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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 31, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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hotel forces evacuations and sends nine people to the hospital. the gruesome authority discovery authorities found inside. residents are deciding whether to stay or go as dorian changes course. thank you for joining us. we begin with that breaking news out of texas. this all unfolding and west texas in the cities of midland and odessa. we hundred miles east of el paso. here is what we know right now. a gunman shot at least 21 people including at least three law enforcement officers. so far five of the victims are dead. this all started on the suspect was pulled over on a highway in midland. he began firing at the officer before hijacking a u.s. postal truck and opening fire at random. the gunman was shot and killed after an exchange of gunfire with people and odessa.
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he has been identified as a white man in his 30s. this was a joint effort by just multiple departments to find this animal and bring him to justice. the scene was so chaotic a truck driver said he had his truck shot at doing a delivery. you can see the bullet holes on the windshield. a couple hours ago president trump tweeted just briefed by attorney general barr about the shooting in texas. fbi and law enforcement is fully engaged. san jose a hazmat incident send nine people to the hospital and forced evacuations. firefighters were called to the fairmont hotel at 10 am. stemming from an apparent suicide and one of the rooms. katie nelson's lot at the scene with the latest. couple >> reporter: san jose police were just able to get inside that room where the woman apparently committed suicide. just to start their investigation. they have been outside most of the day.
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that is because a toxic gases to send to hotel goodness and several hotel staff members to the hospital. that was the call that went out to san jose firefighters around 10 am. when they got to the fairmont on market street in downtown san jose they found one woman dead inside a room on the 19th floor. and a strong chemical smell coming from inside. a chemical exposure. we have sealed the room all.>> reporter: a handful of staff members were already really sick. some of them were complaining of feeling faint. lightheaded. short of breath.>> reporter: hazmat teams from san jose and santa clara county set up a decontamination area. were those workers exposed to the gas were sprayed down with
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water from a fire hose to rinse off any remaining can chemicals. they were loaded into the waiting ambulances and rushed to the hospital. at the same time other hazmat teams worked identified the toxic gas. we do know there are liquids on the floor in the room. and on the counselor in the room. again we don't know if those are mouthwash or the hazardous chemicals. every single puddle will have to be tested.>> reporter: guest on the 19th floor said they had no idea what was going on until they heard an alarm and someone told him through a speaker inside the room they needed to evacuate pics mac>> it wasn't a fire. they did not say anything else.>> reporter: when she got in the hallway she smelled a strong chemical odor. it wasn't exactly a gas smell. i could not really tell you. i've never smelt that before. it kind of smelt like gas.>> reporter: the fire department did not tell us the results of the chemical testing.
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they said they turned results over to the san jose police department as part of their investigation. earlier today the 17th through 20th floors were evacuated. those guests on those floors can come back. everyone except on the 19th floor. that is because that is where police are still investigating the death of this woman. also the air is safe to breathe. the hotel staff still have to clear out any other remaining lingering orders. new video out of hayward shows flames shooting out of the building. firefighters are working to put it out. crusade the fire started just before 2 pm. the first floor of the vacant building and quickly spread to the second floor. no injuries have been reported. our storm watch. this is what hurricane dorian looks like from space. the storm is turning over the atlantic ocean right now. officials say more than 20
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million americans could feel the storm's strength. team coverage on that storm. reporter nicole killian live from cocoa beach florida.>> reporter: florida's governor has been monitoring during his track. he is encouraged by the last 24 hours. the cautions the state is not out of the woods yet. floridians are still boarding up homes and businesses while everyone waits for dorian. miami mayor declared a state of emergency on saturday. we are hoping our residents remain vigilant.>> reporter: he warned even if dorian doesn't make a direct hit in florida high winds and flooding would remain a threat. forecasters say the highly unpredictable hurricane could move north to georgia or the carolinas before making landfall. will looking at these forecasts. a bump in one direction or the other could have really significant ramifications. in terms of impact.>> reporter:
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at port canaveral operations are being limited. all major vessels like the cruise ships have to be out by tonight. we are going to wait until we are sure it is going in another direction before we back off on any restrictions.>> reporter: residents are keeping a close eye on the storm but many are staying put for now despite mandatory evacuation orders. wiese feel safe in our homes. we have had a good 30 home. we tried to book a motel. there was none available. we are staying.>> reporter: in the bahamas where dorian can strike on sunday the prime minister reminded residents houses can be replaced lives cannot. the white house said president trump was briefed on hurricane dorian earlier today and reminded folks in florida georgia and the carolina to remain vigilant. nicole where you are right now in cocoa beach the winds are at 13 miles per hour.
