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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  August 15, 2019 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. nonoon, dangerous he'd
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expected over parts of the bay area within lan temperatures soaring again. good afternoon. i'm michelle griego. i'm kenny choi in san francisco has temperatures above average today around the bay and along the coast, as well. >> we have team coverage on the dangerous heat including how schools help students stay safe. mary lee has a look at the high temperatures. we are watching those temperatures rise this afternoon and here is a live look with our dublin cam and in dublin, mid-90s and we continue to see those temps increase through the rest of the day. that heat advisory is in effect dangerous heat. xtreme and for all the inland locations and all areas away from the immediate coast under that heat advisory until 8:00 p.m. and for the third day in a row we have a spare the air alert with sensitive groups in the east bay and the santa clara
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valley, moderate air quality. we are tracking the return of onshore flow and that brings the temperatures down below average for this time of year and i will let you know exactly when we get that cool down, coming up. communities in east contra costa county are doing everything they can to escape the heat. we have jackie going to brentwood where a high school football team was out on the field as the sun came up. >> reporter: the lines at liberty high school had practice early this morning before the sun came up as triple hinge it heat is expected to date. >> we will need to beat the heat to keep these guys safe, and instead of friday night lights, it was a thursday morning sunrise practice. yesterday we did it but last year, you know, it was similar with heat and the fires. so, these kids are used to adapting and they are good at it. >> reporter: section rules require the teams get 10
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practices before the first scrimmage, which is tomorrow and there is no other option but even when it is hot and not oppressive like today, they take extra precautions. >> we will regulate things and slow it down and not condition as much and take off the shoulder pads and helmets and use lots of water. >> reporter: rules prohibit teams from practicing outside when it's 105 degrees and in the pittsburgh school district, highlands elementary delayed the first day of school because there was work on a new heating system and cooling system that wasn't put in on time. the superintendent wrote, the contractor tried temporary air conditioning units for impacted classrooms and they are simply not adequate for students or staff, especially given the high temperatures we expect this week and they hope monday will be the first day of school but that has yet to be determined. if you live in brentwood and need a place to cool down, the
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5:00 this afternoon. in brentwood, jackie ward, kpix5. cooling centers are open today and santa clara county and they offer free rides to any cool center until 8:00 tonight and for a list of the centers around the bay area and other ways to beat the heat, go to our website at it's official. this july was the hottest month ever recorded on earth. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration said the planet topped off at a little more than 62 degrees fahrenheit and the u.s. did not set records for heat as a country, but scientists said eight countries in europe set records as a result of climate change. right now, wald street is regaining some momentum but stocks are jumping up and down and investigators are fearing a possible recession in the near future. the biggest drop yesterday, more than 800 points on right now, the dow jones is ab109 points. economists said a recession could be on its way after
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stocks took a massive tumble yesterday and for the first time in a decade, there is an inverted yield curve with investors more willing to bet on the sh the long-term economy. let's point to other problems. >> reporter: the question is, how quickly will the federal reserve act to stave off further slowdowns or when the president and the administration will sit down with china and remove the cloud of uncertainty? >> the uncertainty is causing the cost of long-term borrowing to drop and now could be a good time to buy a house or car and we will have much more on this on the kpix news at 5:00 and online at our emily turner is at the live news get desk with breaking news from southern california. >> reporter: jurors have decided the man known as the hollywood ripper has been found guilty. he was accused and has been found guilty of stabbing two women and killing them as well as attempting to stab and kill a third.
