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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 13, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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it blues. steve hartman, the i a ron, ohio >> that's the "overnight news" for this tuesday. captioning funded by cbs it's tuesday, august 13th, 2019. this is the "cbs morning news." intensifying investigation. jeffrey epstein's private island is raided as new details emerge surrounding the accused sex trafficker's suicide behind bars. deadly shoot-out. drivers dodge bullets as a man with a rifle opened fire on officers during the busy commute east of los angeles. oh, my god. >> and a family gets a little too close to a massive great
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white shark. good morning from the studio 57 nwsroom at cbs headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. new information is raising more questions about the apparent su jeffrey epstein. the "associated press" reports a guard at the new york city jail where epstein was being held was not a regular correctional officer. federal investigators also raided the accused sex trafficker's private island in the u.s. virgin islands yesterday. laura podesta is following all of this from new york. what else do we know about the investigations? >> reporter: anne-marie, the search of epstein's caribbean island was led by a task force for the u.s. attorney's office for the southern district of new york. even though with his suicide epstein's criminal case is over, there are still co-conspirators that may posossibly be charged. a photographer captured the
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moment jeffrey epstein was wheeled into a hospital in lower manhattan saturday. epstein was soon pronounced dead, and his body sent to the medical examiner for an autopsy. the 66-year-old multimillionaire had been in federal custody since he was arrested july 6th on sex trafficking and conspiracy charges. he was being held without bail inside new york's metropolitan correctional center while awaiting next year's trial. >> i was appalled and, frankly, angry to learn of the mcc's failure to adequately secure this prisoner. >> reporter: attorney general william barr said the death of such a high-profile inmate demands answers. >> we are now learning of serious irregularities at this facility that are deeply concerning. >> reporter: a representative for the workers at the metropolitan correctional center told cbs news that epstein's apparent suicide was not a surprise. she said staffing there is completely inadequate with workers routinely clocking over 60 hours a week, leaving them overwhelmed and not alert.
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epstein's death automatically ends the criminal case against him, but not against others who participated in his alleged crimes. >> there are a number of co-conspirators that allowed these things to occur. active co-conspirators as well as passive that watched what he was doing and said nothing over the years. >> reporter: attorney general barr said anyone who committed crimes with epstein should, quote, not rest easy. congress has also launched a bipartisan probe into epstein's apparent suicide. so anne-marie, the investigation into his death is far from over. >> indeed, laura podesta here in new thank you. a california highway patrol officer was killed in a shoot-out during a busy rush hour commute as drivers scrambled to dodge the gunfire. [ gunfire ] [ bleep ] [ beep ] human beings. >> the officer was filling out
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paperwork during a traffic stop in riverside yesterday evening when the suspect opened fire with a rifle. the officer who was identified as andre mori later died. two responding officers were also injured. one critically before the gunman was killed at the scene. drivers described hurrying to duck down and get out of the way. two civilians were also hurt. tense moments at a chicago v.a. hospital after a man with an assault rifle started shooting there. miraculously no one was hurt. police say the gunman opened fire yesterday on the campus of jesse brown v.a. medical center. within 30 seconds, v.a. police responded and stopped the gunman. witnesses described a brief moment of panic. >> i saw people running in the pharmacy store yelling "active shooter, somebody out there's shooting." i saw the guy run in there with a long, black -- i don't know
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what kind of shotgun it was. >> police have not discussed a motive or said who the gunman was shooting at. federal authorities arrested a man who admitted to buying body armor, ar-15 parts and a 100 round magazine for the dayton shooting. 24-year-old ethan kollie, a longtime friend of the gunman, told federal authorities he bought the items in and kept them in his apartment to help hide them from the shooter's parents. >> there is no evidence and no allegation in this criminal complaint that kollie intentionally participated in the planning of betts' august 4th shooting. >> authorities say there is no evidence that kollie knew about the gunman's plan. he's accused of making false statements and faces up to 15 years in prison. a severe weather system that hammered thehe midwest is on th move this morning headed east. forecasters say more than 30
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million people acrosk r tornado winds, and flash flooding. yesterday parts of illinois saw torrential rain which flooded roadways. several cars were stranded in high water. fortunately, there were no reports of any major injuries in that area. there ae serious concerns this morning about the water supply in newark, new jersey. filters that are supposed to get lead out of the water appear not to be working. bottled water is being handed out in some neighborhoods. >> reporter: high school history teacher yvette jordan and her husband frank are among thousands of newark residents urged to use bottled water until further notice because recently tests by the epa showed that 38 no water -- the 38,000 water filters handed out by the city might be effective in removing lead from newark's water supply. >> we had our water tested. it's three times the federal action level. so that's upsetting. >> reporter: newark is catching up to a problem that's been
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reportedly denied for more than a year. but its mayor says the water giveaway is out of an abundance of caution. >> the test that was performed in only three homes which we believe is a small sample size. >> reporter: the lead is spectee leachinge ter from old lower income and minority neighborhoods. the nrdc, suing for violating safe drinking water laws, estimates 30 million americans drink community water that contains lead and 5.5 million get water that exceeds the epa's maximum levels. >> we need to make some investments in fixing our lead contamination problems. they've been with us for decades. but they continue to haunt us, and they are threatening children across the country. >> reporter: you're concerned about that for -- >> i'm extremely concerned for my students, yeah. water is a human right. fix it. >> reporter: the mayor says the lead service pipes need to be replaced at a cost of $70 million. he has askeded president trump r federal assistance. cbs news, newark.
