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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  October 11, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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information. let's go to wilson walker who was live in kenwood. one of the remaining area still waiting for power to come back on.>> reporter: we have been watching all the strange multicolored shapes shrink down as the outage gets confined to smaller and smaller areas throughout the region. we are in one of the last tiny slivers in kenwood where the power is still out. we spent the day with the folks that are out there trying to make sure they get re-energize those lines. out here it is not exactly an easy job. we have to throw a lot of stuff out.>> reporter: the power was back onin time for the lunch rush. the owner still frustrated. it is hard to plan anything. we did not know when the stuff is going to go on. go online and couldn't find anything. the number we couldn't get through. midafternoon patty was still waiting for her power making do with a generator and a plastic kiddie pool.
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for laundry and flushing the toilet. there is a lot of protocols we have to follow. it is time-consuming. we work as fast as we can't get the people's lights back on.>> reporter: pg&e crews and their assorted contractors were working to get the lines reenergized out here. among them brian and gordon contractors from washington state. assigned to a line near sonoma mountain. every bit of it has to be eyeballed. we have to have ice on it. storm damage and make sure there are no limbs. no wire down.>> reporter: their job is to get their ice on every inch of this line no matter where it goes. out here that can present some challenges.>> probably agood mile or a mile and a half. we had to walk through brush and trees. >> reporter: this is how the event winds down. little more waiting for some and a lot of work for those
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line crews. this is what we have done so far.>> reporter: one corner of an outage that affected so much of california. back at five i said i expected the lights to come back on. in this area in the next couple hours. we just looked across the street and behold. there was light. it is literally happening as we speak out here. as they narrow down these tiny parts of the grid. get the lines checked out. they throw the switch and these parts of the system get re- energize. it is happening before our ice. we are down to some small parts here. if you do not have power the expectation is that it will be either this evening or tonight may be the last stragglers in the early part of the day tomorrow. this is finally winding down. in the east bay joins us from moraga with how small
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businesses there have been getting hit hard.>> reporter: the good news is power is back up for most of the businesses in cocoa and alameda counties. business owners are still very upset. small businesses have a very thin small profit margin. they say this blackout delivered a big financial blow. $1000 in sales yesterday. a minimum of $2000. this was how he looked at a moraga shopping center yesterday. essentially a ghost town. even after the powers suddenly turned back on just before seven. it was very quiet and very slow.>> reporter: everybody took a hit. for his morocco restaurant not only did he lose out on customers. throughout spoiled seafood. meat and produce worth thousands of dollars. it is painful for a small business to take such a hit.
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jeff diamond moved 500 pounds of cheese and 500 bottles of wine. to another store before the blackout. it was a logistical nightmare.>> reporter: he did everything to keep his cheese and wine store open in the oakland hills. even brought in a generator. the health department shut him down because he has no hot water due to the outage. it feels like a kick in the teeth. >> reporter: it won't reimburse individuals and businesses for their losses. the insurance companies also won't pay out siding pg&e's advance warnings. you do have business interruption insurance. this isn't considered a business interruption. i said what the blank do you main? a very small number of businesses across the bay area open in the dark yesterday. this is an old-fashioned credit card slyter which is what we had to use. >> reporter: the pet shop had three customers. most people had assumed all businesses close. great money loss.
