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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  September 2, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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. saddened and worst day of my life to address the bahamian people. >> overnight, category five hurricane dorian rolls over the bahamas leaving homes under water and debris scattered. this morning, the destruction. and right now,he hurricane is churning off the coast of florida. dorian, the questions this morning, will it make landfall and where? and this car ripped into pieces and others scattered around an intersection. what happened? and it is monday, september 2nd. labor day. good morning. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. and let's get do mary lee to talk about the holiday forecast. hey, there. >> hey. good monday morning to you. happy labor day. we are looking at mainly clear skies to start the day with the patchy fog along the coast and parts of the bay. here is a beautiful live look with the roof cam of the ferry building there. and now let's show you the
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temperatures. plenty of sun through the day. temperatures not as hot compared to yesterday. but still above average for this time of year. 93 for a high in concord. 91 liver moore. 92 in fairfield. son jose, mid 80s. low 70s in san fraisco. and upper 60s pacifica. and medium high levels for the allergies. and the latest on hurricane dorian coming up in a bit. and taking a look at our roads on this holiday. not looking too bad. mostly in the green there. we do have a few hot spots, though. this wun in the east bay westbound 4. this is an injury accident westbound 4. the right lane is blocked in the area and not slowing down the speeds. and we have the b.a.r.t. track work eastbound 24 near lafayette
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station. the two left lanes are closed and that's causing delays over the weekend. b.a.r.t. stations closed at these locations. but free bus service is being offered. mass transit checklist, ace trains no service. b.a.r.t., muni and cal train on a said schedule. and 5:02. and turning the attention to storm watch. hurricane dorian is a category five storm this morning, one of the strongest atlantic hurricanes ever recorded. as we take a live look at satellite images over the storm, you can see it is right off the coast of florida right now. even as it creeps toward the coastline, we don't know the true path. >> the storm churned its way across the bahamas, making it the strongest hurricane ever to make land fall. major damage has been reported to homes and apartment buildings on the islands, like
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this one in abaco. forecasters call the conditions, this level of destruction catastrophic. at one point, winds 185 miles per hour. . >> and you cannot tell the difference as to the beginning of the street and where the ocean begins. and they have not yet been hit by the brunt of the storm. >> the storm is expected to pound the island for most of today as it creeps toward the south eastern coast. in florida, authorities aren't taking chances. we take a live look at lauder dale by the sea. strong winds already. mandatory evacuation orders posted along the coastal communities as far away as north carolina. >> florida has had one hurricane in our history the labor day hurricane of 1935, that reached at that level. and that was total, total destruction.
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so the strength of the storm cannot be underestimated. . >> states of emergencies have been declared in florida, georgia, and the carolinas already. and officials say that even if dorian veers back out to sea, the region is facing days of po toeshlly devastating rains and wind. and meanwhile, airlines canceled at least 600 flights because of the storm. we checked bay area airports this morning. and so far, nothing has been canceled. stay with us and for continuing coverage of hurricane dorian on air and online. and i'm anne makovec. we are waiting for more information on this car crash that happened late last night in san jose. it looks like the driver took off after crashing into several vehicles. you can see he went through a fence there and hit one vehicle
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on somebody's property. this is in south san jose. and it happened at about 10:00 last niement. night. we are waiting for more information from the police. at least three vehicles damaged in that crash. back to you. and new, police in the north bay are investigating a stabbing that sent a man to the hospital. it happened yesterday in santa rosa in the area of earl street. a woman called saying her brother was stabbed and the suspect ran off. the victim is expected to survive and there is a reward up to $2500 for information lead to go an arrest. of and in west texas, people remembering the live ts thweekend.e mass shooting over >>we texas, we have to be tough. our weather is tough. the oil economy is with its ups and downs. we've been through a lot and we will get through this. >> seven people killed and more than 20 injured before the
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shooter, 36-year-old seth ator, finally gunned down by the police outside of a movie theater on saturday. he began the spree after pulled over for a traffic violation. among the dead, a 15-year-old killed in the parking lot of a car dealership. >> out of everybody, her? it didn't deserve so happen to her. she was so kind and a loving person to everybody. >> three police officers and a 17 month old child were among the injured. the investigation ctinu this morning. fbi and atf agents executing a search warrant at what is believed to be the shooter's home. and investigators grapple with the evidence in the latest attack, president trump is backtracking from his call for tougher gun laws. >> for the most part as strong as you make your background checks, they would not have stopped any of it. it's a mental problem. it's a big problem. >> on the white house lawn,
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president trump said that universal background checks wouldn't have stopped the tragedy. this marks a major change from his remarks last month after the el paso and dayton shootings. >> we have to be meaningful background checks. i don't want guns in the hands of a lunatic or a maniac. i think if we do proper background checks, we can prevent that. >> president trump is working with congress and fell short of saying what if any gun reform he would back. and the u.s. and china imposed new tariffs on each other's imports. the 5 to 15% surcharges took effect yesterday and include a wide range of goods. despite the tariffs, president trump expects the trade talks to go ahead later this month. and thousands of kaiser permanente workers planning a protest in oakland weeks before the planned nationwide protest next month. emily turner is live in oakland with more details.
