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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  October 4, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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time now is 5:00. it is finally friday. >> we've been waiting for it all week long. there's a warm-up that starts today and goes through the weekend. if you wanted that warm weather you definitely have it. here's a live look with the clear skies and 48 degrees. not as chilly as what we have seen all week long. 52 in concord. 54 in san francisco. taking to the day we are going to be warmer compared to yesterday as a high pressure builds in force. upper 60s and low 70s. conquered is in the upper 70s. near seasonal daytime highs running just 4 degrees below average. we will be above average
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heading into the weekend. we want to start a live look at the dublin interchange right now. not too far from 680 were 580 the vehicle fire blocking at least two lanes. the crashes just past 680 on the westbound size of 580. it is coming closer to shafer ranch. vehicle over to the right shoulder with the engine caught fire. at one point the vehicle was engulfed in flames. it looks like we do have two right lanes shut down until further notice. we will keep you updated on that. traffic is moving okay once you get past the scene of the incident were no other delays working away on 680. east of their we are slow through the ultima pass. families are saying enough after another deadly hit-and- run. the oakland community is
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calling on drivers to pay attention. the latest deadly crash happened on tuesday. a woman was walking in a crosswalk with her niece at foothill boulevard. a car then hit them both killing the ants. jackie ward is live with that one school community is doing to make the area safer. good morning jackie. >> this is the school that they were walking to when the aunt was killed during a hit-and- run. the community is still trying to cope with the loss. but they're also really angry. foothill boulevard is notorious for bad driving behavior including speeding. and that is extremely dangerous. the oakland police department is at a patrol's to the area to try to deter the bad driving but it doesn't always work. those that live around here and send it their kids to school in the area are extremely fed up. they want to add signage and flashing lights that's a school
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zone along the foothill. >> this has been a problem for many years. that is why i start to pick my brother up even though he is nine. i don't want him to be getting right over here. i'm always worrying about whether not he gets run over or something. >> this week's hit-and-run is the second in six months on foothill. in april they were all hit in the crosswalk six-year-old andrew garcia died. you can understand why people are so angry. they will be out here protesting at 8 am in front of garfield elementary. live in oakland, kpix five. the defendant in the ghost ship warehouse trial is seeking a significant reduction is $702,000 bail. his trial on manslaughter charges ended last month.
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prosecutors have provided no evidence that he poses a danger to the public or is a flight risk. the judge will consider the motion today and may also schedule a new trial. claims that pg&e falsified records. they will -- out more than $65 million. according to the seven cisco chronicle regulators say they often misrepresented how they notify construction workers about underground gas and electric lines. they did agree to several changes like increasing the amount of training and staff. >> weeks before the election this morning the district attorney says he is resigning. george gascon says he is moving to los angeles where he may explore a run for district attorney there. the last they will be on friday in san francisco. the current chief of staff will temporarily take his place into a new da is either appointed by the mayor or elected by voters next month.
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they said quote we are happy you will be leaving san francisco's but feel horrible that they are taking their level of failure to a larger county where they can cause more harm to public safety. in the meantime mayor london braces they cannot afford to have an absence of leadership in the das office. it is unclear whether or not she will appoint someone. joker his own theaters. don't be alarmed if you notice stepped up security. they're not taking any chances. all because of what happened seven years ago when a man dressed as the joker shot and killed 12 people at a colorado movie theater during a screening of the dark night. extra patrol units are surrounding theaters for this film and checking social media for threats. >> they are concerned of a copycat situation. >> it can happen down the street
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or in the supermarket. >> they banned costumes and face paint for moviegoers. while law enforcement is doing their part there still are many people that if you see something say something. at the meantime they say neither the fictional character nor the film is in endorsement of real-world violence of any kind. we are taking a live look from capitol hill. the trump ministration just signed a first of its kind agreement. it will allow law enforcement agencies to access data from tech companies more quickly and criminal investigations. the new agreement does not stop them from encrypting data on their platforms. members of the justice department including attorney general william barr will be speaking on that in just a few hours. the event will focus on warrant proof encryption and the impact on child exploitation cases. they are pressing facebook to change the plentiful encrypt messages on the services and
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officials want to make sure that you have access all conversations when the court gives permission. breaking news coming through. apparently ukraine is going to launch an investigation to the links to joe biden son. ukrainian prosecutor general just made that announcement within the last hour that his office is reviewing previous cases involving a gas firm with ties to hunter biden. prosecutor says he will be ensuring that they were investigated properly. this is something president trump has pushed for which is now the subject of a congressional impeachment inquiry. i think you have one that part of the story michelle? >> the inspector general is back to meet with lawmakers and as the impeachment inquiry moves forward president trump says he is doubling down.
