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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 16, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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it's friday, august 16th, 2019. this is the cbs morning news. miracle survivors. a small plane skids off the runway an bursts into flames. on board racing legend dale earnhardt jr. and his family. what we're learning now about the crash. a rash of suicides. police officers taking their own lives. what one major city is now doing to curb the troubling trend. and mercury rising. july was the hottest month on earth. why scientists say temperatures will continue to go up.
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good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anmarie green. federal investigators are trying to determine why a small plane carrying dale earnhardt jr. ran off the runway and burst into flames. cbs news obtained this video of earnhardt being treated at the scene in east tennessee yesterday. he, his wife and young daughter as well as two pilots were on board. they were taken to a hospital for evaluation and then later released. laura is here in new york. you've been following this story. what do we know so far about this crash? >> the national transportation safety board says two representatives are on their way to begin investigating the cause of the crash. at this point we don't know why what should have been a normal landing turned into an emergency situation. >> dale earnhardt jr. and his family can be seen running from the fiery plane wreck just moments after it ran off the
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runway in tennessee. >> you hear the saying the lord works in mysterious ways. >> two pilots, the racing legend, his wife amy, their 1-year-old daughter and their dog were on board. all made it out safely. officials say the jet rolled off the end of the runway through a fence and slid on to a highway. it started leaking about 1,000 gallons of fuel. earnhardt was attended to by paramedics on the scene. >> what's your name? >> dale earnhardt. >> you do look like him. >> the 44-year-old was then taken to the hospital and later released. earnhardt retired from racing in 2017. he was on his way to nearby bristol motor speedway as a tv analyst for this weekend's race. >> he's probably one of the number one idols that anyone in racing could ever have. to know that he's okay is definitely huge. >> known to his fans as junior,
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he took the checkered flag 26 times in his career. he's also the son of the iconic dale earnhardt sr. who died in a crash while racing in 2001. >> dale is a legend around here because of his dad and everything he did for nascar. it's really good to hear he's okay. >> earnhardt is taking this weekend off from broadcasting to be with his family. earnhardt is expected to return to the television broadcasting booth next month. can't wait to hear what he has to say about this crash. >> indeed. very lucky. thank you so much, laura. president trump is back at his golf resort in new jersey this morning after taking his reelection campaign to a key battleground state. last night the president held a rally in manchester, new hampshire. mr. trump defended his trade tactics with china. he also touched on immigration. >> many people that come into our country are wonderful people. they're still coming in illegally. they're not coming in through merit.
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>> the president also took aim at congresswoman omar and talib. he said he could not imagine why isreal would let them in. yesterday isreal barred the lawmakers from entering the country for a planned visit after a tweet from mr. trump urging isreal to do so. south korea's military says north korea fired two projectiles into the sea today. north korea says that they were launched from north korea's east coast -- rather south korea says so and landed in the waters between the korean peninsula and japan. it was north korea's sixth round of weapons launch since last july. hours before north korea criticized south korea for continuing to hold military exercises with the u.s. protesters in hong kong are reportedly planning to carry out a new tactic today. they plan to withdraw all their money out of atms and banks to send a message to the leaders in hong kong. more than 700 people have been arrested since demonstrations
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began in june. hundreds of chinese military personnel continue to conduct exercises today at a sports stadium near hong kong's border. yesterday president trump said he does not want the protests met with violence by china and he urged chinese leader xi jinping to meet with the demonstrates to diffuse the tension. >> back home now attorneys for some of the victims of jeffrey epstein tells cbs news they'll file more civil lawsuits. yesterday one of his alleged victims filed a new civil lawsuit against three companies linked to epstein. the suit claims she was sexually abused by epstein when she was 16. epstein was found dead of an apparent suicide on saturday. an autopsy shows his neck had been broken in several places. they are the type of breaks consistent with a hanging or strangulation. >> does it necessarily point to a suicide? no. does it point to a homicide?
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no. but it gives the medical examiner a little more information about exactly what the manner of death is. >> the new york city medical examiner's office has not yet released the findings of the autopsy. we're learning more about the man involved in a standoff with police at a philadelphia row home on wednesday. six officers were wounded. the commissioner says 36-year-old maurice hill had a military style a.r. 15 semi automatic rifle and handgun. he allegedly opened fire on officers trying to serve a drug warrant. hill has a long criminal history including drugs, gun and robbery charges. authorities in dayton, ohio, say the gunman who shot and killed nine people last week was on drugs at the time of the attack. the coroner says 24-year-old connor betts had cocaine and anti-depressant and alcohol in his system during the shooting.
