless humanitarian crisis. this is not about going specifically after a certain type of population. it is about providing a service when people need it.>> reporter: the project will continue for three months. they will report back to the board of supervisors. they are opening seven more public bathrooms here in the city. another car break-in in san francisco. the victim is baseball legend alex rodriguez. his rental car hit near the ballpark on sunday night. wait until you hear what the thieves got away with. smart trains stopping short of his goal.
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how cities are reacting to the prospects of more taxes. to see the rail service arrived. the daring mission to pluck a crew from a sinking ship. ♪
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y33kxy yi0y a former baseball star the latest victim of san francisco's car break-in epidemic. it cost him an eye-popping amount of stuff. alex rodriguez known as a-rod parked his suv on the 400 block of brandon. wrap dinner after the giants game against the phillies. a burglar smashed the window and stole an estimated half $1 million worth of jewelry and electronics from inside.
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witnesses say they knew something big was up because of the massive police response. what looked like an ordinary car break-in. appeals court rejected a former college football players attempt to get paid for his time on the field. from university of southern california lemar dawson to the ncaa for wages and overtime arguing college athletes should be treated as employees. but the court said the ncaa is simply not an employer. because it has no power to hire and fire players. appeals court upheld a 2017 decision dismissing the lawsuit. only a couple years old but there is warning about the financial health of the north bay smart train. john ramis are now a bit worried. >> reporter: when the voters approved a sales tax hike in 2006 the smart train was
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supposed to come all the way here to cloverdale. the top of sonoma county. they are still waiting for it to arrive. there is a question if it ever will. cloverdale was so excited about the new train service the town built this brand-new station only to sit empty for years. as smart spent his money on the line from santa rosa to san rafael. last week the board was told the system would run out of money by 2024 unless voters approved a 30 year sales tax extension. that doesn't include moving north to hills bird in cloverdale. hills bird councilman sits on the smartboard. we are going to need to get other funding sources. >> reporter: you don't have the money right now.>> reporter: hills bird built a new downtown railroad crossing and is planning a housing development near the tracks. they will have to find money elsewhere to get the train here. the sales tax measure they are proposing would only fund the current system. what you think the chances are voters up here are going to
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vote for that? not very likely. >> reporter: in cloverdale they were hoping the train would bring tourists to revitalize what was once a resort town. i would vote for the tax to get the train here. if they are saying they are not going to bring it here i won't vote for that. why should we vote for it if it is not going to come this far -- >> reporter: smart will have to be creative in finding someone else to pay for it. he hopes the voters will trust them with a hit to the ballot box. we built it. so far i'm confident we will figure out how to continue all the way to cloverdale. will it take more than just a sales tax revenue? >> yes >> reporter: they blame the shortfall on recession any federally mandated nifty million dollars smart control system. those were known about when they were building the system. the director said he just found out about the agency's financial situation a few months ago. $50 million. the u.s. coast guard
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sharing a rescue story today. a dozen guardsmen were inspecting a 160 foot ecuadorian fishing boat last week off central america. when it began sinking forcing everyone to abandon ship. the coast guard crew shifted from inspectors to rescuers. saving all 25 people on board. at least they were right there. the little mini heatwave that will not go away. warm things up today. it will warm it up even more tomorrow. your 100 degrees and the warmest spots inland. hundred degrees inland. 80s around the bay. today we were up to 97 concorde. 96 livermore. the numbers are still warm. any three concorde. in san francisco it is 70. high pressure is building in ever so gently from where it has built in every time this year.
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the desert southwest. capable of the west coast. it is going to be hot inland for the next three days before we get a break friday. low clouds to the rescue. not really. there will be a little bit of a push into the gate and early burnout. that won't do much except keep the shoreline mild. there is really. you can head west and the numbers come down 30 degrees. if you're in the east bay it will stay near 100 right through friday. overnight lows tonight we see them in the 50s. sign up tomorrow at 6:23 am. daytime highs tomorrow well above average in concorde 12 degrees warmer than normal usual. san jose 10 degrees warmer than usual for tuesday. on the south bay numbers in the 90s. 92 san jose. 94 in morgan hill. 92 campbell. 88 sunnyvale. in union city 85 degrees. east bay the numbers are smoking. middle not be 96 walnut creek. 93 san ramon. 94 livermore. in fairfield tomorrow 101.
