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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  September 14, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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libby schaaf. >> reporter: major libby schaaf says it is all politics her political opponent rebecca caplin is trying. oakland promise celebrated a milestone at children's fairy land. >> more than 500 families have brilliant baby savings account seeded with 500 children at their children's birth. >> reporter: nala has one of those accounts. >> the first of my family to graduate from college. i want her to be the second and third and continue the generation of being college graduates. >> reporter: she agrees with the mayor this type of early investment will level the playing field and encourage low income student to seek higher education. now, nala has the brilliant baby account which is not being questioned at this time.
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oakland promise has another program called kindergarten to college which sets up accounts for all in public schools. each has $100. the school will serve 14,500 students. councilwoman caplin says they can't produce any records of the accounts and wants to know where's the money. >> any person who could question the amazing accomplishments of this program is mean-hearted chasing what could be a political vendetta. >> reporter: caplin said instead of attacking people for asking questions they should show the documents to prove the accounts exist. oakland promise declined to she me the recording citing privacy concerns. >> scholarships. that have been awarded to kindergarteners.
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they will not be dispersed for another 13 years when they enter college. >> reporter: at this time, we don't know if the auditor will accept caplin's request to look into the program. in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix5. now to some developing news out of santa rosa where police are investigating the death of a 13 month old child. a toddler found in a home on derek drive this afternoon next to an unconscious 29-year-old man. paramedics were unable to revive the little boy. the man is in the hospital. and officers say they later found items inside the house consistent with drug use. but at this point, they are not saying how the toddler died. they are not releasing any details. a fairfield smoke shop owner is in trouble with police for allegedly selling thc and tobacco products to juveniles. this is what they found when
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they carried out a search wanter. butane hash oil, over $14,000 in cash. this was part of a month long narcotics investigation by fairfield police. turning to the weather and what a difference a day makes. a lot of spots enjoyed double digit drops in temperatures. >> darren peck is here with the numbers. >> there are a lot of people going what difference? >> yeah. >> i didn't get this. >> yeah. >> if you were in concord, pleasanton, liverton, you didn't change at all. did you see that minus 24 for san francisco? it was 24 degrees cooler in the city. santa rosa, you dropped 5. san jose, you dropped 9. but concord, livermore, we barely got you any help yet and i don't want to rub this in, but look at the rest of the east bay. hayward was 17 degrees cooler. for many of us it felt better but not for everybody. look at the daytime highs here.
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concord made it up to 99. it was 94 in santa rosa. san francisco at 70. it was right on the mark for average. that covers today. i will show you tomorrow's highs coming up in the complete forecast but what is important is more rain. it will only be a small part of the day monday but i want to give you the details on the monday rain. hundreds of bills are piled up on governor newsom cease desk after state lawmakers wrapped up their latest legislative session. at last count, newsom signed 294 bills into law and vetoed six but he is about 750 bills to deal with. kpix5's political reporter melissa caen shows us what he is considering. >> members, we are adjourned for the 2019 legislative year.
