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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  September 13, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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breaking news at the state capital. where a mysterious substance forced lawmakers off of the senate floor. plus -- >> protesters block an intersection demanding that the city protect pedestrians. >> it is only september. i will show you how folks are dealing with the heat from san francisco to concord. meanwhile, there is a different heat related problem out at sea. >> we are looking at a lot of different bad things that happen. and so a be hoed in a bay area prison.
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kpix 5 at a 7:00 starts now. breaking news at the state capital. good evening i am ken bastida. >> i am veronica de la cruz. we are looking live at the state capital. investigators are looking into an incident. the senate was in session this afternoon with and mysterious substance came raining down from a balcony above. the person who committed the assault screamed that it was baby blood. >> they week tweeted this's photo of a red substance. she tweeted, today's event was an unacceptable example of the challenges we face. as always, we will rise above. investigators are now testing the substance. east bay senator says that he
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is told that one person has been arrested. we will have much more on this developing story tonight at 11:00. back to the bay area now. kpix 5 's reporter is live at the demonstrators demands. >> reporter: was just in july at this intersection here, a man visiting from fresno county was struck and killed by a speeding driver. so far in 2019, we have already seen more traffic deaths than in the year 2018. they say enough is enough. at the intersection of golden gate in leavenworth, there are two outlines on the asphalt tonight. one for each pedestrian killed this year. neighbors have an idea that
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they say will keep pedestrians safer. chief among them, >> what is the last time you have seen somebody get pulled over spurs speeding or anything like that in the tenderloin? >> reporter: another possibility? banning cars from some streets in the tenderloin district. leaving it open only to public transit and commercial vehicles. >> we would also like to see maybe two way, the fast-moving tenderloin streets. >> reporter: they say any relief from the dairy daily terror from entering the crosswalk would help. >> i live to be patient. before across. because there are so many times. >> what are we waiting until
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somebody else dies? before we make changes. >> reporter: now on monday the city of san francisco is expected to release their serious injury numbers. those should be enlightening as well. back to you. now to that late-summer heat. even in set versus san francisco soared into the mid- 90s for a time today. >> it is hard to keep the pacific ocean of water down. it is a big body water, it is a chilly body of water.time for the on tour to come ckdegre
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88 in san jose. san francisco is down now to 81 degrees. today was 94 degrees in san francisco. the hottest day in the last 95 days. what about san francisco tomorrow? not 94. not 84. not 74. all the way down to 72 degrees. 22 degrees cooler tomorrow. the heat is done in san francisco. oakland your way down to 82 degrees. one more day in the 90s for the inland communities. we will talk more about the cooling and a rain chance. in the south bay, the temperature there hit 96 degrees. it was even hotter in concord. >> reporter: the temperatures
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are finally coming down here. heat advisory just expired it 7:00. i tell you, a lot of folks are enjoying roast lamb. just burning hot. it is a tough day working on the son. >> that is rough work. >> reporter: he is pulling fiber optic cable underground. >> the street is hotter because of the asphalt. and we are going into these boxes, there is not enough air. >> reporter: just look at that sweat. >> yourself falls into your eyes. >> reporter: the heat kept people away from parks and playgrounds. across the bay, in san francisco, most people are not used at low 90s. >> five or six days in the year it is really hot. people that know what to do
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with themselves. are the city of san francisco waive the admission fees to all city pools. >> are you having a good time here in the pool? >> yes. >> reporter: back at the greek festival, the vendor say they will be okay. >> we have had days like this. we have had rainy days. >> drinking beer. >> reporter: they expect 1000 people at this event. for the first time in their history they have emt standing by in case they need medical attention. kpix 5. in san francisco is bustling tonight. sir elton john is lining up at the chase center right now. and the giants game at the oracle. let's take a look at see how the streets are handling the traffic flow. look at that, still a lot of green. not bad at all.
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public transit is the ticket. >> not bad. the bill to make it easier to build granny flats next to existing homes is going to the state legislature. this reduces the fees. the bills author of fremont hopes to cut some of that redtape, that which will streamline this and increase the number of affordable units. we want to tell you about a new project that is going on at kpix 5. every monday and wednesday at 11 pm. we will investigate the troubled bay area housing market. >> we will uncover what has gone wrong to get us to this point. we will hold the powerful credit . we sit down with the mayors of the three biggest cities.
