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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  October 4, 2019 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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this is kpix5 news. now at noon, one of the men accused in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire is headed back to trial. good afternoon. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. a miss trail. the master tenant of the ghost ship warehouse derick almena asked if his bail could be reduced so he could get out of jail but that wasn't in the cards. here is more on the writing
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just handed down. >> reporter: derick almena's bail reduction was denied. he will remain in jail while he waits for the trial in the spring. >> they miss their father. they haven't been able to hold his hand, touch him at all. >> ultimately there are a lot of families that don't have their children and i wreck cognizant nice that. >> his waiver said she is exhausted and she is incredibly sad that her husband's bail reduction was denied so he can't be released while leah waits a new trial. it remains at $750,000. >> i am constantly in reflection that i'm not alone in this, that everyone that has been affected by this tragedy is in pain, that ware all hurting. >> reporter: almena faces 30 counts in the warehouse fire that killed 36 people on december 2, 2016. after along trial they found
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max harris not guilty of the manslaughter charges while they were deadlocked 10-2 with almena. >> he will sit and wait and we will be repaired and the next trial, we will prevail. >> reporter: the new trial is set for march 30 that in oakland, jackie ward, kpix 5. we're hearing from other families members that they are relieved the judge did not reduce his bail. a i'm completely, emotionally wrung out. i feel stronger now because we have had these few weeks off and i expect i will feel stronger when the next trial begins. i will be there for an advocate for my daughter which is really important for me. the pretrial will be in january. two jurors are being held in contempt because of discussing this case outside of court. we'll have more on the kpix5
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news at 5:00 and online at new at noon, the chronicle is reporting that mayor london breed is giving a leg up to her candidate for appointing her to serve. the news comes a day after da announced his resignation in the midst of a tight race to choose a successor. a fremont middle school has been given the all-clear after receiving a bomb threat this morning. students at thornton junior high were evacuated safely as a precaution. the school remains closed for the day. new at noon, oakland police are investigating a deadly bake cal crash. a 24-year-old was biking last night when he hit the open door of the parked car. the bicyclist was ejected and hit bay a pickup truck passing by. he died at the scene. both drivers are cooperating with the investigation. it is not clear if alcohol or
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drugs are factors in the crash. they are taking their grief to the streets after a woman was killed by a hit and run driver in a school zone. she was walking her niece home on tuesday when they were struck by a car. she died at the scene. her niece was injured and the driver fled. now the community is demanding the city do more to keep them face by having cameras in the crosswalks and more. they say drivers have ignored that speed limit for years. as you have seen this morning, there is so much traffic that is utilizing this street and it is difficult for the drivers who are not part of this community to know this is a school zone. >> the four-year-old girl was treated for her injuries. police and crimestoppers are offering up to a $5,000 reward leading to information of the
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driver. >> >> court documents say he tried to get this daughter into usc with fake scores and credentials. prosecutors pushed for a 15- month sentence while he r twheu rejected from usc after his arrest so she did not take a spot for more deserving applicants. >> the impeachment inquiry under way and the deadline for the white house to turn over documents related to president donald trump's call with uber's president, but the trump administration is now pushing back. president donald trump is not planning to comply with lawmakers demands for documents related to ukraine until there is a full house on the floor to have an impeachment inquiry. >> we have been treated very unfairly and different from anyone else, not only history. you go over any aspect of life, you will see how unfairly we have been treated. >> reporter: the chairs of the committees have set a deadline
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to subpoena the white house for documents. >> any effort the administration makes to obstruct our ability to get the facts will only add to the body of evidence on a potential article involving the obstruction of the lawful functions of congress. president donald trump said he can end corruption even if it means asking for help and it has nothing to do with the politics or the bidens. >> what we want to investigate, anything having to do with corruption. >> reporter: the former special envoy to ukraine provided text messages thursday. in one exchange the top diplomat wrote i think it is cray >> to hold it for the political campaign but the ambassador to the eu replied, i think you're incorrect. the president has been crystal clear, no quid pro quos of any
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time. they are hearing more president from michael atkinson today. >> ukraine's new chief prosecutor said they will be looking into the link to er biden and there is no evidence of wrongdoing on his part. william barr is looking for access to encrypted information on facebook. it is about preventing child exploittation and other criminal activity, but mark zuckerberg said people have the right to privacy during online conversations. he said facebook is working on better ways to tee deck criminal behavior without reading messages. other bluegrass festival kicked off and this year's security inup. gates opened an hour ago. here is what is different this year. anne. >> reporter: yes. the weather is beautiful. it should be a very fun weekend