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>> reporter: the california state legislator passed more than a thousand bills. hundreds have already been signed into law, but more than 70% are still on the governor's desk. in his state of the state address, the governor made a promise. >> here is my promise to you. get me a good packet on rent stability this year and i will sign it. >> reporter: the legislature was listening and passed a number of housing bills including ab1482. the statewide limit on rent increases capping them 5% plus inflation not to exceed 10%. the bill expires in ten years and the governor says he will sign it. another housing bill ab1487 is aimed at the bay area paving e ballot measure to raise money for affordable housing. on the issue of public safety, a number of bills are aimed at regulating prisons and the police. ab32 would ban the use of all
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for-profit prisons in california. and sb230 requires all law enforcement agencies to have a written use of force policy. and that policy must include deescalation. and ab1215 prohibits the police from using facial recognition technology in their body cameras. san francisco assemblyman bill ting wrote that bill. >> it is a tool of surveillance that is constantly on the move. >> reporter: pointing to an study by the aclu. >> using the amazon recognition software, the default setting on the software. all 120 pictures of the legislature against a mug shot and 26 of us were mismatched. >> reporter: the ban would expire after three years, ting hopes that short me e governor to sign. >> when we left the assembly,
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it was a ban. it was slunk to a seven year moratorium. we are hopeful that the governor will sign it. >> reporter: melissa caen, kpix5. >> the governor has until october 13 to clear that massive pile of paper on his desk. meanwhile, a santa cruz county woman accused of causing a disgusting scene is free on bond tonight. witnesses say 43-year-old rebecca delalio repeatedly shouted from the gallery lawmakers had the blood of dead babies on their hands. then, she tossed a feminine hygiene device contains what appeared to be blood onto the senate floor. the liquid landed on half a dozen senators including orinda steve glazer. his colleague said it is the second time this week that anti- vaccine protesters have assaulted state s senators. >> everyone is entitled to their opinion. i support the legislation we pass to make sure children are
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vaccinated in our schools. people can disagree with that. but when that disagreement tips into harassing, intimidating, an assaulting elected officials, that's an attack on democracy. >> the disruption forced senators out of their chambers as they rushed to meet the midnight deadline. they finished out the session in a nearby hearing room. delalio gave herself up immediately after the incident and is facing a slew of charges including assault and vandalism. she is expected to face a judge in court on tuesday. yeah. >> i pushed you. i pushed you. i pushed you. >> all right. >> the incident comes less than a month after that incident. another anti-vaccine otester shoving sacramento senator richard han in the street. han is a practicing pediatrician and authored two recent bills to close vaccine exemption loopholes. here's what he had to say about what went on last night. >> the people need to stand up and say we want to defend our
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democracy. we are not going to allow people who try to interfere with democracy by attacking your elected representatives while we are doing our jobs. the bay bridge escaped serious damage when a van burst into flames on the lower deck, the fire last night forced the shutdown of four of the five eastbound lanes. backing up traffic onto san francisco city streets for hours. fortunately, no one was hurt in the fire. sco says it has partially reopened the runway at the center of the big reconstruction project. what does that mean? bart is ahead of schedule with the construction project at the lafayette station. we will tell you how the delays are affecting not only the drivers but the riders in the east bay. and who says you can't fight city hall? just about everybody. but a california driver who shamed her mayor into tearing up her parking ticket. and, kpix5 is is a proud sponsor of the pet food express
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bay area pet fair. it's going on all weekend at the alameda county fairgrounds. i had the honor to mc today's events and we will have much more from the pet fair coming up later in the newscast.
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sco cited the big runway project that just hit a major
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milestone, repaving work now complete. where it intersects with runway one right. that means one right is now back open for business. and, because one right follow me closely, is a thousand feet longer than runway 1 left, it will allow for more aircraft to use it. the work moves from the intersection between runway 28 left and one left. see that area in purple there kind of just left in the center of your screen. that's where it is going to be repaved now. the whole project expected to wrap up by the 25th. that will be to days ahead of schedule. in the meantime, passengers still should expect delays. that's the bottom line, but the delays won't be as long. sfo is reporting 168 delays today. each averaging just under 90 minutes. bart riders can expect delays as track work continues on the antioch line this weekend. the project is forcing lines to
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single track between walnut creek and orinda. andrea nakano is live in what you would call the middle of the mess. >> reporter: yeah, juliette. bart is halfway done with the project. this weekend construction is still causing headaches for those trying to come in and out of lafayette. it's not a construction project that is just affecting bart riders. cars are also coming to a crawl on highway 24 with two eastbound lanes closed to allow construction equipment to access the lafayette bart station. >> it is kind of a pain. >> reporter: whitney and her family of five have felt the effects of the construction. she says highway traffic is slow, but so is the traffic on city streets. >> it does impact some of the private streets that get really clogged up and so then we have to reroute and go get back ton the highway.
