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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  October 10, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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ve look in oakland. the city is heating up as pg and e tries to prevent the the hills up in flames overnight. at least one neighborhood had to be evacuated. our reporter is live this morning as santa monica's catholic church with some late breaking details. win on the fire has been burning overnight. they have mostly contained the fire but there was a lot of people were affected in that area. let's get over to mary who is going to have more on the weather conditions picking up this morning. we're looking at the weather conditions. i do want to show you what you can expect as we are looking at that fire that is burning.
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current conditions, looking at winds of the east and northeast at 25 miles per hour. low relative humidity values at 15 percent. e. show you what you can expect. we are looking at some strong winds. that red flag warning in effect until 5 pm. the headlines. the strongest winds happening now through the rest of the morning. they will weaken this afternoon. warmer temperatures as we head for the rest of our day. here is future cast taking you through at least some of the morning. listed the strong winds up in the hills. we will take you through the rest of our bill future cast coming up. jump into surface streets right now. you get update on some closeness.
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ntridge roados roci with that area if you can. elsewhere, along one-on-one, we have reports of a small grass fire on the right shoulder. that could cause a bit of a distraction as well on their free web. for a look at traffic in the northbay. runway moving it okay speeds despite intersections. lights are still out. treated as a four-way stop. expects a busier than usual conditions. right now traffic out of the self-pay looks good. as we just mentioned, the hills went up in flames overnight. at least one neighborhood had to be evacuated. let's get right to our reporter
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at sthat fire were assembled. you can see the parking lot is beautiful. this is where police have told all evacuees to meet this morning. is threatening 140 structures and forcing evacuations. at one point the fire was burning up to 60 acres. it is now 60 percent contained. the fire was reported before 1 am this morning. the people who live on the streets were woken up in the middle of the night and told to get out. the fire is burning south of st. mary's college with university's does not appear to be threatened. s mother and da who were evacuated. >> i think it was more upsetting. the power was out already. i think it would have been much easier if the power was not. it prevents fires.>> because
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the power was shut off, we have been talking about emergency plans. we know exactly where everything we needed was.>> if you are evacuated, they said to try to only take the essential items. take what you can carry with you. keep your pets on a lease. people i spoke with also brought all of the cars out of the driveway. they said they did not want to take any chances with the car being left behind. were obviously following the developing details of this story. they say 600 to 700,000 customers could be impacted by the shutoffs. was the event has passed, about 40 helicopters and 6300 ground crews will jump into action to help with power restoration.
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it can take up to five days to restore all power. they have established a new website. it to a map p.m. last night. the easiest way the link on our page. but are investigating a vehie. the passenger side window of the truck was shot out. it happened along southbound interstate 5. the driver was not injured. one of the cities hit hardest by the allergist is morgan hill. they have implemented a temporary curfew in hopes of protecting business owners and residents. several business owners decided to close up shop early last night in anticipation of the outage. those businesses include the restaurant. i am a starving musician. i
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i am disappointed in them for t business i think this will do a lot more damage than if they just let the power on. >> police and if you will be in effect only in areas where the power is out and it only affects pedestrians and not vehicles. it will last until 6:30 am. we're keeping track of school closures. the school district is keeping all of its 19 campuses closed. there keeping all but none of the campuses open. for a more complete list of schools, just head to our website. we are just getting word
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well-known person was just involved in this car crash. that is what the associated press is saying right now. this crash happened in dallas. the ferrari wrote over at about 3 am. we do not know what caused the accident. going off right now to the hospital. we do not know who was injured in the crash. a man that the associated press is calling well-known and high- profile. e commity is recovering this morning at the synagogue attack that left two people dead. the suspect shot a woman outside of his synagogue and attempted to force his way in. he got another man outside of a shop across the street. he was arrested a few hours after the attack. the attack happened on the holiest day of the calendar.>> he told us to go deeper in the synagogue building. it was really terrifying.
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also a very deep experience. i official says anti-somatic crimes jumped almost 20 percent compared to last year. the military offensive is underway in syria this morning. armed forces have invaded the country's northeast. follows president trump's decision to pull out all u.s. troops. now the military is bombarding the territory held by the kurdish allies. critics worry the decision will expose the cards is leading the fight against isis. the president called turkey's offensive a bad idea. >> i hope he will begin to act rationally. >> the resolver reports of in block three charmed cells. the battle over the impeachment
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inquiry continues to intensify. there was no sign that the battle will ease up time soon. >> the whole thing is a scam. >> president trump appears willing to fight the inquiry all the way to the nation's highest courts.>> it probably ends up being a big supreme court case. >> they said he will not cooperate, the president kept the door open. they also dismissed the whistleblower for having secondhand information about his phone call.>> i do not want to have spies in the white house. i do not think it is fair that somebody interprets a call.>> they listen in on these call. they learned their memo the whistleblower wrote showed the official was visibly shaken by what had transpired.
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the president had clearly committed a criminal act. >> this was a fraud.>> he should be impeached. >> after weeks of hesitation, the former vice president came out in favor. >> is shooting holes in the constitution. we cannot let him get away with it. he says he did nothing wrong as vice president. was some served on the board of the energy company. >> hesayswhatchanmineon pe terate with congress. coming up, the stage of recovery. linked to brain damage in babies. let's head outside. take a look at at the north side of san francisco. you see on the left on this thursday m the van gogh.
