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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  August 22, 2019 3:12am-4:00am PDT

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functional ranch. >> i know there are nominal cows but no. not a typical ranching operation in new mexico. >> does it seem like the ranch operation was a front? >> i think there was a veil of secrecy. >> epstein said it is here he wanted to seed the human race. the zorro ranch is the only epstein property in the u.s. not to be raided by federal agents but the state attorney general is investigating. >> chantel, churning out in the atlantic. it is expected to be an above average hurricane season and bad news for native americans on a small island off of the louisiana coast. rising waters are making them
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some of america's first climate refugees. mireya villarreal is showing us what is being done to save them and the way of life on tonight's eye on earth. >> when i was six or seven years old. >> steve is a member for almost two centuries his people fished, hunted and farmed. now the land is in danger of being lost to climate change. >> salt water did all of this? >> salt water did all of this. >> rising sea levels and the intrusion of salt water from the gulf of mex destroyed much of the islands gnarl prote s natur barriers. there is only one way on or off the island, and you are looking at it right now. when major storms blow through the area anyone can be washed
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out. even a relatively weak category 1 storm like hurricane barry which hit here in early july could have devastating effects. >> it is barry that brought the most water compared to the larger storms. it is so much of my upbringing and so much of my identity from who i am to where i live. >> soon, all he will have left are memories of the island which since 1955 has lost 98% of its land mass. today it sustains a shrinking population of fewer than 60 people. >> there is no way for us to know exactly when the island will be uninhabitable. >> hat forbes runs a $48 million resettlement project designed to move the island's remaining inhabitants to higher ground 40
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milesa, wa a rkway. >> nobody wants to leave the island but they realize they will not be able to live there forever. >> i would make that decision there, that is going to be my future. >> there is no going back. >> right. >> they will have to make the decision soon as their beloved island succumbs to the rising sea. >> the island is extremely vulnerable and any sort of severe hurricane can wipe them off of the map and force them out prematurely. the project out there should be done by the year 2022. >> all right. what a story. thank you. >> thank you. >> brazil's amazon rain forest is burning at a record rate. there were more than 74,000 fires this year, up 84% from last year. thick smoke has darkened the
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skies and prompted an outcry on social media. it is not clear how the fires started. brazil's right wing president blames the policy but he said they are being set to make him look bad. a plane crashes and sinks into the pacific and all caught on camera. a new look at the titanic. a new look, it is disappearing. sister jean, this story reaches a milestone and this story has legos.
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on renters insurance. 60% of women wear the wrong size pad, and can experience leaks. you don't have to with always my fit try the next size up and get up to 20% better coverage - day or night because better coverage means better protection always. a southern california school district is reopening an investigation into members of a high school water polo team reportedly giving a nazi salute. parents are furious that school officials kept the incident
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quiet. >> reporter: the backlash over the disturbing video showing high school athletes appear to give a nazi salute is intensifying. amanda marshall is a senior there and knows one of the water polo players involved. >> what do you think should happen to the students? >> i feel like they should be suspended or excelled or something. it is not okay. >> officials at the orange county school first claimed the incident occurred in an off-campus banquet and that the situation was addressed but last night administrators reopened the investigation. >> we did a disservice to the entire community. >> teachers and parents were kept in the dark until the video went viral this week. >> we were not informed and completely blindsided and now feel outraged. now a student on campus draped in a confederate flag. >> i thought we were beyond
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this. i thought it wasn't a common topic but we are seeing it more and more often. >> it was found they reported more than 3,000 hate or bias incidents in the false semester of 2018. >> racism. anti-immigrant. we are seeing this over and over again in our country. >> school is back in session next week and administrators will not talk about disciplinary action against the students. while we were working on the story a car with two teenage girls drove by and yaelled heil hitler. >> coming up, have doctors been missing key symptoms of heart disease?
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his plane went down. he waved until the coast guard rescued them. important health news about women and heart disease. researchers found men and women suffer the same symptoms, chest pain, almost half had pain down the left arm. doctors long believed womens symptoms are different from him. remember sister jean, rooting on the loyala men's basketball team. today she put on a big number on the board herself turning 100. she said her secret is staying involved and being around young people. the gifts included a sister jean statue. happy birthday sister jean. coming up next, the titanic still alive on the ocean floor and what has become of the captain's bathtub?
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and we have breaking news tonight on a plane crash in california, the twin engine cessna went off of the runway into dry grass and burst into flames. two pilots and the passengers got out quickly. good news, nobody was hurt. we will be right back.