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so it just is delaying a lot of things for the weekend. >> reporter: while some folks have gripes about the delays, businesses like farm yard darlings are trying to take advantage of new visitors coming through town. >> i like it when traffic comes near us and we get business from it. >> reporter: bart is replacing 5,000 feet of 50-year-old tracks and crews have already laid down 2500 feet of new rail. riders this weekend say they are still facing delays but it's a huge improvement compared to the previous shutdown which closed the lafayette bart station. >> it is massively inconvenient. but i would rather have them single track than bus bridge. >> reporter: joan gardner has faced delays of the 30 minutes but feels it is a small price to pay to make sure bart can be on track to run for years to come. >> they have to fix it. it's really important to have the tracks working and everything in tiptop order for safety and continued use of the system. which i think is massively
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important. >> reporter: now, because bart is ahead of schedule, they have canceled the closures for next saturday and the weekend of fleet week. but, there are still two full closures coming up, one in september, and one in october where a bus bridge will be required. reporting live in lafayette, andrea nakano, kpix5. even when a parking ticket seems unfair, most of us just pay up and move on. >> not one los angeles driver. she took her fight to twitter and won. after dana schwartz got a $53 parking ticket, chump change to us in the bay area. she posted a photo of how close her bumper was to the limit line. it got so many views that eventually, the mayor of west hollywood saw it and told her the city would take care of it. >> i definitely did not tweet it hoping to get a reaction. i thought, you know, pay the fine, vent your frustrations and move on. it is super relatable. who hasn't been frustrated by a parking ticket? >> schwartz is a published
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author. she says it's a sign of the times that one short tweet got more notice than the three books that she has written. but at least the ticket was dismissed. >> hoping she will be a best selling author now. there you go. it was considerably warmer in the east bay. it was still hot today. >> an you know, i want to start out by talking about how tomorrow east bay gets in on this cooldown. because, you are all going to get a chance to experience some relief. let's start off telling you what it looks like out there. here's a live look at the camera. plenty of low clouds on the other side of the hills of the peninsula. however, concord, it is still 93 degrees. it is 6:17 and we are still in the mid 90s . we are gotten down to 70 in oakland. 65 in san francisco. here comes the good news. this will be sunday's cooldown. keep your eye on that concord, 99. and we will do the drop for tomorrow. you are going to get a 15-
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degree drop tomorrow. a 10-degree drop in santa rosa. even the places that cool down 0 degrees or more will still go down tomorrow. and you will go down about 4 degrees in san francisco. another eight degrees in oakland. to show you the numbers, concord, 84 tomorrow. 95 today. 81 livermore. upper 90s today. there is fremont, 75 and san rafael will top out at 79. okay, that covers the cooldown. let's move on. there's a chance of rain on monday morning, your drive to work. the first chance of rain for the season. and, if we take a look at the energy here, there is a well- defined line here that futurecast picks up on it and brings the showers toward northern california and by the time we get to midnight. we have really well organized line of rain sitting out there. but, now that we are just to days away from this, we can switch over to the more high resolution forecast model. watch the detail get better and
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i can bring it home and come in for a tighter view. and we can take a look at monday morning. that's 6:00 a.m. so we will take a look at the commute time. we will bracket it between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. that's not very impressive. that line starts to fall apart just as the showers get down here which is very typical by the way for these first systems of the season. we are just on the southern end of it. they usually look a lot better in the forecast models than they end up being this time of year. keep that in mind. still, the possibility for a few light showers right through the commute. that took us from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and we have a few spotty showers. by the time we get toward the late morning it's done. most of monday it will be sunshine. if you are a late riser, and lucky enough to not be up an battle the commute, you won't notice any rain at all. by the afternoon, it's history. if we look at the totals, even those of us that maybe do get some rain, it's less than a tenth of an inch of rain. the only impact this will have because it is coming during the
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commute and the first rain of the season we have had all summer long. the bacon, the oil, the grease on the roadways. the roads will be a little more slick. so keep that in mind on your drive to work monday. the windshield wiper may only go only about 10 seconds but the road will be slick. seven day forecast. monday's the highlight. after that, we dry out and keep the temperatures average through much of next week. we will stay in the mid 80s inland and keep it in the 70s through the day. see what's coming up later. for now, back to you. sports settleing in at 6:00. wait until you see this amazing football play by a local product on a national stage. and, we have two of our local pac-12 schools going in different directions on the football field. sticaround ll for you set up on in the human brain, billions of neurons play in harmony. for people with parkinson's, some neurons change their tune,
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college football up top. humidity doesn't usually mix well. stanford was in south florida today. university of central florida to be exact. there's the student body surrounding the ncaa championship trophy. tiger woods, florida resident, stanford product was there. opening drive for the night. 11-1 last season for a reason. dylan gabriel, to marlin williams. open the scoring. now it was stanford's turn. oh man, the ball tipped. aaron robinson came down with it. was a pick six? no. but it did set up another score. so here they came again. gabriel, he has a big arm. over 400 yards in the air. put it right on the money to trey nixon. 21-0 not even seven minutes into the game.