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. >> reporter: yeah. it's labor day and they won't be working. they'll be working out on the job. that's happening here from 10:00 to 2:00 in afternoon. this is all in an effort to avoid an even bigger and more far reaching work stoppage. this is video from a previous strike. and today, instead, will be much similar to this. shows force in an attempt to urge the health care giant to abandon unfair labor practicings and shift from prioritizing patients in the community to profits and enriching top executives. in order to avoid the massive walkout planned in oblth, the unions want the company to come to the table and meet the list of four demands. they are restore a true worker management partnership. two, ensure safe staffing and come pags gnat use of technology. three, build the work force to deal with major projected shortages of licensed and accredited staff. and four, to protect middle
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class jobs with wages and we haves. and kaiser permanente disagrees and says in part, kaiser permanente has contracted with 60 unions and we remain committed to working together and to keep the organization a great place to work. we offer highly competitive salaries and wages and making health care more act accessible and affordable. if they don't return to the table, the strike will go in effect in early october. and we're talking a total of 80,000 workers nationwide. 60,000 of these in california. that is from 10:00 to 2:00 and we can hopefully talk to represents of kaiser permanente and the union. if it happens, it would be the biggest since 1997. and only on 5, as the
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homelessness crisis deepens, an advocate continues the push for tiny homes. they proposed transforming a parking lot in the tender loin to a village. the housing activist who ran for mayor in 2017, plans to spend the week in a shack on the grounds of the parking lot.. >> if you're living on the site, you get a sleeping cabin. and you also are giving ten hours of week of stewardship. we expect everyone to be a team player and to consider their impacts and be part of the solution. >> it involves five huts, which are very small 70 square foot hard shell abodes that look like covered wagons. the village would have toilets, showers, a community garden, foot truck, and dog park. >> it wouldn't be a permanent solution. >> it's not much.
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it starts somewhere. >> last week, she got a key donation of $150,000. however, it's not clear what san francisco officials think of the village. and something catching beach goers by surprise. they are sharing the boardwalk with a growing homeless encampment. there are at least a dozen homeless people who set up the camp a week ago. there's not much the city can do to remove them because of a federal ruling that says the homeless cannot be punished for sleeping on public property. >> this is kind of like playing a game of putty. you push in one location and it pops up in another location. >> the police department increased patrols and officers will cite for littering, possession of alcohol and drugs, glass containers and smoking. that means a 24 hour ban from the beach.