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the trump administration announced new rules making it more difficult for poor immigrants to get legal residency. under the rules, applicants could be denied a green card if it's determined that they are likely to wind up on public assistance. those already using programs such as me, od sand housing vou disqualified. anti-government demonstrators stormed hong kong's airport again this morning. today's protest comes one day after demonstrators flooded the arrivals and departures halls at hong kong international airport causing massive flight cancelations. the airport has since reopened for travelers. hong kong's demonstrations and unrest began more than two months ago following a now-suspended extradition bill. coming up on the "morning news" now, the trump administration is rolling back longtime protection for endangered animals. how some states are fighting back. and a strong warning for pet owners after three dogs die after swimming in a pond. three dogs die
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no way. oh, my god. >> hold on. that's the reaction of a woman who spotted a great white shark next to her boat off the water off provincetown, massachusetts. the family were eight miles off the coast when they saw the shark on friday. it looked like it was as long as the boat. researchers say the number of sharks they've seen off of cape cod has increased in the last several years. a serious warning now for pet owners after three dogs died from algae poisoning, and a hit song "old town road" smashes two new records. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." the "washington post" reports new trump administration rules are weakening the 45-year-old endangered species act. the new rules let the administration reduce habitat set aside for wildlife, and they also removed ways used to
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predict how to change could harm specie for the first time officials will be able to publicly attach a cost to saving an animal or plant. the act is credited with saving the grizzly bear, the humpback whale, bald eagle, the california condor, and florida manatee and the american alligator, all from the brink of extinction. that they will challenge the new rules in court. "people" say three dogs died of toxic blue green algae poisoning hours after playing in a north carolina pond. the dogs went into the wilmington pond together thursday night. they all experienced seizures just minutes after leaving the pond. >> people need to know about this. like i mean, like i said, if we had any clue that this was a thing, they would have never come. i had no idea. >> veterinarians warn if you see discolored, green water, scum,
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mats or floating clumps of algae in the water, keep your dogs away. the dogs' owners created a gofundme page to raise money to put signs near water contaminated with toxic algae. and billboard says little nas x's "old town road" set two new records on the billboard charts. ♪ i'm gonna take my horse to the old town hood wonderful i'm gonna ride till i can't no more ♪ >> the song featuring billy ray cyrus became the longest running number-one hit in the history of the hot r&b hip-hop songs chart and the hot rap songs chart. it's been number one on those charts for 19 weeks. "old town road" recently broke the record for most weeks at number one on billboard's hot 100 list. still ahead, a spinach recall over salmonella. where the potentially contaminated spinach was sold and how to know if you bought it. contaminated spinach was sold and how to know if you bought it. ♪
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>> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. today investors will get new data on the state of the economy as the labor department releases the consumer price index for july. now here on wall street, stocks closed lower yesterday led by declines in bank and tech shares. the dow skidded 389 points. the s&p 500 lost 35, and the nasdaq dropped 95 points. on the earnings calendar, notable companies reporting today include cannabis company hill ray, advanced auto parts and dole fresh vegetables is recalling some of its baby spinach over salmonella concerns. retailers had sold the possibly contaminated spinach include kroger and target. the spinach has a use by date of august 5th. it was sold in stores in illinois, indiana, kentucky, michigan, new jersey, new york, ohio, tennessee, virginia, and wisconsin. meanwhile, verizon agreed to sell its blogging website tumblr. the "wall street journal" reports it will buy tumblr for an undisclosed amount and take about 200 staffers.
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automatic inc. is also the owner of the popular onloon publishing tool in recent years tumblr has faced strong criticism for not monitoring pornographic content which verizon banned last year. and nike is taking a step in a new direction. the shoe giant launched a sneaker subscription service. nike adventure club is a subscription for kids ages 2 to 10. the goal is to help out parents who struggle to constantly buy new shoes for kids' growing feet. there will be four pairs a year for $20 a month, six pair for $30 a month or 12 pair for $50 a month. rsheararie? this, i thought, i don't know if it's a great idea. i don't know about you, but my kid wears her sneakers until they basically fall apart. i don't rotate them precisely because her feet are always growing. then i read that there's a waiting list for the service now. >> i'm not surprised.
