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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  October 1, 2019 5:00am-5:58am PDT

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pay for it. >> good morning. it is tuesday, october 1st. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now 5s eck in with mary lee are a look at our forecast. good morning. >> good tuesday morning to you, michelle and kenny. as we are looking at temps on the chilly side for sure. so definitely colder compared to yesterday morning. you will feel that difference once you step outside. so right now 48 degrees in concord, oakland you're at 52 as well as for downtown san francisco. low 40s in livermore, 47 in san jose, santa rosa coming in at 40. take you through the day with your micro climate forecast. we will see plenty of sun. it's going to be a milder day compared to yesterday, but still we are looking at below average temps for this time of year. for the coast, breezy and cool, in the low 60s, for the bay in the mid to upper 60s for daytime highs and for inland locations in the low to mid- 70s. we will talk about a warmup as we head through the week. details on that coming up. now let's check in with gianna for a look at traffic. >> headed out the door early,
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so far, so good. most of our freeways no major snags especially out of marin county. commuting from 37 along 101 down into san francisco, should be a pretty easy ride. very quiet as your d minutes to go from 37 to the golden gate bridge with clocking in nice speeds. southbound into mill valley, into sausalito. a traffic hazard in the roadway, slight delays westbound highway 4 into pittsburg, railroad avenue, blocking the right lane and shoulder, some sort of debris there. once you're past that, nice speeds towards east shore freeway. 26 minutes highway 4 out of antioch as you head to hercules, westbound 580 coming off of 205, you will see that slow and go condition to grant line. once you're past that point, traffic looks good towards the dublin interchange with no delays on 680 itself. an easy ride out of the east
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bay into san francisco. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk and we are continuing to follow the latest in the violence in hong kong. it had been escalating over the last rsof china's communist party rule 70 years. so hong kong has of protests o last several months that are now leading up to this. look at all these riot police that you see. and one police officer just within the last couple of hours shot a pro-democracy protester in the chest. that's the first time that we saw that. we are waiting to find out about that person's condition right now. other officers have been using tear gas, as you can see here, and water cannons to try to keep protesters at bay. subway stations are shut down right now as protesters try to make their way to beijing's liaison office. and again we are continuing to keep our eye on that as the
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demonstrations and the violence continue as we speak. back to you. it is like something out of ing a top secret spy for the chinese government. the u.s. attorney's office says edward pong was acting as a chinese tour guide all while delivering classified u.s. documents to china. kpix5's jackie ward is in his neighborhood for us this morning where neighbors are shocked. jackie. >> reporter: good morning. the people who live around here know the accused spy as ed. he lives here with his two kids and his wife. we spoke to his wife off camera last night. she said she had no idea that any of this was happening. take a look at the video surveillance that we have from the fbi. they say that this proves that he is a chinese spy. they say you can see edward pong wrapping $20,000 in cash and taping it under a tv stand at a hotel in georgia. a few hours later agents say pong came back to pick up a memory card he thought contained classified national security information. in reality a double agent
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working for the fbi is the one esser. some neighbors we spoke to said they couldn't believe it. while others said it all made sense. >> you're surprised but at the same time like, you know, well, that explains the car. well, that explains why it doesn't seem like anybody is working that often. >> reporter: according to court documents, that double agent penetrated the spy ring in the bay area in 2015. the agent was directed to pong who would pick up the memory cards and fly them from the u.s. to china. pong will be in court tomorrow. if convicted, he could face up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. live in hayward, jackie ward, kpix5. 5:04 right now. president trump's personal attorney, rudy giuliani, has been subpoenaed by house democrats now as part of the impeachment inquiry. as we take a live look at the white house this morning, three committee chairmen are demanding that giuliani hand over all documents related to his dealings with ukraine since