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and 100 concorde. for santa rosa 94. 72 stinson beach. 82 mill valley. for napa and wine country. 88. the numbers speak on wednesday before we begin to cool off. northern end of the napa valley 100 degrees. that will hold through pretty much through wednesday. before we begin to back off a bit on thursday. distinctly cooler weather doesn't move in until friday in lent. by the shoreline it will be nice and mild. you might want to make your plans now. in the meantime we will update you as 7 pm tonight. here is sports. for the bay bridge series. if you missed the giants pitcher incredible reaction last night we have that. the decision is in on whether the radio star receiver can wear his old helmet or be forced to wear a new one. the raiders star.
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the latest and helmet gait. antonio brown losses grievance with the nfl. he has to wear the league's new helmet or not play football. i can think at 30 million reasons why you will see brown on the football field, week one. forget the helmet gait already. the real issue for brown right now continues to be his frostbitten feet. there is still a month to go before the raiders open on monday night football. doesn't need any preseason action anyway. brown doesn't sound like a guy who is going to appeal the ruling. brown tweeted while i disagree with an arbitrator's decision i am working to get back to full health looking forward to rejoining my teammates on the field. hopefully this is the end of
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that story. my off day bay bridge series begins tomorrow at oracle park. the giants offense might have found a new secret weapon. i think i am the leader in the bullpen. closer will smith and his first career major-league at-bat ripped a two-run single in the eighth inning. smith showed his teammates he could hit. the baserunning left something to be desired. i'm just glad he was able to get the first base. i think he was so excited about the base hit. i don't know how hard he was going down the line. we were yelling run. you slow down approaching first base? spinning i'm just that slow. while smith's hit get the attention post game it was kevin who drove in the go-ahead run with a triple in the eighth inning.
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he is now 10-25 on the whole stand. one of the few giants who seems to like hitting at oracle park. why are you having so much success hitting here? >> most of my career i played in toronto. it is known as a hitter's ballpark. a place where you're supposed to hit home runs. i played with great home run hitters. part of me wanted to hit home runs while i was there. i did way too much. the stadium has that reputation of not being a good hitters bell. it allowed me to be a more complete hitter. homers are the last thing i'm thinking about. the warrior schedule was released today. i will spell you all 82 games. it will play the clippers october 24. first regular-season game at the chase center. serena williams brought to tears sunday after a back injury. brought an end to her match in toronto. her opponent came over to console williams. serena hurts she became the
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first canadian zelinski the rogers cup since nixon was in the oval office. great sportsmanship. cbs news is coming up next. nora o'donnell with a preview. new details on jeffrey epstein's final moments in that prison cell. will his alleged victims get justice? the drinking water crisis. to keep led out of the tap water in a major u.s. city. what officials are doing now. meet the teenager who is skipping school to call on world leaders to take action to save our planet. that is tonight on the cbs evening news. during this back-to-school week kpix 5 morning team has you covered. highlighting issues affecting students. and tomorrow's topic will be preventing bullying. one bay area principal has a way to fight that problem. that is tomorrow on kpix 5 this morning starting at 4:30 am.
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labrador retriever has taken the oath of office in contra costa county. he is the das unusual new hire. his name is bayer. the cuddly pooch has signed up to help children who are survivors of sexual assault testify in court. contra costa deyonta davis were the two-year-old dog in for duty. now bear even sports his own badge. he joins other therapy dogs enlisted to comfort young rooms. he has the whole load. thank you for watching tonight at 6 pm. the cbs news is up next. see you at 7 pm.
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captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ >> o'donnell: tonight, with jeffrey epstein dead, what happens to his victims? >> any co-conspirators should not rest easy. >> o'donnell: new details about the frantic scene as epstein lay dying in jail. why was he off suicide watch? also tonight, how safe is our drinking water? residents of yet another major city are told, don't drink it. what's being done about lead contamination. five children die in a daycare fire. three of the victims, the kids of a first responder fighting another fire nearby. what parents can learn from this tragic story. great danger on the great lakes. why rising waters are taking a rising toll on boaters and swimmers. everyone is flipping over simone biles after not one but two new history making twists at the


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