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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  August 16, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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right now 7:00. >> several new developments in the embarcadero attack. what caused long delays for certain passengers at sfo? and across the nation. plus, the mistake by pg&e that sparked panic and a flood of 911 calls. >> i was suffering for two and half hours. i thought that pg&e cut us off somewhere because there was a fire. you can put away the shorts, break out the windbreaker. you will want to see the forecaster. why there is a warner for contra costa commuters. the new kpix 5 news at 7:00
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. good evening i am veronica de la cruz. >> i am ken bastida . we are in san francisco with finger- pointing tonight. >> reporter: the suspect in the stories is expected to wear a monitoring wearing device. the judge has been criticized, all the way to the mayor's office. she gave her side of the story today. >> wednesday night and went to a restaurant. i saw what was the video of the incident involving mr. austin that gave rise to this. >> reporter: when the judge made the decision to release him, she had not seen the tape that we had all seen. that video she says has changed her perspective. >> i was frankly alarmed. at the a level of violence that is on the video. they say that a picture is worth 1000 words.
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i am ordering that he goes to the sheriff's office for application of an ankle device. >> it makes you feel little bit better. this is a very, very small victory. are she says that she is relieved to see the court take a look at the other case. but she is still frustrated. >> why wasn't it done? this is such a big part of the evidence. >> reporter: with the revelation that this was not part of the arraignment. the judge's former employer spoke in her defense, reading part that the reds to judge it, is unsettling. it is disappointing that so many are quick to criticize her without knowing all of the facts. we also heard a few things about the suspect. we now know that his only criminal history is a petty theft charge. he has been placed in housing since his released. so far he has complied with all court orders.
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is >> at this point we are going to keep on helping him. >> reporter: he was not required to be in court today. rate member that his original court date is expected to be next month. this is sort of an emergency hearing to review the arraignment. the judge will ensure that he is still following the new requirement for the monitoring device. in san francisco, kpix 5. >> the text calls into question just how the courts are keeping the city safe, while giving the mentally ill the care that they need. >> what you do with somebody that is possibly violently mentally ill? do you put them in jail? or do you put them into treatment? >> tonight the mayor says this is why she supports a conservatory ship law. >> we are not going to be able to address what we know is a serious mental health crisis until we are prepared to make the hard decisions to basically
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commit people to places where they can get help. >> after she saw the surveillance video, the judge ordered the suspect to wear an ankle monitor. tonight things are running smoothly at sfo after nationwide customs outage. this is a live look at the airport. i can computer glitch caused major delays lasting several hours. passengers formed long lines around the checkpoints. customs officers had to manually process people. it was not easy for travelers who just got off international flights, some of them lasting 14 hours. >> it was long indeed, yeah. >> really stressful. nobody was taking care of us. >> takes like 3 1/2 hours, actually. >> customs and border protection's are now looking into what caused the disruption. they do not believe that it was malicious. turning out to the weather.
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it was cooler today. >> there was slight relief, but not too much. look at the highs in and is a, dublin, vacaville and a live look and oakland. it is definitely warmer than usual. oakland unified brought in next her fans to cool the students off. the teachers are upset about not having air condition, but the district said that they do not have the cash to install it. >> i popped into a kindergarten class and it felt like a sauna. >> you to sit there and like, you cannot concentrate well. >> it is hot, frustrating. >> our chief meteorologist here now. from the forecast, -15 a school. >> it is not 15 below zero. but this morning it felt a lot like it did the last couple of days. now the ocean breezes coming in.