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yesterday the judge ordered a friend of betts who allegedly bought body armor and an ammunition magazine used in the shooting to be held without bond. authorities say there's no evidence that he knew that betts was planning a mass shooting. on wednesday a new york city police officer took his own life. the second nypd suicide in just two days. the city's police commissioner has declared a mental health crisis in the department. jeffrey graze has more. >> robert died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at home. the 25-year veteran officer suicide came 24 hours after a 35-year-old officer took his own life. commissioner james o'neal is still struggling with the news. >> you think this is going to be the last one and last night i got a phone call and it just almost knocked me down. it just took the wind right out of me. what the hell is going on here? >> so far this year there have been nine nypd suicides, seven
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since june. last year there were a total of four. >> there's people out there that love you, that want to help you. unless you come forward, unless your partner says something, a friend, we're not going to know. >> what new york city is experiencing is part of a nationwide trend in policing. since january there have been at least 125 officers who have died by suicide. according to one study, cops are 30% more likely to die by suicide than the general public. police departments like the nypd are expanding the safety net by offering more counseling and avenues for officers to seek help anonymously. >> we don't know why nick did what he did. >> doug's son nick, a 14 year nypd officer took his own life last year. >> i just think it was a bad last decision that he made with him not thinking all the way through what all the ramifications of everyone else.
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>> cbs news, new york. well, government scientists say july was the hottest month on earth since records began more than a century ago. the national oceanic atmospheric administration says july was 1.71 degrees higher than the 20th century average for the month. several european countries reported new all-time temperature records in july. scientists say temperatures will likely continue to rise because of manmade climate change. so coming up on the morning news, disturbing new footage of a deadly shooting of a black man by colorado police officers. and a gateway for space tourists. version galactic opens the space port. this is the cbs morning news. space port. this is the cbs morning news. walk it off look.
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virgin galactic unveiled the headquarters for space tourism in the new mexico desert and it comes with some luxury style amenities. two levels within the space port will offer customers a view of the space vehicles and hangar as well as an inside look at mission control. there is also a lounge for customers and their friends and family and a social hub offers an interactive digital walkway and a coffee bar crafted from italian marble. nothing but the best. there are new details in a deadly colorado police shooting and an infamous killer is convicted. those are some of the headlines on the morning news stand. "the new york times" reports the so-called hollywood ripper has been found guilty of murdering two women including ashton kutcher's date. michael gargullo learned his fate yesterday. ashton kutcher was a witness in that trial. he testified when he arrived at the home in 2001 he found the lights on and the doors locked.
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she was found dead the next morning by a roommate. he was also found guilty of murdering his neighbor in 2005. "the washington post" reports an autopsy shows a black man killed by colorado police was shot three times in the back. police body cam footage confirms he was running away from officers when he was shot. it's been nearly two weeks since the death of the 19-year-old. the video shows officers talking to bailey and another man about a nearby armed robbery. one officer can be heard yelling at them to put their hands up three times before firing multiple shots. police previously said the officer shot bailey after bailey reached for a gun. bailey's funeral is set for today. cbs dallas/ft. worth says el paso police are trying to locate a hero from the deadly mass shooting at a walmart in el paso. police released surveillance video of the good samaritan saying they need to interview him. they called the man's actions,
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on the cbs money watch, a new step in the fight against robo balls and fraud accusations at general electric. diane is at the new york stock exchange with more. >> on the earnings front, chip makers nvidia and applied materials will be in focus after releasing their quarterly report cards. both companies beat expectations . nvidia recorded a second reporter profit of $552 million. wall street finished in the mix yesterday after suffering big losses a day earlier. the dow rose 99 points. the s&p 500 gained seven while the nasdaq fell seven. did ge cook the books? a whistle blower says the company has been misleading the investors. investigator accused ge of e
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engaging in accounting fraud worth $38 billion. he said ge is hiding for bankruptcy and is hiding $29 billion in long term care losses. ge called the claims meritless. he's known for warning investors of schemes. shares of ge slumped more than 11% on the news. cbs is facing a possible boycott after a public fight with a birth control delivery startup pill club. the companies are feuding over how much cva pays pill club to send to its customers. they are, quote, at risk of their birth control being disrupted. some shoppers and pill club members are calling for a boycott. cvs says the accusations are extremely misleading. toift aat&t and t-mobile ar teaming up to fight robocalls. previously call verification was available for in-network call, but now it will apply to calls from t-mobile to at&t and
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vice versa. kmoer -- customers will see call verified on their screen. the fcc mandated all carriers provide verification across networks by the end of the year. amazon is reportedly paying its warehouse workers to say good things on twitter. usa today says select workers at amazon warehouses are part of a campaign to tweet positively about the company when they see social media criticism about working conditions. amazon calls them fulfillment center ambassadors. it says it's important to do a good job of educating people about the actual environments at its fulfillment centers. >> you can actually have a fantastic work environment if you may spontaneously tweet about how happy they are. >> instead of hiring quote/unquote influencers. >> exactly. diane, thank you so much. >> you got it. still to come, kicking the habit. a look at a proposal to put graphic labels on cigarette packages to deter smoking.
