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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 16, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> it does make me feel a little bit better. it is a very, very small victory. >> reporter: she said that she is relieved to see the court taking another look at the case. she still frustrated. >> why was it not shown? it is such a big part. >> rorter: prosecutor said that they did not present the video at the first hearing, choosing instead to rely on the details in the police report. >> obviously not just due to the nature of the video, which is very public. but the nature of the charges. we have added the request for the video now. we didn't know if it was ultimately necessary given the severity of the charges. >> reporter: her former employer spoke in her defense, admonishing her critics. he released a statement reading in part the rush to judgment here and the desire toãit is
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disappointing that so many were creek quick to criticize her. we also learned a few things about him. we know that his only criminal history is a petty theft charge. he has been placed in housing since his release. so far, he has complied with all of his court orders. >> at this point we are going to keep helping him. >> reporter: of your thinking that the publicity surrounding this case is driving the wheels of the justice system here, you are correct. it just about everybody associated with this egg knowledge that in some way, would he have received housing so quickly without all of this publicity? what would've happened if there had been no video? again, this is just one tabled case and the tingled system that is producing results that frustrate some and many san
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franciscans. meanwhile the san francisco mayor says this is why she supports a conservatorship law that allows the city to take the very mentally ill off of the streets. >> we are not going to be able to address what we know is a serious mental health crisis into we are prepared to make the hard decisions to basically commit people to places where they can get help. >> we are joined later with how this city puts this case in the most vexing light. now to sfo. passengers that were trying to clear customs, there were major delays due to a nationwide computer outage. the trouble started earlier this afternoon. long lines formed at the custom area as officers had to manually process each manager
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passenger. some people worried about missing their connecting flights. >> really, really, really long. i was hoping for something quicker. after days of travel. >> you just want to take a shower. >> this is the fallout from dulles airport in virginia. large crowds stuck there unable to be processed. same think there. customs and border but troll says that there is no indication that the disruption was malicious in neighbor. we are finally seeing some relief from the sunshine. >> we are here with the details on the much needed cool down. >> the cooldown began now and it is right now in portions of the bay area. a look at these numbers.
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it is 40 degrees cooler than it was this time yesterday. this is significant cooling happening right now. it is 14 degrees cooler in a word. 6 degrees cooler in fairfield. there is the fog coming back in. down to 71 degrees in san francisco. santa rosa, 83. let's look at how we begin the first half. these are the advertise for the middle of august. we are actually below average tomorrow in concord. san jose, 2 degrees above average. san francisco, back to where you should be in august. a chilly 60 degrees. we will also talk about the breeze. we will have that coming up in about 10 minutes.
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>> hot, frustrated. >> it was hard to focus. >> reporter: in oakland, relief is on the way for thousands of's duden's. the solution? fans, and a lot of them. a toasty start to the first week of school. >> i popped into a kindergarten class and it literally felt like a sauna. >> reporter: teachers and students across the district complained about hot classrooms. yesterday worn temperatures reached the high 90s. >> within a few minutes my face was sweating. >> reporter: oakland unified has 84 schools. the older buildings have no air conditioning. >> it is kind of hard, headaches, it is hot and tiring. >> you just sit there in your like, not concentrating while. >> reporter: and teachers were opening windows and turning off lights to cope with the heat. >> our buildings and staff they made quick work of ordering 186
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fans. >> reporter: the district was able to bring fans to the elementary school and skyline high school today. once those 186 fans arrive, they will go to the other schools next week. >> it already feels extremely cooler in the classroom with those fans. as you walk in, the kids are being calm and focused on learning. >> reporter: but some teachers are threatening to file a formal complaint. fans are not a solution they say, they want central air- conditioning. >> even just running air- conditioning. >> reporter: oakland unified says that they could use a lot more fans. they are asking for companies to either donate fans or money to buy fans. kpix 5 the video of a struggle
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with a southbay police officer and a suspect. los gatos police just released this body cam footage. they said that they use of force was reasonable. >> do you have your id? >> yesterday. >> and i see it please? >> may ask why? >> the officer approached a man on april 19. that was after a neighbor complained that he was yelling and cursing at her. police say the cover tatian escalated after the suspect refused to take his hand out of his pocket. >> i'm going to turn on a reporter recorder here. i have that option. hey! knock it off! >> help! help! >> the officer put a chokehold on the suspects carotid artery causing him to suspect. it turned out that he had
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pepper spray in his pocket. as for silva, he resigned last month after the video surfaced of the beating that he was involved in. he was fired in 2016 from san jose state university. california is leading a legal battle for a rule th prevents low income immigrants with green cards. >> everybody -- not everybody starts out life with millions given by daddy. millions of the greatest successes are true green rags to riches stories. >> using the stories would come against them when applying for permanent resident status. >> we know that we cannot afford to sit back why this administration targets children and families across the state. we will fight this harmful role.