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>> reporter: pg&e said you are more than welcome to file a claim on its website. but they made it clear if it is related to the blackout they are not paying out. right now pg&e holding a press conference but they have been sharing these pictures of tree limbs that could have sparked wildfires during our severe wind event. the winds we experience like the ones happening in southern california with such speed. they blew branches and trees and to our powerlines. bringing about this risk of ignition. that is pg&e ceo bill johnson. he is speaking. we are looking live at that press conference. if you would like to stay with this we are streaming it live on our website. google has just formally submitted his proposal for a game changing mega campus in
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downtown san jose. if it is approved the development is expected to transform the entire area. devon joins us now. good or bad that transformation it will affect a lot of people. this will be dramatic. >> reporter: absolutely. leaders in san jose describe this is transformational. they say it is a once-in-a- lifetime opportunity. regular folks are struggling to make ends meet. they have some questions. they have some concerns. for those people both optimism and anxiety is balanced on a razors edge. google's application outlines his vision for its new mega campus. a city within a city in downtown san jose. 6 1/2 billion square feet of office space. thousands of homes in a brand- new hotel. business leaders describe it is nothing short of transformational. they control 60 acres and what they proposed is this mix of uses. that includes homes offices
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shops.>> reporter: the new campus downtown west will be san jose's largest developmt in decades. the rewards are self-evident. high-tech. high-paying and highly sought jobs. so to other risks. namely a deepening of the areas of affordability crisis. i have grave sgivings about google or any large companies coming in to a city like this. i think just changing the counter of it. it is already really expensive anyway. with google come down here it is going to be more expensive. these are hard-working people that live in this area.>> reporter: it would be anchored by san jose's train station. a future home to bart. the application doesn't spell out how many of the new homes would be affordable. and critics say that is a problem. there is a correlation in silicon valley between the ascent of major corporations like google and the cost of housing. it is not a mistake to so many
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people are house loose here.>> there is no one development that is going to stop the cost of living from rising in silicon valley. >> reporter: this is not going to be a quick process. google and the city estimate could take up to a year to begin to study and evaluate every aspect of what is being proposed. i will push the likely votes by the planning commission until the latter part of next year. google facing backlash tonight from forking over substantial contributions to influential positions and events that denied the existence of climate change. according to the guardian the mountain view-based company has donated more than a dozen groups that have pushed back against climate regulations. among google's beneficiaries with the competitive enterprise institute. that group is credited with convincing the trump administration to pull out of the paris climate agreement. meanwhile google said it
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supports groups across the political spectrum that push strong technology policies. art directors are considering dynamic pricing when it comes to parking at its lots. officials say the lots capacity varies drastically with times where there are either feel to the brim or completely empty. dynamic pricing goes into effect bart could lower prices or raise them to encourage more people to parking in slow times. or word off drivers when demand is high. as part of the new plan parts parking fee of three dollars might also be on the way out. the government signing new gun laws today. one will make california the first state to allow employers coworkers and teachers to ask a judge to take away someone's firearms if they are believed to be a danger. governor brown previously vetoed the bill twice. california has outperformed the rest of the nation because
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of our gun safety laws. in reducing the gun murder rate substantially. compared to the national production. and of the law also bans the sale of semi automatic rifles to anyone under the age of 21. the loss take effect on january first. california will now become the first state to require public colleges to make abortion pills available at campus health sensors. this would apply to all 34 university of california and cal state university campuses. the legislation signed today relies on private donations to pay for the setup and services costs. set to go in effect by 2023. some of the navy's best. sailors on the streets of san francisco. fleet week back. we have all the fun come this weekend. fleet week's parade of ships have arrived. they are being monitored by a specialized coast guard
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security detail. that story coming up. a provocative psa just premiered this week. the warning to parents tonight on youth tackle football. we are done with all the strong winds. it is still really dry out there. you will feel the low humidity for a few more days. by the second half of the weekend that is going to change. i will show you what that means for the next four days coming our way.
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a sneak peek.