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finally tonight more than a century after the unthinkable happened to the unsinkable, life goes on aboard the titanic. the 21st century passengers are hungry and eating the liner into oblivion. >> the titanic is a wreck. time and tides have been unkind and it is disappearing at an alarming rate. explorers on the first manned voyage in 15 years were astonished by the rapid decay. >> the most shocking area was
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the officers quarters where the captain's quarters are. the captain'subs a favorite image among titanic enthusiasts and that is now gone. >> the state rooms, reclaimed by nature and lost to the sea. bacteria has been devouring the sinking vessel. inglorious end to a glorious beginning when the titanic made its maiden voyage striking an iceberg killing 1,500 people. researchers say it might only be a couple of decades before the ship is all but vanished. survivors of the disaster having now passed away the titanic's wreckage itself is the only witness left to tell the story. >> i am norah o'donnell in new york.
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thanks for watching. we will see you back here tomorrow. good night. >> cbs news, original reporting. ♪ this is the cbs overnight news. >> welcome to the overnight news, i am michele miller. lawsuits are already in the works after the white house rewrote the rules for detaining children. allowing them to hold them and their families for 20 days. president trump said the policy was catch and release encouraging migrants to come to the u.s. with their kids. what will the new rules be like? here is chip reid. >> very much i have the children on my mind.
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>> president trump said that he was concerned about the record breaking number of families with children crossing the southern border while kevin mcaleenan unveileda i knew regulation to do something about it. >> it will reduce the unprecedented volume -- >> most families with children are released after no more than 20 days. the new rule would allow them to be detained as long as it takes to decide their asylum cases. they hope the threat of indefinite detention will discourage families from coming in the first place. 475,000 families have crossed the border since last october. mcaleenan said conditions would be far superior. >> they are campus-like settings with recreational, dining, private housing facility. >> saying they would include three hot meals per day, big screen tvs, libraries, video
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games and even soccer fields. mcaleenan told cbs news anchor norah o'donnell parents and children would not be family. >> individuals and families and pods living together for a long period of time. >> more than 900 parents and children and babies were separated between june 2018 and june 2019. immigration earn hope frye believes there is no reason that they will stop their cruel treatment of migrants. >> the immigration proposes and i believe will detain children indefinitely in substandard conditions. this is a run around providing safe and sanitary conditions and the things that children need. >> many children up to this point have been held in facilities that the department's own inspector general called dangerous. >> president trump's on again and off again embrace of
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stronger background checks for gun purchases is off again. the latest change comes after a phone call from nra. paula reid reports. >> president trump believes gun deaths in the u.s. reached a critical point. 100 people a day die from guns. do you see it as a public health emergency? >> i do. they die for a lot of other reasons too. they do. >> his solution to the crisis, in the wake of mass shootings in el paso and dayton, he signalled he would push for a stronger background checks but now is retreating after several calls with nra leaders. >> the gun does not pull the trigger. a person does. we have great mental illness. >> it is a familiar pattern. the president signalled he would push for gun control only to back off. senate minority leader chuck schumer blasted the president's
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reversal today tweeting -- the president continued his attacks on democratic congresswomen rashida tlaib and omar. >> if you vote for a democrat you are being disloyal to jewish people and you are being disloyal to israel. only weak people would say anything other than that. >> democrats accused the president of stoking anti-semitism. >> it is only anti-semitic in your head. >> the president invoked biblical terms to defend his trade war with china. >> i am the chosen one. i am taking on china. i am taking on china on trade, and you know what, we are winning. >> jeffrey epstein is dead, but the child sex trafficking case he spawned continues.
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investigators are focused on his sprawling compound in new mexico. >> this is zorro ranch, jeffrey epsteins 10,000 acre compound south of santa fe which played a key role in the convicted pedophile's sexual abuse dating back to the middle 1990s. this woman says she was trafficked to the ranch as an underage sex slave. yesterday an accuser identified as priscilla doe says epstein coerced her to engage in sex acts there from 2007 to 2010. >> it sickens me to think something like this could happen on our land. >> it prompted stephanie garcia richards to do something unusual for a land administrator. >> these folks were private and protective of access.