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and time check, 5:11. and actor and comedian kevin hart recovering after his car flips down an embankment. and i'm tracking a low pressure system in the pacific. that will usher in the stronger on shore flow through the week. a cool down is coming. i'll let you know how cool coming up and the latest on hurricane dorian. cooper! did you eat all of your treats? ♪ help! i need somebody ♪ help! not just anybody
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. this morning, six people are safe and back on dry land after being rescued off the coast in santa cruz county. they fell in the water after the boat capsized around 11:15 yesterday morning. none of the people who fell overboard was wearing a life jacket. they were treated and doing okay. and in fire watch, several firefighters recovering after hurt battling a wild fire near monterrey. the fire is burning 66 acres in lockwood. and it broke out yesterday. the fire is not contained at all. firefighters stopped forward progress on the flames. several firefighters treated for nonlife threaten burns. the cause is under investigation. and a live look at the oakland airport. a man rammed the truck through the fence and on the tarmac. authorities are still looking for the driver. the incident played out
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yesterday when a deputy fry tried to pull over a pickup truck. he drove right through the gates and ditched the truck and ran. deputies believe he ended up jumping in the bay. and authorities found unusual items inside the truck, including replica air soft guns. >> we also found hoods and masks and things concerning in there as well. so we're trying to piece together what we have. and we will step up security in and around the gates in the coming days. >> deputies believe the suspect could have drowned. he has not been identified. deputies say the truck is registered in santa cruz county. and 5:16. scary moments in los angeles following a crash involving kevin h a rt. these are from tmz showing the blue car crushed. the crash happened just before 1:00 a.m.
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hart's friend was driving the vehicle which was given to hart on his birthday. here's video of the aftermath. you can see skid marks on the road. chp says the crash happened when he lost control of the vehicle and slammed through the fence. crews had to cut the roof of the car to get them out. everyone is expected to be okay. more on this story coming up on cbs this morning right after the newscast. and 5:17. a look at the roads. all roads are looking pretty good. we do have a few hot spots. take a look at that. most of the speeds are in the green. we are tracking this truck fire southbound 880 at 66th avenue. the onramp is blocked. not a lot of cars out there and not causing major delays. eastbound 80, there is an accident at mcdonald avenue. the off ramp is blocked there. and up north, a downed power
5:18 am
pole northbound 101. the right lane is blocked in that area. and here's a look at the south bay drive times. look at that. everything in the green, which looks great. and the other major roads all in the green as well. that is looking pretty good. the san mateo bridge, not a lot of cars across the span. looking good. the bay bridge toll plaza, a few cars heading to san francisco. ace train, no service because of the holiday. b.a.r.t., muni and cal train on a sunday schedule. >> got to love holiday light. a beautiful day across the bay area. the sunshine and temperatures cooler compared to yesterday and still above average for this time of year. this is looking north at the golden gate. and you can see that fog rolling in. check out the temperatures. concord after a high yesterday,
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you saw highs in the upper 90s. we're starting off warm. 71 right now. mid 60s oakland, livermore, and san jose. cooler santa rosa in the upper 50s. the weather headlines, mainly clear skies and areas of fog at the coast. and for parts of the bay. we'll see the sun through the afternoon. hot temperatures inland. warm for the bay and cool at the coast. that cool down for all of us through the week, we'll notice the difference through the rest of the week. and here's satellite and radar view. the ridge of high pressure, the strong ridge over the mourn corners region keeps us sunny and dry and above average. and we're tracking the low pressure system just off the coast. and in the pacific. and that will usher in the stronger marine influence for us and the temperatures cooler down over the next several days. and you can see plenty of
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sunshine through tomorrow morning. low clouds and areas of fog along the coast. temperatures cooler with the sun. well, the latest on hurricane dorian. this is the enhanced satellite imagery. you can see the eye of this hurricane. it is still a strong category five storm. maximum sustained winds of 165 miles per hour. i want to show you the projected path of this. now the cone of possibility still has the florida coast in that possibility of possible land fall. but the consensus has it just offshore as still a strong hurricane. a category four storm as it rides just up the coast or just off the coast theres we go through the rest of today, tuesday, and in fact, up until wednesday. just off the coast of georgia and the carolinas as a category three storm. even though it doesn't make land fall along the florida coast, still a storm surge of seven feet and hurricane force wipds
5:21 am