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crowds along fisherman's wharf. it is so fun to watch but it is fleet week. of course the blue angels are flying. it is exciting. it is a thrill to watch these guys do this. the amnt of talent they have is incredible. we come every year. it is something bigger than ourselves. i love the airplanes fly over your head and you can feel it in your chest. inside your body. it is so powerful. with the big crowds also come security concerns. don ford got a behind the scenes look at how the navy seals kept the parade of ships safe.>> reporter: during fleet week there is a lot of ships and a lot of planes. there is also another highly specialized military unit who hopes you do not see them. by special invitation we are getting an exclusive and rare visit with the coast guard's
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elite maritime security response team. ms rt. they are quietly monitoring fleet week. watching to make sure everyone stays safe. the team is ready to go. immediately if a that develops on the waterfront. the team is designed to go out and engage the threat and protect the public so they can enjoy all the great things going on in san francisco fleet week.>> reporter: special operators specializing in close quarters maritime specific scenarios. trained in counterterrorism hostage rescue counter assault and other stuff. they are the muscle of the coast guard. during the parade the ship's arrival today some of the team members demonstrated one way the board ships. this is usually doneat night in darkness. swimming we are built to operate in a vast amount of environments. whether it be raining high wind dark darkness.>> reporter: if everything goes according to plan and so far it looks like it will this coast guard team might not be needed at all. which is this just the way they
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like it. all ice will be on the sky in san francisco. as fleet week is taking place. those blue angels will be flying high. which means you will see a lot of folks making their way in and out of san francisco. over 300,000 people expected per day. between friday and sunday. extra busy conditions along the marina and embarcadero. due plan for some's local conditions. you might want to consider mass transit if you're heading into the city. you can use bart to embarcadero. take that the fourth and king and hop on muni. extra service will be provided by muni over the weekend. reroutes will be in place for e and f lines. if you're heading over there and take the t third line f market for east embarcadero. additional streetcars will be in place as well as additional buses. if you can't make it to any of the airshows this weekend hits our website.
6:17 pm we will have our salesforce towers camera streaming live seek to watch the flight team in action. new ad campaign warning parents to avoid youth tackle football. it is doing so by comparing it to smoking. tackle football is like smoking. the younger i start the longer i'm exposed to danger. the concussion legacy foundation responsible for this. they want parents to consider the long-term damage youth tackle football could inflict on their kids. new public service announcements are part of the tackle can wait campaign. the goal is to get parents to wait until their kids are at least 14 years old to play in order to lessen the risk of cte. fires are burning in southern california and in northern california. the wind plays a huge role in how these fires pan out.
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there is a classic view in the sky now. something we have become familiar with. you really see it from our camera this is on top of the close range. is on the edge of the central valley. looking back to the central valley. look at that. that is smoke coming from not one particular source. but we had several smaller grass fires that we were covering and tracking the last few days. there is the fire burning outside yosemite. another control burn south tahoe. when the wind picked up two days ago it spread all the stuff around. it is in the sky. you can see it for sure. the high resolution satellite. those are clouds. there is the fire just south of tahoe. it is a prescribed burn. but the wind has taken the smoke and flared it up. it is subtle. you can see how this stuff is filling in the valleys. we have seen much worse than this. if you're looking at the sky and going that looks weird. that is what it is.
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it certainly does relate back to the winds that we had pickup. is a much different story in southern california. there is a live look from the top of the salesforce tower. we have had the show from here today. with all the preparations coming up from fleet week. it has been great. 81 degrees. concorde santa rosa san jose. we did it in oakland. to be different hayward was 5 degrees cooler. at 76. san francisco coming in almost 10 degrees above average today. 70 would be average. we were at 78. tomorrow if you are near the coast. san francisco temperatures will start to cool down. we get closer to average for this time of year. it is not going to be a major shift. the air is still dry out there. if you notice it that will change by the time we get to sunday. watch the surge of watercolors show up. we will start to bring the humidity level backup. but not until sunday. it is going to start to feel