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>> there was a win for president trump at for federal immigration. this allows them to reject asylum-seekers from central america that pass through mexico first. we are following the diplomatic dispute involving two congresswomen and their canceled trip to israel. the is really government reversed itself, allowing one of the lawmakers to visit. cbs reporter says that that officer offer was quickly rejected. >> reporter: congresswoman rashida tlaib says that she will not go to israel after all. they said that they would allow her to visit family in the west bank if you promise not to discuss the boycott of israel during her stay. she said on twitter, the conditions go against everything that she believes in. her uncle also rejected those conditions and said that it is her right as the palestinian to
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come and visit her family and country. the israeli prime minister had band rashida tlaib and ilhan omar because they support a boycott of israel over their treatment of palestinians. omar responded on twitter saying, let's be clear, the goal of our trip is to witness firsthand what is happening on the ground in palestine and hear from stakeholders. our job as members of congress. >> reporter: she was responding from pressure to president trump who suggested that the prime minister should ban the women congressman. >> they have become the voice of the democrats. >> reporter: he says that the president is playing politics. >> he has said that the democrats are anti-israel, these are observed slurs. he is
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try to get those ideas cemented in the public. >> reporter: marco rubio and susan collins joined democrats in protesting israel's decision. cbs news, the white house. >> congresswoman rashida tlaib wanted to visit her grandmother on this trip. the internet interior minister slammed her on twitter. it was a wild week on wall street. it ended on a high note. the dow jones up over 300 points after a week they gave investors whiplash. on tuesday, after news of tariffs delayed the stock market went up and then it went down. today the nasdaq ended up 129
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points. and the s&p up 41. the autopsy report is out on jeffrey epstein. what will it reveal? next. a power outage left 61,000 people out in the dark. why some are saying that this is a good test run for possible outages in the future. the major scare on the new york city subway system. a major project literally going off track this weekend. are special back to school coverage continues on monday. the story of alameda high school, they get a makeover. vetour. this happens monday starting at 4:30 am. ♪ ♪ california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones,
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new details on the death of accused sexual truck to figure, jeffrey epstein. they are willing his death a suicide. they say and the autopsy confirmed that the 66-year-old financier hanged himself. he was awaiting trial on federal sexual charges. he had pleaded not guilty. heas plad on suicide watch in late july. he was found dead in his cell last week week. scary moments in santa monica when all of a sudden shoppers heard gunfire. a security guard opened fire with a man on a man with a knife. the suspect was shot three times. he was later arrested. right now the nypd is looking for a person of interest. this is after a bomb scare on the busiest subway system. it ended up being nothing. police want to know if this was an intentional hoax.
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>> reporter: three rice cookers left the new york city were all deemed to be safe after causing a scared during friday morning's commute. >> because of the timing and the place for those items, we are considering this. >> reporter: about 16 million people arrive this every day. >> they sat down on the job. we can do anything right now. i'm probably going to have to go home. >> reporter: it was nearly 3 years ago, a pressure cooker bomb injured about 30 people on the subway system. officials ruled it an act of terror. the shootout left to this man to being arrested and later convicted. passport a friday morning, new york authorities say this incident is not terrorism. police are not calling the man in this picture a suspect, but
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they are trying to identify him. >> we reviewed the video at the scene. he places the pressure cooker and then on the lower level. so, there is a person of interest. obviously, we would like to speak to this person. >> reporter: new york city's transit authority is reminding everybody of the slogan: "if you see something, say something." get ready for a traffic mess this weekend. all because of a big part project in the east bay. a massive truck replacement project starts tomorrow between orinda and walnut creek stations. track construction will temporary shutdown two eastbound lanes between lafayette station so crews can park a huge crane right there. it is that close to the roadway. that closure starts tonight at 11 pm and lasts until 7 am on monday morning. drivers can expect delays of about 30 minutes.