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here, but it will take a little more to get actually inside of the festival. you can see where they are coralling people here. the good news, there is no line at this point in the afternoon, but this is the first year of stepped up security in the festival's 18-year history. hardly strictly blas fans started lining up before dawn. >> trying to get good seats. >> reporter: but they have to pass through security for the first time to get in. >> a necessary evil unfortunately. >> reporter: there are four entrances around the park, several layers of fencing, extra officers on site. the hydraulic barricades and strict new rules on what you can bring in. >> we have sandwiches in there, a couple beers back here. >> reporter: these guys came prepared with a clear plastic bag with drinks and snacks and they left behind some of their
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buddies who normally come. >> a couple friends are apprehensive and scared so they may not show up. >> reporter: apprehensive the stepped up security may make things inconvenient. >> you have to live your life. >> reporter: the organize zers are hoping none of this taints the atmosphere inside. >> still the same, the same stages, the same vibe, the same park and the same attitude here as always so i think everybody will have a wonderful time no matter what. >> reporter: there are 83 acts on 6 stages this weekend and the fans who come to enjoy it are team players andway go with the flow, are ready to get on with the show. >> the fans are the best on the planet so we're having a great time already. >> robert plant is the head
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lanier. finishing off the festival on sunday is emmylou harris. . >> sounds like quite a festival. thanks anne. we have much more information on hardly strictly online including the security changes and more on >> robert de niro facing allegations of verbal abuse and how the star is fighting back. >> remembering day han carol. a beautiful afternoon across the bay area with the sunshine. nice to see the boat towecamera looking north. a picture perfect view this afternoon. our temperatures will be on the rise. we'll talk about the high fire danger for the weekend ahead coming up. announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american
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addiction. how juul hooked kids and ignited a public health crisis." other news outlets report- juul took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. markets e-cigarettes with kid friendly flavors and uses nicotine to addict them. 5 million kids use
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e-cigarettes. juul is "following big tobacco's playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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%fo hollywood is mourning the loss of diahann carroll. she died from complications of the breast cancer. she broke barriers in ya, atv series about a black
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professional woman. she won a tony and diahann carroll was 84 years old. >> he is facing a class action lawsuit for fraud and sexual exploitation at his former school. they claim the shuttered studio 4 acting school was a setup to exploit young women. the students allege they were pressured to take take part in sex scenes. robert de niro is facing discrimination for a female employee that worked him for more than a decade. his former assistant at his company canal productions filed a $12 million lawsuit against the star. she claims he would unleash drug tire raids against her and bullied and hurled expletives.
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>> how dare you days respect me, how much you did. you bleep don't answer my call. you're-- > he filed a six million dollars lawsuit against robinson nearly seven week ago claims she took hundreds of thousands of dollars and binge watched tv shows on netflix. her attorney said it was an attempt of intimidation. >> she tried to quick a number of times and he responded by promising things would get better and threatening her if she left. >> robinson abruptly resigned from there in april and an attorney for dee narrow says robinson's allegations are
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"beyond absurd." >> the jobs report for september, unemployment fell to 3.5%. 136,000 jobs last month. stocks are higher following this report as we take a look at the big board. the dow is up more than 280 points. stocks finishing up strong. tech stocks leading the way today. bank and healthcare stocks are also up. >> stocks are up and temperatures are going up mary. >> that is right michelle and kenny. temperatures are on the rise, a warm in store for us starting today through the weekend. gorgeous weather as we look ahead to saturday and sunday and even for today, as well. here is a live look looking south with blue skies and temperatures on the rise here 70 in concord. 68 livermore, 62 san francisco, 67 in san jose and 70 for santa rosa. well with high pressure building in, an offshore wind, temperatures rising and our
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high fire danger. extreme fire danger for the mountains and red flag warning in affect from saturday even until sunday morning with north easterly winds 10 to 20, gusting up to 35 and low relative humidity values. p fire conditions for the mountains because of the strong ridge of high pressure. with that flow around the high looking at offshore winds and that is why we have the red flag warning for the weekend. taking you hour by hour, you can see plenty of sunshine through the day. again, temperatures a little warmer compared to yesterday. we'll continue on that warm up 78 for concord and livermore. 72 in oakland. fremont as well as moundview and highs in san francisco topping out in the upper 60s.