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>> president trump again suggesting an investigation into the political rival. this time by another foreign country. democrats are calling it a stunning abuse of power. in the meantime the former special envoy did meet with house investigators yesterday. both sides of the aisle are split on what they saw. >> there was definitely no quid pro quo. >> more more evidence that the president was improperly using his office. >> today the white house is expected to tell nancy pelosi that they will not recognize the inquiry into the house formalizes it with a full vote. democrats have already drafted a subpoena demanding the white house and over documents about the ukraine. former vice president joe biden is the latest one to pay visit to the bay area. the democratic front runner ended his dash for cash in the financial district last night. he spoke with dozens of
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millennial supporters in a city left the fundraiser impressed with how he connected with the voters. in the 200 supporters greeted him at the home of senator dianne feinstein. those who attended the event said he did not talk about president trump. and his focus was on the future. >> he could have really talked about this administration in different ways but he flipped the switch and made a very positive. >> tickets to the fundraiser were not cheap. they range from 1500 to 10,000. as for his rivals, bernie sanders campaign says he will not participatethnext democratic presidential debate despite undergoing emergency heart surgery earlier this week. the next debate is set for october 13 in ohio. kamala harris is on the cover of time magazine this morning. she is trying to regain her footing in the race following a summer of backsliding in the
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polls. coming up in the original report we are exposing concerns this morning over the company that is about to run several navigation centers for the homeless. the disturbing regulations but another kind of facility that this company operates. a new way to get to the warriors arena coming up. it is finally friday. the temperatures will be on the rise just in time for the weekend. you friday drive is heating up along 580. there's a car fighter finally, some math you're really going to like.
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we've uncovered information about a company that is going to run two new bay area navigation centers for the homeless. one of them is in fremont where residents have been protesting all summer. city council finally voted on a location in the parking lot behind city hall. they're worried about the selected operator a fast going nonprofit that runs a treatment center called thunder road. they have had some serious complaints.
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>> it makes me suspect when they're going to do with the navigation center. >> they defend the city's choice. bay area community services was the only bidder with experience in running the centers. and a good success rate. when out of the names the victims involved in a horrific wrong way crash on 101. >> the cab and the silver vehicle. copy. >> 34-year-old emily ross of hillsboro was driving impaired when she slammed head-on into a taxi caring to travelers. they've been identified as a couple from the chicago area. 57-year-old mary miller and 62- year-old justin bergman. fellow cabdrivers say they
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worked the fs so route often. >> he was friendly. and a nice guy. really a dedicated driver. am very sorry for losing him. >> there've been going in the wrong direction for a while before the crash. >> happening in the west contest unit are expected to have more to the shooting and richmond. three teenagers were shot last friday. kickoff has been moved to 5 pm on friday. schools affected include hercules kennedy richmond, panola valley and richmond. >> sports and music fans rejoice. get straight to the new chase
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center by boat. the new ferry is launching a docking for a temporary term terminal behind the giants parking lot. we are waiting for permanent docs to be competed just in time for the warriors debut. >> this is the future of san francisco. making it possible for people to get around easily. >> a cool view too. denny final permits. >> useful options. let's get a check in right now. >> a lot of folks abusing that ticket to the game. you are going to want to rely on mass transit for the week. hardly strictly bluegrass is happening. and in fleet week gets underway
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on monday. we will expect a lot of traffic is more people are making their way through here. they're all on time this morning. about 150,000 people be at the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. no street closures ron golden gate park. but there will be some reroutes between friday and sunday. they will have extra staff on hand to assist concertgoers. they will provide subliminal service before and after their checking the freeway was slow and go conditions working way through here. no troubles on 588.