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he was ultimately arrested after attempting to stab the third woman in southern california but she fought him off and the blood trail led to his arrest. next he will be sentenced but in the meantime, to recap, the hollywood ripper has now been found guilty. new at noon, senator marco rubio breaks from republicans and denounces the decision from israel to remove two u.s. congresswomen from being able to enter the country. congresswomen gin11 and aubrey abrakasa are outspoken critics and rubio blasted the move to bar them from israel tweeden, quote, i disagree 100% with representatives ale han omar and rashida tlaib on israel and the boycott bill in the senate but denying them entry to israel is a mistake and being blocked is what they really hoped for all along in order to muim elected to
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congress and both had planned to visit the israeli occupied west bank but the governor is borrowing them for their support for the movement. >> it's my belief that the israeli behavior shows they are afraid that these women will be exposed to the horrible violations of human rights conducted against the palestinian people. >> hours before the announcement, president donald trump cleated it would show great weakness if they allowed them to visit. they hate israel and all jewish people and there's nothing that can be said or done to change their minds. minnesota and michigan will have a hard time putting them back in office. they are a disgrace. omar called the actions by mr. trump and netanyahu an affront that limited the ability of members of congress to learn from both israelis and palestinians. >> reporter: i'm anne makovec
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and san cisco er it's even to save enough money for gas. we have to make a lot of sacrifices. >> reporter: the governor came to sit down with teachers and first responders to discuss programs available to ease some of their pain. >> what is not surprising about this conversation, we could be having this conversation in any other part of the state of california. >> reporter: he touted his efforts with $1.75 billion in new housing and incentives for cities to approve new construction was $20 million in legal help to help renters facing eviction and $1 billion to help cities fight homelessness. >> when it comes to affordability, the cost of housing in this state, it is a crisis and you don't need any more evidence of that beyond this conversation and to see the ultimate manifestation, homelessness. >> reporter: the governor is pushing for state housing laws
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to be more strictly enforced, putting more than 40 cities in the state on notice that they are in jeopardy of legal action. in san francisco, anne makovec,e making $343,000 per year, you can afford a median priced home in san francisco. san jose police are investigating a shooting that left one man dead and another injured with both men driving themselves to the hospital, kaiser hospital, at 2:00 this morning and there are no suspects. the injured man is expected to be okay and their identity has not been released. philadelphia police said it was a miracle officers were not killed and a gun battle during a drug bust yesterday. the suspect is now in custody and it started yesterday afternoon when officers tried to serve a drug warrant where officials said the operation went awry almost immediately and six officers were shot. the suspect remained holed up in the house putting the whole neighborhood on lockdown. >> we were down on the floor.
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there was shooting going on and it was crazy because when they came in, they just busted my window. >> reporter: the standoff ended after seven hours and cbs news learned the suspect has an extensive criminal history including several gun possession charges. still ahead, a change may be coming to cigarette labels and what the fda wants to add for every single pack. a three-step plan designed to curb violence in a bay area city.
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a new development in the battle between regulators and the tobacco industry. the fda unveiled new graphic health warnings for cigarette
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packs. regulators want tobacco companies to put images and health risk information on packages and advertisements. this is nine years after the fda proposed similar labels. tobacco companies killed the effort in court and the final ruling on the proposal is expected next march. on the heels of the world cup victory, the u.s. women's soccer team takes their fight for equal pay to court. talks between the team and the u.s. soccer federation have broken down after just one day. they plan to move their gender discrimination lawsuit forward. the women won their fourth world cup last month in france but earned less than one quarter of what the u.s. men's team would have been paid for the same thing. we continue back-to-school coverage in west contra costa county with a jefferson award winner on a mission to stop violence on the streets of richmond. the reverend created a program and it is a swahili word that
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means achievement and is designed to get parents engaged sukit home t itat they need to teaches students to focus, pay attention and follow instructions. >> we don't have this for the students in the district, then what? what would be available to them? how could they meet that need? the change is here. >> the bernal heights recreation center program is in 18 other west contra costa county schools and there are plans for three more this school year. our special coverage continues with the high price of back-to-school shopping. >> whatever i have to do, working two jobs or whatever, i will do it. >> bay area parents working overtime for school supplies and how much it will cost, tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 right here on kpix5. we asked for photos of students and kids going back to school and we've got plenty to
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show you. >> take a look at this sister and brother back to school in south san francisco. kindergarten and second grade. >> another sibling pair right here with caitlyn and a sophomore and jake, an eighth grader in dublin. >> dominic is going to first grade in newark. also, albert going to third grade. >> another third-grader, rocking this uniform and we love that, starting in daly city. >> they are looking so cute and we want videos and pictures of your students with #kpix. let's get a check of the forecast with another hot day. >> we will see temperatures cooler but much cooler for the weekend and as the kids go home from school today, they will feel the heat because we have heat advisory still in effect this afternoon because of the extreme and dangerous heat expected inland once again.
