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federal elections. though the lawyers leading this case says voters are voting at every level. >> refusing to use the data in its possession to determine citizenship eligibility which is a prerequisite to vote in now at noon a former police officer in texas found guilty all federal elections. it apossessions people across of murder in the death of her the board and it's important neighbor, good afternoon, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. that our rolls be accurate and that officer shot and killed clean. >> reporter: she says e th her unarmed neighbor in her apartment and she mistaken by walked in thinking it was her plaintiffs they are all own. tom hanson has more on citizens but one was born in decision just handed down. jamaica and one in the middle >> we the jury thunanimously fi east and they're all the defendant amber guyger republicans and all ran for guilty of murder as charged in office. no timeline on when the lawsuit is going to be addressed and the indictment. whether or not it's even going no outbursts. >> reporter: former dallas to be before the 2020 election. police officer amber guyger has been found guilty of murder in live in san francisco, anne the shooting death of her 26- makovec, kpix 5. anne, thank you. year-old neighbor botham jean. the 31-year-old took the stand san francisco based vaping company juul announced it is no in her own defense testifying about the says she longer supporting a ballot measure that is already spent mistakenly entered jean's apartment thinking it was her millions on. kpix 5's jackie ward visited the opposing side to see where
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own. >> i pull my gun out and i the e-cigarette issue stands de hho>> you pulled that trigge now. >> reporter: the group that wanted to change san francisco law may have taken a huge financial hit but the question intended to kill mr. jean. will remain on the ballot. >> he was the threat. >> san francisco politics is yes, sir. >> reporter: guyger said she lives with immense guilt every never boring. and this is -- this is one of the less boring ones. day. >> i asked god for forgiveness and i hate myself every single day. >> reporter: matt dorsey is >> reporter: prosecutors argued that guyger was irresponsible with the no on c. campaign. in june, the city passed a and had been sexting with a measure suspending the sales of married work partner leading to e-cigarettes. with incredible financial the shooting. support from juul labs >> for her omissions and for incorporated, the yes on c. her errors both have paid the side wanted to permit sales to ultimate price. adults. despite juul ceasing active >> reporter: jean's family support the no team says hugged and celebrated the they're not declaring victory verdict after it was read. guyger faces up to 99 years in quite yet. >> i'm also skeptical. i think we all are you know. prison. tom hanson, cbs news. if this were almost any other >> a live look now in the ll political interest besides big tobacco you know you could probably take them at their uras danttrinoouecos.e m the jury is expected to word. >> reporter: instead the group sentence her sometime this is doing anything but resting afternoon. right now authorities in santa cruz county are searching for a kidnapping victim. on their laurels as they wait for the opposition to be police say that 50-year-old t
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potentially rescued. juul labs' new ceo said in a statement quote i'm committed ushar atray was kidnapped from his pleasant point home this to seeing that juul engages morning. we're learning he owns a tech productively with all stakeholders. and we remain committed to the marketing company in santa cruz. he was last seen getting into city. juul labs says that they remain his white bmw with the committed to improving the lives of the nearly one billion california license plate 7 cug- 581. smokers around the world. we'll have much more on this whole also keeping their products out of the hands of kids. story coming up on the eyewitness news at 5:00 and in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. online at juul's decision to end and maintaining the state's support comes after a 14th vaping related death in the voter rolls is a complicated and critical task but according united states. to a legal challenge filed the latest one in nebraska. today in san francisco, california is failing to keep congress is in recess but up. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us the house's impeachment inquiry live in san francisco where an attorney has accused the state continues to gain steam. cbs reporter nikole killion has of violating federal law. the latest developments. anne? >> reporter: and here's the >> reporter: the impeachment inquiry into president trump's newly filed lawsuit right here. it was morning. dealings with ukraine is moving full speed ahead. filed by three u.s. citizens a subpoena was issued monday to who are concerned that the president's personal california is not ze v attorney rudy giuliani and gave him two weeks to hand over records of the communications with ukrainian officials. >> i was not involved in any
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so lawsuiwoulforce forniato for election, anything. >> reporter: other members of the president's inner circle a also being pulled into the probe. cbs news confirmed that registration act. secretary of statemike pompeo by verifying citizenship eligibility before adding someone to the voter roll. listened in on in mr. trump's july 25th phone call with the they say the applies exclusivel president of ukraine. the conversation is at the center of the whistleblower complaint that triggered the impeachment investigation. >> i made a call. the call was perfect. hemade it >> reporter: is demanding to about the whistleblower tweeting this morning why aren't we entitled to interview and learn everything about the whistleblower? >> we're trying to find out about a whistleblower. when you have whs were incorrect. >> reporter: the president insists he did nothing improper and says congressional democrats are harassing him. if the house does vote to impeach the president, the matter would be referred to the senate. majority leader mcconnell says the next step may not be up to him. >> if the senate rule related to impeachment that would take 67 votes to change. so i would have no choice but