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all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california. here is a live look at our future came looking at the golden gate bridge. right now the northerly winds. just 11 miles per hour. the strongest winds up in the hills. i will show you future cast walking through the day coming up. apple facing more controversy as it removes map
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live from its app store. this is to use the gps aftermarket locations of stray closures during the ongoing conflict. apple says it was endangering police but the apps developer says those accusations do not have any evidence to support them. >> mark zuckerberg is said to testify on capitol hill this month. neck of the currency by facebook. set to discuss the impact on financial services and housing markets. facebook announced it did the wallet back in june. the face resistance from regulators were wide previous values to protect privacy. this is the project will not move forward until all concerns are satisfied. a check on wall street plus a update on the u.s. and china trade wore. wall street rallied back on
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wednesday. the store 181 points. the nasdaq was up 79. the s&p 500. check on speaking today. resident trump told reporters he believes china was the deal more than he does. they say they have lowered their expectations for problems. tariffs are said to rise from 25 to 30 percent next tuesday. california has banned a widely used but problematic pesticide. it will end in february of next year. is blamed for harming brain development. it is used on about 60 different props in california including gradal officials have budgeted more than 500 billion dollars. bmw is recalling one and
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250,000 cars and suvs because of the issue be with the backup camera. settings can be changed so that the camera view can be turned off and remained off from drive to drive which is a violation of federal safety standards. the recall covers a dozen different vehicle models from 2018 three 2020. that is your cbs money watch report. one of the big stories is the fire that is burning. the big concern for firefighters as the winds that is picking up. dusty conditions. under a red flag warning. low relative humidity values. dry air in midityes that is why this is a concern for us. need to see a live look to your backup camera. you shaking in the wind this
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morning. really up in the higher elevations. 75 mile per hour wind gust. healdsburg kills 52 mile-per- hour wind gust. oakland 38. here is a live look. looking east. temperatures are running in the upper 50s to low to mid 60s. clear skies. if you waking up this morning and thinking i'm dealing with the conditions, that is the case for many spots. oakland and hayward. conditions this morning. out of the north. seven in san ramon. the two mi-per-hour winds. see this onge and re corswi thlls and in the mountains. that is where we are tracking the strongest winds.
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due to this dry offshore wind event, we are looking at 13 percent. low relative humidity values. 13 in santa rosa. just to show you how dry the air is. the strongest winds happening right now through the rest of the morning. they will weaken this afternoon with warmer temperatures as we have limited. here is the satellite and radar view. the strong low pressure system. we had this ridge of high pressure to our west. the tight pressure gradient. that is what we are looking at the strong winds. future cast 9 am. you still see those orange and red purple colors indicating wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. especially up in the hills and the mountains. 29 for fairfield.
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then the ease by this afternoon. and we are at 4 pm. daytime high temperatures looking at seasonal temperatures. 80 in sunnyvale. 81 for high in san jose. and it in concord. looking at how temperatures topping out in the mid-70s. as well as alameda and oakland. here is the extended forecast on what you can expect. the windiest timeframe. tapering off with them as we had to the afternoon. milder weather friday through the weekend. temperatures calling down into early next week. we start off this time around. developing situation on one-to- farkas of shut down the 2 right lane. atlas like a lot of activity as you work your way through there. chp is also one scene. try to avoid that area if you
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can. we are not seeing a lot of delays. it is only 4:50 am the traffic is still very light. 2 right lanes are shut down. the fire burning on the hillside, fire chris johnson. south of that, the lights are still out at the robin williams tunnel. areas of sausalito also expected. surface streets may be impacted. when you commit to an intersection with no lights, treated as a four-way stop. traffic along the golden gate bridge is quiet. traffic looking much better than it was about 50 minutes ago on 880. we had this accident blocking 2 lanes there. from ivonthat northbound back .
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stted tostack upbay idw la san mateo bridge looks good as well. no advisories have been issued. during the shutdown, a team of volunteers and caregivers are also stepping up. there setting out to help some of the most vulnerable around the bay area. volunteers are knocking on the doors of senior citizens. the elderly rely on the free. the programs nutrition service managers says if the power is cut to their kitchens, they will not be able to provide meals. >> i have not even thought about this. let me know. i do not know what this is anyways.>> they say even if the
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kitchen the shutdown, they will it is a fight that we have been covering all you. tenant tried to hold onto their apartments. the problems causing work for renovations. san francisco board of supervisors is asking the rent board to crack down on the largest landlord in town.>> it is really clear this is a big issue. not just a few tenants dealing with us. it is neighborhoods. >> we will have a report in the next half hour. a sweet deal for warriors phase. the new program to help fans afford pricey tickets. let's take another live look outside. we will be right back.
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a largest talk about our extreme fire danger. the highest winds in the higher elevations. gust of to 75 miles per hour. low relative humidity values. was today in the single digits. because of that dry offshore flow. energy release component measures how dry vegetation is. it is at 97 percent. that means the energy release is explosive. we have 2 right lanes
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completely shut down. this is self 101. fire crews have taken away the right lanes.oft. trietoavoid that area.geto the know delays. the lights are still out in the robin williams tunnel. a lot of basketball fans were no longer afford to 10 games. the warriors have announced a new program to make a few tickets available for $25 for every home again. each game will have 250 of those discounted tickets available. they have to register on the warriors website developed in to get a text message the day before the game. a fire in the ranch
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neighborhood forces hundreds to evacuate. finally, some math you're really going to like.
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simple. easy. awesome. click, call, or visit a store today. families are rushed outside in the dark. the only light is from a fire burning too close to comfort. power blackouts and a website down. they respond to mounting criticism. morning is thursday, october 10. now to that large grass fire. our reporter is live on the ground. we will get to jackie in a bit. now we have jackie at the church
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where people are headed. i can hear a lot of noise in the background. they do not have power so that is the beeping the judge right now. they had to be evacuated in the middle of the night from their homes. there was a very scary situation.firethatthem already ent aid. also, do not estimate the fire is 40 acres. all good news there. people in the neighborhood walk up to the smell of smoke in the air and, they cannot figure outi


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