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recast in some cities ar e country. cbs news reports that funeral homes are now live streaming memorial services based on increasing consumer demand. families can now opt into the service for less than they would typically pay for flowers. that's according to one company that sells the technology to funeral directors globally. roughly 20% of funeral homes across the country now offer a streaming service to families. the fda has unveiled a graphic new health warning that it wants to add to cigarette packages and labels. the proposed labels feature
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graphic images showing the lesser known consequences of smoking. conditions like macular degeneration and lost limbs. it says the images show the consequences of smoking. >> people are already smoking. if anything will deter that, i think it's a good idea. >> the fda is seeking input from the ic it plans to finalize its role next spring. president trump is reportedly eyeing the purchase of the world's biggest island. according to reports, the president has talked to aides and allies about buying greenland to expand u.s. territory. an ally told the associated press mr. trump wasn't serious about it. it wouldn't be the first time an american leader tried to buy the territory of denmark. in 1946 the u.s. proposed to pay denmark $100 million to buy the arctic island. coming up first on cbs this morning, nearly two weeks after the el paso mass shooting, we'll meet a woman who's fighting to change the gun policy at kro
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our top stories this our top stories this morning, federal investigators are trying to figure out why a plane carrying nascar racing legend dale earnhardt jr. skid off a runway in tennessee and burst into flames. earnhardt was on the plane with his wife, 15 month old daughter and their dog and two pilots. they all made it out safely. president trump took his reelection campaign to new hampshire last night. he tried to reassure his supporters about the economy after this week's stock market drop. he also defended his trade tactics with china. mr. trump is back at his golf resort in new jersey this morning. and attorneys for some of jeffrey epstein's alleged victims tell cbs news they will file more civil lawsuits.
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yesterday one alleged victim filed a civil suit against three companies linked to the accused. epstein was found dead from an apparent suicide inside his new york city jail cell. new details are emerging about last week's i.c.e. raids in mississippi. search warrants allege that targeted companies knowingly hired undocumented immigrants. we look at why they haven't been charged. >> the evidence against the five poultry companies includes instances of workers wearing electronic monitoring ankle bracelets like those federal authorities place on immigrants without work permits. another worker who used an assumed name who was told to quit and reapply. 680 workers were detained in last week's raids. employers can be fined up to $20,000 for an undocumented worker. it's unclear if that has happened, but cbs news has learned undocumented workers have started receiving fines like this one for nearly $500.
4:27 am
cbs news contributor sat down with mike hurst, the u.s. attorney for the southern district of mississippi. >> so you knew that these employers were hiring undocumented immigrants. why haven't any of them been prosecuted? >> well, in these type of investigations, part of it is executing criminal search warrants. >> so you can guarantee that in the future, whether it's weeks or months, that the employers were hired these particular workers would be prosecuted and would be in jail? >> i can guarantee we will investigate this case and if we get evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, the employers and owners will be prosecuted. >> companies in mississippi are required to use the e-verify federal database. to screen new hires, but according to affidavits, investigators found dozens of instances where that did not happen. cbs news, miami. coming up on cbs this morning, adriania diaz sits down with three mayors whose cities have been shaken by gun violence
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as they urge the senate to pass bipartisan gun safety legislation. and legendary musician carlos santana joins us in the studio to reflect on the 50th anniversary of woodstock. that's the cbs morning news for this friday. thank you so much for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day.
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