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you have clear skies. the storm is forecast to go more and north and west. are people letting their guard down?>> reporter: it is kind of a mixed bag. you saw in the piece we were at port canaveral which has to take the condition seriously. whether the area gets a direct hit or not. whether the storm skirts the coast. they have shut down their operations. according to the coast guard at yankee status. they are not allowing any further commercial traffic at this point. major facilities have to take those precautions. residence we talk to it is mixed. somebody was on the beach earlier today who was with his family said he wasn't sure what they were going to do. other folks say they plan to stay despite the mandatory evacuation orders. which have been delayed by a day in brevard county. i'm curious where is cbs sending you next? are you heading north? >> reporter: you will have to stay tuned and find out where we go next.
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it is kind of like where is waldo. where is nicole? it is where is dorian. every day the track of the storm literally has changed. we don't even know the best place to go at this point. we certainly will try likely we will head north. now is tracking again towards perhaps north florida georgia and the carolinas. but again stay tuned and find out. we will follow the bouncing nicole. 10 members of oes emergency management are being deployed to the hurricane zone in florida ahead of dorian. their mission delivering potentially life-saving messages to people in crisis. to disseminate information. to dispel misinformation. rumor control. we have one of the best if not the best mutual aid system here in california. probably within the united states if not the world. heading to florida this evening cruise from california's
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task force three which includes fire personnel from san jose and menlo park. let's go to darren. where is it going? you remember from last weekend sunday dorian look like it was going to go south of puerto rico. we were talking about this last sunday. dorian ended up going north of puerto rico. this has been a difficult one to track the path. as correctly as we would like. even though florida is now out of the direct path it is still in the cone of uncertainty. i'm going to play the forecast forward. you will see the cone skirts the edge of the florida peninsula and and works its way into the carolinas. i will have the specific view from you on that forecast track right here. look off the coast of north carolina by thursday at 2 pm. where is our reporter going to go next? most likely she should start researching hotel rooms in the carolinas for the middle of the week. at this point that appears to be
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the location that we should probably start turning our focus. florida is not out of the woods yet. the direct path rings it off the coast. let's not leave out that. the wave heights tomorrow afternoon in the bahamas. 15 foot storm surge. that will be the first element of the storm making headlines. tomorrow. see you with more coming up in a few minutes. stay with kpix for continuing coverage of hurricane dorian one air and online. and oakland police are stepping up patrols this holiday weekend to crackdown on illegal sideshows. opd said the disruptive and dangerous behavior will not be tolerated. the city plans to continue with work with community groups and neighboring cities to find long- term solutions to those illegal sideshows. the governor reached an agreement with landlord and tenant groups to oduce statewide rent control. they believewiprotect sides. the kpix 5 reports a lot of
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people are still unhappy about it.>> reporter: tenant advocate say the bill is not strong enough. landlords say rent control will worsen the housing crisis. we have been to sacramento a lot. that bear outside the governor's office and i are best these.>> reporter: elsa stevens is thrilled to see her efforts pay off. she and many other advocates have been going to sacramento to pressure the government to pass more and tenant protection laws. is state wide rent control. it is not strong. but it is something.>> reporter: assembly men introduce the bill. he and governor newsom got support for rent control that would the annual increases at 5%. plus the rate of inflation. the total increase cannot surpass 10%. it is a good step forward. that is ludicrous.>> reporter: some say the bill is too weak. they say the annual increases
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will eventually add up. and become unaffordable. they say it fails to protect seniors and others with a fixed income. seniors at the heritage park apartment complex just convinced very landlord to reduce a 5% rent hike down to 3%. we don't get raises. as often as they want to increase the rent.>> reporter: many landlords don't like the bill. he said he sold his rental house in alameda because of the city's new rent control law. it doesn't solve the long- term problem of the housing crisis. he believes rent control will discourage developers from building new housing and result in higher rent. rent control is going to affect supply and demand. there is going to be less real estate to invest in. there is going to be less rental properties for people to rent from.>> reporter: neither side is happy. lawmakers see that is a good compromise. supporters believe this time around they will have enough votes from lawmakers to pass a statewide rent control law.
