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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  October 1, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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now at 4:30, looking live from our exclusive salesforce tower camera down at the bay bridge this morning. it is tuesday, october 1st. we are starting a new month. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. it is starting to feel like fall. feeling the bite in the air. check the temperatures with marry mary. >> grab the jacket as you head out the door and bundle up because we are in the 40s and 50s and some spots even dipping down into the 30s this morning. we are in the low 40s in santa rosa, upper 40s for san jose and for concord, mid-40s for oakland, and looking at 53 for oakland and for san francisco. so we will have that sun for today, milder temperatures compared to yesterdaag so san francisco mid-60s, upper 60s for today in oakland. low 70s in san jose and mid-70s
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in concord, so temperatures running anywhere from four to 8 degrees cooler than normal. we will talk about our warming trend as we head through the week and when highs will actually get to above average temps, coming up. good morning. taking a look at throadways right now, we start off with the south bay where we find our one and only accident right now, southbound t no dela. off to a e south bay. 280 and guadalupe parkway off to a good start. seeing our typical brake lights out of tracy connecting onto 580 westbound, speeds dipping down to about 18 miles per hour so already slow as you work your way through there. your drive times, though, check this out, still in the green, good news if you're hopping out on the roadways early, you should be good to go on 580, 80, highway 4 and 101, and looks like 880, the nimitz freeway so far, so good rt at the coliseum, no delays southbound. we are going live to hong kong where protests continue
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and you can see right there a protester standing off with police, they are spraying some sort of liquid at her. this has been an increase of violence over the last 24 hours. here's some video from that. and we just heard that police shot a pro-democracy protester in the chest. we don't know that person's condition, but that's the first time an officer actually opened fire on somebody in this escalating violence there. this is in the schwenw wan area. other officers using tear gas and water cannons to try to keep demonstrators at bay. subway stations are shut down as protesters try to make their way to beijing's liaison office. protests have demonstrators usi the communist party 70th anniversary of rule as a time
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to make their stand. developing out of alameda county this morning, a hayward man who acted as a san francisco tour guide is accused of being a top secret spy for the chinese government. details of the case shows edward pong wrapping $20,000 in cash, taping it under a tv stand at a hotel in georgia. a few hours later pong allegedly comes back to pick up a memory card he thought had classified national security information. but in reality a double agent working for the fbi is the one who left the memory card in the dresser. according to court documents, that double agent penetrated the spy ring in the bay area back in 2015. the agent was directed to pong who would pick up the memory cards and then fly them from the u.s. to china. some neighbors say that the pieces are now starting to come together. >> you're surprised but at the same time we weren't shocked because we were kind of like, you know, well, that explains the car, well, that explains why it doesn't seem like anybody is working that often. itinth sho neighborhood. u 't expe s ey hacontrol over
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information being delivered to pong through the double agent. he is due in court for a hearing tomorrow. late last night e-cigarette giant juul announced it will end its support for proposition c, a san francisco ballot measure that it spent millions promoting. protesters rallied against prop c. overturn the city's ban on e- cigarette sales. juul has poured more than $11 million into the yes on c campaign but now pulling out as part of a company wide review by the new ceo. he says, quote, i am committed to seeing that juul engages productively with all stakeholders. san francisco is not only the home of our company's founding but is also the home of many of our talented employees. the campaign director on the no side is skeptical. he says, quote, this could very well be yet another of a series of lies and exaggerations from juul and big cco. football players accused of
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a possible assault. the alleged incident happey are the players as well as witnesses right now to figure out if an assault actually occurred among the players. and while they remain tight lipped about the allegations, students say the players are being accused of an assault against one mae stents say the several players were roughhousing and may have taken it too far. >> it was just like the team messing around, like they always do. >> but he does have a point. if he didn't like it, then they shouldn't have done it but i don't think he should have gone to the police as well. >> the students tell us that the players have been suspended and can't play on the team for now. meantime, the district superintendent is urging the students to allow police to figure out the facts instead of fueling the rumor mill. more than 30 protesters were arrested in san francisco after occupying a whole foods store for three hours.