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we are getting word of two more accidents right around mount house parkway. so that is a busy area heading out of tracy. 280 s. on a quarterly bay parkway getting more debris in the roadway. traffic is very light of the south and the north. it looks like 87 is clear and 288 is looking clear into the peninsula. started today for the weekend it will be beautiful. all across the bay area. this is a live look with the salesforce clear skies under the golden gate mid to upper 40s and lower to mid 50s this morning. not as chilly as what we have seen this week. 52 in concord. livermore 48 as well as san jose. 54 in san francisco and 45 in
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santa rosa. it is a breezy start the day with 12 mile powers winds out of the north, northwest looking at 11 with in sfo in vallejo. here's what you can expect a clear skies and breezy conditions this morning. is seasonal daytime highs come through sunshine today. we are going to continue on that warm-up as we do head through the weekend. as we are tracking offshore winds it will help to warm us up as we head through the weekend. extreme fire danger and red flag warning in effect for saturday evening until sunday morning for the northbay hills. northeasterly winds and gusts up to 35. watching this closely as heof season. there is a ridge of high pressure that is building in
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for us. we are going to start to see the offshore winds kick in as we head into the weekend. on future cast we take you hour by hour, plenty of sunshine in temps warmer on sunday. as we go through the day temperatures are right around where we should be for this time a day. 73 for sunnyvale and santa clara. conquer will see a high of 78. this is just the start of the warm-up. 78 and livermore topping on the upper 60s in san francisco. we are looking at highs topping out in the upper 70s for windsor. we were talking about hardly strictly bluegrass a golden gate park. sunshine and mid 70s out there. as we do head through the afternoon we are looking at temperatures on the rise next nuing to the weekend.
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week. affordable icu admissions. not so sweet news for the just lovers. coming up text messages shed new light on the ukraine controversy. a doctor says his donated sperm was used illegally to father 17 children. new details about them murder of kelsey barath. meanwhile a man took lsd and fell into a lake at disneyland paris. found naked and confused hours later after he fell into the men make lake merritt x pirate ship. some people drop acid in record revolver. others almost drowned trying to ask those the junk to mister's me. as for who gave him the drugs
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the cdc just revealed their more than 1000 cases a vaping related lung injuries nationwide. 19 deaths confirmed in 16 states.
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a people died this week alone wall over thousand illnesses have been reported in total. the cdc says they do not believe the outbreak has peaked yet. researchers are zeroing in on the exact cause of the illness but nearly 80% of patients reported using products containing thc. drinking fruit juice is not necessarily better for your health than drinking soda. harvard university says that all kinds of sugary drinks can increase the risk of developing type ii diabetes. they recommend cutting down sugar containing beverages in general whether it is added or naturally occurring. a new danger with opioids at john hopkins university they warned that those prescribed for pain are more likely to be hospitalized and more likely to die than those taking other pain medications. the most at risk of those with reduced kidney function. a new study suggests intensive care unit admissions are preventable. researchers at the university
5:26 am
pennsylvania examined the data of more than 60 million icu patients. the estimate that as many as 16% dihave to be there. some because they failed to receive necessary medical care in the weeks and prior to admission. the many affordable icu admissions of the elderly or those suffering from chronic diseases. three days after fatal hit- and-run in front of the school, community members are protesting. finally, some math you're really going to like.