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to take it up. how long you are on it, is a whole different matter. >> reporter: some members of the administration meanwhile are still working on the russia investigation. cbs news has learned that attorney general william barr has asked foreign leaders to help the justice department review of its origins. nikole killion, cbs news, the bpoenas seo rudy giuliani alleges he pressed the ukrainian innovate go to pursue two politically motivated reasons. he is still deciding whether to testify before house democrats in the impeachment inquiry. former special counsel robert mueller is going back to the private sector. after wrapping up the investigation of russian meddling in the 2016 election, he is returning to the will her hale law firm as a partner. that's where he worked before taking on the investigation in 2017. we are watching a big drop
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on wall street. this afternoon the dow is down about 175 points. the market showing losses after new report showed a slump in u.s. manufacturing. today marks two years since the deadliest mass shooting in the united states. 58 people lost their lives when a gunman opened fire on promising to ner forget. and ar ♪ vegas , rongsts 'sthatechoed throughout this morning's sunrise remembrance event in las vegas. the victims' families held on to each other during the ceremony choir sang. police still don't know the clear motive of the gunman. hong kong's ongoing battle between police and protestors took a violent turn today as china celebrates 70 years of communist rule. hong kong looked like a war zone as police used tear gas
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then water cannons to disperse the black clad demonstrators. video appears to sew an officer shooting a protester at close range. he is said to be in critical condition. china says it wants long term stability for the island but after a summer of discontent, a peaceful resolution remains out of reach. dramatic video shows the moment a bridge collapsed in eastern taiwan. three re crushed trapping crew members. and oil tanker went up in flames. the collapse injured ten people and trapped several others. dive tea aliry crews are searching for victims. the cause of the collapse is under investigation. still ahead, facebook's ceo blasts senator elizabeth warren for her plan to break up the company if she becomes president. plus a show in the skies within just the past hour. britain's version of the blue angels comes to the bay area. very cool. and you can see blue skies out there. a gorgeous afternoon across the bay area. with that fall feel for sure on
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this first day of october. you can see a live look with our treasure island camera of the sunshine out there. temps a little bit warmer comped to yesterday and we will continue on that warm-up. details coming up. look, this isn't my first rodeo... and leme tl you somethinrerse me of any american senior, or worse, that it was some way to take your home. it's just a loan designed for older homeowners, and,
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overhead this morning. british red arrows are shooting across the san francisco sky. squad of nine hawk jets are members of the royal air force on tour across north america to show off their high flying acrobatics. and if you missed them in san francisco today, don't worry you will have another shot tomorrow. new audio leaked to website the verge reveals how mark zuckerberg rallied employees against ththreat ofof a president elizabeth warren. the audio was recorded at two july employee meetings. that same month, facebook paid a $5 billion fine to the ftc over user privacy concerns. zuckerberg blasted warren's plan to break up facebook and other big tech companies. saying it would really quote suck for facebook. he said the company would fight that effort in court and win. well, senator warren has fired back, tweeting quote -- what would really suck is if we don't fix a ultimately system that lets giant companies like facebook engage in illegal anti-
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competitive practices. stomp on consumer privacy rights and repeatedly fumble their responsibility to protect their democracy. starting today sfo is making sol big changes to its free short term parking garage. 30 minute parking is now only ten minute parking. the program was meant to reduce roadway congestion during peak travel periods but it didn't have a big enough impact. another possible delay for the return of the boeing 737 max jets. pilot union leaders at southwest saying that they don't expect to fly the troubled planes until at least february next year. that's later than southwest and boeing originally projected. new leaders say that among the factors keeping the plane grounded, pilot training requirements and possible changes to checklists that pilots are expected to perform. if you are on the job hunt, now may ime. beuse typallybe has yothe
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most jobs posted. many hiring managers say they like to bring people on during the month because it's a busy time and they like to get new hires in and trained before the end of the year. some teachers in florida are now carrying guns inside the classrooms. it's because of a new law passed in response to the parkland school shooting where 17 students and staff were killed. but only teachers in bay county schools can carry concealed handguns. on top of that, the schools will also have an armed resource officer. critics however say that florida lacks oversight over the program and including sufficient training for the teachers. well, california's new ammunition law requires background checks for every purchase. >> and this might be expected. many gun owners are finding a way around it. they're crossing the border into nevada where we found ammo was the big draw at a recent gun show. it's still illegal to bring it back home to california but who is really checking? >> they don't need to ask me anything. what kind do i want? and how much? >> watch our original report
