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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  October 15, 2019 11:35pm-12:36am PDT

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c1 >> the late show is up next. >> our next newscast is tomorrow morning at captioning sponsored by cbs >> a beatles historian recently unearthed an audio recording from 50 years ago featuring john lennon, paul mccartney, and george harrison. on the recording, the band discusses making another album after abby road shattering the long held belief that the beatles always planned on "abby road" being their last album. "the late show" has acquired yet another lost beatles recording.
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( laughter ) ( laughter ) ( laughter ) ( laughter )
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( laughter ) >> it's "the late show" with stephen colbert. tonight, "got to get u.n. to my life." plus, stephen welcomes paul mccartney, featuring jon batiste and "stay human." and now live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! ( cheers and applause ) ( theme song playing ) hey! how are you?
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happy monday. ( piano riff ) hello! thank you very much! very kind! hey, everybody! welcome one and all, ladies and gentlemen, to "the late show." i'm your host, stephen colbert. it has been-- ( cheers and applause ) ( piano riff ) i'm excited, too. it's been a very big week here in new york. the u.n. general assembly is in town. leaders from asia, africa, and europe have come to new york city to see all the people who used to live in their countries. ( laughter ) president trump is here, too. to welcome him, new yorkers have spent the last three years crowbarring his name off of all the buildings. ( laughter ) trump has-- ( cheers and applause ) ( piano riff ) trump had a busy weekend prepping for the u.n.-- on friday at the white house, he hosted a state dinner for the australian prime minister. ( as trump ) "we've got all your native delicacies: we got bloomin'
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onions, we got digiree-donuts, and a knife that's not a knife because it's smaller than the other knife." ( laughter ) then-- ( piano riff ) --on sunday, he appeared with indian prime minister narendra modi at an event in texas called, and this is real, "howdy modi!" ( laughter ) >> jon: holy moly? >> stephen: actual name. it was even more successful than last year's event for the prime minister of israel, the first annual netan-yee-haw! ( laughter ) netan-yee-haw! ( cheers and applause ) ( piano riff ) ( laughter ) ( cheers and applause )
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for the president, his speech to the u.n. general assembly. always a big deal. last year, he set a very high bar. if you'll recall, his words brought joy to the whole world. >> in less than two years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country. america's-- so true. ( laughter ) didn't expect that reaction, but that's okay. ( laughter ) >> stephen: now, mr. president, i want to assure you that they weren't laughing at you. ( laughter ) it's the u.n., they werengi" "c un imbécile magnifique! tres grand! ( cheers and applause ) ( piano riff )
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now, we don't know what trump's going to say tomorrow, but last week, he gave us a little bit of a preview. now, before i tell you what he said, keep in mind he was talking to reporters who were finishing their dinner on air force one. "we'll say the united states is the greatest country in the world, it's never been stronger and it's never been better and they certainly have one of the great presidents in history. we love you guys. have a good time. don't eat that chocolate cake, okay? they didn't give me cake like that, phil. i'll grab that sucker right off your plate." ( laughter ) wow. that really took a turn. i did not see that coming. >> jon: i did not see that coming. >> s >> december 7th, 1941, a date which will live in infamy, the united states of america was suddenly and deliberately attacked-- do i smell pizza? you guys got pizza? i didn't get pizza! don't even think about eating the last slice, phil. i'll grab that sucker right off
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your plate! ( laughter ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: f.d.r.! f.d.r.! >> jon: f.d.r. f.d.r. >> stephen: maybe trump will be a bigger hit with the foreigners, because he is not winning any popularity contests here. his approval rating has never been-- his entire presidency is have never risen above 50%, and he is way underwater with women, hispanics, african americans, in the suburbs, in the cities, in a box, with a fox, in a house, with a mouse, they do not like him here or there, they do not like him anywhere. ( cheers and applause ) they do not like the orange man. they miss the guy who said "yes we can." ( laughter ) if trump manages to pinch out a win this time, we know which sic hel put celebratapretr of sir elton, but the feeling isn't mutual. when asked to play trump's
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inauguration, elton said no. he explained, "i don't really want my music to be involved in anything to do with an american election campaign, i'm british. it's nothing personal, trump's political views are his own, mine are very different, i'm not a republican in a million years." ( laughter ) ( cheers and applause ) mm-hmm mm-hmm. not a republican. >> jon: he's saying what he's got to say. >> stephen: not a republican in a million years. ( as trump ) "so you're saying there's a chance. see you in a million years, robo-elton. ( laughter ) since that snub, trump has been obsessed with showing elton john just how popular trump is. on several occasions, after rallies, trump bragged about his crowds, saying he had "broken elton john records." explains why trump has been showing up at his rallies dressed like this. ( laughter ) ( piano riff ) trump is-- looks good. looks good. trump is so obsessed with elton john that he made him part of foreign policy. he nicknamed kim jong un "rocket man," "little rocket man," if