and rainfall amounts of more than a foot. that is a possibility and something we're tracking closely for you. dangerous conditions with dorian for the florida coast. back at home, 72 for a high in san francisco. 91 livermore. mid 80s san jose. the seven-day forecast with temperatures cooling down with the marine influence picking up for us. you can see temperatures cooling down as we head through the rest of the week. pretty much every single day back down to the upper 80s inland by thursday. that continues into the weekend. time now is 5:21. this morning, the army is going after a specific kind of recruit. we're talking about gamers. why the e sport pros make ideal candidates for the military. and taking a live look outside before we head to break at the golden gate bridge. look at that. 5:21. we'll be right back. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on a
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we also have solutions like powerful wifi that gives your entire business more coverage and automatic internet backup that can keep your business running. and it all starts with our gig-speed network. so give us 10 minutes. if we can't offer you faster speed or better savings than your current internet service, we'll give you 300 dollars for your time. call now to get your comcast business 10 minute advantage. comcast business. beyond fast. . welcome back. the u.s. army may not hit the recruit numbers. >> now they're seeking video gamers. the army unveiled the e-sports team over the weekend in seattle. e-sports is competitive video
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gaming and anything to competings across the country, the army e-sports team is tasked with talking to the public. >> so many folks don't know about the army. this is a venue to start the discussion. >> and with 150 jobs in the army, not all of them are combat positions. the goal is to make the idea of being a soldier more relatable. >> it's not all serious. all serious, you can still have fun doing something you're passionate about. >> it's neat. the army supports them having a hobby on the side. >> the u.s. army hopes to have gotten 1500 leads at the convention compared to 350 at a more traditional event. time is 5:25. coming up, we are live in florida tracking hurricane dorian. >> hurricane dorian is battering the bahamas and moving to the
5:26 am
east coast. i'm hilly lane in daytona beach with more on the powerful storm.
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overnight hurricane dorian pounds in the bahamas, full scope of the damage not yet known. >> this is people on the u.s. coast that watch and wait. a massive storm creeps too close for comfort. a south bay street race turned deadly. >> it is monday, september 2, labor day. thank you for joining us we hope you had a fantastic weekend. meanwhile mary is working hard at the weather does . >> we are going to keep it going with that beautiful weather. temperatures are little bit cooler, temperatures about average for this time of year. here is a live look with our
5:30 am
treasure island camera of the bay bridge, mainly clear skies. check out concord right now, 71 degrees after highs yesterday they topped out into the upper 90s. we are going to cool it down a little bit as we go through the day today. especially as we had through the week. most areas in the mid-60s, north bay upper 50s. highs today, 93 degrees in concord, mid 80s in san jose. low 70s in san francisco and upper 60s in pacifica. we will talk about that cool down for the next several days and then the latest on hurricane dorian. we are taking a look at traffic, pretty much everything is in the green but we do have a few trouble spots, including this new accident on eastbound 80 at san pablo dam road. one lane is blocked in that
5:31 am
area but not a lot of traffic so not causing any major delays right now. this part work eastbound 24 near lafayette eight station two left lanes are close in part stations are closed as well. orinda, lafayette and walnut creek. there is the free bus service to help you out. a trains, no service today because of the holiday. bart, muni and caltrans all moving on schedule . we are on storm watch this morning as hurricane dorian remains a category five with 100 75 mile-per-hour winds in a life-threatening storm surge. >> look at those satellite images, overnight the storm pounded the bahamas. as you can see these images from the national atmospheric administration, forecasters don't know dorian's direct path or when or if it will make landfall. we are live in daytona beach,
5:32 am
the very latest on the coastline good morning, anxiety levels increasing as mandatory evacuation goes into place people are really starting to take the storm seriously after seeing those devastating images from the bahamas. hurricane dorian barreled through the bahamas attic category five catastrophic hurricane. one of the strongest ever recorded. the national hurricane center says the islands are likely being hit by a life-threatening storm surge and catastrophic winds. dorian's unpredictability continue to surprise forecasters. even as it crept west toward florida it is unclear if it will make a direct strike over the u.s. authorities aren't taking any chances. mandatory evacuation orders are
5:33 am
being posted here at daytona beach. coastal communities as far away as north carolina. >> if you're in an area that has flooded and prior hurricanes and you're given a voluntary vacuum evacuation order you nearly really need to heed that and evacuate. when the water gets high, there is not a whole lot you can do about that. given the uncertainty of the storm it is better to err on the side of safety. >> reporter: states of emergency have been declared in florida, georgia and the carolinas. officials say even if dorian fears back out to see the region is still facing days a potentially devastating rain and wind. authorities are already getting ready for dorian's aftermath. power cruiser hunkered down, getting ready to work once the storm passes. there are thousands of trucks parked at the daytona speedway to help repair the power if it goes out.