6:24 pm
gabriel just kept oncoming. another deep ball for gabriel davis. ucf scored 28 points in the 1st inning. the knights held stanford down and won it 45-27. the cardinal's record has fallen to 1-2. what's up with the cal bears? three weeks in, perfect record. there he is feeling it in berkeley. they hosted north texas mean green. in white. picking up late in the first quarter. cal up 13-0. and chase garbers. and like that, it's 20-0. but north texas would battle back. less than a couple of minutes to play. down six. fourth and 15. and, the bears defense, boy, they stood stiff again. cal won it 23-17. get this. they are 3-0 for the season. oh my gosh, the weapons for nick saban and his number 2, alabama crimson tide at south
6:25 pm
carolina. tua flipped to harris. stiff armed one guy. hurdled another man. the pride of antioch high school scored a 24-yard touchdown. his second of the day. and the crimson tide rolled 47- 23. hey, get the cow bells ready at mississippi state. i wonder if this play is better than harris'. quarterback garrett into the game against kansas state. running for a first down. and then this happened. boom. you ever seen that before? hit hard. windmill, bam. finished a yard short of extenning the drive. and they lost the game. kansas state won 31-24. now, the raider, the home underdog do the kansas city chiefs for nostalgia's sake. last trip ever to oakland for the chiefs.
6:26 pm
the last time coach andy reid has even seen the coliseum and its amenities. >> the bathrooms flooded last year. i won't miss that. >> about this, it's hard as concrete. the raiders won't be back in the coliseum again until the first week of november. now, we got mixed reviews on this dirt from the head coach. john gruden and his players. >> it is a big advantage, our guys love it so much. you know? >> not going to say i'm a fan of it. [ laughter ] >> i think justin said it best on his tweet. full speed, once you get to full speed, belly flop on some pavement. that's what it feels like. >> i've been accused of being old school. it will be neat. chiefs, ra the dirt one more time. >> that game is on the air tomorrow on channel 5. but
6:27 pm
look, we're into soccer. soccer in yankee stadium. the earthquakes in white against nycfc. and scores is chris wondolowsi. east bay product got them on the board. but nyc battled back. tied it. went ahead here with alexander matrina. as the quakes lost 2-1. they lost five consecutive road games. oakland as , they continue to shine in major league baseball. they got a game in texas. the giants will host the miami marlins. we'll have moving pictures on the late show. a two for saturday night show. i'm excited about that. coming up in the next half hour, as another big storm heads for the bahamas, klay thompson is slamming the trump administration. how he is now stepping in to help. plus, the next big bay area city in line to slap a ban on vaping products. >> and, why disney's ceo just resigned from apple's board of
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you're watching kpix5 news. >> our top story at 6:30. a tropical storm warning has been discontinued for the bahamas tonight. a welcome relief for the island nation still struggling to recover from hurricane dorian. tropical storm humberto is expected to become a hurricane by tomorrow night or early monday. but, by then, it will no longer pose a threat to land. >> still, brit conway reports the storm could still cause dangerous swells already hard hit by the hurricane. >> reporter: some two weeks
6:31 pm
after hurricane dorian ravaged the bahamas, tropical storm humberto now strengthening in the caribbean. cleanup efforts on the nation's abaco islands turned to storm preparation. >> we have a team that has been deployed there. they will sit there and wait out the storm. the last few days they have been getting as many shelter supplies in place. >> reporter: two to four inches of rain are expected across the bahamas. isolated areas could see up to six inches of rain. the stormy conditions could spell disaster and leave residents in a precarious situation. >> those with compromised roofs move to the designated shelter. >> reporter: the storm is expected to strengthen to a hurricane by sunday night. forecast shows the storm then
6:32 pm