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you remember, and even sent secretary of state mike pompeo to a meeting with kim bearing an elton john record. and kim jong un gave him a copy of north korea's most popular album, "now that's what you are ordered by our glorious leader to call music, volume 108!" ( cheers and applause ) "excellent horse-like lady." >> jon: "excellent horse-like lady," that was a hit. ( applause ) >> stephen: apparently kim jong un was none too pleased with his "little rocket man" nickname. trump says at their summit, kim complained about being called "little rocket man." to which trump replied "don't you know elton john? it's a great song." so kim said, "but you called me 'little.'" then comes what buzzfeed describes as trump's punchline: "that's what he didn't like!" that's trump's sense of humor in a nutshell. ( as trump ) "why did the chicken cross the road? because you are a fat, tiny person." ( laughter ) tonight, i myself have a high
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british music legend, sir paul mccartney. ( cheers and applause ) thank you. thank you. right over there. sir paul. >> jon: right over there? sir paul? >> stephen: the walrus himself. the walrus himself. ( cheers and applause ) paul mccartney. i'm excited, i got chills. i got chills. of course, the fab four made their american television debut right here on the ed sullivan theater stage, 55 years ago. and tonight he's back because he left his iphone in the greenroom. ( laughter ) sir paul is still making great music, like his latest album, "egypt station," which-- i'm not kidding-- is available in this steamer trunk. this thing has inside of it the vinyl-- what else is in here? the vinyl, rare performance footage, the c.d., lithographs of some of sir paul's paintings, i'm going to say a cursed
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monkey's paw, a couple of infinity stones, and i think ringo's in there, too. let's punch a couple of air holes in that. ( applause ) and, on this album-- that's really heavy. ed this album, mccartney has a about a mad captain who won't listen to logic or reason. when asked who it's about, sir paul came clean and said, "well, i mean obviously it's about trump." ( laughter ) ( applause ) ( applause ) it's about trump? could be, could be. that is not his first song about trump, however. i'm pretty sure trump is eleanor rigby, because he's wearing a face that he keeps in a jar by the door. ( laughter ) we've got a great show for you tonight. we'll be right back with sir paul mccartney! ( cheers and applause ) paul mccartney! ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing )
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( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) >> stephen: hello, my friends! welcome back! oh, ladies and gentlemen, you are here for a very special night. very special night here in the ed sullivan theater. i can't wait. >> jon: very special night. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: i just cannot wait, jon. here we go. ladies and gentlemen, you know my first guest tonight because he's paul mccartney! ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing )
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>> there it is! ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) ( cheers and applause ) >> woohoo! all right! ( cheers and applause ) oh yeah.
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( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: there it is. paul, we've got to take a commercial break. we'll be right back. ( laughter ) welcome back to the ed sullivan theater. >> thank you! great to be back. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: i mean, the first question, obviously, is where did you guys perform the first time you were here? was it up there? i always guessed it was right up there, right above the proscenium over there, is that where it was? >> i don't know. ( laughter ) >> stephen: well, if you don't know, then nobody knows. >> nobody knows. it's changed so much. >> stephen: yeah, it has. wht-ouember what it looked like back then? >> that was kind of the same. that was similar. oh, man, it's so long ago, and
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we were so nervous, you know. >> stephen: were you really? >> yeah. it doesn't show too much. when i look at it now, i think we don't look nervous at all. >> stephen: you look pretty happy. >> yeah, but we were nervous. >> stephen: i've got to ask a personal question, as a professional, on behalf of anybody who's ever tried to write anything, how do you do it? how do you-- do you ever look back at your own catalog and say "how did i do that?" >> well actually i do, that is true, because when i do them in the shows, i'm singing, like, "eleanor rigby" or something, i'm thinking, whoever wrote this was pretty good. ( laughter ) you know, it's-- >> stephen: sure, sure. >> yeah. >> stephen: but where do you think it comes from? you know, people talk about a muse or someone who is sort of touched by grace. why do some people become paul mccartney and other people become stephen colbert? ( laughter ) >> seriously?