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coming up a bad day for this driver in the east bay. the turn that ended with a bus saying hitting a building. you may soon see electric bikes. around national parks.
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as i was saying a smoky drive in the altimont pass near livermore today. a viewer sent this video of a grass fire that was sparked by a carr fire. 25 acres burned before it was contained by firefighters. here's what 25 acres looks like from the air. they close down three eastbound lanes on 580 from about 11:30 am until 2 pm. there is no reports of any injuries. a driver and oakland is warning others to be careful this weekend after being cut off and crashing into a building. the wreck happened around 11:45 am on high street in oakland. the mustang wedged on top of
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bushes. after hitting the building. fortunately no one was hurt. were seriously hurt. bikes have been giving the green light to cruise national park trails. the new rule part of the trump demonstration order released this week. officials say e bikes make bicycle travel easier and more efficient and the use of them is better for the environment. opponents say e bikes that can go up to 28 miles per hour can be dangerous. and go against a long-standing practice of not allowing motorized bikes on public trails. national park officials have about a month to develop policy rules. the agency said they will seek public comment for that process. tracking dorian and tracking our local weather also. look at the cameras vantage point from the clubhouse. back to ocean beach. a lot of people have the same idea today. more of them they are then you
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can count. i'm not going to stay on the shot long. you can see the kites above it. there is a reason why so many people had that idea. look at the warm-up from yesterday to today. today feel warmer for your part in the bay area? it was warmer everywhere. some places got it more than others. let me show you the numbers on the right which show you where we have gotten so far. these are not the official daytime highs. those will come in shortly. the show is how high we've gotten. san jose 90. concorde 97. i wonder how many people on that beach drove over from concorde. 93 santa rosa. san francisco 75. it felt warm in the city as well. the view from on top of it up all from the top of the sales force tower. looking over the bay bridge plenty of sunshine in the distance. current numbers it is still 97 and concorde. 79 oakland. how is that for a difference from one side of the hills to the other? san jose came down 3 degrees. in the 80s now.
