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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  August 15, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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bay area. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. it's about 4:30. scorching yesterday and get ready for another hot one. >> that's right. and we'll continue with the heat today. a heat vise ri remans in effect for the inland locations and all locations away from the immediate coast under the heat advisory until 8:00 p.m. dangerous, extreme heat, temperatures in the 90s and the triple digits. some spots hitting 105, 106 this afternoon. and good morning to santa claire ra. the school district starts today. happy first day of school to you. sunny and hot. temperatures in the mid 90s for the daytime highs. the microclimate forecast, mid 70s for the bay. 80 in inland. and the triple digits and plenty of sunshine. for the third day in a row, a
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spare the air alert for today. when temperatures will slowly begin to cool down and drop down to below average for this time of year with on shore flow kicking back in. details coming up. and here at 4:31, a look at the bridges and get you out the door on time. the main travel times are in the green at this hour. starting with the bay bridge, looking good. a little bit of a stackup in the cash lanes. other than that, not that bad. moving right along at the toll plaza. after the plaza, it's a smoother sail to san francisco this morning. san mateo bridge is empty nor this time of day. a little bit of company, but not much in the westbound direction. looks like there is something going on at the richmond bridge. not an accident. maybe someone is pulled over or a shoulder is closed. we'll keep an eye on that. but you are smooth sailing
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through that toll plaza as well. i'm anne makovec and we are going to to vallejo. this video from the fire department of a house fire on carter street. it started around 11:00 p.m. and the fire was going up by the time they got there. they heard a couple of explosions, possibly propane tanks. and there was ammunition in a bedroom that caused them to re-evaluate attack plan. everyone got out with the dog and the cat. there are three cats unaccounted for. and firefighters hearing that they tried to put out a cigarette in a flower pot filled with saw dust instead of soil as they had thought. and 4:32. a live look in philadelphia this morning. a lengthy standoff that injured six police officers has come to
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an end. the suspected gunman has surrendered. report tom hanson is in philadelphia. . >> reporter: the m who police say shot six officer during a standoff surrendered around midnight. for more than seven hours, the suspect was holed up in a north philadelphia building. . >> shots fired from the second floor. >> reporter: around 4:30 in the afternoon, police went to the home to serve a drug warrant. the operation went awry almost immediately. >> the shooter fired multiple rounds. officers returned fire and many had to escape from windows and doors from the bullets. >> reporter: two officers and three others trapped inside until a s.w.a.t. team could free them. >> it's nothing short after a miracle we don't have multiple the suspect was
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firing multiple rounds outside of the window. >> a little bit angry about someone help the weaponry and the fire power. >> reporter: all six officers shot were released from the hospital. two walked out as their colleagues saluted. the attorney says his former client, maurice hill, is the suspect and called for help. . all of my energy was directed at having this come to an end as quickly as possible and as safely as possible. >> reporter: hill was not injured during the standoff. cbs news, philadelphia. another police officer was injured in a car crash related to the standoff and taken to the hospital. and a man accused of attacking a woman in san francisco outside of her apartment building released from jail. austin james vincent was arrested not long after the bizarre incident sunday morning. monday, he pleaded not guilty to charges of false imprisonment, battery, and attempted robbery. yesterday, the judge ordered
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vincent's release. the an fran district attorney's office said vincent has to check in on occasion with a case manager and stay 100 feet away from the building on beale street. >> i don't understand what more it takes for the city and the judge to understand that this man is a danger to our society. >> security video shows the victim being thrown to the ground outside the door of the building's lobby. a lobby attendant helped her get inside and both women kept the attacker from entering. the attacker claimed he was trying to save her from robots. she tweeted the governor asking for him to save the city. and campaign 2020. the democratic contenders have two weeks left to meet the criteria for if third debate. one candidate who has not
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qualified is williamson. she spoke yesterday and touched on health care, education, and race relaces and touted herself as a, quote, disrupter. >> it is time for the people to step in. >> now to qualify for the september debate in houston, she and others must attract at least 2% support in four qualifying national or early state polls and must have 130,000 unique campaign donors. so far, nine qualified. and this morning, another democrat wants to make changes to your facebook feed. oregon senator is asking facebook and google to change if ad targeting. he's concerned about the ad buyers targeting buyers based on interest and where they live. voter suppression campaigns and targeting groups is not allowed.