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the president's inauguration. >> did you testify -- >> i'm weighing the alternatives. i'm kind of like go through it, i'll get all my evidence together. i'll get my charts. >> ukrainian officials to investigate former vice president joe biden and his son. cbs news confirmed that secretary of state mike pompeo actually listened in on the president's call to ukraine's leader. >> he should have been one of the very first people to, you know, just say, wait a minute, we got to clean this up. you can't let that stand. >> on the late show with stephen colbert, former secretary of state hillary clinton questioned giuliani's actions. meanwhile senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says if the house passes articles of impeachment, he would hold then a trial in the u.s. senate. democrats aren't wasting anytime. former ukraine envoy kurt volker will testify on thursday. giuliani said he communicated with volker about his dealings with ukraine. back here at home,
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congressman mark desaulnier is hosting two town halls on the impeachment inquiry in california this week. the first one is tonight at pittsburg's delta view elementary school. then he will hold a town hall in richmond on thuray at deansa high school. and representative eric swalwell holding a town hall on the impeachment inquiry for residents in his district. that one scheduled for tonight at james logan high school in union city at 6:30. a former yahoo software engineer has pled guilty to hacking into thousands of yahoo accounts. prosecutors say the tracy man was looking for sexual images and videos. he used his access at work to target mostly younger women, including friends and colleagues. he faces a sentence of five years in prison and a $250 million fine. attorneys for derick almena, the defendant in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire are pushing for a reduction in his bail. his trial on manslaughter charges ended in a mistrial
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earlier this month. another defendant, max harris, was acquitted and released from jail. now almena's lawyers want a significant reduction in his bail at $750,000. they say prosecutors have provided no evidence. he poses a danger to the public or is a flight risk. a judge will consider the motion on new trial for almena. last night e-cigarette giant juul announcing it will end its support for proposition c, a san francisco ballot measure that it spent millions promoting. protesters rallied against prop c earlier this month. it would overturn the city's ban on e-cigarette sales. juul poured more than 11 million into the yes on c campaign but now pulling out as part of a companywide review by the new ceo. he says, quote, i am committed to seeing that juul engages productively with all stakeholders. san francisco is not only the home of our company's founding but also is the home of many of
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our talented employees. campaign director on the no side is skeptical saying that could very well be yet another of a series of lies and exaggerations from juul and big tobacco. happening today, if you live in san mateo county and looking for ways to discounts on a brand-new electric car. taking a live look now at, whic have a few more green vehicles crossing it soon, the discounts are all thanks to a peninsula clean energy program. the idea is to cut fossil fuel emissions from traffic. residents can get $7000 off a 2019 chevy bolt ev at putnam chevrolet in burlingame, $3200 off a ford fusion at serramonte ford in colma. and $3000 off a bmw 53 at bmw san mateo. for a full list of cars and county rebates go to our website at
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coming up our kpix5 original series project home and this week we are asking can we sue our way out of the housing crisis? e loou dostt. schoolthat jacket or coat. it's another chilly morning. in fact, even colder than yesterday morning. and that fall chill is here. we will talk about a warmup as we head through the week. details coming up. and so far things are fairly quiet on the live look at the richmond san rafael bridge. a complete look at your ♪
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now to our original series project home, can we sue our cr a san francisco nonprofit is trying to do that. >> a closer look at why some suburban communities are being taken to court. >> reporter: sonia trouse has a plan to solve the housing crisis. she is suing the suburbs. >> i bought the url, like sue the also goes to our website. >> reporter: sonia is a self- proclaimed yimbi. it is short for yes in my back yard. they are usually young professionals who are pro development. sonia co-founded the yimby party in san francisco. >> go to city council meetings and say we need more housing
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eporter:her organization ing ha california renters legal advocacy and education fund or carla, has sued nine california communities for refusing to build. their weapon of choice, the housing accountability act which essentially boils down to this. >> if a city zones for something, says okay you can build an apartment building here and a developer comes and proposes something in the zoning, the city has to -- >> it's antagonistic, it has a bullying quality to it. >> reporter: meet susan kerch, a mill valley resident, an advocate for slow growth or as sonia would call her, a nimby. nimby is short for not in my back yard. nimbys are usually wealthy homeowners who fight development proposed where they live. susan successfully fought a project that would have put a 20 unit apartment building literally in her back yard. >> that project has stopped.