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we take a look at a couple other vantage points on this day. that is the scene from treasure island out towards alcatraz. you can see there is a little bit of chop on that water. an onshore flow that is cool air helping keep areas in and around the bay cooler. san jose did not reach you today. a beautiful view but a warm sunny and 90. here is tomorrow's numbers. these numbers are almost identical to today. you might be up a little. you might be down a little. san jose maybe you will only go to 88. don't expected to feel any different tomorrow or monday. from the way today felt for your part of the bay area. and maybe your thinking about the beach that works best for you now. i will show you the cooldown which will happen by the middle of next week. just to go back to dorian this the high resolution satellite loop. not only the rotation here but when you get satellite imagery that is that detail you can see
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the convection circling around the center of that i helping keep the intensity going. this is a category four monster. in terms of the forecast track i want to show you where the probability is. for hurricane force winds over the next few days. the deeper the red is the higher the confidence is you will be experiencing hurricane force winds at 74 miles per hour or above. the bahamas are getting it tomorrow. at this point most of that could potentially skirt the east coast and not be a direct hit. that is not the official forecast. the official forecast still has a possible landfall here. anywhere from florida through the carolinas. from tomorrow all the way through tuesday and wednesday of next week. there is our cooldown. by the middle of next week we are in the 80s for inland locations. what is going on in sports? it is the day the nfl finalized its roster. some of the surprise names that didn't make the cut. college football kicked off in the bay area today. stanford starting at the farm
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against northwestern. the cardinal defense put to the test. the often struggle. we will be right back. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on a
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this stanford cardinal opened the season on the farm with somewhat of a new look offense. the veteran still under center many targets bolted for the nfl. othello and the cardinal opening against northwestern who played in the big ten championship game last season. the game was scoreless until late in the first half. costello rolls out and gets it to michael wilson for a two yard score. giving stanford a 7-0 lead. in the final seconds of the half the cardinal trying to get into field goal range. costello takes off and slides down and then he takes a hit to the head. the wildcats ernest brown was not ejected for that hit. the penalty led to the stanford field goal to make it 10-0. costello did leave the game and did not return. junior davis takes over only two pass attempts in his career. on his first position he
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bobbles the handoff and greg newsome recovers it for northwestern. who did not score off the turnover. missing the field goal. 10-0 and eight minutes left. hunter johnson takes it in himself a two yard score. cutting stanford's lead to 3. 30 seconds left. johnson is hit by kc. he fumbles in the end zone and jordan fox falls on it to get the cardinal a game clinching touchdown. 25th ranked stanford survives with a 17-7 victory. former cardinal will look for a new home as a 49ers trim the roster from 90 to 53. garnet the first round pick out of stanford in 2016. he struggled to stay on the field as he battled injuries the last two seasons. running back mckinnon will miss the entire season. again. after the team placed him on season ending ir. he suffered another setback in his recovery from a torn acl to cost him all of last season. two seasons with the 49ers mckinnon has yet to play a regular-season game.
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after signing a four-year deal in 2018. kaylen made the most of his opportunity to try to make it into the nfl. as an undrafted free agent out of uc davis he was a shining star with his play during the preseason and also on the hbo show hard knocks. according to dos there was another reason gruden wanted to keep him around. i can't let you go. i guess the black hole will the team released the alameda native today. he cut out 17 passes during the preseason. the silver and black are hoping he clears waivers and they consign him to the practice squad. with this preseason play he will most likely be picked up by another team. the oakland a's starting rotation has been in shambles for most of the season. a big announcement today. sean will be making a season debut tomorrow a left shoulder injury has kept him off the mound since august august of last year. watching today's game in the
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dugout. tied at two in the seventh. matt chapman rips a double into the left-field corner. robbie grossman scores and oakland take the 3-2 lead. the a's bullpen once again could not hold onto the lead. bottom of the eighth with two outs. aaron judge goes opposite the old. solo shot ties the game. next inning josh up with runners at second and third. chapman strikes him out to end the inning. oakland left 11 men on base in the last three innings of the game. the game goes the extras and on the first pitch in the bottom of the 11th dj since the new york fans home happy with a walkoff home run off. the yankees winning 4-3. their first in five games against the a's the season. the yankees finally get one against the a's. they look happy about it. the giants are playing tonight. against the padres. we will be right back.
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there is your forecast for the holiday weekend. however it felt to you today sunday and monday are identical. it will cool down by the middle of next week. it is going to be warm inland for the rest of the holiday weekend. more reasons to go to the beach. thank you. that is it for us at 5 pm. we will see you back here at 6 pm. some folks hitting in0 minu see you then.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> a mass shooting in texas. a gunman randomly opening fire killing five people. 21 others are reported injured. >> get down get down. >> hurricane dorian now a dangerous category 4 storm. as dorian's intensity grows, so does anxiety over where and when it'll strike. we have the very latest. also tonight, fiery protests, chaos again on the streets of hong kong. protesters set fire to their own barricade as china ramps up its response. outrage at the 911 dispatcher who scolded a drowning woman making this desperate call: >> ninan: the high-tech solution


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