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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  September 2, 2019 6:30pm-6:58pm PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ >> o'donnell: tonight, deadly hurricane dorian is headed here to florida's east coast after devastating ofs off houses in t. waves come in through the attic, floodwaters nearly as high as the trees. >> please, someone, please come help us. >> o'donnell: catastrophic damage is reported. >> please pray for us, please pray for us. >> o'donnell: in the u.s., millions hit the road to escape the storm, as dorian's outer bands hit the southeast coast. we spoke with a family hoping to ride out the storm. we're live tracking the storm frrio uth carolina. forecasters say this storm is powerful and it's unpredictable. >> o'donnell: also tonight, dozens of deep sea divers are feared dead after their dive boat caught fire off southern
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we have the frantic mayday call. >> mayday, mayday, mayday, i can't breathe! deadly mass shooting in odessa, texas. the gunman called the f.b.i. and 911 before the attack. police tell cbs news there were 15 different crime scenes. surprising results in a study on weight loss surgery. it may have benefits far beyond just losing weight. and as the storm remains a threat, americans are opening their hearts to the bahamas. this is the "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell, reporting tonight from cocoa beach, florida.>> oonnelld thiss our western edition. good evening from one of the barrier islands tonight that is under mandatory evacuation orders. we are following two break news stories tonight. the winds are picking up here as this monster storm, hurricane dorian, is headed dangerously close to this area, with now 25
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million people in its projected path. we're also following another breaking news story in the west. dozens are feared dead after a dive boat caught fire off the california coast. we're seeing devastating images of flames and hearing desperate calls for help. we are live from that scene tonight. but first, the latest on this catastrophic hurricane dorian, the life-threatening storm is unleashing unprecedented devastation in the bahamas. it struck as a category 5 with sustained winds of 185mph, gusts over 220 tore the roofs off houses, an estimated 13,000 homes were damaged or destroyed, floodwaters reached the tops of trees. cars were piled up like children's toys and at least five deaths are reported. the search for victims is just beginning tonight. right back here in the u.s., dorian could hit nearly 1,000 miles of coastland. that is more than 5.5 million people who have been ordered to
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evacuate. despite that order, some families told us they don't want to leave. tonight, dorian is still packing 145-mile an hour winds, watches and warnings are up now up in three states -- florida, georgia, and south carolina. that's new, the south carolina part. up to 80% of the beaches from florida to north carolina could be damaged by erosion. tonight, the hurricane's center is roughly about 100 miles offshore, and it is parked over grand island in the bahamas. that's right, it is not moving. it is forecast to turn west to northwest in the next 24 hours. the center may not make landfall here in florida, but we've heard even a glancing blow could bring hurricane-force winds to the coast along disastrous storm surge. the question is where and when. well, we've got a team of correspondents covering this from south florida to charleston, south carolina. dorian has been pummeling the bahamas for a day and a half. scientists say it's like having
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some of the islands are just four feet above sea level and were hit by a storm surge of 23 feet, higher than the roof line of most homes. hurrice dorian buttht ap >> please pray for us. >> o'donnell: desperate cries for help tonight as monster hurricane dorian pounded the bahamas for more then a day as a category 5. with catastrophic winds tearing off roofs, toppling trees, and downing power lines. the storm surge claiming at least five lives in the abacos, including a young boy, with fears there could be many more. bahamian prime minister hubert minnis. >> the initial reports from abaco is that the devastation is unprecedented and extensive. >> o'donnell: resident trying to escape the storm surge as high as 23 feet as
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authorities urged people to grab hammers to break out of attics. more than four feet of rain iss. look at these cars, man. >> o'donnell: it was the strongest hurricane to hit in modern history. tonight the monster storm is expected to get dangerously close to here in florida where nearly four million are under mandatory evacuation orders in 12 counties. the other counties in yellow are under voluntary evacuations. governor ron desantis. >> if you're ordered to evacuate, you need to do that. >> o'donnell: here in cocoa beach, florida, where the hospital has been evacuated -- that's your hurricane fence? >> yes. >> o'donnell: the gash family and their two dogs are riding out the storm. we had to crawl under their shuttered front door. never been in someone's house like this before. inside they've stocked up with mac and cheese, ramen noodles, and cocoa puffs. whose cocoa puffs are these? their sons are aged 11 and 8. the forecasters say this storm
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is powerful and it's unpredictable. >> yeah. >> right. >> o'donnell: that's got to worry you. >> i don't know. we've be tny. >> i think we're cautiously -- >> optimistic, yep. >> o'donnell: their home sits surrounded b >> i do think if the hurricane kind of wobbles and comes closer, then we can go inland a little bit. so that's kind of my reassurance of we're keeping an eye on it. >> o'donnell: we want to get to breaking news tonight in the deadly fire aboard a scuba diving boat in california. the captain and four crew members jumped overboard and were rescued. the boat burned and sank off santa cruz island with dozens on board. jonathan vigliotti has details from oxnard, california, where officials have just provided new details. >> reporter: norah, good evening, we just returned from that scene where the dense fog hampered the search effort.