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still stopped. >> reporter: she knows what you're thinking, a white haired lady in marin county is fighting development but she challenging you to see it as more than that. to her it's a threat to the american dream of owning a back yard, knowing your neighbors and feeling like you have a say in what happens in your community. >> what we are facing is kind of a crisis in capitalism and we need to be revisiting the extent to which capitalism is undermining so many of those things that we value and care for. >> do you empathize with them? >> not really. >> reporter: sonia says if anything, nimbys like susan taught her the concept of suing their way through the housing california. nimbys use to oppose projects and delay the building process. a uc hastings study found 87% of seekwa lawsuits challenged the development that's proposed in an existing community.
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only 13% of seekwa lawsuits thhoing crisdenitely somebody w to send that message, send it to all of those neighborhood groups abusing the process. >> reporter: susan worries that it is developer dollars masquerading as -- >> not wanting things in our back yard. the stronger message i think is that there are a lot of people who are stewards, not just of their own back yard but of the backyards of other people. >> reporter: the question is, is there room enough in crowded california for both or will lawsuits over land prevent anyone from finding common ground. susie steimle, kpix5. >> sonia says the next city will likely be san bruno. you might rememberhe mills park plaza development, a 425 unit complex that was up to code and would have added $10 million into the city's general
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fund. the project didn't go through because one city council member voted against it. remember to send us your thoughts and ideas to project home at suzie joins us wednesday night at 11:00 p.m. cafind all of her stories on under the project home tab. 5:16 right now. as we check traffic, it looks like 580 a little slow this morning. >> a little slow in the usual spots of altamont pass area that connecting over from tracy but overall it's a pretty decent ride if you're hitting the roadways early, you should be good to go for the most part. in fact, our photographer chris is out and about in mobile 5 this morning getting us a live look at the freeways. un580 towards dublin so - or right now traffic is moving pretty nicely, at least through this portion with no delays out of the castro valley y, things are quiet through there. elsewhere, though, it's here where you're going to see the slow spots, this is from 205 coming out of tracy connecting onto 580 into the altamont pass. 35 minutes is your drive time now with an average speed of
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about 40 miles per hour. seeing speeds dip down to about 9 miles per hour coming away from mountain house getting onto that 580 connector. if you are a supercommuter and typically take it ride, you know what to expect. dublin interchange, you're looking good there. if you're traveling westbound 4 this morning a bit of a snag at railroad avenue. some sort of debris in the roadway in the right lane and the right shoulder. looks like it's starting to cause a bit of a backup now as you work your way westbound into pittsburg, 29 minutes, that's your drive time now, to go from antioch towards the east shore freeway. over towards east shore freeway, fairly quiet, no delays westbound as you head into richmond, into berkeley. you are going to start seeing brake lights at the bay idge. no metering lights yet but seeing the backup hit beyond the that 880 overpass. looks like traffic is starting to stack up heading through that. extra volume on the san mateo bridge but drive time still looks good, 14 minutes to go between 880 and 101 with no delays on 101 and no delays along 880 right now, at least
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near the coliseum. that's our live shot northbound, the tail lights working their way through oakland. southbound headlights this morning into hayward, traffic looks good there. and san jose, northbound 101 in the green, moving up to speed. south of there out of gilroy, traffic starting to load up a bit. here's mary with your forecast. >> it's a chilly start to the day, actually had to throw another blanket on the bed. it was cold. that fall chill for sure as we kick off october and we are looking at temperatures in the 30s, 40s and in the 50s to start off the day. a live look with our salesforce tower cam, looking east at the clear skies. concord 48 degrees, oakland 52, livermore 42, 52 in downtown san francisco, san jose 47. and 40 degrees right now for santa rosa. 24 hour temperature change and we are colder compared to yesterday morning at this time, anywhere from two to 10 degrees cooler compared to yesterday.
