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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  September 10, 2019 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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learn how homeowners are strategically using a reverse mortgage loan to cover expenses, pay for healthcare, protect investments, and so much more. look, reverse mortgages aren't for everyone but i think i've been 'round long enough to know what's what. i'm proud to be a part of aag, i trust 'em, i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. so you can... retire better. now at noon, the national security visor is leaving the white house. why president trump reportedly ousted john bolton, thanks for joining us i'm kenny choi.
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i'm anne makevec in for michelle griego. the president said he told bolt cross adding i disagreed strongly with many of his significances as did others in his administration, went on to thank bolton for his service, he is going to be meeting a new national security visor next week. replacing h.r. mcmaster. crew advisory just capped a gas leak. this is at geary and vaness, they worked to cap that leak. it is unclear right now what caused that problem. new at noon, apple is out with its annual product reveal they include the iphone 11, a video game arcade and a major challenge to netflix emily turner has the highlight the. >> we can't wait for you to play all of it.
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>> amid fanfare apple gaitla, ape ca where monthly fees give the family access to games for all ages. >> just had $4.99 the whole family. >> apple tv plus has the same price point it will exclusively host original content, some of which was teased today. >> some say sight was taken from them by god. >> ipad will are a bigger and bedder screen, apple's new watch has a display that is always on. centerpiece of the presentation was the new iphone that touted the highest quality video in a smart phone and dual camera system. 9 new tech will start at $6699. >> iphone sales have been a jump given that this year's changes to flagship product are too dramatic, many
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customers may hold off on upgrade for now kiet do will have much more on news at 5:00. and online at oakland has a new indoor football team this afternoon and former raiders star running back marshawn lynch is returning to pro football as its co-owner. kpix5 jackie ward has the biggest announce. >> keeping football in oakland that is what marshawn lynch is doing by bringing in a new football team. >> with the team coming up i feel it's the opportunity to keep it lit. >> after retiring from the nfl for the second time after last season the former star running back of the oakland raider is hopeful for this new business venture and bringing in in door football team to his home city, the time something just right. >> it gives opportunity for our community continue to show up
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and show out because we got something good here, you know how to do it especially oakland . the panther team name is a nod to "black panther" party. play be the isl joining 11 other teams across the country and home field will be right here at what's now call the oakland arena formerly known as oracle arena with the warriors gone and raiders on the way out. they are devoted to oakland. through this the consistent factor has been the commitment of roy choi the owner to come to oakland and to do this and do it right. >> i had the opportunity to be able to get the players into the community, they will becoming to the real community of oakland. >> 7 home games will be played on saturday nights to what they hope to be a crowd of up to 9000 fans. from the oakland arena, jackie ward, kpix 5. the ifl schedule typically
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running from february through july and tryouts start in oakland in november. deciding today on the location of a proposed homeless navigation center, free month is considering would locations on dakoto road and a parking lot behind city hall. the center will hold 45 people at a time. the plan has long drawn fierce opposition from critics. today san francisco supervisors plan to buy pg&e's electrical operations within the city after the mayor and city attorney sent a letter detailing a $2.5 billion offer. new video this afternoon of a small plane that crashed into a flight operations building in arizona. you can see it wedged in right there. this is a regional airport near maricopa. one staff member was inside that building but not hurt. both people on that plane are expected to be okay. the coast guard is shifting
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its focus to protecting the environment as it works to remove the cargo ship that overturned off the coast of georgia. rescue crews freed the last of the trapped crewmen of the golden ray yesterday. 36 hours after the ship capsized and caught fire after leaving port. >> captain when you first discovered they were alive what went through your mind? >> i was elated, they had it throughout the night that made the difference in the world to the team that i was able to get out there and extract them. >> it is unclear what caused the boat to roll, shifting their attention to opening the busy regional channel. president trump says the u.s. should be careful about who is allow today inner it the country after hurricane dorian. rav average the 9 bahamas. the death toll in the bahamas hands at 50 and that number is expected to rise. as search and rescue teams continue to comb through the