11:55 pm
>> stephen: seriously. >> you know what? my dad was very musical, and i used to listen to a lot of what he did, so a lot of music went in, you know, i listened to the records and watched films and stuff. so i always think of it like my computer got loaded with a lot of data from all the songs i heard, all the old songs. so when i finally came to write, i kind of printed it all out. so i think there was a lot of information in my brain-- >> stephen: so you had a lot of reference up here to make connections. >> a lot of stuff, yeah. and my family was very musical. we would have musical evenings, all the old ladies, all the old aunties would be singing all the songs and getting gradually more and more drunk. ( laughter ) so, you know. >> stephen: that glaug >> great, and my dad was the pianist for that. so, you know, it was all the old songs. and then, eventually, he got arthritis, so i became the pianist for that. >> stephen: okay.
11:56 pm
>> so, you know-- ♪ chicago, chicago ♪ the red, red robin comes bob- bob-bobbin' along ♪ so i know all that stuff. and when i finally came to write, i think i had a lot of clues as to how to write. plus i'm a genius. ( cheers and applause ) ( piano riff ) >> stephen: you buried the lede. that's called burying the lede. so all you're recommending young people, just be a genius. >> well, yeah, why not? >> stephen: what was that first tour like in the united states in 1964? >> pretty cool. ( laughter ) >> stephen: yeah? >> oh you know, it was, it was magical because we loved american music, still do. and everything we were singing, except the stuff we wrote ourselves, was american. so to come to america for the first time, come to new york as
11:57 pm
kids who kind of made it over in england, so we were cocky little gits, so we felt like, hey, this is cool, get the cigarettes out. so it was magical. it really was. it was like everything we expected and more. and we were on the radio. >> stephen: that's big time. >> tuning in, yeah, tuning in to little stations and we would be on the radio, we were so excited. >> stephen: you did a lot of covers. who was your favorite artist to cover? what cover did you most enjoy doing? >> i think "twist and shout" was a great cover. >> stephen: people forget that that was a cover. >> yeah. ( cheers and applause ) people think we wrote that. >> stephen: right. we have to say, no, no, that was the eisley brothers. i used to like doing "kansas city," little richard. >> stephen: a lot of people have covered your music as well.
11:58 pm
i think "yesterday" is the most covered song of all time or the most recorded song of all time by various artists. do you have a favorite cover of a beatles song? and keep in mind there's a correct answer. ( laughter ) >> yeah, i'd heard it was recorded 3,000 times or something. >> stephen: "yesterday," yeah. >> so i said to one of our guys, i said, "well, get me the top ten, just what you think are the best ten." so he did, and it was like sinatra, elvis, ray charles, marvin gaye-- i think i like marvin's best. >> stephen: uh-huh. >> but the funny thing about sinatra, marvin and elvis, they changed the words in the middle. i go, "i said something wrong,
11:59 pm
now i long for yesterday." well, all of them said, "i must have said something wrong," but they're not owning up. ( laughter ) i must have-- i don't know. ( applause ) search me. >> stephen: that's like those apologies that are like, "if anyone was offended." yeah exactly, wow. ( laughter ) >> i must have done something wrong. >> stephen: the correct answer is stevie wonder's "we can work it out." that is the best cover of a beatles song, just in case you were wondering. >> that is a good one. >> stephen: we checked with the judges, and that's the original one. now, are you ever stunned by the reach of your work, how many different cultures have embraced it? because we had on -- do you know the korean pop band b.t.s? >> yeah. >> stephen: they're the biggest thing on the planet right now. >> so i've heard. >> stephen: when we had them on, i asked this question-- jim?