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so clear skies, chilly temps, bundle up and grab that jacket as you head out the door for work and school. you will need it this morning. we will see that sun as we head through the afternoon, milder daytime highs but still below average for this time of year. and as you look ahead to the rest of the week, gradual warming as high pressure builds in. now, october 1st, the start of a new water year for us and looking back at last water year, and we did pick up a lot of rain. of course we had that record rainfall last winter and spring. we had two atmospheric river events. we picked up 48 hundredths and more of that for santa rosa. more than 25 -- or 48 inches and 25 inches or more in san francisco. almost 17 inches in livermore and about 16 1/2 for san jose. so we actually got out of our droughts. e out of that drought with able and we are hoping for a good
5:20 am
rainfall for this october -- the start of october for the water year. well, here is this low pressure system and that solid taste of autumn that brought the colder temperatures for us, we are going to see that low kick off and push off to the east and a ridge of high pressure building in and with that our temperatures will be warming up so as we go through the day today, temps will be a little bit warmer compared to yesterday, we will see that sunshine as we head through the afternoon and then for tomorrow a little bit warmer still. so daytime highs for today, looking at 72 in santa clara, also for san jose, 74 for morgan hill, 72 in walnut creek, 74 in pleasant hill and for concord. 66 in san francisco, 67 in berkley and 69 for a daytime high in oakland, rmer still fo your wednesday, a minor dip on thursday, but warming right back up friday and into the weekend with temperatures saturday and sunday, the 5:now. o >> tha
5:21 am
a popular heartburn medication pulled off store shelves. coming up, what you > ahead in stories. coming up at 7:00 on cbs this morning, the whistleblower impeachment. new florida law that allows teachers to carry guns in the classroom, and a little a little noss reveals his -- i just need to have that pen between my fingers and make all the arrows and turn the page over and do all of that. >> she could still do that, like on a computer. >> it does -- it does look like you're up in a cabin writing your manifesto. >> that is so embarrassing.
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. the nation's pharmacy chains stopped selling a por heartburn medicati cvs zantac and its generic version off store shelves because of concerns of a possible link to cancer. the fda says the drug contains
5:25 am
it calls a probable carcinogen. together cvs and walgreen's run u.s. more top health stories now. the cdc says it confirmed two more cases of measles last week bringing this year's total to 1243. that's the most since 1992, eight years before measles was declared to have been eradicated in the u.s. also a new report suggests that fish oil supplements may help ward off some kinds of cardiovascular disease. a team at harvard university looked at studies that compared the effects of omega three fish oil. people who took the supplements were less likely to develop heart problems, though just as likely to suffer a stroke. and researchers in england say that coastal living can improve one's mental health. lower rates of anxiety, depression and other mental disorders were discovered in areas closer to the sea. the finding was the same in res
5:26 am
communities and in poor harbor towns. we are going live to china right after this break. they are having a huge celebration to mark the anniversary of communist rule there. meantime, protests ramping up in hong kong. a man who lives in this hayward neighborhood is accused of being a spy for the chinese government. hear from some of his neighbor finally, some math you're really going to like.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. now at 5:30, the gilroy high school football team under investigation. this morning the accusations of assault. plus these college kids are camping out but this is not the line for concert tickets. why they just want a place to live. and a neighborhood plans to stop a sidewalk camping back fires. a new twist in this battle over boulders. good morning, everyone.