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overnight, asian stock markets followed wall street the selloff is stoking fears of a possible recession. >> reporter: investors waking up with a pit in their stomach. yesterday's stock market free fall was the biggest one-day drop of the year. the dow lost 3% of the value. bonds are to blame. normally, investors earn higher enteren on the bonds. yesterday, that equation flipped. >> the last time this happened was 2007. and that was right before the great recession. so people are wondering, is this going to happen again? are we going to see another recession? . >>. >> reporter: a global slow down maybe influencing the selloff. china in a trade war with the u.s. reported the slowest growth
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since 1992. japan's growth shrank as well as germany and much of europe. there is a silver lining. >> the cost of borrowing is dropping. so if your family can afford it, now may be a good time to make a large purchase. >> reporter: as far as retirement savings, the markets will see growth. investors advised to think long term and stick it out. laura podesta, cbs news. and experts say that what's going on with the bonds, which is called an inverted yield curve, occurring roughly two years before a downpour. and bay area giant cisco laid off 500 workers. 395 in san jose and 91 that include engineers, managers, and technical leaders. a spokesperson said the customer
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is transformings and meeting customer demands. and there's an increased fire danger. crews spent much of the night putting out hot spots from a vegetation fire. flames broke out last night in brentwood. firefighters tweeted out this picture showing an orange smoky glow and flames burning on the field. no homes were threaten. and just hours earlier, chopper 5 flew over fire crews in hayward as they doused this grass fire on d street in the hills near fairview elementary school. fire crews believe that someone using a tractor could have spark it. and a live look at the richmond san rafael bridge. major repairing on the upper deck are committee. 31 joints were replaced and it's been six months since the
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concrete crumbled. and they added rubber seal nt and patching. next month, crews begin repairs on the southern truss. and a frequent and unwanted visitor at a school is forcing teachers to keep kids indoors. staff of an afterschool program say they've spotted this coyote roaming near the campus just steps from the playground. news of the trespasser is leaving neighbors on edge. >> someone had posted a picture of a coyote on the front lawn around noontime. >> some neighbors are not allows cats and dogs to go outside alone. someone called the afterschool program and we're waiting for a call. and it is back to school week. our coverage continues in less than an hour with an afterschool
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program designed to curb violence. >> i wanted to look for ways to find out how to turn the madness around and preinvented the carnage. >> the answer? jackie ward joins us with the bay area reverend's three-step plan to success coming up at 5:30. and time is 4:41. teens across the country hospitalized with breathing problems. the lawsuit against juul. and before we go, a live look outside. look at that. the moon, the trans-america pyramid on the left hand side. a little hard to tell. 61 in san francisco. 4:41. we'll be right back.
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. ford is recalling 100,000 vehicles. and diane king hall has this morning's money watch report.
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ford is recalling more than 100,000 mid sized cars to fix a seat belt problem. the belts may have lost strength from a heat buildup and might not hold people in a crash. the recall covers ford fusions and lincoln mkzs made in 2015. it knows of one injury from the problem. the faa banned some apple laptops from airplanes. the faa is concerned the lithium batteries may catch fire. earlier this summer, apple recalled them sold between 2015 and 2017. if the problem is fixed, the laptops are okay to take on board. that's the money watch report, for more, head to new warnings this morning suggest a potential link between
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teen vaping and severe lung disease. a lawsuit in illinois against san francisco-based juul claims at least 22 teens in three states hospitalized with lung damage after using e-cigarettes. nationwide, more than 3 million high school students are using the e-cigarettes. juul says they have never marketed to youth and we want to preconvenient youth usage of the products. of and people who wanted to avoid the heat spent much of the day indoors. repairmen busy getting the air conditioners back up and running again. . >> it's been crazy. a lot of jumping from one call to the next getting everything up and running. it can be a health hazard.. >> cooling centers in the bay area open again today. we have a full list of locations on the website. head to and another day of this before we see any relief.
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. >> yeah. one more day. we have to get through it today and then temperatures cool down by the weekend. relief is coming eventually for us. we have to get through this hot day today with the heat advisory still in effect for all areas away from the immediate coast. here's a live look with the sales force tower camera looking east. you can see clear skies on our sales force tower camera. the temperatures, mild to warm temperatures. san jose, 72 degrees at this hour. 69 in concord. oakland, 66. livermore, 68. and 60 santa rosa. the weather headlines, one more very warm to hot day today. much cooler near the water tomorrow. the marine air will push inland friday evening into saturday. so we are looking at a third spare the air alert in effect for today. so the third day in a row unhealthy air quality for the
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east bay and moderate for everyone else. the back to school forecast. the microclimate forecast for the mount diablo district. concord, the temperatures soar. one of the hottest spots in concord at noon, 94. 106 this afternoon in concord. so very hot temperatures with that sunshine in concord. you are under the heat advisory. here's the satellite and radar view. two ridges of high pressure, one is to the west and one to the southeast there. so that's the dominant weather feature. these are strong ridges of high pressure. there's an upper level low in canada. that drops south and ushers in the stronger marine influence and the ocean breeze helping to cool us off. and hour by hour on futurecast, you can see the sunshine for tomorrow. we are going to start off the day with clear skies and again, temperatures just a little bit
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cooler for friday. much cooler by the weekend with near average temperatures to below average as we head through saturday and sunday. all because of the low pressure system developing south and the ridge of high pressure moving away. check out the highs. 97 san jose. 87 oakland. 80 san francisco. there we go with the little bit of a cool down friday. much cooler again for the weekend. and then warming back up by the middle of next week. and 4:48. and the overall big picture for the realtime traffic. good news is there aren't a whole lot of trouble spots out there yet. mostly, in the green as far as the speeds are concerned. a couple of hiccups out there. and let me get to it. most of them are about construction. this is northbound from the castro valley y. lane closures until 5:00 and that's slowing things down significantly. at least for the span after the
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y and headed northbound. southbound, though, no problem to report. southbound on 101, however, is a different story. a stall is blocking one lane past b risbane and airport boulevard. they're getting ready to clear that. and out of the altamont pass, slow and goment down to 18 miles per hour and then back to regular speed before you get close to livermore. and good to go to the dublin interchange. the drive time is 31 minutes. barely in the yellow. no problems there. in the green everywhere else. bay bridge, not quite so busy. and let's check in at the san mateo bridge. the same story. the san rafael, the cop on the side of the road. no delays or slow downs headed westbound toward marin. and 4:49. and love is in the air in the new movie last christmas.