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it is much cooler this evening that it was 24 hours ago. 50 degrees cooler in and is a. we are cooling down considerably in concord. here's the reason why. the ocean breezes back. 15 miles per hour in oakland. so inland, yes, it got hot today before the ocean breeze arrived. tomorrow, it is not going to get hot, because the ocean breeze will be there all day long. temperatures are running near average. san francisco back down to 68. we will talk more about the wind and wednesday will be the coolest. this is coming up in a few minutes. we now know that a minor mistake led to the massive power outage in marin. pg&e says that the power outage was because crews did not take the steps to prevent it. the power was out for 61,000
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customers. many called 911, worried about a wildfire. >> we could be facing up to five to seven days for power setoffs. this is kind of a test run. >> pg&e says that there is a planned outage you will be notified roughly 48 hours ahead of time. this is a repair project that is a big it is going to cause a traffic backup. the massive project begins tomorrow between orinda and the walnut creek bart stations. to do it, there going to close two eastbound lanes on highway 24 starting tonight at 11 pm until monday at 7 am. kpix 5 is live in lafayette about how this could tie up your we can. >> reporter: the best advice is to stay off eastbound highway 24. the less cars, the more likely
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that this project will get fixed quicker. >> there is no good ideal time to do a track shutdown. brace yourself for a weekend of delays. there is not going to be any train service between the orinda and walnut creek stations. >> reporter: this includes 5000 feet of new track. 10,000 feet of drink control cables. and six switch boxes. >> this is track equipment that has outlived its useful life, he needs to be replaced. >> reporter: it runs us in the middle of highway 24. they will be closing the two eastbound lanes, closest to the train,. >> this is progress. it has to be fixed sooner than later.
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>> it is going to be pretty bad. >> reporter: but if the there is too traffic backup, 30 minutes or longer, one of those lanes will reopen. reducing the chances of normalcy on monday morning. >> it is really critical if we remove a piece of track that we replace in time, this is why we are doing this in stages. >> reporter: we will have individual bus pickups. break yourself, this is the first of six total weekend shutdowns for the start of line. the next one will be labor day weekend. will have much more information about this shutdown and what it means for you on our website kpix 5 . caught on camera, a chokehold. >> tonight why the police
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department calls this a reasonable use of force. i am just superset. they are just so good, they are amazing. >> plus, a popular bakery chain points the finger at technology for a very emotional business decision. we are introduced to a oakland native, turned pro basketball player. why he is back home tonight. are you ready for a big we can for cars? ♪
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♪ some new video tonight of a struggle between a southbay police officer and a suspect. >> los gatos police just released the body cam footage. they say the use-of-force was reasonable. they approached a man in april after a neighbor complained that he was yelling and cursing at her. the conversation escalated after the man refused to take his hand out of his pocket. >> hold on, i have that option. hey. knock it off. knock it off.
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call the police, please! >> during the struggle the officer put a chokehold on the suspect. >> he is passed out. >> police say the suspect also suffered a fractured ribs. after he was arrested it turns out he had pepper spray in his pocket. as for the officer, he resigned last month. he was fired for beating a suspect in son is a a few years earlier. a long-term bakery chain is closing, the latest challenge in a labor shortage. >> they have chocolate cakes and other popular desserts. now the owners are closing all three of their locations. they say that the decision was difficult. but they finally realized that they could not continue in an economy with record low
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unemployment. it makes it hard just to find and keep workers. >> being in silicon valley, being in the bay area. jobs was very minimal experience , they are paying much, much more. >> the same problem for everyone, especially if it is in the service area. >> the santa clara store will close on august 21. the location in sunnyvale and palo alto were also close. what comes up, must come down. we are looking at some temperatures this weekend. >> we had four three double- digit days this week. if you love the heat, good for you. it will be about 15 degrees cooler tomorrow. we got hot earlier in the afternoon.
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santa rosa, 95. oakland got the ocean breeze early. only 78 degrees there today. san rafael, oakland, san francisco, low 60s. for your low tonight in santa rosa, 53. on thursday yesterday, 106 degrees in the tri-valley. this is 80 degrees above average. on sunday, just a few days later, down to 81 degrees. this is what i call a temperature drop. the air quality is going to get better. the ocean breezes kicking out the pollutants, if you will. we are back to good top to bottom for the bay area. the air quality has not been good for the last couple of days. here is the change. this low-pressure area is closer to us. this ridge is farther away. such a subtle change. really big picture wise, not
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much has changed. but the question is, is the breeze coming from the ocean or not? it was not before, it is now. the ocean temperature is 58 degrees. that fan is now turned back on, you could fill it outside right now. clouds are at the coast, but everybody else keeps the sunshine tomorrow. sunday, a lot of cloud cover, the entire area covered in clouds on sunday morning. next week, the ridge moves back to the southwest of los angeles. a different low-pressure area off to the northwest, this is a good pattern for us. it will be a breezy weekend. it will be a cooler weekend. and then we are normal next week with temperatures near average. it will feel so much cooler. los gatos, 85. mid-60s at the coast. walnut creek, 86.