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we are learning this evening stat the coroner's office is on ties. that fire broke out just captain radioed mayday. as the ship burst into flames, the accounts heard on this dispatch audio are chilling. >> reporter: by the time the coast guard and other rescue boats reached the stricken ship, fire was everywhere. >> reporter: the call went out to every boat nearby. >> reporter: but it was too late. the ship listed then sank. the coast guard has blocked off the area where that fire took place.ving vs an mplete submerged.the paengers wl exped scuba vers on a ship called "the conception."
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authorities say the company operating the boat had an excellent safety record. but at 3:00 a.m., most to the galley, the only way out. >> the crew was actually already awake and on the bridge, and they jumped off. >> knowing people are on board that cannot get out, you can only imagine the horror. >> reporter: good samaritans rescued the five surviving crew members, but there was nothing more they could do. those at the scene called it horrendous. heartbreaking scene of the there was also this heartbreaking scene of the family members of passengers waiting for the word. >> we are waiting for word but we should be prepared to move into the worst outcome. >> eight bodies located, four recovered and four more on the seabed. twenty-six more are missing and feared dead. the ntsb along with the f.b.i.
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will be here to assist in the investigation. norah. a shocking tragedy. thank you, jonathan. r. o'donnell: a shocking heagedy. and back here in florida, towns up and down the coast are becoming deserted. janet shamlian joins us from jupiter.f here. janet, how is the wind and weather there? >> reporter: well, norah, conditions are getting worse very quickly here. the storm is 100 miles to the east. we're in between rain bands right now, but the wind is kicking up. it is churning the surf, and ito come. there is a mandatory evacuation order in effect. people are being warned to stay in their homes at their own risk. restaurants, businesses, stores are all closed, and schools here will stay closed until thursday. city officials tonight are planning for street flooding and for power outages because of the ororm, and tonight, norah, they are warning people not to come down here and sight see at the beach. norah? >> o'donnell: all right, janet,
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thank you. nearly a quarter of florida's population is over 60. es nursing homes and seven hospitals have been evacuated ahead of dorian, and mark strassmann is in st. augustine.e a block from the beach that don't want to leave. >> reporter: this community has a mandatory evacuation order, but sergeant krissie padgett can't really enforce it. >> are you going to be staying? te i prefer to stay. >> reporter: and patricia laurencelle won't leave. she's 96. ne you nervous about this one or are you okay? >> uneasy. >> reporter: she packed a bag just in case. we also met 70-year-old k.c. keerding upsirs tock neigh 75-yd >> reporter: mor million seniors e ia >> i probably can't run anymore, but i can trundle out to my car and take off. >> reporter: kelber agrees
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otat's not much of a plan. what do you worry about? >> just about him being able to get out of here, because he does move sort of slow, and he's a little bit fragile. >> reporter: we gave both ths al police to check on them, because norah, they belong to a group that's a major worry here, hurricane holdouts who are also seniors. >> o'donnell: all right, mark, thank you. and late today, the national hurricane center extended hurricane storm surge watches to south carolina. jamie yuccas is in charleston. d >> reporter: norah, absolutely. charleston is known as low country, which means it's wtremely prone to flooding. that's why businesses have olready started boardingp, the governor also taking things seriously, ordering a mandatory evacuation for almost a million people across the coastline. they're all headed in one
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direction and that's out to higher ground. now, homeowners before they left oicked up sandbags to try to protect their homes from potential floodwaters. one location told me today they gave out 750 sandbags in one hour. you can see businesses here in historic downtown charleston also using those sandbags to protect their merchandise and other items inside the stores because they're worried dorian will make its way here. igrah? >> o'donnell: all right, jamie, thank you. and you can see the wind and rain is picking up here. bmteorologist megan glaros of wbbm in chicago joins us now. so megan, rtrtain that that turn to the north is going to happen, norah, but it has yet to occur. right now it is still sitting stationary, not moving at all over grand bahama island. it's been over the northwest bahamas for over 30 hours adready. we likely have another 24 hours, buev've st steering currents for now, this trough where you see that brown area right there, it's going to accelerate it off to the north and northwest. that's when it will make its
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closest approach to florida. this occurs probably as a category 3 storm rapidly ngcelerating and then becoming an issue for the carolinas as we move into thursday and friday. so this storm not done yet, but we are waiting for that very critical turn. i think the closest approach to hurricane-force conditions in your area, norah, will likely be tomorrow evening. >> o'donnell: all right. megan, thank you. we learned today that the gunman who went on a killing spree in fst texas called the f.b.i. and in1 just minutes before saturd 23 others were wounded, including a 17-month-old girl. mireya villarreal has new developments tonight from tessa, texas. ( gunfire ) dsobbing ) >> reporter: the f.b.i. believes seth ator's downward spiral began long before this mass shooting. he had been calling the f.b.i. tip line for years leaving rambling, incoherent messages.