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bart will have buses to replace the trains. the 50-year-old track is falling apart. >> we want to get the message out to motorists, to avoid this area. we have a couple of tools at their disposal. they could use quick maps to take a look at how the traffic is flowing in real-time. tonight's closure is just the beginning. riders can expect delays of 40 minutes or more every other weekend through the end of october. so we posted a complete list of the closure dates, explaining it all on with the hot weather comes an increased risk of fire danger. a brush fire got going along grace father chord. firefighters handed out and about half and hour. >> it is for the firefighters.
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the firefighter danger decreases as it cools down. you get the big cooling tomorrow. here in the water it is is happening as we speak. san jose, you are about 10 degrees cooler than you were yesterday. 60s in the san francisco. oakland, 73. it is cooler than yesterday. a heat advisory for the north bay valleys until 8 pm. temperatures will stay in the 80s and 90s throughout the evening. and then the chilly breeze moves in tonight. fremont, 60. napa, 56 degrees. i want to see this very cool satellite shot, showing you literally the end of the heat. you can see the cloud cover rolling up on the san mateo coastline and settling into san francisco and san pablo bay. look at the highs tomorrow.
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san leandro, 75 degrees. we are close to 90 degrees is 24 hours ago. 72 for your high on sunday. the only change, this changed and moved to the east. this is enough to bring the on tour flow. low pressure has a counterclockwise flow around that and as it gets close it pulls the chilly air into and onto san francisco bay area. so the chilly air has already been on the water. it is now in the bay area as well. there is cloud cover near the water tomorrow. watch the change on sunday. watch the push from the ocean. it will be breezy on sunday as well with winds up to 15 to 20
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miles per hour. so the breezes on the increase. the temperatures are on the decrease. sunday morning will be rather cloudy and quite breezy. next week we will have some modest warming. we're getting back to average and slightly above average. the warm spots, 70s in fremont, redwood city. 60 degrees in san francisco. pacifica, 65, cloudy. we warm up if you degrees. we will see 80s and 90s inland for a good chunk of next week. if you are a fan of the heat, i know that ken bastida is. we will have it for use in. in the market friends, a pyramid? you could be in luck. this icon could soon be up for sale. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust, with over 75 years of great savings and service. ♪ now that's a win-win. switch to geico. it's a win-win. looking live at this trans- american pyramid. san francisco's, one of their most distinctive landmarks. it could be up for sale. the owner tried to sell a 49% sale last year. transamerica wants to maintain naming rights. the deal could be in a $600 million range. the skyscraper was the city's
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tallest building for over 30 years. more real estate news this evening. google has reportedly had a major milestone. the mercury news is reporting that the property near the train station, so far has sunk over $380 million in two downtown parcels. google has snatched up a carwash, and a orchard supply hardware, among other places. they have also teamed up with a mixed-use developer. california's jobless rate has reached another historic low. 4.1% in july, time the all-time low. california's continuing job expansion is now in its 113th street month. over the last nine years, the
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state has added about 29,000 jobs per month on the average. it is not all good news. coming up in 6:00, why the robust economic rate is making it very hard for many small businesses to find help. they lost everything in the camp fire except for their phone bill. >> it is beyond annoying. it is like what are you doing to us? >> why this company couple could not get the bills to stop from a landline that melted in the flames. we now know a minor mistake led to that massive power outage in marin. are people there getting prepared for when pg&e does this on purpose? hundreds of pounds of pot were floating on the california coast. ♪
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at 5:30 pm. >> what was the case yesterday? >> our 911 dispatchers had to deal was 68 911 calls. >> and massive late-night power outage triggered a flow of 911 calls. a minor mistake that caused a massive outage in marin. good evening i am ken bastida. >> and i am veronica de la cruz. we are in nevada to explain what went wrong. >> reporter: according to pg&e, the power outage started right here at a substation in nevada. this was not a planned outage. many saw this as a practice run for when pg&e shut off power for fire safety. >> i was suffering for two and half hours. we were wondering if pg&e cut us off because there was a fire somewhere


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