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a former stanford swimmer team because he is homosexual. this morning the university's response. the reason that so many people are tossing tires in the area. the new invention promising
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to get you from berkeley to san francisco just three minutes. a protest after her second hit-and-run into six months. au pairs are demanding this morning. good morning. it is friday, october 4. is 530 right now and it sounds like we are warming up for the weekend. >> we did make it to friday. it will be a beautiful day across the area. here is a live look at the bay bridge. to mister school but not as chilly as we've seen earlier in the week. 48 in livermore 54 in san francisco. mid 40s for santa rosa. looking at 78 in concord. 74 in san jose. oakland coming in at 72 for the high. this is just the start with the weekend forecast coming up. >> we've had our eye on
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westbound 580 through the doubling great. at one point that car was actually engulfed in flames. it will definitely take some time to clear this out of the roadway. but it is just past the 680 connector. a crash reported just below 680 as well. you will see delays as you work your way westbound coming from tracy into the ultima pass. there is a crash and work from an earlier project there as well. westbound 580 look for trouble spot in the center divide. an earlier trouble spot has now been cleared of the outer lanes. you're seeing nice speeds on the 101, the 87 and 85. >> a community is pleading with drivers to slow down. 's say they have seen enough tragedies this year. the latest crash happened on
5:32 am
tuesday. woman was walking in a crosswalk with her niece at foothill boulevard. the car hit them both that night killing the at. jackie ward is live with the demands that some residents are making to stop the reckless driving. >> that woman's death is part of the reason why protesters will be here at 8 am. they are very angry about the state of this intersection. this community has now been through two fatal hit-and-run's within the last six months in this neighborhood alone. fed up is an understatement. they say enough is enough. after years of reckless driving the say drivers are still not getting the message that they need to slow down around here. the community, the police and the city want more to >> i just don't understand how these cars are going hundred miles through here
5:33 am
and that there's no one over here to supervise these children. >> it was only six months ago when angel garcia was killed while walking in a crosswalk to the laundromat with his mother and uncle. that is only a few blocks from here. they've been no arrests made in tuesday's fatal case. protesters will be out here at 8 am and again this afternoon. live in oakland, kpix five. reaction from president trump on the plan by the ukraine to investigate companies related to joe biden son. in a tweet a few moments ago he said he has an obligation to end corruption even if it means requesting the help of a foreign country. it is done all the time and has nothing to do with a political campaign ast e n family.eyare launching a formal investigation into firms that
5:34 am
are linked hunter biden. the prosecutor general me that announcement with the last hour and a half that his office is reviewing previous cases involving a gas firm with ties to hunter but biden. he said he is reviewing cases a closed to make sure they were done properly. this is something the president has pushed for. the subject of an impeachment investigation that is now ongoing through congress which you guys have more on that. the question santa cruz why do hundreds of tires keep getting dumped in the santa cruz mountains? officials estimate that 250 tires are strewn about an area that is roughly the size of a tennis court. this is right next to the wilder ranch state park. other odd discarded items were found including a washing machine, a laptop computer and ran and debris that suggest a homeless encampment was there at some point. >> it's an attractive area
5:35 am
because is not a main an an not heavily patrolled on a daily basis. people are taking advantage of access points were we are not normally at. >> park officials are trying to come up with ways to intrude -- to keep the intruders out. crews and heavy equipment are scheduled to clean up the area next month. a former stanford athlete claims he was kicked off of the athlete because he is homosexual. you broke several swim records and was named the pac 12 conference room of the year. he will not be returning after saying why is it my job to educate coaches and athletes at the most resourceful university in the world. there service-level reasons that i was kicked off the swim team. but i can tell you asserted it comes down to the fact that i am homosexual. >> stanford has been an open and inclusive space. if that is tr wod be shand surprised. >> it is definitely important to find out whether not is true.