tracking to the east. out into the open waters of the atlantic and away from the south eastern u.s. but parts of coastal florida and georgia could see rainfall as the storm's outer bands rush the coast. golden state warrior klay thompson is pledging his support for the bahamas and calling ton the trump administration to do the same. the nba star's father was born in the capital city of nassau. he has pledged to donate all the proceeds from his upcoming celebrity golf tournament to hurricane relief efforts after making the announcement on instagram. thompson went onto express outrage at the trump administration for not welcoming bahamas to the u.s. he wrote "i have been so lucky to visit my family in nassau since childhood and in those times, i have seen countless americans use the bahamian islands as their playground for letting loose and vacationing. now we turn our back on the
6:33 pm
people who welcomed us with open arms when we lost everything." the trump administration is not granting temporary protected status for them. that would allow them to work and stay in the u.s. florida senators marco rubio and rick scott have both called on the president to change that rule. in other news, the son of osama bin laden is dead after he was targeted in a u.s. counterterrorism operation. it happened somewhere in the border region between afghanistan and pakistan. so far, officials are not saying exactly when it happened. beco prominent figure in al- qaeda. osama bin laden was killed by u.s. navy seals in pakistan in 2011. secretary of state mike pompeo is blaming iran for drone attacks that sparked an inferno at two major oil
6:34 pm
refineries in saudi arabia. rebels are claiming responsibility for the attack which was reportedly cutting off saudi's oil production in half. but today, pompeo tweeted there is no evidence the attacks came from yemen and instead pointed his finger at teheran for a "unprecedented attack on the world's energy supply." lawmakers are also now condemning the attacks. senator lindsey graham says it is time for the u.s. to put on the table an attack on iranian oil refineries if they continue their provocations or increase nuclear enrichments. san jose could be the next city to ban the sale of e- cigarettes following a national outbreak of illnesses linked to vaping. a city councilwoman is especially concerned for the children. she is banning a sale on all vape and tobacco products within a thousand feet of schools. and wants a city wide ban on
6:35 pm
flavored tobacco and e- cigarettes that lack fda approval. the cdc says there are 380 confirmed vaping illnesses across the state and the u.s. virgin islands. six people have died including one in los angeles. two new studies, researchers at the yale university found flavorings for e-cigarettes may make them more attractive to younger people. they also found that ads for the flavored products activate the reward center of teenager's brains. >> it's a possibility the flavorings make the nicotine easier to use. and therefore, that can lead to addiction. >> vapeing can cause quite havoc in the lung. it is different from cigarette smoke. >> a study at baylor college tracked vaping's effect on lab mice. solvents used to make the vaping products can damage the lungs. two cities have already passed bans on e-cigarettes in
6:36 pm
california. under both ordinances, sales are suspended until after the fda weighs in on whether it is safe. president trump says while i like the vaping alternative to cigarettes, we need to make sure this alternative is safe for all. let's get counterfeits off the market and keep young children from vaping. beto o'rourke will bring his presidential campaign back to the area next week. be in the north bay on wednesday where he will meet with inmates at san quentin. an event is planned for the following day in oakland. there are no details on that. president trump will be here on tuesday. for his first visit to the bay area since he was elected. he will reportedly attend a high dollar fundraiser. housing secretary ben carson and other senior administration officials are also headed west to intervene in california's homeless crisis. the feds are reportedly considering drastic action to clean up la's skid row and
6:37 pm
other homeless encamps but critics say it is housing and services they need, not brute force. and we want to tell you about a project coming up on channel 5. >> every monday and wednesday, susie steimle will investigate the troubled housing market. we will look into what went wrong. sand we will hold the powerful accountable as we look at measures to bring about change. and, starting next week, kpix5 brings you project home. the stories are about you, me, and all of our housing challenges. every monday and wednesday at 11:00. still ahead, an institution for higher learning makes a pretty dumb mistake. the mixup that got hundreds of extra students in to one cal ne highway pursuit like this. the chp pulls over an emu.