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>> turning over more than 400 pages of records to state prosecutors. >> is it a functional ranch? >> i know there are nominal cows run on the ranch. but no. it is not a typical ranching operation in new mexico. >> does it seem like the ranch operation was a front? >> i certainly think that there was secrecy, access to state land on that ranch was very prohibited almost. >> it was here epstein allegedly said he wanted to seed a new human race with his dna by impregnating women. it can still be an active crime scene and is the only epstein property in the u.s. yet to be raided by federal agents. >> a former doctor faces charg death of three vets. >> at the end he couldn't walk. >> kathy mccoy's husband,
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michael, died late last year, a grandfather of ten and proud army sergeant. he went to an arkansas va complaining of a pain in his leg. what did it end up being? >> a blood clot in the leg. >> mccoy's case is one of thousands under review after robert levy was accused of involuntary manslaughter in the deaths of at least three veterans by misdiagnosis or falsifying the diagnosis. >> those are the cases we feel confident to take into court and get a conviction. >> one,000 one. >> he can be seen in this police body cam footage said to be from a 2018 dui stop. it was released by a law firm representing some of the alleged victim. more than 30,000 cases under
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levy's supervision showed 3,029 showing errors or misdiagnosis ♪
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♪ >> this is the cbs overnight news. welcome back to the overnight news, i am michele miller. two more u.s. service members have been killed in afghanistan making 14 so far this year. there could be an end in sight to america's longest war. talks with the taliban resumed in qatar. >> this is the latest and the possibly last round of talks between the taliban and the united states. the brutal bombing of a wedding in cab is at the talk of everybody's
3:41 am
mind. agony in afghanistan as the death toll from the massacre rises to 80. isis is claiming responsibility speaking yesterday to gayle king mike pompeo said defeating the extremist groups remains a top priority. >> it is complicated. there are certainly places i think isis is more powerful today than they were three or four years ago. but the caliphate is gone and
3:42 am
their capacity to conduct external attacks has been made much more difficult. >> the negotiations will begin in norway. this time between the taliban and the afghan government. but these negotiations may prove even more difficult because these two sides will have to figure out a. >> the latest battle in the fight against opioid addiction. stating r reports. consequence. meg oliver reports. >> everything that she could do to teach julian new things, the favorite thing was watching him learn. >> her daughter was a young
3:43 am
mother on her 16 month old son, julian. >> that day at the dentist office must haunt you? >> yeah. very much. >> in 2017 the 22-year-old needed to have her wisdom teeth removed. >> the dentist prescribed the opiods. >> i think they gave her a five-day supply. if you need more let her know. >> sage became dependant with several refills before she found something else. >> how quickly did it go to heroin? >> almost immediately. >> 15 months since having her wisdom teeth removed sage overdosed on her way to a fourth round of rehab. >> it was shocking that she was gone. mostly gone from julian. that was the shocking part. >> i heard many stories similar to thisoc s dte
3:44 am
research showing a combination of acetaminophe are superior. >> dental care like wisdom teeth extraction is the first exposure. there could be 50,000 kids each year becoming new chronic users after something simple like a wisdom tooth extraction. >> simply filling a prescription after wisdom tooth surgery more than doubled the odds of continued use among patients who never used the painkillers before. in light of the epidemic, they released upgraded guidelines with alternative pain relievers and a maximum seven-day supply when opiods are necessary. >> they don't have to fill it.
3:45 am
i ask them to just take it and have it available as a tool. >> 80% of his patients never fill the opioid prescription. >> keeping your mouth clean. >> ellen hopes that more families learn about the alternatives to opioids after surgery. almost a year after sage's death her grandson keeps asking when his mom is coming back. he will say let's just wait. let's wait for mama. >> to come home. that must break your heart? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> the cbs overnight news will be right back.
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on a variety of surfaces. try dawn ultra. musical superstar sting is currently touring behind his new album "my songs" featuring new versions of his hit classics before he hit the stage. sting invited us into his home in the country side of italy. >> the very definition of a tuscan estate, about an hour h but listen closely. ♪
3:49 am
>> you might hear a rather well known musician rehearsing. it is sting. he owns the place along with his wife trudi. >> what do you love about this place? let me count the ways. >> just about everything. >> for sting and styler a summer house. but you can rent it for weddings and birthdays and even the honeybees are living the high life. >> you can't tell a bee where to go. but if you give it delicious food. >> and a nice house. >> we have a chestnut grove that makes chestnut honey. >> a long way from sting and styler's roots. >> working-class. >> yeah. about you we never had a house like this. >> sting was born gordon sumner in a ship building town in northern england.