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debris. meanwhile bahamian government is struggling to house. the head of the national oceanic and atmospheric administration gave his first public address since the sharpi gate controversy you probably heard of involving president trump and hurricane dorian's path. >> neil jacobs has weathered sharpi gate. >> noah is facing criticism for vowing to pressure from the white house to back up president trump's claims hurricane dorian threatened alabama. at a briefing last week, the president showed a map with a hand drawn line around the state, but alabama had not be been included in the hurricane path for several days. the national weather service is' birmingham office responded saying alabama will not see an
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impact. tuesday, jacobs defend the the administration but thanked the birmingham office. >> understand and fully support the good intent of the st office which was the calm fears and support. >> president trump has continued to defend his claims on twitter though he recently acknowledged he never dewould hit alabama only that it might. the new york times reports wilbur ross who oversees noah called jacobs last friday and warned heads will roll. shortly thereafter the agency sent an unsigned statement saying dorian could impact alabama. a commerce department spokesman denied the new york times report saying secretary ross did not threaten to fire any noah staff over forecasting and public statements about hurricane dorian. noah's top scientists sent a letter to staffers revealing he
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has initiated an investigation of potential violation that may have compromised the agency's policies of scientific integrity. nick coal kill land. behavior that will no longer get stots suspended. researchers say female doctors to taking care of our children aren't inpaid fairly, new study. and i'm tracking strong on shore flow, here is a live look with our gold be gate bridge camera, you can see the flag whipping in the wind this afternoon, i will show you futurecast and cooler temperatures today, the big changes ahead, details coming up.
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a wild scene in britain's parliament chaos breaking out
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over brexit. british lawmakers started shouted as british parliament was shutdown. comes indirect opposition to prime minister boris johnson who vowed to pull the uk out of the european union next month with or without a deal. >> this government is a disgrace in the way the prime minister operate is a disgrace. >> lawmakers also rejected johnson's call for a snap election to break the deadlock. meantime there is still no sign of a new deal. new rules for california kids when it comes to discipline. state law says elementary students cannot be suspended for willful defiance that clleepg in class or talking back to authority figures. senator nancy skinner said students of color are disproportionately 000. estimated that female workers make up about 80% of
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what men earn. ly is a mateo reports. >> a practicing md and professor of clinical medicine and pediatrics, she believes her current job pays her fairly but earlier in her career that wasn't always the case. >> when i was interviewing for a position and we were talking and negotiating about salary in the middle of it the person i was interviewing with he whabout your husband? >> research shows there continues to be a pay disparity between female and male doctors, pediatricians make an average of $190,000 a year but a new study from the american academy pediatrics found women make $51,000 a year less than their male colleagues, even when adjusting for factors including women taking time off more female pediatricians working part time and full time, women still make $8000 less.
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dr.bobby person a study author and saids pediatricians are doing better than other doctors. >> certainly doing better than the general population of people in the united states. so, absolutely this is still reflective of what's going on across our country. >> dr. teaches female physicians how to make sure they are getting paid fairly. >> we've taken the program around the country, we need to learn how to negotiate i think it should part of daof training. >> is' hope that training will lead to more payee quality in pediatrics. lisa matio, cbs you this is, new york. >> found female pediatricians take on the cooking, cleaning and child care work at home compared to male counter parts. under age vaping got $160 million boost. philanthropist michael bloomberg is foot 0ing the bill. flavor is why most young adults
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started using e-cigarettes. banning the flavored devices and ending marketing that appeals to kids. >> if you live in a mint and mango you can be sure you are going to see a dramatic decline in youth use of these products. >> the new push comes a day after the fda accused of bay based juul of illegally marketing products as safer than traditional cigarettes. juul is cooperating with the federal investigation. here is a new study i can get behind, napping may be good for our hearts. research published in the journal heart found that adults who took one or two daytime naps a week had a 48% lower risk of cardiovascular problems than non-nappers and length did not influence those findings. so. >> naps for everyone. >> do it. >> just not during newscast or mary's forecast. well we are looking at a beautiful afternoon, here is a