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tn yesterday on this citizen app video. animal rights activists chained themselves to the noe valley store thence. hee roof holding cut-outs of jeff bezos' head. they claim whole foods is buying goods from several farms with cruel conditions. in a statement whole foods said direct action everywhere is repeated targeting whole foods stores jeopardizes the safety of our customers and team members including today at our noe valley store. the heavy boulders meant to keep homeless people from pitching tents on a san francisco street have been carted off by the city per neighbors' requests. according to public works officials the residents on clinton park asked the city to remove them after receiving threats from critics. neighbors put out the rocks weeks ago saying the encampments had gotten out of control. public works says that the city is working on a better solution to keep the tents off the sidewalks. a live look at washington, d.c. today one of president
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trump's closest confidant's faces a congressional subpoena to hand over documents related to ukraine, that as we are learning more about who was listening in on that phone call between president trump and ukraine's president. cbs's laura podesta is in new york with details. >> reporter: president trump's personal lawyer has been subpoenaed by house democrats as part of the impeachment inquiry. three committee chairmen says rudy giuliani acted as an agent of the president in a scheme to advance his personal political interests by abusing the power of the office of the president. they want all documents related to his dealings with ukraine since the president's inauguration. >> i'm weighing the alternatives. i'm kind of like go through it, get all my evidence together, i'll get my charts. >> reporter: giuliani has admitted to asking ukrainian officials to investigate former corruption, claims that are
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unproven. giuliani was mentioned 31 times in the whistleblower complaint about president trump's phone call with ukraine's president. >> the call was perfect. when the whistleblower reported it, he made it sound terrible. >> reporter: according to a white house summary of that call, mr. trump repeatedly asked president vlad zelensky to look into the bidens. mike pompeo was listening in. >> we don't know what he did. >> reporter: on the late show with stephen colbert hillary clinton questioned his actions. >> he should have been one of the very first people to just say, wait a minute, we got to clean this up. you can't let that stand. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says if the house passes articles of impeachment he would hold a trial in the senate. laura podesta, cbs news. former ukraine envoy kurt volker will testify thursday. giuliani said he communicated with volker about his dealings with the campaign.
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kamala harris is shake being up her campaign team this morning as she struggles to gain tracticr primary race. rdg politico, harris has decided to elevate two staff members into senior positions in the campaign. the current campaign manager will have a reduced role. happening today, a jury continues deliberating the fate of a former dallas police officer accused of murdering her neighbor. a verdict could come anytime now. amber guyger is charged with shooting and killing botham jean inside his apartment last september. she claims she mistook it for her own. prosecutors called guyger's claim she didn't know she was in the wrong apartment absurd. jean was unarmed and eating a bowl of ice cream in his living room when guyger killed him. >> your home is supposed to be your sanctuary where you feel safe. we can't have intruders busting in killing homeowners. >> if convicted of murder, guyger faces up to life in prison but if the jury finds her guilty of manslaughter, she could be sentenced to up to 20
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years. the end of the trial coincides with what would have been botham jean's 28th birthday. fremont police are warning about a brazen jewelry theft scam. nine cases have been reported since january, the latest on mcduff avenue. police say a man inside a vehicle asked a woman who was walking by for directions. the suspect then claimed that he was giving away his mother's jewelry and then placed fake gold chains around the victim's neck stealing her real gold necklace in the process. police say that most of the victims reported seeing a couple inside a car and the female suspect appeared to have gold front teeth. it is 4:41. >> rng, another san francisco restaurant falls victim to sky high rent. why this local's favorite says it just can't keep up. a live look at the bay bridge, 52 degrees in san francisco to start. the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection.