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like normal. speaking of normal this is what the middle of october is. all ose numbers. they may deep be a degree or two off the mark. we are pretty much right there for average for this time of year. the arts and wine fear. sent karlos. it will be sunny and 79. if you like to go to the ocean beach music festival saturday. it will be sunny and 70. there is a seven-day forecast. temperatures don't change. no more big wind events. no chance for rain. it is just going to be like today for the next seven days. the raiders have a bye week. a lot of the focus this sunday is on the nsc west showdown between the 49ers and the rams. who will be on the field? and of the key offensive weapon on the injury report. we will have the details next. announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american
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addiction. how juul hooked kids and ignited a public health crisis." other news outlets report- juul took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. markets e-cigarettes with kid friendly flavors and uses nicotine to addict them. 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. juul is "following big tobacco's playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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49ers know they won't have two starting tackles in the fullback. possibly george kittle the tide and is listed as questionable for sunday's game. for the rams todd gurley is doubtful. to leave is out. the 49ers are one of two unbeaten teams left in the nfl. many believe that record is a product of a week schedule. san francisco's four opponents have a combined record of 5-15. what a victory on the road against the defending nfc champs change the minds of some of the 49ers nonbelievers? the fun thing about football and criticism is if you want to make a story about a team not being strong in their schedule. they haven't beat anybody. other people have had success have had similar plates similar
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teams to us and won games and lost games. they don't compare them the same. at the end of the day you cannot worry about it. you appreciate it. you appreciate making people. 49ers may end up making las vegas look foolish. despite being unbeaten they are not favored zelinski sunday's matchup in la. the rams have won nfc west the last two years. gerrit signed a new $134 million contract last month. guess who is one of his biggest fans. kyle shanahan. the coach called the native one of the most underrated quarterbacks in the league and a conference call. the warriors fans feeling better about the upcoming season. steph curry dropped 40 points in 25 minutes in the second preseason game. off the court the nba has asked for players actual height measurements. the season rather than allowing
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many to enhance. this is hit a nerve with a draymond green who has listed himself as 6'7". and was suddenly fighting for every inch. this is for all of you talking about i'm 6'5". here comes the real measurement. 78 inches. 6'6". i used to care. it didn't matter when i got drafted. i don't care anymore now. i don't care if the whole world knows i'm 6'4". actually i'm not 6'4". you get my drift. he is not sensitive about it. he is five foot eight. cbs evening news is up next. tonight on the cbs evening news deadly wildfires force 100,000 people from their homes in southern california. we are at the scene of the largest fire. our series medical price
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roulette looks into a price saving alternative for routine surgeries. steve hartman is on the road with a man who is whipping up a sweet new career at 93. those stories and more tonight on the cbs evening news. there are those who will say that you're:
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too fat. too skinny. too hard. too soft. too old. too much. too unexpected. too limited. and to them we say too bad. because at kaiser permanente, we believe that everyone deserves the right to thrive. i just add a spoonful to my marinades... stir frys... ...sauces. just whisk it in... ...brush it on... sauté it. it adds a "cooked all day taste" ...that doesn't take all day. better than bouillon. don't just make it. make it better.
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the oakland museum of california is feeling the burn. it is hosting an exhibit of artwork from burning man. participants spent months preparing large-scale projects to be unveiled at the festival. starting tomorrow many of them are going to be on display in oakland including a collection of mutant vehicles. it commissioned a site-specific 40 foot tall temple from sculptor david best that will be displayed outside of the museum. the exhibit will run until february. before we go latest on the
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power shutdowns. pg&e this hour telling us over 543,000 customers have had their electricity restored. that is 96% of those impacted at the outage in the bay area. believes less than 84,000 customers still waiting for their life to come back on. our team of reporters still covering the story for you. you get the latest information online. cbs evening news is coming up next. will be back here on the new kpix 5 news at 7 pm. we will see you then.
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: tonight, deadly wildfires sweep through cafornia 100,000 are ordered to evacuate. flames are spreading as winds gust to over 50 miles an hour. a key witness in the impeachment inquiry tells congress the president personally pressured the state department to oust her. her. and is rudy giuliani still the president's lawyer? breaking news, the acting secretary of homeland security has just stepped down. late today, turkish artillery fire accidentally lands close to an american outpost in northern syria. u.s. officials call it reckless. we're on the ground as tens of thousands flee the turkish invasion. >> reporter: just as we were leaving qamishli, there was another huge explosion. >> dickerson: an early taste of winter.


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