5:30 am
it is monday, october 1st, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. about 5:30 right now. let's get a check of the forecast. definitely feeling like fall. >> that's right. grab that jacket and coat as you head out the door. it's feeling even colder compared to yesterday morning with temperatures in the 30s, 40s and in the 50s as we start off the day. in fact, many locations in the 40s, from 48 in concord, looking at 42 in livermore, 47 in san jose, 40 santa rosa this morning. low 50s from oakland and downtown san francisco. taking you through the day with all of that sun, now temperatures will be milder compared to yesterday. so little bit warmer compared to yesterday. but still below average for this time of year. san francisco mid-60s, upper 60s in jose and mid-70s in concord. temperatures running anywhere from four to 8 degrees cooler than average. we are going to continue to warm things up as we head 580 through the dublin interchange. headlights working their way towards 680 seeing a few more
5:31 am
bonot d 's easof there where we a lot of brake lights. the typical slow and go condition as you work your way out of tracy heading into the livermore valley this morning. the altamont pass sluggish with speeds dipping down to about 10 miles per hour. slow and go ride as you head through there. slow and go coming out of antioch this morning into pittsburg, broken-down vee ucin causing an early backup once you're past that point, though, traffic is clear all the way towards the east shore freeway. 41 minutes now 580 heading from 205 over toward 680, east shore freeway still in the green and seeing the 36 minute drive time now from antioch over towards hercules 280 keon scenee avehie th t hide on thriof the roadway. fbi says a hay living a double life. they say edward peng, a tour guide for chinese visitors were really a top secret spy for the
5:32 am
chinese government. kpix5 jackie ward is in his neighborhood for us with more details this morning. jackie. >> reporter: some neighbors say they just had no idea. they say they know this accused spy as ed, he lives here with his wife and two kids but the fbi says that he's actually a secret agent working for the chinese government and they have the video to prove it. so let's take a look at this surveillance video. in it fbi agents say ug see edward peng wrapping $20,000 in cash and taping it under a tv stand at a hotel in georgia. a few hours later agents say peng came back to pick up a memory card he thought contained classified national security information. in reality a double agent working for the fbi is the one who left the memory card in the dresser. here's what peng's neighbors had to say about him being an alleged spy. >> i'm shocked. you wouldn't expect it in this neighborhood. you wouldn't expect it anywhere. >> i don't know what to think or say. that's crazy. >> reporter: according to court
5:33 am
documents, that double agent penetrated the spy ring in the bay area in 2015. the agent was directed to peng who would pick up the memory cards and fly them from the u.s. to china. peng will be in court tomorrow and if convicted, he could face up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. live in hayward, jackie ward, kpix5. happening today, a new start for so-called stranded californians. cal brite college opens up today. it's the first free online only community college. it is intended for the state's growing population of adults who are working more than one part-time job and those who are not be paid a living age. cal bright students will earn industry based certifications to help advance their career. the school is accepting about 400 applicants for this school year. now to a fight for affordable housing in santa clara university. today students will learn if it was worth it to camp out in the cold for days to secure a home near campus for next year. this company handles the leasing for dozens of housing
5:34 am
and apartments within walking distance of the school. they require leasing be done in person starting today. >> i have put in like 12 hours, like nine consecutive, three overnight. it's been absolutely awful. >> most of us spending like every night here and last night it actually rained. we all got soaking wet. >> santa clara university says they have a surplus of on- campus housing for undergrads right now. it ranges from about 14,000 to $20,000 a year. students say it is cheaper to live with roommates somewhere else. right now an investigation on the gilroy high school campus. football players accused of a possible assault. the alleged incident happened before friday's home game. police say that they are questioning the players as weas fiut ifan assault actually occurred among the players. and while they remain tight lipped about the allegations, students say that the players are being accused of sexual assault against one of their teammates. these students say they heard
5:35 am
several players were rough housing and may have taken it too far. >> it was just like the team messing around, like they always do. >> he does have a point. like if he didn't like it, then they shouldn't have done it but i don't think he should have gotten the police involved or anything like that. >> the students tell us that the players have been suspended and can't play on the team for now. meantime, the district superintendent is urging students to allow police to figure out the facts instead of fueling the rumor mill. a new poll shows strong support for oversight of vaccine medical exemptions for california school kids. the uc berkeley poll shows 83% of voters favor the new state law requiring parents vaccinate their children. 61% favor it strongly, just 16%n education levels and geography. starting next year the state will review medical exemptions written by doctors who have given five orrevaccine waivers and at schools with an