5:34 am
>> we know you were just in cocoa beach and now your are in daytona which is about 80 miles north the cocoa beach, anything different there? >> i think you just feel a heightened sense of anxiety. i can't tell you if that's because of the location or because time has passed, this closer the storm gets to the east coast, moore and moore people are concerned and on edge . we are right on the water. this is where the mandatory evacuations are. they don't necessarily evacuate if there is a mandatory evacuation. but once people see those devastating images from the bahamas it is quite sobering. people are starting to take the situation seriously many say they will be heating those warnings. >> red cross teams from california are in florida right now to help with hurricane relief efforts.
5:35 am
a volunteer is from lodi, she spent the night in jacksonville, waiting to see where dorian decides to go. >> is going to be a very stressful situation. a lot of it right now the problem is they are not so aware where it's going or where it is going to hit. >> she says she will be helping to open a shelter for evacuees today. stay with us for continued coverage of hurricane dorian on air and online . wesson breaking news in southern california. looks like a boat that is 30 people on board is in need of rescue. the coast guard is responding. we don't know what the boats problem is. this is off of the ventura county kos. we are hearing it may be on fire. 75 foot boat near santa cruz island. the u.s. coast guard has launched several rescue vehicles and is asking other people with
5:36 am
both in the area to participate in that. we're going to keep an eye on that this morning. a fire that burned earlier in se is now out. fire crews are still unseen. tweeting out these photos overnight. appears to be a home that caught fire, we are waiting to get confirmation on that. no injuries to report. firefighters can remain on scene. jackson in san jose, they're going to make sure about the situation overnight . in san jose they are looking for three people who fled the scene added deadly street racing crash saturday night. they lost control of the jeep and slammed into a tree. the force of the impact ripped the jeep into and killed two men inside. investigators release these photos of three men, who hopped out of the bmw, took a look at the scene and took off.
5:37 am
oakland police stepped up a sideshow enforcement this weekend. we are learning the results of the latest sweep. they made one arrest, issue 10 citations and towed for cars. they were on full force on the ground. catching this driver, spinning donuts in the middle of a busy intersection. it soon came to a halt. please towed away the car along with three others. 30 days before the drivers can get them back. police say the majority of people arrested or ted came from out of town. we are learning about a huge side so busted in contra costa county, making moore than 70 arrests and towing moore than 25 vehicles. officers were tipped off about the sideshows, learning about 100 cars were at the somerville towncenter in antioch with a huge crowd of spectators. a team of 20 officers jumped
5:38 am
into action and even had time to break up another sideshow . to vallejo police officers are being edited with saving the life of a drowning man who was swimming in his pool friday when he suffered a medical issue and became unresponsive. police corporal travis and officer jake got the call and rush to the vallejo mobile estates. they saw the man in the pool and he wasn't moving. without saying a word they jumped into action to save his life. >> jumped in first as i was taking off my gear, we grab his upper body and get them over to the side of the pool and lay them on his back. we're just doing our job. we are jot glad he is hopefully able to see the kids again. >> the two officers were able to keep the man alive until paramedic showed up and rushed him to the hospital. at last check he is still in critical condition . thousands of chi kaiser permanente workers are planning
5:39 am
a protest before the plan nationwide protest next month. today's protest will be held at maas would park to fight what they call unfair labor practices. following a 30 minute rally, workers will march to kaiser medical center on broadway in oakland where dozens of them are expected to engage in civil disobedience by blocking it intersection near the phyllis silly. kaiser sent this statement in regards to today's protest, in part, we may have occasional disagreements but we always work through these challenges to rely on common goals and interests of our members, patients and employees and the communities we serve . the domino effect of the escalating trade war, explain what the new tariffs could mean for you in today's money watch this morning . stocks in asia were mixed following news that trade talk
5:40 am