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live look at ocean beach club house camera, and it is a breezy afternoon watching this camera shake in the wind this afternoon. temperatures running in the 60's and in the .70s. 76 con order. 62 san francisco. 73 in san jose and 8 for santa rosa. temperatures 24 hour temperature change and cooler compared to yesterday at this time running from 2 to 5 degrees cooler. now let's check the wind, so you saw the cliff house cam, right now in downtown san francisco looking at 20 miles per hour winds. 13 at half moon bay. 10 for oakland and san ramon and looking at 10 miles per hour winds out of the northwest in concord. breezy and cool day today across the bay area due to the strong on shore flow and marine influence, changes as early as tomorrow. the start of a warming trend for us begins wednesday, tomorrow, as that ocean breeze
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relaxes, high pressure building in. and we will continue to warm up as we head through the week. right now friday looks to be the hottest day this week. so here is the satellite and radar view, now the reason we're cooler than average, not because of the strong low pressure system bringing rain to the pacific northwest, ushering in that sea breeze, cooling us down, mild temperatures and that's why it's going to continue to be a breezy afternoon. so on futurecast wind gusts you can see the winds picking up through the afternoon. gusty conditions along the coast as well as for the hills gusts to you 30 to 35 miles per hour. we are going to continue to catch that sun as we head through the afternoon and plenty of sun for tomorrow, temps warmer for your wednesday. and that will continue as we go through the rest of the work week, as high pressure builds in, we are going to warm up as we head through the end of the week. sunset at 7:25. sunrise at 6:48 tomorrow morning. so daytime highs a little bit cooler compared to yesterday. very comfortable 892 in
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concord, 77 in san jose and fremont. and 67 for san francisco. seven day forecast warming up wednesday, thursday check out friday. highs inland topping out in the upper 90s to 100 degrees. and still above average as we look ahead to the weekend, cooler by sunday and monday. >> plenty of sunshine there for the weekend. >> for saturday and sunday all the sun will be nice. we are just two weeks away from the 39th season premier of survivor and the list of new cast aways has just been revealed. >> among them 27-year-old admissions counselor in the bay area vince moya of palo alto will compete on island of idols, he is originally from merc ed, our bay area ped to speak of the personal challenges he has in countered as a child. now he says brick it on. >> growing up asian american for a long time i just struggle
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weekend perceptions of me. after that i was like free and just like this is who i am. take it or leave it. >> for the first time ever the show will also be bringing back two returning players. boston rob and sandra. 39th edition of survivor premiers wednesday september 25th with a special 90 minute edition starting at 8:00 p. m. on kpix5. amazon unveils the toy list, what is hot this upcoming season.
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ups is going on a hiring spree bringing more than 100,000 seasonal workers on board. pay is expected to range from 14 to 30 bucks an hour. amazon is out with its holiday toy stincludesfamilibra legos, "star wars" of course play dough. also the lol surprise doll come with a plethora of accessories and the journey doll is a more budget conscious alternative to american girl. and reminder if you have any consumer problem or question you went to e-mail us, our address is could be suer watch at or call the hotline 888. we'll be right back.
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fresh grocer always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. just the smell is wonderful. coming up tonight at 5:00 lyft is taking action ever a scary sexual assault, the nationwide safety changes just announced, we'll have that story and more coming up tonight at accusation. >> in the meantime let's take our advice be. >> yes. >> time for a nap. >> can't wait! >> i don't know what i am going to do with my two kids i am going to try to get them to nap. >> easier said than done. >> thanks for joining us here at noon. next thus cast at 5:00.
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>> i mean, i only heard the tail end of your conversation with detective sanchez, but it was enough for me to hear that there could be an immunity deal for my daughter. and flo--she will do whatever's necessary to get out of here. please, whatever you want, because it sounds like the decision is in your hands, right? >> steffy's in a wor of pa because of your daughter. do you really think i would do anything to help get her out of here? [ door buzzes and opens ] >> is my mom coming back? >> not that i know of. [ indistinct conversations ] >> steffy. [ door closes ] >> you had to know i'd eventually come. >> well, i-i guess it would be a little ridiculous
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to, um, to say that i'm sorry. >> you're right. it does.


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