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to craig, this rock. i ave es my all il o on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california. this morning a new report claims that eating red meat might not be so bad after all. diane king hall has that story and more in today's money watch report. >> reporter: wall street finished the last trading day of september with gains. the dow rose 96 points, the nasdaq gained 59, and the s&p 500 added 14. shares of apple rose more than 2% after ceo tim cook said iphone 11 sales have been
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strong. the jump pushed apple's trillio a vote of confidence by jpmorgan chase analyst helped the iphone maker after raising his forecast for shipment volumes. another possible delay for the return of the boeing 737 max jets. pilot union leaders at southwest say don't expect to fly the troubled planes until at least february. that's later than southwest or boeing projected. union leaders say among the factors keeping the plane grounded, pilot training requirements and possible changes to checklists that pilots are expected to perform when something goes awry. a new report by a group of international scientists concludes eating red meat may not be as bad as previously thought. new guidelines published in the annals of internal medicine say most people do not need to lower their amount of red and processed meat. the conclusions was quickly attacked by a group of prominent u.s. scientists who tried to stop publication of
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the sed th's youcbs money watch report. for more, head to cbs at the new york stock exchange i'm diane king hall. another popular bay area restaurant closing its doors due to the high cost in rent. dosea on valencia had a 15 year run in the mission. the owner said when it opened in 2005 rent was around $6000. it has since tripled to about $19,000 a month, adding to that, rising minimum wages and san francisco employer mandates. >> huge concern for us that our employees, you know, can make a living wage to live in san bega moving out. the price of housing went up, you know. so then there were labor shortages because of that. >> the owner of dosea says its locations in the fillmore and oakland stilst open 4:45 rightnow we check weather once again. last week it felt like summer, this week at
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chill in the air for sure. definitely feeling like autumn and we are starting off the day with temperatures even colder than yesterday morning. so grab that jacket, that coat as you head out the door. check out our temperatures right now and a live look with our salesforce tower camera, we are in the 40s and 50s this morning. 48 for you in concord. oakland at 52. also for downtown san francisco, mid-40s in livermore, upper 40s in san jose and low 40s right now for santa rosa, and some locations are even down to the 30s as we start off the day. 24 hour temperature change and you can see we are much cooler compared to yesterday morning. yesterday at this time looking at 7 degrees cooler at half moon bay, 9 for novato, napa, fairfield, 5 degrees cooler in concord and 4 degrees cooler in san jose. your weather headlines, clear skies, chilly temps, grab that jacket this morning. we will see the sun and milder
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daytl below average for this time of year. a gradual warming trend each day as we head through the week as high pressure builds in for us. but by the numbers, we are ending the month of september on a warm note. of course we saw record temperatures earlier in the month. so the 12th warmest september in san francisco history, the third warmest since 1997. of course back in 2017 we had that big heatwave and that's when we saw an all time record high in 2017 of 107 degrees in san francisco. but we are not talking about the heat. we are actually talking about cooler temperatures once again today. also looking at that low pressure system that gave us that solid taste of autumn. that will continue to push to the east. a ridge of high pressure will build in. we are going to be warming up but we are not expecting a big heatwave, just temps a little
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bit warmer than normal. as we go through the day on futurecast and you can see all of that sunshine. as we head through tomorrow, temperatures a little bit warmer still and then as we look ahead to the end of the workweek, a pleasant october for us to start with high pressure building in. so daytime highs for today, check it out, 74 in concord, 70 in fremont, upper 60s oakland, mid-60s in san francisco. and there we go with that warmer weather for tomorrow, a little dip on thursday bu >>let's check in with gianna with the bay bridge trek. >> not a lot of traffic. live look at the bay bridge near the toll plaza, business as usual. we will typically see cars stack up in the cash lanes but overall a quiet ride from this point across the span into the city. on the flip side, if you are hopping on the lower deck of the bay bridge, mobile 5 out and about this morning, cruising there out of san francisco over towards the east bay and you can see conditions are free flowing, no delays right now as you work your way
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pretty q. taking a look at the rest of our bay area bridges, san mateo, 13 minute drive time to go between 880 towards 101 in foster city. no delays northbound as you work your way towards sfo. southbound also quiet into the south bay. 880, the nimitz freeway not seeing really any construction projects or slowdowns this morning, so pretty light conditions northbound. southbound so far, so good. a few more cars hitting the roadway around hayward but seeing nice speeds as you work your way through there. really our only hot spot right now is 580 westbound, 205 to 680, a 30 minute drive time. 80, highway 4 all in the green this morning. minor problem, two car crash, they just ran a traffic break, cleared it over to the right shoulder south 680 at tree boulevard. they did have one lane blocked but they are clearing this over to the right shoulder and we are seeing speeds improve as you work your way out of pleasant hill into walnut creek this morning. and westbound 580 brake lights