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new sichuan hot chicken. for a heart breaking limited time only at panda express. ford is recalling hundreds of thousands of explorers, suvs over sharp seats. company says that at least 31 people have hurt themselves on a sharp edge when they reach between the front seat and the center console. the new rule covers more than 330,000 explor in 2016 and 2017. ford does say the dealers can fix the problem. general motor is up against a deadline to try to avert a
6:41 pm
strike. the contract expires at midnight tomorrow. the united auto workers union has not agreed to any short term extension. they want the company to agree to more profit sharing. in tech news, a shakeup at apple as disney get ins on the streaming business. disney ceo bob iger has resigned from apple's board of directors. as the two companies now become competitors. apple announced earlier this week it is launching its own streaming media service in november. disney owns hulu and will launch its own streaming service. iger has served on apple's board since 2011. george lucas is watching a vision come to life. >> this time, not a movie. it's his museum. reporter tom wait reports from los angeles where lucas, his wife, and the mayor recently checked in on the museum's
6:42 pm
construction. >> reporter: george lucas standing behide his wife and construction workers bringing his vision to life. construction on the sprawling lucas museum of narrative art is in full swing. >> millions of people will be inspired. we were just in the board meeting for the museum and george said you are the artist. you are the artist of this art museum. >> reporter: this is what museum officials say the building will ultimately look like. almost like a spaceship parked next to the coliseum. when the project is completed, it will be a 300,000 square foot space surrounded by 11 acres. the lucas museum website says when it opens, visitors will see permanent and rotating exhibitions featuring illustrations, paintings, comic art, photography, and of course, an in-depth look at the art of film making. >> to see the speed weare getti la knows how to build. >> reporter: the mayor says parts of the museum are already
6:43 pm
taking shape. >> those two walls there separate two theaters. can you imagine coming into a place built by the man who brought us star wars and watching that first movie and having him explain what it tyke to change the world and create the star wars legacy? >> reporter: and beyond its legacy, the museum is a symbol of la's resurgence and economic viability. >> this represents more than one billion dollars investment in los angeles. >> reporter: they hope construction is completed in late 2021. in exposition park, tom wait, kpix5. >> remember, we had a shot of that museum. but it is now down in la. the search is on for the villain who stole the throne from a british palace. not the kind of throne you are thinking of. that kind of throne. a solid gold toilet titled america. not sure if that is by an itali artist. it has been installed as an
6:44 pm
exhibit. the piece is valued at more than a million dollars. a group of thieves used at least two vehicles to pull off the heist and caused a lot of damage in the process. an injury cost one california teenager part of her leg. his leg that is. but he never lost his fighting spirit. >> for him to come back like this and play is just an inspiration. >> it's what i love most in life. >> the high school football player who is back on the field tonight. >> and from feathers to fur, plenty of people in the bay area have a new best friend tonight. and if you didn't get a chance to check tout the big pet fair in pleasanton, it's not too late. >> and if you didn't get in on the dramatic cooldown today, or livermore, pleasanton, you will tomorrow. then we will shift our know cushion to monday morning's chance for rain. this is the nimble chevy trax.