5:36 am
immunization rate below 95%. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk and let's go live to beijing, china where a huge celebration is ongoing. it is elaborate, colorful and this is all to commemorate the anniversary of communist rule in china, the 70th anniversary. they call it a national day celebration. they are having a military parade and fireworks and this is in stark contrast to the scenes that we are seeing right now in hong kong as protests continue there. these are pro-democracy demonstrators that have been at it for months but things have been escalating, really in just the last couple of hours after one protester was shot in the chest by also been using tear gas and water cannons to try to control the crowd. right now it appears as if a ot
5:37 am
they are standing their ground, for sure. we are keeping an eye on it. back to you. >> thank you. the heavy boulders meant to keep homeless people from francisco street have been carted off by the city per neighbors' reques.cordg to publ officials, the residents on clinton park asked the city to remove them after receiving threats from critics. neighbors put out the rocks weeks ago saying he encampments had gotten out of control. public works says the city is working on a better solution to keep tents off the sidewalk. 5:37. this morning new delays for the return of boeing 737 max jets. pilots at southwest airlines, the largest operator of the max, say that the troubled planes may not return to the skies until february next year. that's later than southwest eil groundwell ib >>is morning a big office space leasing company is now
5:38 am
shelving plans to go public and across the country a celebration of spice and all things nice just in time for fall. diane king hall has those stories and more in this morning's money watch report. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. wall street finished the last trading day of september with modest gains. the dow rose 96 points, the nasdaq gained 59, the s&p 500 added 14. shares of apple gained more than 2% after ceo tim cook said iphone sales have been strong. the jump pushed apple's market cap back above a trillion dollars. it also was held by jpmorgan chase analysts raising its forecast for shipment volumes helping to bump the iphone maker to gaerday. the we company has withdrawn its plan to take the office leasing company public. valued as high as $47 billion but since filing to go public over the summer the company faced questions about its
5:39 am
financial health including mounting losses. just last week the founder adam newman stepped down as ceo. >> now let's talk about spice and all things nice. a beloved fall flavor coming back. what's up with that? >> reporter: yeah. today is national pumpkin spice day. it pays tribute to a taste of fall no matter what side you land on about the spice, people feel strongly about it. 2/3 of americans consumed one to three pumpkin spiced products a week during the fall and 46% of people prefer pumpkin spice over chocolate during the season. >> i'll take pumpkin spice too or chocolate. pretty good. >> reporter: i love pumpkin spice, though. i might be one of those 46%. >> okay. >> reporter: don't judge me. >> interesting now. no judgment, no judgment. diane king hall, have grea >>umpkine for thanks, that's go that? and i take chocolate cream pie
5:40 am
over pumpkin pie. 5:40. >> no need to keep off the grass at this cafe. coming up the smoking hot restaurant opening its doors today. we will explain the high expectations that come along with it. nice, hot, pumpkin spice latte sounds good about now especially because it's so chilly this morning. we are waking up to temperatures even colder compared to yesterday morning and we are going to warm up a little bit here. i'll let you know what you can expect showing you futurecast coming up. grab that latte to go because we are starting to see a backup at the bay bridge. i'll have your travel times coming announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american addiction. how juul hooked kids and ignited a public health crisis." other news outlets report- juul took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. markets e-cigarettes with kid friendly flavors and uses nicotine to addict them. 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. juul is "following big tobacco's playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul.
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simple. easy. awesome. click, call, or visit a store today.
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good tuesday morning to you. it is 5:43. here's a live look with our sutro cam looking on the downtown san francisco, the bay bridge, also looking east at right now in downtown san francisco, 52 degrees. it is a chilly start to the day. many locations in the 40s this morning. some spots even down to the 30s. i'll show you those locations coming up. another popular bay area restaurant closing its doors due to the high cost in rent. dosa on valencia had a 15-year run in the mission. the owner says when it opened in 2005 rent was around $6000. it has since tripled to about 19,000 a month. adding to that, rising minimum wages and sf employer mandates. >> a huge concern for us that our employees can make a living wage to live in san francisco
5:44 am