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alameda, 72. clear lake, 94 degrees on saturday. a cloudy start on sunday. sunshine to finish. and then 80s and 90s inland. 60s to around 70 degrees at the coast. we're not going to be cold, we are not going to be hot, we are going to be right in the middle. a pro basketball or from oakland. >> i have watched this kid since he was in high school. this how great it is here. homegrown talent, they never forget where they came from. the warriors have held basketball camps at their facility since 2000. here is the follow, one of the first campers. he had an nba dream that became a reality. the warriors basketball camp brought bawill, who is still
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living the dream. >> inside, he finishes it. >> in 2014, the oakland native played a games with lebron james with the cavaliers. before the season, he had five preseason games with the toronto raptors. >> that is who i used to play for. my mom for sure kept the cleveland. >> he comes right back street to the cup. >> he just signed a contract to play in grease. but before he left, as one of the first ever warrior campers he stopped by their team facility.
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>> that is why i am here. it is straight out love. straight out love. i don't want no money, i don't need any of that stuff. >> reporter: what is the big message that you like to pass on? >> have fun. have fun at this. enjoy it. and number two, don't take it for granted. >> he took a state title at the climatic high school. all-conference guard. since 2013, he has been eight pro. and some campers still wanted to take him on. >> you know what i like about that last shot? when the kids headed they went crazy and then when he headed they were just like oh.
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he is making good money, he is still playing professional basketball. did you know since the year 2000, since they have these camps at the warriors, over 25,000 campers have come through there? it will continue that same facility as the team moves to the chase arena. >> thank you. still ahead, the distinctive san francisco landmark that could soon go up for sale for the first time ever. plus, what in the world? this brand-new a story vending machine and where it sits in california. the fall of a legend and attributes tonight.
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i am veronica de la cruz, here's what you missed if you just got home. peter fonda, best known for easy rider died today from lung cancer. he acted in some classic countercultural films. he was nominated for an oscar twice. he played a free riding, rubble alongside jack nicholson. peter fonda was 79 years old. tonight in michigan and congresswoman is rejecting israel's allowance for her to visit. they would allow her to visit if she promised to not talk about a boycott against israel if she visited. >> my grandma is in the 90s. her granddaughter is the united states congresswoman.
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i'm going to continue to fight back. >> looking live at the transamerica pyramid. it could soon be up for sale for the first time ever. this is all according to the san francisco business times. it is reporting that the owner is considering a full sale of the skyscraper with one condition. transamerica wants to retain naming and branding rights. imagine buying a car's sight unseen online and having it pop up on it eight story tall vending machine. they are doing just that. they are doing away with the days at the dealership. the companies cofounder says it is as simple as dropping a coin in a slot. >> you enter the coin into the machine. it is fully automated. a brings your car all the way down. it puts it into a bay. at that point the doors open you walk around and you see
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your new car. you get the keys and your seven day return policy begins. >> i would go for the ranger. >> the company now has 20 of these vehicle vending machines around the u.s. >> that is amazing. speaking of cars, some of the coolest and most expensive ones in the world are making their way to monterey. ♪ e rld's
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pensiv ardring around monterey tonight. >> they are all here for the annual car week. it began decades ago around historic car races. it has now evolved into a rolling street fair. >> people are just so happy. we all have the same passion. it is just fabulous. >> reporter: what is the passion? >> the passion is cars. >> it all wraps up on sunday. the chp and police are assigning extra officers to keep all of the cars under control. thank you for watching it 7:00. >> we will be here at 11:00. for more news and whether you can always go to have a good night. try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: what's up, chicago? how's everybody? i appreciate that. thank you all. thank you all very much. thank you, folks. i appreciate it. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. [cheering and applause] and we got another good one today. returning for their third day, with a total of 20,665 bucks, from my home state, charleston, west virginia, it's my homies. it's the champs. it's the damron family. [cheering and applause] and they're back for a rematch.
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