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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  September 23, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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the pills that look like the real deal. but can quickly take your life. a new warning from santa clara county. fake pills have taken a dozen lives. those pills look like percocet. they are laced with a deadly drug. in san jose where experts are sounding the alarm tonight.>> reporter: the death toll in santa clara county about these fake pills is rising. we are learning about a second teenager who died have been
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overdose after swallowing some of these pills. the county is taking its warning to parents. there are fake pills that are in circulation in our county.>> reporter: this doctor is ringing the alarm bell loud and clear. the fake pills are hard to tell from the real thing. they are blue 30 milligrams in size. complete with an m on the back. may just to look like percocet or oxycodone. the problem is that they are made with high amounts of fentanyl. a drug that is up to 100 times stronger than morphine. two milligrams dose of the white powder is enough to kill most people. any pill that is not prescribed from a pharmacy could be deadly. it could be fake.>> reporter: the death toll this year from january through august is now up to 11 people. most of them under 25. including a 15-year-old girl from campbell and now a 16-year- old victim. last week the health department working with the das office and
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the medical examiner as the county office of education to get the word out to all parents. it is unknown how many school districts have complied with the request. the cambrian school district to send out an email today. about the fake hill death titled health advisory. i was shocked and taken back.>> reporter: allison got the email this morning. it comes down to education. while i was a little surprised in elementary and middle school district were sending out the information better for us to start feeding it into the kids.>> reporter: a direct message to all the young people watching. don't take a pill unless you or your parent got it directly from a pharmacy. don't take a pill that a friend has given you. don't take a pill you buy on the street. you have no idea what is in it. it could be deadly.>> reporter: signs of an overdose from these fake pills extreme drowsiness to the point you cannot wake up the person. droopy ice. constipation and also pinpoint pupils where the pupils are a
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dark black dot. now you know. here is a look at our other top stories. pg&e is shutting off power right now to thousands of customers in the sierra foothills. the electricity will stay on for now in sonoma napa and lake counties. parts of those areas have been put on notice the hot weather and predictive winds leading to high fire danger. pg&e could decide tomorrow on power safety shutdowns for the north bay. fire danger for the next few days especially in the north bay and east bay hills. in southern marin residents are being advised to map out an escape plan. in contra costa county firefighters are putting together new strike teams to respond quickly if any wildfires break out. opponents of a homeless shelter on the san francisco waterfront appeared to be out of luck. a judge ruled against neighbors
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who sued the city to stop the embarcadero navigation center from opening. it was taking shape in the parking lot near the bay bridge. and neighborhood and hercules have stepped up security by installing their own license plate readers. one of the new cameras is located at the entrance of camden lane. the other on kensington circle. residents have chosen to invite brother in is a way to keep criminals out.>> reporter: the coventry neighborhood and hercules doesn't have a lot of crime. they are determined to keep it that way. this neighborhood there are plenty of signs to make sure residents are following the rules. the newest sign is a message for outsiders. you are being watched. motion activated cameras at the two entrances record any cars and their license plate that passed through the street.>> it is a serious type of surveillance. it is beyond your normal system. you install it yourself and it is wireless and you can see people coming and going.
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this is deeper.>> reporter: victor admits that is in a lot of crime in history. his home is covered with cameras and he is pleased with what the new system with will offer. when the cars turn down our street it will take a picture of the license plate. it does share it with the department of justice. they can tell whether the car is stolen or someone that might be of interest>> reporter: the company said video is stored in the cloud for 30 days with the homeowner association controlling it at all times. police never see it unless the hla send it to them. the residents voted to allow the cameras. even if they are not sure how they work. some people might think their privacy will be affected. not for me personally. i come home at 1 am. i feel better that the cameras there. about victor said it is about peace of mind.
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even though there is no way to know what crimes cameras might be better. he wants his neighborhood to stay quiet. if anything we maintain the level that is out there now we will be happy with that. >> reporter: we are used to surveillance cameras. concerns about big brother are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. people seem willing to trade privacy to prevent crime even in places where they don't have a lot of crime. the homeowners association is paying $2000 a year to install and maintain those cameras. jury selection underway in an antitrust lawsuit against one of california's major hospital chains. sutter health. the department of justice accuses sutter of using its dominant market position to drive up prices in northern california. the attorney general said this can hurt competition and undermine the quality of healthcare across the region.