between u.s. and china are still on. u.s. financial markets are closed today for the labor day holiday. on friday the dow rose 41 points, nasdaq fell 10 points and snp rose one point. the trade were between u.s. and china has escalated again. new 15% tariffs on $112 billion of chinese imports which could lead to higher prices during the holiday shopping season . markets into a new month this week, federal reserve rate cut midmonth. the s&p fell about 2%, that was his worst performance, it is expected to cut rate by a quarter point. some on strategists they could cut by half a point if the economy suffers or micro markets are highly volatile. next week we might get a little moore insight on future monetary policy. the chairman is set to speak next friday . not only is today labor day
5:41 am
also data celebrate easy access to hard cash. give us some details. >> today mark the 50th anniversary of the first self- service cash dispenser known as the atm. the first machine made its american debut in long island. the creator said he was inspired by a candy bar vending machine. there are moore than 3 million atms across the globe now. >> it would be even cooler if those atms would dispense some free cash today to celebrate labor day. >> i would settle for candy but the free cash would probably be better. >> or let it rain today. straightahead this morning after months on the ground, bowing planes are not going anywhere anytime soon, they are extending it delay this morning
5:42 am
. it's a little too hot over the weekend we're going to cool it down as we had to the week. onshore flow let you know the coolest day of the week and tracking hurricane dorian. details are coming up. geico makes it easy to get help when i need it. with licensed agents available 24-7, it's not just easy. it's having-jerome-bettis- on-your-flag-football-team easy. go get 'em, bus! ohhhh! [laughing] c'mon bus, c'mon! hey, wait, wait, wait! hey man, i got your flag! i got your flag, man! i got your flag! it's geico easy. with licensed agents available 24/7. 49 - nothing! woo!
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talk about what you can expect as we had through the day peer little bit cooler compared to yesterday. has up, starting tomorrow you will be able to buy a paper ticket at the powell bart station, they made the transition, part of parts pilot program. use clipper cards. customers can still use and reload take it there for now. the berkeley station is suited to stop selling paper tickets . american airlines is delaying the return of the boeing 737 max jets. the plaintiff been grounded after two deadly accidents. there casting about 140 flights per day through december 3. they have delayed flights through september 19. they're going through a software update to fix the problem . tsa has reversed his decision to ban the star wars themed coke bottles from
5:46 am
flights. disney sells the bottles that star wars land in anaheim and in orlando florida. they look like replica explosives. now tsa says the bottles can be allowed as a carry-on item but they must be empty. that's because the bottles are larger than 3.4 ounces. santa rosa junior college is set to be the first community college offer a degree in hamp. new agriculture course. school officials say the career education program, aligns with current industry trends. hemp is legal at the state and federal level. it does not contain significant levels of thc . this morning, cosco is offering a new deal with cheese lovers with that wallop. 72 pound wheel of italian parmesan, $900. cosco says it is worth every penny because it has aged 24 months and extravagant.
5:47 am
it will save you money, cost far less per pound than the same type of cheese bought in slices. >> but you have to eat it. before goes bad. >> you have to shave a little bit off every day for the next 10 years. >> i love fresh grated parmesan. >> we can all go on there, eat it during the show. we'll talk about food, taking a wide look at your bay area roads, we look a little closely, we do have some issues. this went on 24. this is westbound 24 near oak hill road. lanes are blocked in that area. we're not sure how many lanes at this point. a power pole is down in that area because a crane doing construction on the eastbound side it a power pole. near oak hill road, lanes are
5:48 am
blocked. we are taking a look at this accident, eastbound 80 at mcdonald's avenue. the offramp is blocked. a little further north that eastbound 80 we are tracking this accident, one lane is blocked. speeds are slowing down to 17 miles per hour. freeways not looking too bad. southbay drivetime everything in the green, look at that, golden gate bridge, hardly any cars out there. i think i only see one or two heading in to san francisco from the north bay. let's talk weather on this labor day. here is a beautiful view with our tower camera. you can see mainly clear skies to start the day. looking at the bay bridge. east bay, mount diablo this morning. check out our temperatures, this is a wide temperature spread, conquered at 71 degrees, warm start for the day for you.