3:50 am
styler grew up in central england. >> trudi changed your life and did but there was one woman also important in your life. that's the queen mum. tell me that story. >> i lived next door to a shipyard. i would think as a kid is this what i will do when i grow up. the terrifying place. noisy. dangerous. i had another fantasy i would be a musician. >> one day royalty arrived. sting got a glimpse of the outside world. >> down the street comes the queen mother in a big rolls-royce with motorcycle riders. everybody waving their flags. >> you thought what? >> she caught my eye or i caught her eye. she kept looking at me. i must have been waving my flag vigorously. i thought this is the first time
3:51 am
i have evebeen s age.cter to become typis >> it came as a shock to my family. nobody on the street were actors. most worked at ford motor factory or the local brush works where they made paint brushes. >> her father gave her an ultimatum, get a job or leave the house. at age 18 trudi lit out for the birthplace of william shakespeare. >> packed my tiny suitcase and headed towards, where else, stratford. if you are going to be an actor, go big. >> by age 25 she landed leading roles with the royal shakespeare company. >> when you said a woman changed my life, i thought you were
3:52 am
going to mention roxanne. you don't have to put on the red light. those days are over. you don't have to sell your body to the night. roxanne. >> roxanne was the first of a series of worldwide hits. sting was married with two kids when he met trudi styler. >> it started to dawn on us after getting to know each other we sparked in a way that friends don't spark. >> let's just say. >> let's just say. >> they married 27 years ago. and after a long search -- >> very dilapidated. a song. maybe two songs. >> once the house was in order they turned to the fields.
3:53 am
>> i am a farmer's daughter. i love the idea of having a lot of land around that could be cultivated in some way. >> with the help of experts and locals, some that worked the land for generations, they brought back the olive groves, vegetable gardens and the vineyards. >> this is a result of years and years of tlc. >> yeah. >> now you see the fruits of your labor. >> it is a good feeling and the wines get better. >> the names of the wines are straight out of sting repertoire. ♪ message in a bottle ♪ >> sexy name, roxanne. >> there is wine and there is also work. styler is a movie producer, director, still acts. sting has recorded four albums
3:54 am
at the villa. his latest record came out this summer and now he is on a world tour. ♪ every step you take i will be watching you ♪ >> age 67 slowing down his tempo is not an option. >> you are a grandfather? >> i am a grandfather seven times. serial grandfather. i never anticipated it. i have six children. never thought they would have children. that is how dumb i am. >> this summer the family will gather here once again, james the butler will show off the spread. >> looks like bacon. >> and the 400-year-old spirit will live on. >> we are not really the owners. we are here to make it work. make it better. >> are you proud of what you built? >> hugely proud. >> the locals say you brought the place back to life.
3:55 am
>> you brought this place back to life.
3:56 am
3:57 am
>> only in southern california can you find mountain lions living peacefully along side humans and humans spending $90 million to help them breed. >> mountain lions and other wild animals lived in the heart of los angeles for centuries but the freeways built to connect people ended up isolating wildlife. beth with the national wildlife federation. most of them come to the freeway and turn around. >> hoping to preserve mountain lions and other species officials are in the final design stage for a crossing over one of l.a.'s busiest freeways. >> this is not going to look like a standard overpass.
3:58 am
>> no. these are beautiful, vegetative landscapes. the animals need to feel safe. >> it would stretch over 10 lanes of highways and provide better access not to just food but potential mates. >> if we don't provide connectivity. they can't get dates outside their families and they are at risk of going extinct. >> they understand what dating life is like in l.a. >> like all of us, the 405 divide killed many a romance. >> the more mountain lions come in contact with one another, the greater the genetic diversity and healthier the population. >> we just need a few to make it across and reproduce to make a big difference genetically. we have seen animals south of 101 have some of the lowest diversity of any population anywhere in the west. >> since the national park
3:59 am
service started tracking mountain lions in 2002, 18 have died trying to cross. >> which mountain lion was it to ma it through here? this image captured p-64 coming out of a drainage pipe. >> we found a long, dark tunnel that is not great in terms of a wildlife crossing in general. >> it has raised more than $13 million from private donors. they are confident they will raise the remaining $50 to 60 million. how do we know animals will final their way to the tiny bridge? >> we put up a sign, crossing that way. what is great about wildlife crossings is the science is well established. this is it. they are already trying to cross here.
4:00 am
what i love about it we are saving mountain lions. we are going to inspire the world. that many people will drive ♪ ♪ it's thursday, august 22nd, 2019. this is the net knecbs morning . survivors of the parkland shooting unveil a plan to fight gun deaths in the wake of this week's mass shootings as president trump sends mixed signals on gun control legislation. killed in abz. two more american service members have died in afghanistan, this as peace talks are set to resume with the taliban. >> all right, guys. and off the runway passengers and crew escape from
4:01 am
a plane as it bursts into flames. ♪


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