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the versatile chevy equinox.
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the stylish all-new chevy blazer. and the roomy chevy traverse with seating for up to eight. the chevy family of suvs. no matter what you're looking for in an suv, chevy's got you covered. get zero percent financing for sixty months plus seven hundred and fifty dollars on most 2019 equinox models. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. a mixup at sacramento state left hundreds of extra students enrolled. the sacramento bee says the university accidentally accepted 3500 students who were supposed to be on the waiting list. last spring, an email
6:48 pm
mistakenly invited them to an event called admitted students day. and the school never rescinded that intyation. now because of this error, an additional 500 students are enrolled this semester. a mountain lion wandered onto an peninsula highway and ended up dead. a car hit the big cat around 10:00 near highway 92 in san mateo county. chp officers moved the carcass to the side of the freeway and caltrans workers took it away today. and, an unusual chase for chp officers near fresno. they had to pull over an emu. it was spotteyesterday wandering alongside highway 99 id later to assist. they took the bird into custody. it was not hurt. there is no word on where it
6:49 pm
came from. in other animal news, no, there weren't emus but i had the pleasure to serve as mc to the pet fair. our devin fehely spoke to fair goers who are going home with a new four legged friend. >> reporter: as many as 100,000 people are expected to come through the alameda county fairgrounds today and tomorrow for the adoption fair. many of them looking for a furry four-legged friend to take home with them. we all can remember just how excited we were to get our very first pet. they seem so cute, and cudly and uniquely ours. >> it's the perfect size our medium house. it's very unique. it has all these unique spots. >> reporter: sunday, a salt an pepper mixed breed is jaden blue's first dog.
6:50 pm
hundreds of dogs, cats, rabbits are up for adoption. for many of them, this is their best chance of finding a permanent home and avoiding a much crueler fate that awaits them at shelters. >> shelters and animal control are full and need to make space, they will euthanize animals. they will reach out to us and we take them in. >> reporter: the adoption fair gives pet owners a chance to know the animals to find the right fit. >> she is just awesome. >> reporter: diana evans says she lost her last dog a year ago and was finally ready to open her heart and home to a new one. >> so i came down hoping to find a dog. and, after i grieved, looks like i found one today. little mumu. >> reporter: a new beginning for the pet and equally so for
6:51 pm
its owner. >> very calm, right sunday? >> reporter: the adoption fair continues tomorrow from 10:00 to 5:00 at the alameda county fairgrounds, devin fehely, kpix5. and what a difference a day makes as diana washington once sang. darren peck tells us about it. >> real fitting for today. but it depended on where you were. for a lot of people there was no difference between yesterday and today. most of us really did get a cooldown. take a look at the daytime highs as you see the clouds streaming in from our camera's vantage point. that's a good sign. we have the marine layer back off the coast. if you look at the daytime highs, concord, you would never know it. 99 today was one degree cooler than we were led. we were about 17 degrees cooler in oakland. made it up to 96. so, a big difference. if we watch the way that played out, why does oakland get such
6:52 pm
a big relief? well concord just on the other side of the hill doesn't. i'm using that as my example. the on shore flow turned on today. that was today at 5:00 when we hit the peak heat of the day. you can see the brighter colors showing we got a bit of an on shore flow, but it wasn't enough here. watch how tomorrow will be different. now, these colors are a lot brighter. the streamlines are showing you the on shore flow. we will start importing more air-conditioning to the far east bay. and that's how we will cool these numbers down. so instead of 99, concord, you are going to 84 tomorrow. 81 in livermore. san jose, to 80. 84 in santa rosa. this will be a much more meaningful drop in the temperatures for the majority of us inland. meanwhile, for the rest of us, we went down over 20 degrees in san francisco. we will go down about another four tomorrow. we will cool down. we have done mo of the work today. let's talk about the next item. which is the rain.