5:36 am
>> and they said it is truly unfortunate that he feels this way. that said he was not invited to train with us this fall as a postgraduate for reasons entirely unrelated to his sexuality. automation investments in high-tech startups. today is the last day of the text -- the tech event. thousands are here for the annual conference. yesterday the crowd arrived by foot, bus and uber. but once inside it talked about flying cars. kitty hawk is developing a flying vehicle with a range of 100 miles. >> it is 10 times as fast as your car. from san francisco's berkeley in four minutes. >> all kinds of things here. this is the biggest disrupt ever. >> conference also had special cameras that weighed cattle and the world's first self charging electric bike. even a cargo delivery drone
5:37 am
capable of carrying up to 500 pounds. microsoft is taking on apple air pods with their own version version. the prices bigger too. $90 more than apple. they say the headphones can help you understand up to 60 different languages. no word on when they will be available for purchase. a new reason that it has been turned into a halloween costume here. the skintight orange outfit says mom of the year crossed out and replaced with inmate. it is likely a jab at felicity huffman who will be reporting to jail later this month for paying to have her daughter's sat scores raised. her lawyer's arrest that she serve that time here in the bay area. u.s. employment false a five decade low. we've more from the money watch report in the new york stock
5:38 am
exchange. though added hundred and 22 points. labor department just release the jobs report. the u.s. created 137,000 jobs last month falling short of the expected 145,000. the employment rate fell to 3 to 5%. stocks started in the red after a report on the services sector of the economy. the index has climbed back up with the hope that the federal reserve will cut interest rates for third time this year to prevent an economic downturn. instagram has released a new messaging app. it is called threads. let's assure text, photos and videos with only your close friends. it is raising privacy concerns because it does invite constance sharing and other personal data.
5:39 am
>> i cannot keep up with all these apps. on this what i'm hearing a lot of airline miles are going unused what is that? >> right. a survey by you owthat nearly half of u.s. adults event points or miles expire. nearly 60% of millennial some lost hotel points. 50% have forfeited airline miles and 44% of lost credit card rewards because of exploration policy. according to the survey it's another thing that millennial's are coming under fire for. >> and that seems very surprising. there usually hip on technologies and emails. so it's a bit surprising. >> absolutely. i feel like millennial's for the most part are the most
5:40 am
tapped into the reward programs. so it is unexpected that they are the ones letting the points go. have a great weekend tom hanson. still ahead, highflying way to travel. the latest service, where you can get picked up for a flight. if you're looking for something to get out and do this week and we have you covered. look at those big events happening coming up. i have your forecast as high pressures building in. it is finally friday. your full forecast is coming up. we are starting to see ♪
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here is alive look at the roof cam lit up brightly this morning under clear skies. it is 55 degrees in downtown san francisco. you will like this forecast with high pressure building in. bay area scientists will embark on a weeklong investigation to explore the deep-sea floor. this is the nautilus that is docked in san francisco this morning. you can see the bay bridge in the background. the nautilus will stream its cameras live 24/7. we did check out the ship
5:44 am
yesterday as crewmembers were preparing for the expedition. you be able to hear scientist as a talk about what they are seeing including jellyfish and sharks. the first goal is to understand what species are there and characterize environment deliverance we can understand how that may be changing. how we in the nationals x-rays may be able to protect those animals. >> it will head to monterey next to study the coast. back to that lifestream people walking can even text comments and questions. you can find a link on >>of eventan the biggest ones do include the hardly strictly bluegrass festival at golden gate park. arriving to set up. today's artist include tanya tucker and the milk carton kids. that festival runs through
5:45 am
sunday. the lakers are being taken on for the purse preseason game. we have you covered here. vern glenn will be live at the stadium tomorrow night. fleet week kicks off in san francisco. events winter monday the 14th. this year's event will have beefed up security with extra firefighters, paramedics and police on duty. the coast guard was a patrol on the water and land. this it's all about think were needed and vigilant. >> if you see something say something. speak up, call us. of it's an emergency call 911. we will be there with her other public safety partners. we've been planning for months along with the city and federal partners the see appear and many others. >> public safety leaders say they have a reunification program in case you get separated from your group.
5:46 am
can also senate for others emergency ridley alerts to 888777. a selfie taken to the new level. one is now a robots doing it for you. this is the first robotic photographer called sophie bought. the six foot tall machine is a photo booth, videographer, and prints all rolled into one. the photos can be sent or printed on the spot. as of now you can only rent a selfie but it is unclear how long it will cost you. the chopper service by uber has gotten an upgrade. it just expanded the helicopter service between manhattan and the jfk airport. and flying right over the city gridlock. the new service is now available to all uber max with iphones. instead of just the top tier the reward program. the cost? $225. >> actually there is a company that is offering that's.