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sutter said it is not engaging in price gouging and it follows the law as it negotiates contracts with insurance companies. army soldier is under arrest accused of sharing bomb making instructions online. 24-year-old jarrett williams smith was stationed at fort riley kansas. fbi investigators said they got a tip about smith in march. saying he was using facebook to instruct people how to make explosive devices triggered by a cell phone. smith told an informant he was looking for more radicals like himself. he mentioned destroying nearby cell towers or a local news station. if convicted he could face up to 20 years in federal prison. a former dallas police officer is on trial for murder after shooting a man in his own apartment. amber guyger was off duty a year ago when she entered the wrong apartment thinking it was hers. moments later 26-year-old accountant jean was dead. it took time for investigators
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to bring charges against her. sparking protest over how dallas police handled the case against one of its own. i'm an off-duty officer. i thought i was in my apartment. i shot a guy thinking it was my apartment. i think justice looks like for his killer to be found guilty of murder. so that we can move on. the judge denied the request to move or delay the trial. amber guyger has pleaded not guilty and faces life in prison if convicted. school police officer in florida has been fired for arresting two children. officer dennis turner arrested 26-year-old in orlando. both in separate incidents. police have not revealed many details because of the children's age. they say one six-year-old was taken into custody last week for a temper tantrum. medical condition. she has a sleep disorder.
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sleep apnea. will i have sleep apnea and i don't behave like that. orlando police said the situation wasn't handled properly. florida state attorneys that they won't prosecute the misdemeanor charges in either case. e-cigarette maker under criminal investigation. details on a new federal probe. a man once underwater to propose to the love of his life. but never made it back up. his girlfriend's heartbreaking tribute. when dry shampoo becomes dangerous. a warning after a bottle burst and shattered her car's sunroof. opening statements begin in the trial of a love triangle murder. a bay area air is accused of planning to have the father of her children killed. the bombshell developments in court. the juul record.
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they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c.
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♪ big story tonight involving san francisco days vaping company jewel. the wall street journal is reporting that her prosecutors have now launched a criminal probe into the company. the investigation is being led by the u.s. attorney's office of the northern district of california. the focus is in the early stages. the e-cigarette maker is being blamed for a rise in vaping on teenagers. the fast-growing company has come under increasing scrutiny by state and federal officials. federal trade commission.
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fda. several state attorneys general. invest getting its marketing practices. the trump administration said earlier this month it planned to ban most flavored e- cigarettes. san francisco based company said it never marketed to teenagers. and that is products are intended for adults cigarettes smokers who want to switch. we reached out to san francisco based jewel for a comment. we have not heard back. tragedy for a louisiana couple in an underwater marriage proposal turned fatal. stephen weber and his girlfriend antoine were on vacation in tanzania. they were staying in a cabin with a bedroom submerged in the ocean. weber proposed on thursday by swimming underwater and holding a handwritten note. against the bedroom windows before presenting the ring. he then swam out of you but never resurfaced. and swallowed her rote on facebook you never got to hear my answer.
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yes yes 1 million times yes. i will marry you. her sister said authorities conducted an autopsy on her brother. but did not provide his cause of death. this could have been a serious situation when a can of dry shampoo exploded inside a car. a woman in st. louis posted the photos on facebook. that is her daughter's car. the dry shampoo was left in the car in the center console on a hot day. exploding with such force it blew the console cover off and blasted through the sunroof and landed 50 feet away from the car. the brand contained propane and butane which are both of course flammable. apple is getting ready to roll out this new version of the mac pro. this time the model will have more american-made parts than ever before. most of apple's products like the iphone are made overseas in china. the tech giant said it is making the next generation of desk top computers in austin
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texas. to avoid any terrified threats from production in china. samsung galaxy fold goes on sale in the u.s. this week. the phone is launching friday at select locations. the announcement comes after several months of delays mostly because of design. the $2000 smart phone can fold into and become a seven inch tablet. some tweaks have been made to fix problems with the phones hinge. prince harry and his wife megan kicked off their first official tour as a family. they are spending 10 days in africa with their son archie. the duke and duchess dance with a group of performers in cape town. after visiting with school kids. on this trip the couple also focusing on violence against women. baby archie expected to make some type of public appearance the next few days. a familiar sound returns to
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the streets of san francisco. the cable cars are back in action. the historic trolleys were off- line for 10 days. so crews could replace the gear boxes that power them. the $6 million project marks the first major overhaul in three-year decades. tourists and locals will love that. natural air conditioning in the cable car. it is really weird. the first day of fall. fall began this morning. which means it is time to warm up in san francisco. it is just weird. summer is the warm. not necessarily here. early fall can be the warmest weather at the beach in san francisco. in many coastal locations of northern california. first night of fall we are talking about a heat advisory. we have a heat advisory in effect almost the entire bay area. the coastline is the exception. high temperatures may mainly in the 80s 90s and the 100.