12:00 am
>> stephen: you are the first group, as i said before, to earn three number one albums in a row since the beatles. do you guys have favorite beatles songs? hey ju♪nah, nahh ♪ nah, nah, nah nah-nah-nah-nah ♪ nah-nah-nah-nah hey jude ♪ ( cheers and applause ) >> that's it. >> stephen: what do you think it is about your music that transcends geographic and language barriers so that those seven guys would just jump up and start the nah-nah-nahs? >> easy lyrics. ( laughter ) >> stephen: that's true. ( cheers and applause )
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( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) >> stephen: hey, everybody! we're here! we're here with children's author paul mccartney, author of "hey, grandude." now, i don't often get in any way star struck with a guest. people ask me, "oh, a politician comes on, do you ever--" no, i don't care. because i kind of know what they do. actors, i kind of know what they do, authors, i kind of know what they do. but when i have a musician on, especially one i admire, i can i think that what musicians do, you, jon, the band, it's mysterious to me. there's some magic in it where
12:06 am
you're able to reach inside our hearts and minds and souls and you change something, that's real magic. >> i agree. >> stephen: you agree. yeah. >> stephen: now i can't remembem actually-- ( laughter ) >> what it was was -- >> stephen: no, this is it-- this is it-- ( cheers and applause ) i'm trying not to-- ( cheers and applause ) so, you mean something, so in some ways it's a little bit difficult to talk to paul mccartney because you're paul mccartney, even though you're just a lovely guy. you're just a guy, right? >> you know, the thing is i am still that little kid that grew up in liverpool. okay, i got really famous, but in here, i'm still that little kid. so i'm amazed at, like, the audience's reaction and stuff because it's, like, i still don't believe it.
12:07 am
( laughter ) you know, and the way i think, just like when i'm at home, i'm just slobbing out, watching television, like anyone. ( laughter ) so it's kind of him and me. me is me, that was always in this body and the body's just grown up. >> stephen: sure, the guy behind the eyeballs. >> yeah. and then him is that famous guy. >> stephen: wow. >> he's very famous. ( laughter ) ( applause ) >> stephen: i've heard. i've heard he's very famous. so how-- i guess the question is how do you then deal with other people, sort of like the emotion and the importance they bring to you that you can't possibly know what youtoer because some things will mean very specific things to other people, and they see you through a particular song. for instance, the first thing i think of is "band on the run" which has an enormous emotional
12:08 am
resonance for me because in 1974 it was the song over the summer. and in some ways that was like the last happy summer for me because my father and two brothers died in september of 1974, so that song is emblematic for an entire innocent time for me, and i-- i know that you really have nothing to do with what that emotionally means for me, but what do you do knowing that lives inside of other people when they see you? how do you deal when a fan comes up? how do you deal with me right now telling you this? ( laughter ) >> it's not easy, stephen. it's really not. ( laughter ) >> stephen: i'm serious, i can imagine it's not easy because you can't be what people want you to be. >> i know. but, i mean, i was a fan of lots of people, so i kind of get it. i'm also very happy that songs that i just wrote originally
12:09 am
just to make some money-- ( laughter ) no, that's how people start. you start out, you know, you love what you do, but you're trying to pay the bills. but the fact that these songs then get into people's heads and they have this meaning, i mean, that's the biggest bonus you can have. ( cheers and applause ) it's true. >> stephen: we have to take another break, but, please, stick around, we'll be right back with more sir paul mccartney. back with more sir paul mccartney. ( cheers and applause ) you're covered. (dramatic music) and you're saving money, because you bundled home and auto. sarah, get in the house. we're all here for you. all: allay, all nit. great job speaking calmly and clearly everyone. that's how you put a customer at ease.