and i noticed six, seven years ago theyt. the price of housing went up, you know. so then there were labor shortages because of that. >> the owner of dosa says its locations in the fillmore and in oakland will still stay open. and while dosa closes, a brand-new food joint in los angeles opens today. it's the nation's first cannabis cafe. it's called cafe lowell. you can see a lot of green lines along the wall of the west hollywood restaurant but the owner says it's not in your food. you can, however, order pot with your meal. some say that the restaurant could revolutionallize pot pairings. of the negative stigma of marijuana on a whole. >> a wine sommelier coming to present wine or talk about pairings that's what we want to do. >> guests are served by so- called bud tenders to help them with their pairings. they figure out a perfect item to match each guest's tolerance level. now to an update this
5:45 am
morning about a subway singer gone viral. video shot by los angeles police captures the homeless woman performing a chilling opera rendition and now we are hearing her story. [ singing ] >> beautiful. it is a story fit for hollywood with bags over her arms, emily zamorka echoes her sweet voice through the subway and now across social media. lapd posted the video on twitter last week. it has racked up millions of views. she revealed she is a medical bills forced her out onto the streets. now she is grateful someone noticed her. >> if he wouldn't do what he did, i was not going behere or anywhere else and people would never know about me and my talent. >> she says her violin was
5:46 am
stolen a few weeks back. without an instrument she uses something that can't be stolen from her and that's her voice. she now hopes to get some help so she can sing on stage and not in the subway. she deserves to sing on stage. her voice is beautiful. >> it's stunning. >> yeah, it really is. >> she can hit that high note. >> uh-huh. this happened to another person. remember somebody got discovered, he was out on the street and then he became a deejay? >> the radio guy, right? >> yes. >> we will keep our fingers crossed for sure. how are the roads looking? >> if you are headed towards the bay bridge, the metering lights are on and a slow and go ride especially westbound as you come away from 580 and the east shore freeway. no accidents or incidents. just busy for that morning drive heading out of the east bay into san francisco. once you get past the metering lights a much better story across the upper deck. no delays into the city. mobile 5 out and about cruising over towards the bay bridge
5:47 am
coming away from 580, connecting off of that through there on that westbound side. traffic pretty light through this portion. it's going to bog down a bit as you get closer to the maze this morning heading towards the bay bridge. san mateo bridge right now we are starting to see traffic load up a little bit on that westbound side, drive times now a little closer to 17 minutes to go from 880 over towards 101. on 101, though, there is a trouble spot, i have that for you in just a second. northbound 880 near the coliseum in oakland, traffic is pretty light. so far moving at nice speeds. south 880 looks good through here but see brake lights heading out of san lorenzo into hayward this morning. 880 southbound at dixon landing road, the left lane blocked pla blocked by fire crews. an injury crash reported here. lots of activity and we are starting to see slightly slower speeds as you approach the accident there. use 280 in the meantime if you want to avoid any of those delays on 101 right now.
5:48 am
westbound 580, stacked up 41 minutes, 42 now 205 to 680. looks like the east shore freeway still in the green so that's good news. highway 4 looking a little bit better. that stalled vehicle westbound four near railroad is now cleared over to the shoulder. so things have improved there so 35 minutes out of antioch as you work your way towards the east shore freeway. from hellyer towards sfo, 41 minute drive time so still in the green heading through there. 280 near san bruno, heads up southbound near san bruno off we have reports of some traffic control in place there because of a vehicle that went up the hillside on the right side of the roadway so chp on scene. and again an overview of the south bay looks good right now. but it was chillymornin mary. >>nito that winter coat because we e loing illy side re. so grab that etad out the door for work and school. here's a live look with our salesforce tower camera looking north at the golden gate under
5:49 am
clear skies. 48 in concord, oakland 51, livermore 42, san francisco 52, san jose 47, and 40 degrees for santa rosa. some of our other locations this morning, 40 degrees in napa, looking at 41 in fairfield and 42 in mountain view to start off the day. mid-40s for redwood city. so your weather headlines, clear skies, chilly temps, bundle up this morning. we are looking at that sunshine and milder daytime highs so a little bit warmer compared to yesterday but still above average for this time of year. a gradual warming trend as we head through the week as high pressure builds in. so here's the satellite and radar view, and that low pressure system that brought the wild weather over the weekend, it also brought the colder temps thatsolitae mn pus the east and a ridge ofhigh pressure is going to build in for us. so that ridge will help to warm us up as we go through the next several days. so on futurecast we will see plenty of sunshine. enjoy it. and temperatures a little bit
5:50 am