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this is not today. it is warm out today. tomorrow and wednesday. a two day hot snap. as of half offshore winds will push the heat so that one. only the 80s. oakland livermore in san jose 80s. a few low 90s concorde and santa rosa. close of the coast it is in the 70s. the cool is whether we get until thursday. thursday the onshore flow returns. mild tonight. sunrise is almost push back to 7 am. 6:59 am the sunrise tomorrow. 61 in the tri-valley. 55 santa rosa. 62 redwood city. pollen count has dropped at times over the past couple days. a couple weeks. because of some rainfall. it is beginning to trail down. it will be nice when we get rain on a regular basis. we are not there yet. it will be low to moderate the next couple days. from a4 to a six on a 1 to 12 scale. the sun angle is stronger th summer. get the warmest weather in san
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francisco in the fall. the winds change. we have ridges of high-pressure building to the west or north. storms passing by. every once in a while they will pass by to the east. these things in these locations low-pressure to the east. ridge to the west both give us a north or northeast wind. and offshore wind. we sit next to a cold ocean. the wind is coming from the other direction it doesn't factor to our weather. it will be sunny hot and dry with heights a critical fire danger the next couple days. no clouds tomorrow. we will see some high clouds moving in on wednesday. on thursday you can see the beginning of the end of the heat off to the west. low cloud cover off the coastline as we head toward friday in the we can. forget about heat we might be 10 degrees below average heading toward the weekend. a big storm moves into the pacific northwest. it brings back the onshore flow. a much cooler end to the week. we have to get to the heat the
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next two days. warm to hot through the middle of the week. cooling does begin thursday. almost everybody 18 or 19 degrees above average tomorrow. san jose 97. your average is 79. close to 100 and los gatos were tino campbell morgan hill in gilroy. 90s union city and hayward. 101 a creek. 103 for the chai valleys. record highs might fall tomorrow. san francisco 89. canfield 89 degrees. petaluma 98. sonoma 100. 97 clear lake tomorrow. we will be hot on tuesday and wednesday. warm all the way to the coast. significant cooling thursday. fall back below average friday and saturday. chile heading toward sunday and monday. get ready for a roller coaster ride temperatures the next seven days. oprah's next chapter in new book club pick is the beginning. the plans to connect readers in apple tv series.
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at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more.
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as a young teenagers today's students rising above scholar it made getting straight a's are top priority. like many students marlene struggled when she went to college. but still she pushed on. >> reporter: >> i had a dream and i knew i wanted to conquer it. once i got there it was.>> reporter: when she started at uc san diego she experienced more than her fair share of precollege jitters. being the first and the family to go to college. it was hard going to that alone in san diego. i didn't know anyone.>> reporter: her grades slipped. i went from an a student to getting my first see. this is not acceptable. >> reporter: she stuck it out. she is a senior studying microbiology and interning at bay area biotech giant gilead.>> i have always been the shy person.
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i have been pushing myself to meet other professionals. and to gain what their life experiences have been. how they have gotten here.>> reporter: she has always been interested in other people stories. in high school she volunteered with a peer education group to help young people manage stress. through arts and cultural activities. at the time several of her family members were engaged in the street violence of oakland. seeing their struggles inspired her to make education her top priority. i want a good life for myself. i want a good future. >> reporter: that passion for knowledge impresses mentors like doctor rebecca. this open curiosity and hunger for knowledge that is there will do her well. whatever direction she chooses to go.>> reporter: what she does in the future it remains to be seen. rascal or med school are possibilities. she is proud of herself for making it this far.
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she thinks her shy high school self would approve. i think she would be proud. she would tell me to keep going. to learn more about students rising above and is scholars go to our website. residence in the north bay scrambling to prepare for a potential pg any blackout. why local hardware stores estate the fire threat has changed their business. bay area city hacked. the virus that forced a complete shutdown of the city's computer system. the bay area city that has just been voted the best place to retire in california. it is not where you might think. ["white rabbit" by jefferson airplane]
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♪ one pill makes you larger ♪ and one pill makes you smaller ♪ ♪ and the ones that mother gives you ♪ ♪ don't do anything at all ♪ remember what the dormouse said ♪
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oprah revealing her next chapter today. she announce on cbs this morning oprah's book club is coming to apple tv plus. both the club and the platform will launch in november. a new episode will be available every two months.
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that was my goal is to partner with apple and have a wide bandwidth so we can create a community of readers around the world. her first book club selection is water dancer. his first novel. that follows his acclaimed nonfiction work. the news at 6 pm begins right now. changes coming to the weather. it is going to get hot. the fire danger increases. i will explain why and for how long. things have changed. today it is generators. it doesn't end there. how fire danger has revolutionized the hardware store or business in the north bay. the trial begins for a bay area heiress accused of plotting to kill the father of her children. why her laurier said the wrong people are being put on trial.
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high fire danger. a red flag warning has been issued for parts of the bay area because of that. pg any may shut off power in sonoma napa and lake counties. that could t


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