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ahen saturday morning he was fired from his job at a trucking company. >> i want to be clear. heenat so it's not because he got fired. >> there are reports of people sighting him with a rifle. those reports did come in. officers did respond to those areas. and he was just gone. >> reporter: before and during the shooting rampage, he called aslice and the f.b.i. tip line. >> he said that he was the guy doing it. >> reporter: ator's mobile mass shooting took him on a ten-mile journey from midland county into odessa, leaving a trail of 15 ve up out of the car. >> reporter: shauna saxton was driving when the suspect pulled up beside her and pointed a gun. >> i was honking. clearly i was traveling weird led i maybe got somebody's attention. >> get down, get down! >> reporter: he was eventually confronted by police near the dnergy movie theater. seven people died as a result of
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the shooting. 23 more were injured, including 17-month-old anderson davis. recovering at home today after surgery to remove shrapnel in her chest and injuries to her face. the f.b.i. searched the shooter's home right behind me. it was a chaotic mess is what they say. we also know he failed a background check recently and was not allowed to legally buy a fun. on top of that, right now they are investigating how he got ahold of that ar-style assault rifle. norah? >> o'donnell: all right, mireya, thank you. and still ahead on the "cbs evening news," as the rain picks up here, how you can help the hurricane victims in the bahamas. this is hal. this is hal's heart. it's been broken. and put back together. iss also hal'srt. it's been broken. isowinhe'sered. this is hal's heart. and it's beating better than ever.
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include decreased risks of heart attacks and strokes and healthier blood sugar levels. >> reporter: 57-year-old carolyn auckerman is a bundle of energy, that's a far cry from two years ago, when her weight hit 310 pounds. t i got tired very easily. i had sleep apnea, diabetes. >> reporter: then she had gastric bypass surgery, where doctors shrink the size t carolyn has lost 130 pounds and her type 2 diabetes has disappeared. dr. steve nissen and colleagues at the cleveland clinic wanted to know if bariatric surgery could also prevent the cardiovascular problemsus types of bariatric surgery and compared them to more than 11,000 obese patients with similar symptoms who did not have the surgery. >> what we saw was pretty astonishing. so these people had fewer heart stacks and strokes and kidney failure and heart failure.
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>> reporter: in addition, people who had the surgery were 41% less likely to die from any cause during the study. weif we can find ways to help people lose weight, all of these effects of obesity on heart enalth are potentially reversible. >> reporter: dr. jon lapook, cbs news, new york. >> o'donnell: and still much more news ahead. more news ahead. as ps aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid and the 12-hour pain-relieving strength of aleve. that dares to last into the morning. so you feel refreshed. aleve pm. there's a better choice.
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a' o'donnell: china's goor anti-government protesters in onng kong. an editorial in state media said ndhe end is coming." protests now in their 14th week hit a new level of chaos over the weekend. demonstrators firebombed government buildings while police fired tear gas and water that was dyed blue to mark the protests. today the trump administration reversed course on a epntroversial decision to deport
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umigrant children undergoing lifesaving treatments in the u.s. those who requested protection from deportation before august 7th will now have their applications reconsidered. ea next, how south florida is iaening its heart to dorian's victims in the bahamas. as a principal i can tell you this. when one student gets left behind, we all get left behind. this is a problem that affects echool caech.r with edleewind tha hi school diploma, when one student gets left behind, we all get left behind. a college degree, and a pathway to a competitive job. you know what's going up today? my poster. today, there are more than a hundred thousand p-tech students around the world. it's a game changer.
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>> o'donnell: as we begin to feel the effects of dorian here, the hurricane continues to pound the bahamas. a so south florida is coming through. as we begin to feel the effects of dorian here the hurricane continues to pound the bahamas. that country needs help and felt florida is coming through. the city of miami has created 16 drop off locations to collect donations. that includes fire stations and churches. the city's commissioner is hoping a near miss so far in miami will mean people donate what they bought in preparation for dorian. they're asking for things like water, canned goods, and baby formula. the supplies will make it to the bahamas wednesday if the weather allows. meanwhile, world rewnjosis
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ready to feed the people there. he hopes to be in impacted areas by tonight. if kitchens are destroyed they will build a makeshift one and bill bake in big paella pans. we spoke to him from his prep kitchen. >> our hope is to feed everyone and to do it fast, quick, and with the least amount of money possible and that is what we are here for. to make sure anyone that is hungry in the islands in the north they will get food sooner rather than later. >> this is a historic storm so if you want to make a donation to one of the organizations helping, visit cbs news/dorian help. we will see you right back here on the cbs evening news. captioned by media access group at wgbh ♪ sup.
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right now it 7:00. took more than 20 people still missing tonight after a dive boat catches fire chopping then below the deck. tonight a bay area woman is still unaccounted for. >> it is just so heartbreaking and you feel for all of the families and basically the whole dive community as a whole. the ground and she told my dad she was wounded and to call 911. >> the heartbroken daughter demanding justice tonight after her mom is killed by a stray bullet. the construction mistake that left hundreds of east bay homes anbues in the rk fo >>i think ere s been a smemenova


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