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i could see this being useful for -- i have a nephew who shoots up like a weed, and he is ten, so this will be the last year he could do the service. and he goes through shoes quickly. i'd like this for someone like him. >> interesting. diane king hall at the new york stock exchange. thank you, diane. >> you got it. still to come, fighting climate change. we'll introduce you to the teenager being called the greatest threat to the oil industry. like the back of a bodyguard. for ages 2 and up. eucrisa works at... ...and below the surface of the skin. it blocks overactive pde4 enzymes... ...which is believed to reduce inflammation. and it's steroid-free. do not use if you are allergic to eucrisa or its ingredients. allergic reactions may occur at or near the application site. the most common side effect is application site pain. ask your doctor about eucrisa.
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ [ cheers ] dogs took center stage at the illinois state fair yesterday. they stood on two legs and danced, jumped rope, even jumped
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over each other to the crowd's delight. one pup even balanced on one front paw on his handler's hand. the state fair wraps up sunday. and a swedish teenager has become what opec calls the greatest threat to the oil industry. roxanne saberi with the young woman with a seemingly endless supply of energy. >> reporter: everywhere greta goes, cameras and fans follow. >> i don't like being in the focus so much, but i just have to remind myself that it's for a good cause. >> reporter: that cause is what she calls the world's biggest crisis -- climate change. and it's taken the 16-year-old to the world's biggest stages berating people in power. >> i wanted to act as if the house was on fire because it is. you are not mature enough to tell it like it is. even that burden you leave to us children.
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>> reporter: depressed by climate change she started a solitary strike outside sweden's parliament last august. one year on, greta is no longer alone.s nenn of climate activists with the message we have to act now or it will be too late. we might as well fight, as well. >> reporter: like greta, young people are leading climate strikes in the u.s. and across the world. now she's about to set s a solar-powered boat, bringing her message to a u.n. summit in new york. >> they say they'll listen to us, and now that is up to them to prove that they have listened. >> reporter: critics dismissed greta as alarmist, too young, and too inexperienced. she says this climate crusade must go on if her generation is to have a future. roxana saberi, cbs news, stockholm, sweden. coming up on "cbs this morning," theories surrounding the death of multimillionaire
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our top story this morning, congress launched an investigation into the apparent suicide of accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein. attorney general william barr also called for investigations by the fbi and inspector general. epstein was found dead inside his new york city jail cell on saturday. details of the autopsy results are pending. a california highway patrol officer was killed in a shoot-out that had drivers ducking busy rush ho comte. tw injured, one critically, before the gunman was killed at the
4:26 am
scene. two civilians were also hurt. high water levels and powerful currents are creating dangerous conditions for swimmers and boaters on the nation's great lakes. 60 people drowned this summer, nearly half of them on lake michigan. dean reynolds reports from chicago. >> reporter: search crews plied the waters of lake michigan last week looking for any trace of a swimmer who went into the water and never came out. >> they conducted a search involving a coast guard helicopter and coast guard small boats. >> reporter: he was the 29th person to drown in the lake this year. a more than 50% increase over 2018. last year at this time, there were 19 lake drownings. lake michigan has had nearly as many drownings as all the other great lakes combined. this summer waves have routinely risen above five feet along the lakeshore. the snowy winter and the wettest june in history have boosted the lake to its highest monthly level since 1986. a power boat hit a submerged
4:27 am
chicago jetty last month, and a passenger died. then there are the rip currentsm m, india.r. >> i want my son. i want my son. i want some answers. >> reporter: when we caught up with david benjamin of the great lakes surf rescue project, he was teaching a lifeguarding class. >> a person struggling in water could submerge in less than one minute. >> reporter: summer weather draws millions to the lakefront where benjamin says many people mistakenly think if they can wade they can swim. >> a rip current opens up, now the waist-high water, your feet are sinking in the sand or the sand is being pulled out from under your feet, you're in water over your head. instant panic. >> reporter: rip currents can happen in the oceans as well as the great lakes and can move as fast as eight feet per second. so it's little wonder that they account for 80% of all beach
4:28 am
rescues. dean reynolds, cbs news, chicago. coming up on "cbs this morning," theories surrounding the death of multimillionaire scinatedith conspiracyghlightin big role in whether they're believed. plus, we'll hear from children battling a genetic disorder who were left alone in an airport for hours. why they say they didn't have access to proper meals, medication, and even enough bathroom breaks. actor wyatt russell is in studio 57. how the son of acting legends goldie hawn and kurt russell forged his own path in hollywood. that's the "cbs morning news" for this tuesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. at day.
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park, homeof a'rsus the who are you rooting for? >> they're both in the playoffs, to spritz back there you go, pretty good. it's tuesday, august 13th and i'm kenny choi. i'm michelle griego. sunshine and temperatures will warm up with high pressure in control and that means temps will climb even warmer than yesterday and here is a live look at the treasure island camera on this tuesday and good morning to you. 69 in concord, 63 in oakland, 61 in downtown san francisco and santa rosa, 56. we have a spare the air alert today with air quality good for the coast and the central bay and moderate for the north bay and the central bay and santa claraal of high pe in co


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