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( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) >> stephendi ( cheers and applause ) ladies and gentlemen, he used to have a couple of bands, many of which were featured on your favorite lunchboxes, but now he is the author of "hey, grandude," paul mccartney is here. i would like to ask about that boy growing up in liverpool. if you don't mind me asking, i know that your mother died when you were 14, and i know that many people ascribe a tragedy in an artist's youth to being an impetus for their sort of creative spirit, but a lot of people have tragedy, and they don't become artists. in what way did your mother's death affect your work? if that had not happened, would you still have been musicians or
12:15 am
be the man you are? >> well, i didn't think it had affected me musically. i just knew it was a tragedy.i'r thnd to lo your mom at 14 is, you know, not easy. so it was just very difficult for a few years just trying to come to terms with it, but then i found music. and john-- and john lost his mother, too, tragic circumstances. >> stephen: at 17, i think. >> yeah. so we had a kind of bond, we both knew about that, we knew that feeling, and i never thought it affected my music people were saying, well that song "yesterday," i go, yeah? they said, "why she had to go, i don't know, she wouldn't say," they said, that's your mum.
12:16 am
i said, "well, maybe, i don't know." i certainly didn't mean it to be. >> stephen: yeah. >> but it could be. you know, those things can happen. but, yeah, no, i think then it gave me the impetus to just go and have a good life, which i know she would have wanted. >> stephen: because you know it's precious, it can go away. >> mm-hmm. >> stephen: you mentioned your friend john. here's a beautiful picture of the two of you. that's a really lovely picture of the two writers together. do you remember this moment? >> i do, yeah. and that's a very special picture for me, actually, because when the beatles broke up, a lot of the talk was that, like, i was the villain and that john ado talk about it because everyone was sad the beatles had broken up, and i kind of bought into
12:17 am
it. i thought-- >> stephen: that you were the villain? >> a little bit, you know, because when you're called it enough, you start saying, "well, maybe i was, you know." so i had to do a lot of sort of wrangling with "was i, wasn't i? did i know john? were we friends?" you know, knowing really we were, but there were so many rumors about it, and that photo, when i saw that, it's like, yes, we were friends. and it's a beautiful photo for meaujustdse kinghew it was. >> stephen: do you remember what song this was that you were working on? er ) you probably do. >> stephen: i was always imagining this was you-- ( applause ) i would always imagine-- i had seen this before, and this could be totally off base, but in my mind i was imagining this was
12:18 am
you talking about "the long" medley with him. >> yeah, it could be. that's a very good guess. >> stephen: thank you. thank you. that's part of the job. we've got to guess things like this. i can also guess your weight at the carnival. ( laughter ) aside from interviews, when you're asked about john lennon, how often do you think about john? >> quite often, yeah. quite often. i dream about him. >> stephen: really? would you mind sharing one? >> no. >> stephen: okay. >> sure. i mean, the thing is, you know, when you've had a relationship like that for so long, such a deep relationship, you know, i love it when people revisit you in you they're crazy. i'm often with john just talking about doing something, and i come to get my bass ready to play, and it's covered in sticky
12:19 am
tape. you know, dreams! ( laughter ) >> stephen: sure, i know. >> so, you know, i'm picking up all this stuff off and trying to talk to him. no, i have a lot of dreams about john, and they're always good. >> stephen: do you ever write songs in your dreams? >> yeah. "yesterday." >> stephen: what? "yesterday" was written in a dream? >> uh-huh. >> stephen: i didn't know that. please, tell me. i woke up one morning, and there was this tune in my head, and i happened to have a piano by my bed. it was a little apartment. and so-- ( humming ) what is this? i thought, it's just an old tune my dad must have played, or i just heard it yesterday, you know. ( laughter ) and, so, i went round to all my friends, to john first, "what's this?