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coming away from 205 getting onto 580 itself. once you pass grant, traffic to major u.k. network and just in time for halloween a treat for fans of "stranger things." >> chris martinez has your eye on entertainment report. >> reporter: "stranger things" is coming back for a fourth season. netflix announced the hit sci- fi series return with a cryptic trailer. netflix signed the show's creators to a multiyear movie contract. no word yet on when strangers things season 4 will be available for streaming. we are the first dependent intelligence agency. >> the inn"a glimpse into who world war i era intelligence agents willfiting. the "kingsman," a prequel to
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the kingsmen series arrives in february. and the edwardian england in the newest adaptation of hg wells war of the worlds. a young couple faces terror of the alien invasion. war of the worlds will air on bbc1 this fall. that's your eye on entertainment. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. as california goes, so goes the nation and yesterday this state ha changed college sports forever. and why a raider linebacker may have his final kiss in silver and black. and before we head to break, take a live look e tsid
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a landmark day for student athletes in california who will be able to make money starting in 2023. yesterday governor gavin newsom signed the bill into law. >> let's do it, man. all right. >> with lebron james by his side, newsom made it possible for athletes from california to hire agents, get endorsement deals and profit from their likeness. it's the beginning of what many hope is an entire overhaul of college sports. and draymond green is one of the biggest proponents. >> we spend so much time broke with no money and yet everybody else was living very well, universities making a ton of money off your likeness. someone needs to force this dictatorship to change beca it
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it's no different than any country that's ran by dictators. the >> draymond made those comments yesterday at warrior meeting day at chase center. the team announcing that newcomer willie cauley-stein suffered a foot injury last week and will miss a month. expected to be the starting center. nfl raider linebacker vontaze burdick was -- not pleased with the decision. >> nobody on the field in our stadium or in this zip code made the call to eject him. that came from new york city, so what can i do? i don't have a cell phone on the field. >> and turns out new york decided to suspend burfict for the rest of the season after he left with his helmet. burfict has a track record of dangerous hits, hence the most severe punishment for an on field incident, he is appealing
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the decision. burfict's former team the bengals got worked by the steelers. look at the size of that cast on big ben. quarterback mason rudolph trying to rebound from the loss against san francisco and this should do it. 43 yards to deonte johnson, pittsburgh 27-3. the bengals are 0-4. on sunday the chiefs quicked by the lions with a touchdown with 24 seconds to go in the game. kansas city is 4-0. it wasn't pretty and head coach andy reid summed it up like this. >> hey, not all of mozart's paintings were perfect. the end result, though, that sucker is going to sell for $1 million. ♪[ music ] >> one small problem. there are no paintings. mozart was a pianist. that is the latest. in sports, i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. >> he was a composer, yeah, for sure. >> pretty good. time now is 4:57. we know who else was listening on that call between president
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trump and his ukrainian counterpart back in july. coming up who democrats say should have blown the whistle before the whistleblower. and a man accused of building a chinese spy for the government haywd hborhood. we have fbi surveillance video that they announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american addiction. how juul hooked kids and ignited a public health crisis." other news outlets report- juul took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. markets e-cigarettes with kid friendly flavors and uses nicotine to addict them. 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. juul is "following big tobacco's playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. a bay area tour guide accused of spying for china. the fbi says they have video evidence. plus a former yahoo software engineer accused of hacking, then it gets really creepy. what investigators say he was trying to find. and one bay area county wants you to buy electric cars so badly, they will help you pay for it. >> good morning. it is tuesday, october 1st. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now 5s eck in with mary lee are a look at our forecast.
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good morning. >> good tuesday morning to you, michelle and kenny. as we are looking at temps on the chilly side for sure. so definitely colder compared to yesterday morning. you will feel that difference once you step outside. so right now 48 degrees in concord, oakland you're at 52 as well as for downtown san francisco. low 40s in livermore, 47 in san jose, santa rosa coming in at 40. take you through the day with your micro climate forecast. we will see plenty of sun. it's going to be a milder day compared to yesterday, but still we are looking at below average temps for this time of year. for the coast, breezy and cool, in the low 60s, for the bay in the mid to upper 60s for daytime highs and for inland locations in the low to mid- 70s. we will talk about a warmup as we head through the week. details on that coming up. now let's check in with gianna for a look at traffic. >> headed out the


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