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"fired up in reno" tonight on the kpix 5 news at 7:00. let's get a check of the forecast, it's feelg like fall and looks gorgeous out there. >> it is just beautiful kenny and michelle. with that sunshine it was a chilly start to the day. and we are looking at temperatures a little bit warmer compared to yesterday. here's a live look with our salesforce tower camera under blue skies. looking at the bay bridge and temperatures are in the 60s. upper 60s from concord and santa rosa looking at low 60s from oakland, san francisco and mid 60s in livermore as well as for san jose. so 24 hour temperature change, and we are warmer compared to yesterday. and many locations from five degrees warmer in santa rosa looking at four degrees warmer in novato and concord and liver more. the last water year, of course we had the record rainfall and this past winter and spring. and thankfully it got us out of the drought. and as we look d ahare eahelook hopefully some beneficial rainfall but not anytime soon as we are looking at a strong ridge of high pressure building
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in. so that low pressure system pushing up to the east that solid taste of autumn for us and high pressure building in and that's why our temps will ea we. but for today enjoy the sunshine and a beautiful start to october. and then for tomorrow, we are going to enof the week, as a ridge of high warming up to above average from this time of year. so from below average temps for today to above average later this week. our sunset at 6:52 and our sunrise at 7:06. so daytime highs for today on the mild side. looking at 74 in concord and 72 in san jose and upper 60s in oakland and mid 60s for san francisco. so there we go. with that extended forecast warming up for tomorrow. for thursday, temps take a little bit of a dip as a little disturbance passes to our north. but we warm up as we head through friday and into the weekend. so just in time for our weekend, our temps will be the warmest that we have seen all week long. pretty good. >> okay all right.
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we'll take them. mary thanks. in the original series project home, a san francisco nonprofit has a plan to solve the housing crisrethe bay area. sue the suburbs. sewn yea co-founded the yes in any my backyard party in san francisco. organization called california renters legal advocacy and education fund or also called carlhas sued fung to build. their weapon of choice? the housing accountability act which essentially boils down to this. >> if the city's zoned for something. okay you can build the apartment building here and a developer comes and the city has to approve it. >> i think sue the suburbs is a really, really poor idea. it's antagonistic and it has a bullying quality to it. >> the opposition often use the california environmental equality act to oppose projects and delay the building process. so will the back and forth end? well. right now every community is
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subject to regional housing need allocation. but historically cities in california don't meet the goals. meanwhile governor you? in said the goals need to be adjusted so more housing can be build. send us your thoughts and ideas and your problems to and watch all of the original reports on under the project home tab. still ahead, an incentive to clean up and recycle. where people are trading trash for train tickets. announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american
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addiction. how juul hooked kids and ignited a public health crisis." other news outlets report- juul took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. markets e-cigarettes with kid friendly flavors and uses nicotine to addict them. 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. juul is "following big tobacco's playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul.
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no on big tobacco. no on prop c. well, one eco-friendly way l ve steam. in>> when piin ckrome. packing up trash is now the popular way to pay at least for a train ticket. travelers are earning their train tickets one bottle at a time at about are lining up with the full bag in hand. the capital has a long history of trash troubles but so far more 2000 bottles are handed in each day. just a reminder before we go to break if you have a consumer problem or question always e-mail us, or you can call the hotline that's 888-5- helps-u. we'll be right back.
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well, today's tip of the day? orange baby vine tomatoes. you know why i like you ch? got 50% less acidity inside them than let's say the red tomato but not only that they're beautiful and they taste great the the texture is out of this world and still have other nutritional value of red tomatoes. you can't beat that. look how beautiful they are on the inside. look at that. when you take out the bunch. when you buy them usually sold in bags like this because they do break apart very easily from the vine. you want to make sure all the tomatoes are nice and orange and could be a couple of yellow ones here and there. that's okay. make sure that stem is nice and green and not dry. still pulling nutrients from that stem. so if that stem is dry it's going to be falling apart and nutrients already taken so green like there. when you bring them home all i think about is this in the fridge. no. room temperature, tomatoes
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always room temperature. baby orange/yellow is sometimes also buy them yellow tomatoes on the vine and i'm tony tantillo your fresh grocer, always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. mmm. >> all right. >> he better pay for that. >> yeah. >> it's time to go make a salad. with those tomatoes. >> a caprese salad. >> yes. >> i'm hungry. all right. that will the -- we all are. we're going to go eat lunch. >> lunchtime. >> we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. have a good one. >> bye.
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♪ >> ridge: liam. >> liam: hey. >> ridge: everything okay iah. uht got ckt from seeing katie.
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it's pretty crazy how sudden it all feels. it's like, "oh, yeah, your kidneys are failing. you need a transplant immediately." >> ridge: how is she doing? >> liam: not great. i mean, she wants to go home. you know, she wants to be herself again and play with her kid. i get that. sure makes you want to hold your loved ones close. it sent hope right back here to be with beth. uh, and sent me here to have a word with you. >> ridge: you came up here
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