12:20 am
what's this tune?" and he'd go, "i don't know." so i went to george martin, producer, "george, what's this, you know a lot of songs, what's this?" he said, "i don't know." so after about a couple of weeks, i decided it was mine. ( laughter ) >> stephen: and no one came out of the woodwork. >> not yet. ( applause ) >> stephen: that reminds me, you know this movie "yesterday" >> yeah. >> stephen: that just came out. >> yeah. >> stephen: have you seen it? >> you know what, yeah. people have been saying to us, we'll give you a screening. i said, i'm not sure we want to go to a screening. so i said, "nancy and i, we'll just go to the cinema." so we did last week then. >> stephen: so you just walked into a movie ter? >> wel ( laughter ) >> stephen: for those of you who may not know, it's about a world in which something vaguely
12:21 am
magical happens and there's only one man on the entire planet who knows the beatles catalog in his head, the beatles never existed, and he's something of a failed musician and he starts doing beatles songs and people go, "what is that?" and everyone falls in love with him, he becomes the biggest thing in the world. what did you think? >> well, it was a pretty good plug for me. ( laughter ) ( cheers and applause ) i'm sitting-- we were in the back row of the cinema, we planned that much. >> stephen: sure, sure. >> so we were in the back row. the guy is sort of saying, this is paul mccartney, the great song writer, i was kind of-- ( laughter ) it was great. it was a good way to see it. we wanted to see it with people rather than like, a corporate screening. >> stephen: sure. >> so we did. i thought it was a nice movie. >> stephen: i did, too. you know what i liked about it is it got me excited because
12:22 am
even in a world where no one's ever heard of the beatles, just the music itself moves people. it's a message to a younger generation that this is not hype. absent any publicity, this is beautiful music that is often about love and the need to love other people. ( cheers and applause ) sadly, we have to take another commercial break, but if you stay there, he'll be right there when you come back. don't go anywhere. paul mccartney, everybody! ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) was ahead of its time. rt, the c-clas still, we never stopped making it stronger. faster. smarter. because to be the best, is to never ever stop making it better. the 2020 c-class family. lease the c 300 sedan for just $419 a month
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12:30 am
a theater in london, and i was there, clapton was there, townsend was there, we'd all come to see this new guitar god and, yeah, we'd released two daysatera sunday, he'd learned it and he played it. and he played a great version of it, but he had this vibrator on, you know, on the guitar -- >> stephen: the whammy bar. >> the whammy bar, call it what you will. >> stephen: mm-hmm. and he's going -- ( makes sounds ) and we're going, whoa, great, great, but we knew, now he's out of tune. ( laughter ) >> stephen: because you're stretching the strings. >> you stretch the strings, in those days, that would send you out of tune. so it's his first number. so we're looking, "what is he going to d ( laughter ) so he starts looking for eric clapton in the audience and
12:31 am
says, "is eric out there, man?" >> stephen: and eric clapton is the guitar god at that point. clapton is god. >> yeah, and eric is there but eric's hiding. ( laughter ) ( whistling ) jimi spots him and says, "hey man, would you come up here and tune this thing for me?" >> stephen: wow, those are some brass swingers right there. ( laughter ) did clapton go up and tune it? ( laughter ) >> no. >> stephen: oh, my god. jimi just had to do it and got on with it. >> stephen: i know you're here partly because you have a new children's book. it's true, paul mccartney, "hey, grandude!" ( cheers and applause ) what's it about, sir? >> this is about grandude, who
12:32 am
is-- this all started because one of my grandchildren-- i have eight grandchildren, stephen. >> stephen: congratulations. congratulations. ( cheers and applause ) do you have a picture? >> in fact, there they are. you see that? ( applause ) >> stephen: and by having this photo on the back of your phone you just proved you're a grandfather. >> yeah, but at least i don't try and go-- ( laughter ) like some people do. one of them, who shall remain nameless-- beckett-- he just one day said, "hey, grandude"! he started calling me grandude, said " you wtoout and pl tha snow that
12:33 am
you're refashioning yourself as the coolest grandfather out there, "hey, grandude," you're these illustrations and these stories and this is available now, but we just wanted to recommend a couple of other titles that you could write. >> yeah, okay. >> stephen: and if this is successful, we have other ideas for you and i'd like to pitch them to you right now. >> yeah. ( laughter ) >> stephen: okay, the first one is "gran on the run." ( laughter ) ( applause ) ( piano riff ) "all you need is love and lipitor." ( laughter )e en ( applause ) "back in the a.a.r.p." ( cheers and applause )
12:34 am
and finally "obla-di obl-adult diaper." these are free, you can take these. the book is "hey, grandude." the grandude is paul mccartney, everybody. we'll be right back! ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing )
12:35 am
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12:37 am
tune in tomorrow when my guests will be whoopi goldberg and ta-nehisi coates. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh ♪ are you ready y'all to have some fun ♪ feel the love tonight don't you worry ♪ where it is you come from it'll be all right ♪ it's the late, late show >> reggie: ladies and gentlemen,


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