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a lot of great weekend events going on around the bay area. hardly strictly bluegrass this weekend at the park. sunny and temperatures in the mid-70s. here is that seven-day forecast as we are going to see the temperatures on the rise especially through the weekend sunday. the warmers day out of the week and our weekend, a little warmer still on monday kooming down a bit for the middle of next week, but above average temperatures over the next seven days. >> thank you. >> >> a colorado man is set to go on trial later this month for the murder of his fianci. the story made headlines last year after she disappeared on thanksgiving day. now we know he was having an affair. prosecutors allege the secret relationship led to the murder. i talked to her about new details being revealed in this week's 48 hours. crystal's story that she tells investigators is that patrick asked her to kill
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kelsey three different times. the first was to get a starbucks mac coyote and her idea, she is a nurse user is to poison it with ambien and valium. she says she is a new neighbor. kelsey takes the drink but later crystal said she didn't poison the coffee which in future rated patrick and he gives her two more chances to kill her. you can sea the full report, the murder on 48 hours tomorrow night at 10:00 right here on still ahead p, changes to one of the busiest airports what you need to know how to get a ride out of lax. watch our special series on the housing crisis, project ur stories to project
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soon travelers landing at lax vet.ort cis will no longer to pick up passengers right
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outside the terminals. instead they will have to take a shuttle to a parking lot where they can book ofthe ilowe >> target is adding annuities ney shop in some stores 25 across the country including college park store. these will sell 450 items including 100 products previously available at disney locations. target says the stores will have interactive displays and kids can take a break from shopping and watch from disney movies as well. they will expand it to more stores over the next year. >> >> if you have a consumer problem or question, e-mail us consumer we will be right back.
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well, today's tip the day will be tips on different ones. it comes out later on in the season which is about now, but they are not as round as long. maybe three to five weeks tops so if you see them at the market, enjoy them. the flavor is out of this world. a tip on selection and also storage. when you cut them in half, look how beautiful that is inside that. look at that texture and color. light green all the way around, almost a dark color. that is the key. a slight give to the touch. when you bring them home store them on the counter. these bruce very easily because of the color so buy them and put them on the counter, don't move them around, too much, they have more of a give to
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them and that it. y'all enjoy these plums. like i said they only are around for a little while. remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. they are so ball. >> >> well, they won't be needing the friday night lights in one east bay school district anymore. why it will tick off in the afternoon on fron days. that and more coming up at 5:00. >> did you say friday >> yes. time to dance. we were dancing earlier this morning. >> yes. that is because ware done. that is it for us. have a wonderful weekend.
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♪ [ birds calling ] >> steffy: no, no, don't say the quote is insulting. just politely decline, and they'll come back to us or not. okay, let's touch base this afternoon. [ beep ] hey. >> ridge: hey. >> steffy: oh, thanks. >> ridge: how are you holding up? i, um... i wanna ask you something. is-- is your guest room available? >> steffy: i'm okay. it's a lot quieter since liam and phoebe aren't here, but...since beth left. >> ridge: well, i would like to move in with you and kelly and...spend some time, just for a little while. >> steffy: and brooke's okay with that? >> ridge: yeah. we agreed it might be--


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