warmer still for tomorrow. our winds, we are looking at another breezy afternoon. the winds are kicking up as we head through the day and looking ahead to the end of the week as that ridge of high pressure builds even closer to us. so from below average temps today to warming up to above average as we head through the end of the week. so our sunrise at 7:05 and our sunset at 6:52, so daytime highs for today running anywhere from four to 8 degrees below average for this time of year. but pleasant for the south bay, 73 in cupertino and los gatos. 74 for you in concord as we head through the afternoon. 72 in walnut creek and danville 73 for you in livermore. mid-60s for san francisco, also for berkley, upper 60s in oakland and for san leandro and alameda. mid-70s for cloverdale and for windsor. here's the seven-day forecast, what you can expect, temps warmer as we head through tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. a minor dip in temps on
5:51 am
thursday and then warm back up friday and into the weekend with temperatures above average. right now saturday and monday look to be the warmest days this week. back to you. >> thank you. 5:51 right now. a couple of san francisco newlyweds were trying to take the perfect wedding picture at golden gate park when we photo bombed by a family of raccoons. >> take a look. a family of five raccoons walks into their picture. wedding photographer katherine white says she was freaked out at first that the animals would be vicious but apparently they wanted to get in on some of the portraits, just smile and wave. a good omen she thinks. these pictures have now gone viral. >> awesome. >> cool. time now is 5:51. >> coming up the season might be over for the giants but the team has big plans postseason. the waterfront project that will transform san francisco's mission bay. and take a live look outside at the come try my really big chicken sandwich combo with two patties for $4.99, or three for $5.99, or four for $6.99.
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two breaded chicken patties plus fries and a drink for $4.99. three patties for $5.99. or even four for just $6.99. four patties? well, tickle my elbow! no thank you. try my really big chicken sandwich combos. starting at $4.99. welcome back. 5:54. if you plan on taking 101 southbound at whipple, we have got an accident with injuries reported, a vehicle and a big rig tangled up here. that right lane is blocked for emergency crews. seeing a bit of a delay behind that. you can hop on 280 instead. northbound 101 which is the commute direction not seeing any delays along the peninsula there but we are seeing a backup at the bay bridge with metering lights on, starting to see slowd go conditions coming out of the maze. kenny and michelle. the san francisco gididn't now the team looking to make a
5:55 am
lot of changes. >> but won't be with the players. the giants are planning a major waterfront project at oracle park. they are planning to renovate mccovey cove, tide pools and a kayak launch pad. fans praised the wide promenade as well as the beach area that would replace the boulders there right now. there will even be some new protections against sea level rise. >> i think san francisco is kind of a pioneer for sustainability so it makes complete sense that they would try to incorporate that. >> the project is expected to break ground later this winter. 5:55. this morning a new escalation in the protests that have rocked the city of hong kong. we will have laon the increasingly violent clashes. plus a man who lives in this hayward neighborhood is accused of being a spy for the chinese government when in the you know when you're at ross and your new fall look just keeps getting better? check this out!
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live from the cbs bay area a major reversal this morning in the battle over san francisco's bay on e- cigarettes. the unexpected announcement. overnight police in hong kong shoot a protester amid the mass demonstrations that have taken over the city. we will have the very latest developments. and one of president trump's closest confidants is hit with a subpoena. what lawmakers are after in the controversial impeachment inquiry. good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, october 1st. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. it's just about 6:00 right now. we are in the fall season already and we are starting to see those temperatures dip as we say good morning to mary. >> good morning, kenny and michelle. and we are kicking off october with clear and crisp conditions. temperatures in the 40s for many spots. definitely a lot chillier compared to yesterday morning. so let's show you those temps. 40 in santa rosa right now, 42
6:00 am
in napa. we are looking at 45 in vallejo, 47 in fremont and san jose. this morning low 50s for oakland and san francisco right now. taking you through the day with that sunshine, temperatures mild, but still looking at below average for this time of year. for the coast, breezy and cool and low 60s. for the bay, in the mid to upper 60s. and in the low to mid-70s inland. we are going to continue to warm up as we head through the week. details on when we will see highs above average for this time of year coming up. and head to the peninsula right now where we haa crash involving a big rig and a vehicle south 101 at whipple and it is causing delays as you approach the scene. fire crews are blocking at least that right lane until they clear this out of the roadway. looks like the car may have gotten stuck under the big rig as well so tow crews have been called out to the scene. this is an injury crash so we


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