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yo concord in livermore, already mid-90s and oakland, low 80s with 77 in downtown san francianlow 90s in san jose and santa rosa with 24 hour temperature change in some locations, even warmer than yesterday. 2 degrees warmer at sfo in napa, 6 degrees and 3 degrees warmer in hayward and 4 degrees warmer compared to last time. half moon bay, cooler and we will start to see onshore flow kicking in but it will be the case for the weekend where we have a strong ridge of high pressure heating us up. not just yesterday but today with low pressure systems in canada and as that drops south, it will increase will increase the ocean breeze and cool us down by the weekend. hour-by-hour on futurecast, you can see all of that sunshine and we are looking at plenty of sunshine for your friday but a
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little friday and much cooler for the weekend with near average temperatures into the weekend and average for saturday and sunday because of this low pressure system with a ridge of high pressure moving farther away. sunset at 8:02 and sunrise at 6:25 tomorrow morning. daytime highs, 106 in concord, 97 in san jose and 97 in oakland and san francisco. that seven-day forecast, cooler and then we see the marine air taken by 5:00 and to the weekend and that means temperatures will drop significantly, especially ill and with that difference saturday and sunday and then warming up but nothing like what we see today. >> 106, that is brutal. it could be considered one of the first bay area startups. >> this beauty empire was born way before tech and social media and in fact, the two
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women who started it had no money. how did they build the billion dollar industry known as benefit? >> it's not what we are used to. now, it's a move on, move on and that was not the case for this brand. >> watch the original report on this bay area beauty empire tonight on the new kpix5 news at 7:00. from the corporate world to nonprofit work, how a bay area man helps youth and their families thrive.
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this week's jefferson award er s heart for san francisco and its families. >> as allen martin reports, his work is recognized as a full lifetime service. >> reporter: he loves what he does and who he does it for. as a deputy director at san francisco's good samaritan family resource center, he oversees five different youth services programs for the organization. >> san francisco youth are raised in a special and sacred part of the world with their parents and credible and they've gone to great lengths to be here to raise their kids. >> reporter: as a first generation american, he knows firsthand the struggles some bay areashifarked hard to
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support the family. >> he didn't know english and had $50 in his pocket. he was a dishwasher and became a restaurant to her. >> reporter: he graduated with a degree in finance and on to a job in the corporate world but soon realized something was missing. >> i was unhappy where i was. it was simple because i googled youth volunteer. >> volunteering led gin16 to found his own profit, the vision academy afterschool program. it merged with good samaritan in 2015. >> it has been a wonderful addition to our mission. >> reporter: parents like juanita kimball agree. >> a place where families and students can gather together. >> vision academy and the other programs he manages reached nearly 500 young people every year in san francisco. >> it's really welcoming and awesome.
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a lot go rds. >> re: good words from the kids he served. >> the kids will one day lead the world. >> reporter: from serving these children, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to gin16. >> you can nominate your local hero at and we will be right back. reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior, or worse, that it was some way to take your home. it's just a loan designed for older homeowners, and, it's helped over a million americans. a reverse mortgage loan isn't some kind of trick to take your home. it's a loan, like any other. big difference is how you pay it back.
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nutritional and delicious blueberries. locally grown and a beautiful thing. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. always eat fresh and stay healthy. at 5:00, a big project on highway 17 has nothing to do with the road. crews are out in the blazing heat trying to cut down fire danger. that story and much more at 5:00. another scorcher and it may be a perfect day to go to the beach. >> you going surfing? >> no. i've got to take care of my kid. there is one guy. surf's up. nailed it!
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♪ >> hope: how old was she the first time she grasped your finger? >> liam: um, little -- really little, like, before the trip to paris. >> hope: what about the first time she held her rattle? >> liam: i was not there for that. >>hope: do you think she likes this one? >> liam: [ laughing ] oh, my god. she likes it. she likes it -- just not as much as my chin or your hair. [ knock on door ] >> hope: oh. well, if they knock, we know it's not mom. >> liam: [ chuckles ] >> hope: who is it? >> will: baby inspector. >> liam: uh-oh. >> hope: ohh. >> liam: ooh. >> hope: [ laughs ] >> will: it's been reported you have an uninspected baby. >> hope: oh, no! not the baby inspector!


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