5:49 am
san francisco, 60s, santa rosa coming in the upper 50s this morning. taken you through the day enjoy the sunshine this labor day, upper 60s for the coast and middle 70s for the day. breezy conditions for the day. in her locations not as hot as yesterday. many locations top out in the upper 90s yesterday we were talking about low 90s for today. here is a satellite radar view. strong ridge of high pressure keeping us above average for this time of year. there is that low pressure system just off the coast in the pacific. that will usher in a stronger onshore flow as we head into the week. a cooldown is coming for us. starting today temperatures a little bit cooler, we will continue that every single day the next several days. you can see that son is we had
5:50 am
through tomorrow morning, low ouds along the coast and parts of today a little b cooler, we will have that afternoon sunshine for tomorrow. the latest on hurricane dorian. maximum sustained winds 165 miles per hour. it is still better in the bahamas right now. check out the movement, westerly movement at just one mile per hour. this is an incredibly slow moving storm. the protected path on this now florida coast, still a kona possibility for landfall. consensus moore just off the coast but still as a major hurricane. even if it doesn't make landfall, we are still talking about a storm surge, life- threatening storm surge of up to 7 feet, as well as torrential rain and hercules hurricane force winds. not the best situation for the florida coast and even up to the georgia and carolina coasts. watching dorian closely for you. back at home, daytime highs for today, looking at 72, san
5:51 am
francisco 79, 93 in concord, 90 three for fairfield. a cooldown as we had through the work week. cooler tuesday, wednesday and thursday. we are going to keep temperatures right around where we should be this time of year as we look ahead to the weekend. >> scottish highland games at the pleasanton fairgrounds is in the books. one of the oldest in the bay area. just celebrated is 154th year. games over the weekend featured competitions like heavy hammers, for the women, fired a modern shotput. traditional food, dance competitions and hundreds of drummers and bagpipers with the goal of bringing out anyone with the celtic spirit. >> we come alive one weekend a year for this. >> we are considered by many to be the largest such celtic
5:52 am
festival in the world. you won't find anything this big in scotland for interest. >> many of the festival historical demonstration center around the art of war practiced by scotsmen to protect themselves from invaders, 25,000 people it attended this year's highland games. >> it looks like a lot of fun. struck a search of an abandoned storage locker turned up a lost treasure. two california collectors are on a mission to find the family of a fallen hero. a live look at some of our traffic cameras, like conditions out there. live look at the richmond, santa fell bridge, we will be back after the break. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
5:53 am
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coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today. two men in yolo county find a purple heart. the search is on for the family of the fallen hero. take a look, the purple heart medal is given to u.s. service members who are wounded or killed in combat. this metal has the name robert w brown on the back and telegram announcing his death addressed to mrs. eartha l brown dating back to 1944. >> first day we said we have to find their family . >> i don't want to profit from that or anything. i want to make sure that he gets back to who it belongs to. >> as of this morning, no word if there has been any leads for
5:56 am
the family. hurricane dorian is causing major disruptions on what is already one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. we will have moore on the storms impact. emergency on a boat right now, coast guard rescue is underway right now and 34 people are unaccounted for. the latest after the break. thousands of kaiser permanente workers will not be showing up to work today on this labor day. i will tell you why and what they want instead, ahead. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
5:57 am
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hurricane dorian is also breaking records as it batters the bahamas. we are tracking the storm and its potential impact. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a deadly
6:00 am
shooting rampage across multiple towns in west texas. a man who drove the truck on the tarmac on the bay area airport . we learn moore than 30 people are missing after boat caught fire off the southern california coat coast. we have a very latest on this breaking story. it is 6:00 on this monday morning, labor day. let's get a check on the forecast. happy labor day to you, we are looking at pleasant weather across the bay area with that nshine. little bit cooler. here is a live look right now with our treasure island camera around the bay bridge. temperatures as we had through the day, 93 in concord, 91 in livermore, 92 in fairfield. mid 80s in san jose. 70s for san francisco. if you're suffering from allergies, medium-high level


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