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>> a generation or two from now will be asking what was done? and if we cannot answer the question in way that satisfies our own conscious, it history will not regard as well. >> starting next week kpix 5 brings you project home. the stories are about you, me and all of the challenges that everybody he faces now. every monday and wednesday at 11:00. tomorrow, they have a warning for riders tonight. it is about the configuration of those bart cars. i have a story had. could bes. this is a new summit in her career. do not forget kpix 5 is a
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proud sponsor of the pet food express bay area pet fair. it is this weekend at the alameda fairgrounds. for details go to pets. ♪
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find the brands you love from nordstrom. up to 70% off at nordstrom rack. ♪ that's fashion at a fraction. ♪ shop anytime at and get easy returns in store. nordstrom rack. what will you find? tourist to san francisco to hear that sound, they are out of luck tonight. the city's iconic cable cars are
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in service for the next 10 days for maintenance. a warning tonight. some bar operators are claiming that the new fleet of trains pose a safety risk to passengers. they can only be opened by bart operators. if they are pulled up in the middle of the rain the passengers cannot move out of them. this would be a problem in a emergency. they told the examiner that they believe that this is safe. also today, scientists have sounded the alarm on the so- called "heat blob". it is growing in the pacific ocean. >> they are worried about the pacific impact. this is because of this. >> this sound like a threat. but unfortunately scientists and wildlife rescue experts say
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that it is going to cause major damage. >> reporter: offshore in the cool waters of the pacific, this mimics a similar phenomena from the four years ago that wreaked havoc on the ocean ecosystem. >> we could have a lot of bad things that can happen. for one, there can be a lot of fish that i off. we saw sea lions. >> reporter: or bird die offs like this one. while care rescued more than just in two years than they had the entire year. there getting ready to see those agri-staggering numbers again. >> when these birds come in they are emaciated, they are dehydrated. they are in need of emergency care. >> reporter: the heat wave has
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not quite reach our shores, but scientists say that it is slated to. it is about seven degrees warmer than average. this can be just as damaging and deadly as last time. >> this is a big impact of our economy. >> reporter: this is their hotline. they ask if you see any of these injured wildlife to give them a call. they will walk you through how to rescue them. in san rafael, kpix 5. >> would you think about emily story, why do we care? the fish will eat what they could find for food. it changes the location. there are a lot of issues going on. warm weather today. 140 degrees in morgan hill. a beautiful sunset. the sun is setting on this hot weather.
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san francisco is 94 degrees today, it will be 22 degrees cooler. 94 the official high today. no were close, 72 degrees will be the high. we hope you enjoy the heat, it is done. there is a drop on monday. there is a reason for that. there will be scattered showers on monday. only a high of 80 degrees on sunday. if you don't want to be too hot, that may be the better day to visit. we had zero ocean breeze. the ridge is moving, getting kicked out of this area of low pressure. we may see some showers from this on monday.
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the onshore flow breeze is about 95 of the weather picture , do we have the onshore flow? the answer is yes. as this pushes inland, on monday this is a front coming in. we have not seen a storm front since the middle of spring. this is perhaps the best news. this is the bull's-eye for .5 inch of rainfall. some good news there. not is hot tomorrow. and we are going to cool down on sunday. san jose, you hit 96 degrees today. los altos, 85. pacifica, 67.
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san rafael, 86. sonoma, 90. inland areas cool down significantly on sunday. we will stay below average for much of next week. amount a mountain biker from moran just hit a major high in her career. >> she has made the olympic team. quite an accomplishment. >> i feel like she has grown up with us. she keeps climbing, well, mountains. >> september 8, snow shoe, west virginia. high pressure, mountaasthwocup
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champion. >> you can't get sick. you have to deliver every time. >> reporter: just 23 years old. as the 2018 world champion. but the 2019 world cup overall champion. >> seven races, seven countries. you have to be pretty good every time. a trophy is won on your best dates and it is also won on your worst days. >> reporter: but had enough wins and top-five finishes, including snow shoe last week to earn number one overall. the first american woman to do so in 17 years.
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>> so that was a moment, truly for the fight for this trophy was over. >> reporter: she decided to take up the sport in of 14 to stay in shape for her high school cross country. now a spot in the 2020 olympic team? >> that was one of the biggest goals. it really means a lot to me. it means that i can really focus. >> reporter: a shout out to her parents. they have got to be proud. a doubter as talented as that. doing what she loves and she has a degree in human biology from stanford. shout out to my parents too. >> congratulations. toyota tokyo is going to be
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exciting. she is going to be playing the part right here. the boat involved in the deadly labor day syncing is on dry land now. ♪ come try my really big chicken sandwich combo with two patties for $4.99, or three for $5.99, or four for $6.99. that's an amazing deal, jack! hey, thanks, stanley. ow. ...wait, what's happening? stanley! you're deflating! hold me, jack! only at jack in the box.
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two breaded chicken patties plus fries and a drink for $4.99. three patties for $5.99. or even four for just $6.99. four patties? well, tickle my elbow! no thank you. try my really big chicken sandwich combos. starting at $4.99. i and i am veronica de la cruz. here's what cheapest if you're just getting him. actress felicity huffman will serve time for her role in the college admissions scandal. she reportedly wants to survey here. the desperate housewives star was sentenced to 14 days. she
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has been ordered to self report to prison on october 25. according to the mercury news, her legal team has agreed quested a low security prison facility in dublin. ♪ take me home tonight. i don't want to let you go until you see the light. ♪ >> eddie money has passed away from a series of health issues. the singer-songwriter who lost his music career in berkley was 70 years. the dive boat that sunk is on dry land tonight. investigators will begin paying steak increasingly finding the cause of the fire. and the bahamas tonight are bracing for a possible strike of another big storm brewing in the caribbean. it is a tropical storm. it will
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pass the grand bahama island. this is where hurricane dorian devastated less than two weeks ago. a robbery suspect tried to get away on a golf cart. the technology that stopped him ♪
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♪ all right, finally tonight we would like to leave you with our only in florida file. he tries to make his getaway in a golf cart. >> he is right below us, he is stop right here. >> a golf cart thief. police say that they were chasing this guy. and then he runs onto a golf course and demands a golf cart at a gunpoint.
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in the end, the golf cart took of this. it is equipped with a special dps device, it stops in his tracks if it is turned into the wrong area. it did not work. a double bogey. thank you for watching the news at 7:00. >> back at 11 with more news. until then just head to with more news and weather. ♪ z3gu1z zi0z
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