5:47 am
i will check in with them here next week. we are taking a look at traffic right now. the bay bridge is stepped up. as you were queuing to san francisco we first reported near fremont and then close the treasure island. it looks like you were just beyond the 880 overpass. slow ride as you head through. looking at the maps if you do take a look at this you can see the red across the span. the number four lane is blocked. there pulling it closer to treasure island unfortunately it is not a friend now. what you want to skip the roadways. with all the events happening
5:48 am
this weekend mass transit may be her best friend to avoid the delays in the roadway. san mateo bridge looks pretty good right now. no troubles as of yet as you work your way out of hayward and into foster city. about 15 minutes from 880 to 101. you can see headlights working their way through. northbound is not bad as you work your way through the coliseum going into traffic. but it does back up once you hit it because the crash on the upper deck of the bay bridge. a vehicle fire was blocking the two right lanes and looks like it is now in the clearing stages. that pretty much indicates they cleared everything over to the shoulder. proven as you work your way on 580 there are still a few snags and westbound to a five amount house parkway.
5:49 am
once you get into the pass you will run into an accident over on the left shoulder. you will have 30 skies. so perfect weather coming up for the outdoors events. we full forecast in just a few minutes. but you can see the bay bridge and east bay under clear skies. not as chilly as what we have seen this week. 52 in concord as well as oakland. mid-50s in san francisco. upper 40s in san jose and santa rosa. here's what you can expect. clear skies and breezy conditions. but we will continue to see the winds ease as we head to the day. ue through the weekend on that warm-up because of high pressure this building and in the offshore winds kicking in.
5:50 am
because of that there will be a red flag warning for the northbay mountains there saturday evening until sunday morning due to the extreme fire danger. that is a dry and hot air with gusts up to 35 and low relative humidity values. we are watching it very closely with the extreme fire danger for the northbay this weekend. all because of the strong which of high pressure that will be the dominant whether future of the next few days. taking your hour by hour you can see all of that sunshine. as we had through saturday and for sunday, it will be even warmer still. just a daytime high spear right around where we should be this time of year. if not a degree to 4 degrees below average for this time. 74 in sunnyvale and san jose.
5:51 am
80 in fairfield in brentwood. low 70s for alameda looking at highs tapping out at 78 for windsor. hardly strictly bluegrass this weekend at golden gate park. sunshine in the mid-70s. sunday morning we have sunshine and warm temperatures in the mid 60s to kick it off. >> here's what you can expect take you to the weekend temperatures rise for saturday and sunday. the temperatures cooldown for the middle part of next week. but still above average it is not taco tuesday becaus is friday butmefeast on
5:52 am
co day time to celebrate. they are expecting a busier than usual. whether it is softshell or hardshell americans are said to be in 5 billion tacos last year. the most possible filling is carney asada. is 5:52 am. >> looking for a home but you will never guess how the lost babies were found. if you missed the series project on this week cory crow is one of the longest surviving heart transplant recipients in the country. in june black mold was found in her apartment that could compromise her fragile immune system. but she can't move because for power 4000 people on the waitlist in santa clara county. you can see the full story
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welcome back. for kittens are looking for a home at being rescued from a car engine. a woman was driving to work owi they had to break out some tools to get them out. even resulting to lay on the floor to get to their attention.
5:56 am
they did manage to free the kittens. animal control is looking for an experienced foster care to raise the kittens. reach out to them if you're interested. they are pretty cute. is 5:36 am. a long-awaited project to transform the district is getting underway. we show you what it looks like when it is supposed to all be finished. off to hong kong were protests continue. and there are new rules in place that people are not exactly following they could be setting up for showdown. we will be right back. live in oakland right now. in front of the garfield elementary school were protesters will be in a few
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we are learning more about the victims and a horrific wrong way crash on one-to-one. of the taxi driver is now being remembered this morning. a live look at the capitol were they are looking at the house impeachment inquiry. the latest developments from washington. alive look at golden gate park where hardly surely bluegrass is about to get underway. it is friday, october 4. good morning. >> it is 6 am in the weekend warm-up is on the way. >> we are looking at beautiful weather from today into the weekend. we do have that friday feeling with clear skies starting off the day with temperatures cool but not chilly compared to what was seen of the last several days. mid-40s in


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