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and new music from lady gaga. . >> chris martinez has those stories and more in the eye on entertainment. amelia clark and henry golding falling in love for the new romcom last christmas. she's an elf at a christmas shop. it's based on the george michaels song of the same name and featured the late pop star's music. it's in theaters this november. and lady gaga is teasing new music. she posted a black and white photo of hersz herself in a studio. and we're getting a first look at the documentary from barack obama's higher ground >> this is a historic project
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that is going to help grow the community. >> the feature called american factory examines the lives of workers at a shuttered plant in ohio bought by a chinese billionaire. 2,000 people are hired to work shoulder to shoulder with the chinese employees. it premiers august 21st on netflix. the a's sign a starting pitcher. we'll tell you who that is. and a former alameda high school football star in the mix to make the raider roster. and you are looking live at downtown san jose. a warm 72 degrees to start this thursday morning.
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. good morning. hopefully, reliefm t hea maybe cranking up the ac. another hot day today. 96 in santa claire ra. 97 san jose. 104 morgan hill. all under heat advisories. 106 concord. 105 walnut creek. pleasant ton, 106. berkeley, mid 80s. 80 san francisco. and the bridges, so far in the green on every single one of them. the richmond-san rafael bridge and the flashing lights, loan closures approaching the toll plaza but no closures on the bridge itself due to the manager construction on the way to the bridge. doesn't seem to slow anything down on the approach. on the green no matter which bridge you a pitching rotation built for the stretch run. the giants do not. and that was the difference in
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game two of the series. tyler gave up four runs in four innings. and chapman homered twice in the game. seven hits since he shaved his head one week ago. and hosed on the second run. bailey had a bunt and two hit ins the game to go along with seven scoreless innings. and the hit parade continued in the third. mat olsen off the bricks. a's won 9-5. olson and bailey four hits combined. >> the pitchers might be the best hitters on the team. >> and maybe mat harvey can hit too. the a's reportedly signed the pitcher to a minor league deal after the game. rvith the dark knight with the mets was a cy
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young contender in new york and an e.r.a. > and las nig hardnothinsalty language. >> br executn. >> we have to have the walk throughs every day. >> they don't know nothing about you. . >> fixing it: . >> it ain't going to be a part of that. >> maybe chuck has gotten a little soft. we know he has a soft spot for rookie receiver doss. he wasn't drafted despite the greatest receiving career in uc davis history. the career began at alameda high school. and last saturday, he scored with hundreds of his friends and family at the coliseum. it wasn't the first time, though. >> when i was at pop warner, we
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played there at half time during the preseason game. >> did you score? >> i did, actually. >> is it the same feeling from the other night? . >> pretty much. the crowds going nuts. to see it happen now was an awesome feeling. >> have a shot tonight. raiders in arizona. and the first look at kyler murray. he was the a's top draft pick until he chose the national football league. that's the latest in sports. see you tonight. of and time is 4:57. and another spare the air alert this morning. the third one in a row this week as the heat wave fuels fires all over the bay area. and a gun fight, a standoff, and a surrender. new dwoments on the shootout between the police and a gunman in philadelphia.
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s officers are shot and injured in a gun battle in philadelphia. >> and all eyes on wall street after stocks tank igniting fears of a possible recession. and if you're making plans for labor day, listen up. what to expect the as the boeing grounding drags on. thursday, august 15th. i'm kenny choi. . >> i'm michelle griego. talk about the hot day. another one of top. >> that's right. temperatures just as hot compared to yesterday. that is why heat advisory remains in effect for all of the inland locations and in fact, all locations away from the immediate coast under that heat advisory. still in effect until 8:00 p.m. today. dangerous and extreme heat in the mid 90s to triple digit once again with the hottest spots at 105 to 106. good morning to you in


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