6:53 pm
for monday. if you watch the futurecast, monday at midnight. we have a really well organized line headed our way. that looks promising. however, it is the first one of the system, first one of the season, and we are just down here on the very southern tail end of it. so we will now play it forward midnight monday. and, watch how that line of showers kind of falls apart. by the time it gets down here. doesn't go away completely. so we have a chance to get light rain out of this and i'm bracketing the commute. that is 6:00 a.m. spotty across much of the bay area across 6:00 a.m. and, 9:00 a.m., we still have a few showers still down on the south bay. we have a day-and-a-half before this comes together. the timing may adjust a little bit. but, this is where the best forecast sits now. a few spotty hit and miss showers right through the commute on monday. and, if you look at the totals, you will see why. this is not that big a deal. at most, we are talking a tenth
6:54 pm
of an inch of rain. it is not that big a deal in that sense, however, i think it is a big deal because it is the first light rainmaker of the season. we just had a whole summer to bake all of the grease and grime into the roadway. the first rain, usually starts to bring that stuff back out and make the roads slick. and, it is happening on your commute to work monday morning. so, keep that in mind on your drive. by the time, we get to 10:00, 11:00 in the morning, it's done. the rest of the seven day looks quiet and average. we'll be back after this. ♪
6:55 pm
find the brands you love from nordstrom. up to 70% off at nordstrom rack. ♪ that's fashion at a fraction. ♪ shop anytime at and get easy returns in store. nordstrom rack. what will you find?
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a high school sophomore was back under the friday night lights. >> kilauetchesh us s not hilove for the sport that cost him his leg. >> reporter: when p.j. is on the field, he always
6:57 pm
brings his a game. and, his a plus smile. >> always a smile on your face. you know. there's always a bright side. you always have to choose the bright side. >> reporter: so much positivity for a 16-year-old who has been through so much the past two years. an injury at football practice in 2017 resulted in the amputation of part of his leg. >> if there is any chance of me getting back in the sport, i will try to do it. >> reporter: that dedication brought him to where he is now. back on the field. scoring a touchdown for the badgers during his first game. >> i'm pretty sure a lot of those kid thought for a while we will never play with p.j. again. and for him to come back like this and play is just an inspiration. >> it's the thing i love most in life. the thing i get the most enjoyment out of it. it's what drives my life. in general. i couldn't stand being able to >> reporter: for p.j.'s mom susie. >> you don't sign the waivers expecting your child to lose a
6:58 pm
limb. >> reporter: the return to football comes with mixed emotions and nerves. >> looks like a sprained ankle maybe. >> reporter: worth it to see her son follow his dreams. >> he is taking it so incredibly well. he doesn't think of it as a handicap. he thinks of it as normal. >> it gets really slippery and itis tape and everything. >> reporter: as p.j. adjust to a new norm. >> it comes off sometimes. >> reporter: he is looking nor ward to getting a new athletic prosthetic and continuing his promising wrestling career. >> don't stop doing what you love. >> p.j. says he also wants to give baseball a try and he is hoping to continue playing sports in college. >> good inspiration there. all right, well thanks so much from watching. we'll see you back here at 11:00. >> and the latest news is
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
>> i cared for her in the past. she's a good girl when she's not on drugs. >> announcer: a boyfriend gives up... >> judge judy: you have a problem with prescription drugs? >> i did. i'll admit i did. >> announcer: ...after his ex battles more than just her demons. >> judge judy: she slapped you. >> she smacked me. yes, correct. she has warrants for her arrest, and she was scared about being in trouble for hitting me. she runs from everything she has to do. she never faces up to anything. >> you know that, huh? >> judge judy: shh! >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. captions paid for by cbs television distribution jason sensoli is suing his ex-girlfriend, hannah o'brien, for having him falsely arrested for assault. hannahimson hit hed threw her from a moving vehicle. >> byrd: order! all rise!


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